Dressing Room Secrets

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Bikini Babes

I had been single for fifteen months. And, because I had sworn off men, I had been celibate for fifteen months. I hadn’t had, even one, sexual encounter with anyone except myself. Until that day I wasn’t missing a thing. I was fine with my life the way it was. Hell, who was I kidding? It had been so long I didn’t know what I was missing.

I was out for a day of shopping, looking expressly for a dress to wear to a wedding reception I had that weekend. I wasn’t looking forward to it but, it was one of those things I had to show up for. I was wondering through the antique district, just browsing, when I saw a gorgeous dress in the window. It was perfect!! A pale green, low cut, form fitting, beaded gown. It was old but, it would clean up nice. I wandered into the shop. I had to have it!

The woman working looked up from a crossword puzzle book and greeted me. She was pretty. I noticed her eyes first. They were a stunning blue. They complimented her light brown hair, well. I told her what I was after and she went to the window to take it down. She asked me if I wanted to try it on and I answered yes. She led me to a room in the back. I guess it was a dressing casino şirketleri room. It was very large and had a whole wall done in mirrors. There was an antique couch in there and an old captain’s chair. She told me to holler if I needed any help.

I slid my shoes off and unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it as I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off. Laying the blouse on the chair, I turned to see my reflection in the wall of mirrors. I only had a light pink lace bra, matching thong and white thigh high stockings on. I looked good, DAMN GOOD!! I stood, admiring the way my breasts looked in that bra. Running my hands over them, my nipples jumped to attention. I felt the heat growing between my legs and I immediately stopped.

“I can’t do this here!” I remember thinking.

I guess I was in there too long because the clerk had come to check on me. I turned with embarrassment and picked up the dress. I stepped into it and pulled it tightly over my body. She stepped forward to help me pull the zipper. As she did her hands grazed my skin. I felt the warmness again. My body flooded with goose bumps. She casino firmaları zipped it to the top and then, without saying a word, slid her hands over my shoulders and down to my stomach.

Pulling me closer to her she whispered “I think you need me.” I felt her hot breath on my skin. I smelled her spicy perfume. I just sighed as her hands moved to my breasts and gently caressed them.

I turned and, immediately her mouth was on mine. Her tongue exploring my mouth . . . and mine hers. I was surprised at my own reaction. I was dripping! I did need her! I wanted her! I felt the zipper being pulled back down and the dress dropped to the floor. She sat me down on the couch and kneeled between my legs. Leaning in she grazed her lips across mine, down my neck and to my right nipple. She gently pulled the bra down out of her way and began to suck. Lightly squeezing the left breast she sucked the right one and then switched. I reached for her but she pushed me back.

She said “You need Me.”

She slid her tongue over my belly as she parted my legs. I sighed as she put her mouth to my pussy. It was so warm and wet and she expertly licked güvenilir casino every inch of it before gently sucking my clit into her mouth. I had jumped because it was harder than I’d felt before but, it felt sooo good. I began to moan as she circled her tongue around and across it, still sucking. The pleasure was almost unbearable.

She moved her hands up the inside of my thighs and I felt her slide a finger into me. God, I was ready to cum. She pressed another finger into me and slowly began to slide it in and out. Every time she went in she sucked my clit a little harder. She started pumping faster and sucking harder. I moaned louder and louder. I screamed as my orgasm flooded over me and she crammed her fingers deeper and sucked harder all the way through it. I felt like an ocean had poured out of me. She laid her head on the inside of my thigh until it had completely subsided.

When she came up to kiss me, I had tasted my own juices on her lips. I had tried to touch her but she pushed me away again. “Another time,” was all she had said.

As I had dressed, she had taken the dress out and boxed it up for me. When I left the dressing room, it was on the counter with a note. The note said, ‘Enjoy the dress. Till we meet again, Anne.’ When I opened the box the next morning there was a small piece of paper with a number and the words, “Anytime you’re ready you can repay me!”

To be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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