Doctor, doctor

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As women, we have all thought about it now and then. Whether it is in disgust, mild curiosity, or if it is an utter turn-on is irrelevant. When you are on the examination table, your feet are in the stirrups, and the doctor is prodding and poking you with those cold metal instruments, you are at your most vulnerable. Maybe it is a fleeting thought or something you can’t get out of your head, it is there– what would feel like if those gloved fingers started stroking me? I recently had that question answered for me.

I had changed from a male ob/gyn to a woman. My friends had all explained how much more comfortable these examinations were coming from someone who knew what you were going through. I was just as apprehensive about my appointment with the new doctor as I always was about my others but Dr. Mary’s reputation was impressive so I decided to give her a whirl. Her office was bright. The nurses and receptionists, all women, were so very kind and cheerful. It was all contagious. I felt all my apprehensions about switching doctors fade away well before meeting Dr. Mary.

I sat in the examination room awaiting instruction from the nurse. She stuck her head in the door and motioned for me to follow her. “Dr. Mary would like to speak with you in her office before the examination.” she explained. Seeing my concern, she smiled brightly and said “She just likes to get to know each of her patients. Nothing to worry about. I promise.” She led me into a sunshiny room that did not in the least bit resemble an office. I looked for a desk but there were only a few overstuffed chairs and a comfy looking sofa. Happy, upbeat music played softly in the background and pictures of beautiful newborn babies adorned the walls.

“The doctor will be right in with you.” she told me. “Just make yourself comfortable.” I stepped into the room and walked around the large room, looking at the pictures of babies and radiant new mothers. I thought back to my two little ones at home and smiled softly at the memory of holding them for the first time. “You have two right?” a soft voice said, startling me.

“Uh, yes I do.” I stammered as I turned around. I found myself looking into the clearest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Her pale hair seemed as fine and as soft as cotton candy. The name stitched on her white coat identified her as Dr. Mary, but she looked so young and sweet, I found myself wondering how she ever survived the rigors of medical school. She smiled at me sweetly and moved into the room with her hand outstretched toward me. She moved with a natural grace that I had never seen from anyone else before and when I realized that I was staring I looked away quickly. Standing in front of me, I could see she was tiny, making me feel big and awkward. Instead of shaking my hand like I had expected her to do, she clasped it between hers. I felt the fire from her touch light in my fingertips and spread through my bloodstream. My cheeks burned in embarrassment at my reaction but she seemed to be oblivious to my discomfort.

“I’m so happy to meet you. It’s always a pleasure when we get a new friend here.” she told me with sincerity. I looked into her eyes and knew that I could easily get lost in their depths. “Tell me about yourself?” she asked, leading me to one of the chairs. She fell back onto the couch, slipped her shoes off, and drew her feet under her. It struck me that this seemed more like a pleasant visit with a friend than a doctor’s appointment.

I begin to outline my medical history, as I would do with any other doctor, but quickly shut my mouth when she begin to laugh.

“I have your file. I know all about your medical history but that just you, the patient, not you, the person. I’m going to be seeing you through a pregnancy and childbirth. That makes me a big part of your life and you a big part of mine.” she said softly. What she said begin to sink in and I knew that she must be mistaken.

“But I’m not…..You must have me mixed up with someone else. I’m just here for my yearly checkup. I’m on birth control.” I stammered.

She smiled, “Trust me. I have a sixth sense for these things. We’ll set up an appointment for next week to go through all the tests, ok?”

I just stared at her, unsure what to do. I couldn’t say anything. Obviously this enchanting woman had me mixed up with someone else. She had to. She must be mistaken. As these things were passing through my head, I suddenly remember the nausea that I had been going through. I just passed it off as part of the stomach bug that had been floating around my family. It occurred to me that I also hadn’t had a period this month. I was never one to count the days so it easily slipped past without notice.

Dr. Mary was just letting me absorb all of this. When I looked up at her again, I knew that she was right and the rush of emotions hit me fully. She smiled knowingly and leaned over to take my hand in hers again. The fire from before picked up right where it left off. This was too much for me to handle all at once and casino şirketleri I felt the tears as they begin to roll down my cheeks. I just stared into her understanding eyes and cried. She just held onto my hand and said nothing.

I didn’t tell her anything about myself that day, nor did she tell me anything about herself. There just wasn’t time. But I felt closer to her than I ever had to anyone else. I didn’t know why but when I left that office, I felt like a changed person.

I showed up for the next appointment, my stomach churning withanticipation, at seeing Dr. Mary again and at confirming what I already knew to be true. I hadn’t told anyone about what I learned from my last visit yet. I wanted to be 100 percent about it before I did. I was led into an examination room by the same cheery nurse that I saw last time I was here. She was chatty as she handed me a soft hospital gown and a paper sheet for my legs. Lost in my own thoughts, I found it impossible to follow her conversation as she flitted around the room. I realized that she had asked me a question that I did not hear when I found her looking at me inquisitively.

She smiled and repeated, “Is there anything else I can get you?” When I shook my head, she headed for the door and said, “You can put those on and Dr. Mary will be here in just a couple of minutes.”

Just hearing her name put my stomach in knots…or maybe it was the baby. I stripped down, folded my clothes neatly on the chair, and put on the gown with the slit in the front like the nurse had instructed. I sat down on the very edge of the cold examination table and got more and more nervous by the second. I didn’t understand my reaction to this woman and it scared me.

Before I had anymore time to explore this, there was a small courtesy knock at the door before it opened. Dr. Mary stepped in and shut the door behind her. It seemed to me that her eyes moved up and down my body but I wrote it off as my own paranoia. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and instantly put me at ease.

“Hey there. How are you feeling today?” she asked me.

“I’m good. Ready to find out for sure whether or not I’m going to have a baby….but otherwise I’m fine.” She crossed the room and fished a pair of latex gloves from an open box on the counter. “Do you want me to lay back?” I asked.

“Nope. First, I need to do a breast check.” I felt my heartbeat quicken at the thought of her hands on my breasts. I couldn’t seem to control my responses around this woman! My breath was stuck in my throat as she reached up to part my gown. I almost gasped when her hand began to prod me. As she moved from the right to the left, her fingers lightly grazed my nipple. It was instantly hard as a pebble and my face turned scarlet. She finished prodding me and closed my gown.

“All is well there.” she said softly. “Lay back on the table and I’ll get you a pillow.” I spread the paper sheet over my legs and laid back. She came around the table and slipped her hand under my head. “Here you go. I know this isn’t the most comfortable process but it’ll be over soon.” she said, apparently sensing my tension. I was not even thinking of the actual procedures she was preparing to perform. I was just wondering what reaction I would have to it. I heard her roll her stool over and position it at the end of the bed. She gently grasped one of my legs and put my foot into a stirrup. As she did the other leg, she began to explain what she was going to do and why. Her sweet voice washed over me and I felt myself begin to relax despite the circumstances.

As her gloved fingers and the cold metal tools touched me, I felt myself growing hot and wet. The feeling of her so close to me was more than my body could take. My nipples hardened even more and I just prayed that she couldn’t tell how turned on I was.

Within minutes, she was finished. She got up and came around to help me sit up. There was a faint blush on her cheeks that I hadn’t noticed before.

“Well just from this exam, I can definitely tell you are pregnant. Most people need more confirmation than even that so I’ll call you once we get the blood work done and it gets back to me, to let you know what it said. Okay?” I just nodded my head. She sat a small box down on the counter and pointed to them. “Take one of those vitamins everyday with breakfast. They’ll also help with any nausea you might have. You’ve had two other little ones before so I’m counting on your expertise here.” she told me with a big smile. I nodded again, afraid that if I opened my mouth to speak that I would say something incredibly stupid.

“Okay, then. We’ll set you up with an appointment for a month from now and I’ll see you then. Of course, I’ll call as soon as your results get here. Assuming there are no questions…” she said as she left me.

In the months afterward, I saw her every month like clockwork. She was always kind and supportive but it seemed as if she was nervous around me. We both seemed to chatter endlessly whenever I casino firmaları was there, trying to keep any silence that might leak in filled. I lived for those few minutes, each month, that her hands would caress my distended tummy.

My desire for the petite doctor did not lessen my desire for my husband. As a matter of fact, I think that he was surprised by my huge sexual appetite with this pregnancy. With the others, I could have taken or left sex but now every time he was still enough, I was on him. It seemed as if I was constantly pushing him down my body so that his head rested between my legs. As I grew bigger, so did my need. Sometimes I would find him looking at me inquisitively, particularly after one of my appointments with Dr. Mary but he never did voice his questions. He just gave me what I wanted and I lovingly returned the favor.

For just a few moments in time, he was Dr. Mary, touching me just like I wanted her to. My husband’s rough skin was imagined away and it was her soft hands and mouth giving me pleasure. I never gave an indication of my thoughts but in my mind, her golden hair was draped over my thighs as she kissed me in the most private of places. The intoxicating blend of the gentle doctor and my hard husband sent me to heights that I had never known possible.

I longed for that last month of pregnancy like nothing ever before. I couldn’t wait to have Dr. Mary touching me where I burned so hotly for her. I knew that it was a medical procedure but whenever I imagined those slick, gloved fingers sliding into me, I grew so wet and aroused that I had to go and seek relief immediately.

I sat on the edge of the cold examination table, naked from the waist down. The only thing covering me was a paper sheet. I was already hot and wet with my thoughts of what was to come. I knew from past experiences that it would be a quick examination that would be over way too soon but it didn’t lessen my anticipation.

Dr. Mary walked through the door without looking at me. She was making some notes on the chart in her hand. “Lay back.” she said without any of the warmth from my previous visits. I laid back, my head resting on the pillow already behind me. Flames of heat shot up my legs as she positioned my feet in the stirrups. She slowly peeled back the paper sheet and in my mind I saw what she saw– a hot, dripping wet pussy….a throbbing hard clit….

I smiled broadly at her sharp intake of breath. I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. I wanted this woman. I wanted her bad. And I wanted her to know it.

For a long moment, I couldn’t hear anything over my pounding heart. I was happy she now knew how much I desired her but the moment of truth was here. How would she react? I told myself I wouldn’t be disappointed if she ignored it but as the seconds ticked away without a sound from her, it started weighing down on me. What did I expect her to do? To just start fucking me with her fingers?!? To strip down and press her soft body to mine?!?! She was a doctor for God’s sake!

I lifted my head slightly to sneak a peek at her but my pregnant belly was in the way. I bit down on my lip sharply when I felt her finger enter me. I didn’t know what to make of it. Was she examining me or was she…

I got my answer. Her finger began a slow rhythm in and out of me. She added another and I felt my body melt into the table. It was then that I realized I was feeling her…not the gloves. As she worked my cunt slowly with two fingers, her thumb brushed lightly over my clit. I moaned loudly and she rewarded me by pushing harder.

“Mmmmm…so wet.” i heard her voice but didn’t recognize it. It was deep and husky with desire. I started to get up and touch her back but she stood from her perch on the stool and pushed me back down gently. “Not yet. I’ve been waiting to do this since I first saw this sweet little pussy. You’ll get your turn.”

She left me for a moment to lock the examination room door and I whimpered at the loss. She came back and took the paper sheet from my body. As she begin to unbutton my blouse, she smiled at me appreciatively. “Soft and round in all the right places. And these breasts….” she breathed, fondling my nipples through the satin material of my bra “ they were meant to be played with.”

“Put your arms behind your head.” she commanded. I looked into her passion darkened eyes with question but did as she said. She reached under me and unsnapped my bra. I watched as she pulled it from my body, leaving me completely exposed to her eyes. Her small pink tongue ran slowly over her lips as her eyes moved over me. As she dipped her head down and took my sensitive nipple into her mouth, I felt a liquid fire raging through my body. Her hands moved lovingly over the large mound she had been keeping a watch over all these months.

Going around the table, she stood behind my head. She placed her hands on either side of me and leaned over my face, pressing her rosebud lips to mine. Her tongue dipped inside my slightly open mouth, drawing güvenilir casino my tongue out to play with hers. Her mouth was hot and tasted of peppermint candy. I reached my hands up and blindly grappled with her shirt. Raising it enough to slip underneath, I ran my palms over her perfectly shaped tits. I eased her bra up, found her taunt nipples, and began to roll them between my fingertips. She gasped against my mouth and i wondered if they tasted as sweet as the tongue she was circling my lips with did.

“I want to taste them.” My voice was as husky as hers.

She came to my side and helped me into a sitting position on the table. I watched closely as she began to slowly undress for me. Her white coat hit the floor, followed by her shirt and bra. When I first looked at her naked breasts, I felt a twinge of embarrassment. Hers were so small and perfect, whereas, mine were enormous and heavy. But when I saw the desire in her eyes as she looked at me, the embarrassment disappeared.

I beckoned to her with a crook of my finger. She came to me and pressed her body against mine. I pushed her back enough to duck my head and take her nub into my mouth. It was a sweetness I had never tasted before. She melted under my mouth and had to hold onto my shoulders for support. My lips moved back and forth hungrily between her tits, nibbling, sucking, loving them completely. Her pretty head was thrown back in pure abandonment, moaning loudly, egging me on. I felt almost as if I could cum just by giving her this pleasure.

Her fingers tangled in my hair and mine moved down to to touch her more intimately. I unbuttoned her jeans, my mouth never leaving her nipples. Pushing them down a little, I slipped a finger inside her cotton panties. I could feel the heat emitting from her cunt before I even touched it. She began moving her hips, pressing me to touch her. I ran my finger down and up her slippery slit. It felt so good. She moved in closer between my knees and slipped a finger a finger inside me, rubbing my g-spot softly. I pushed against it and rammed mine home inside her. She was leaning heavily on me, her head buried in my shoulder, kissing the skin there. Our fingers moved in and out of each other in rhythm. She stroked my clit with her thumb and i did the same to her. Our bodies rose to a fevered pitch together, out separate moaning becoming one.

Just as I felt myself tense up against the sensations of her fingers, she pulled them away from me. Bending down in front of me, she stuck her tongue deep inside of me, wiggling it around wildly. I fell back on the table and let her mouth work its magic. She fucked me with her tongue, stopping every one in awhile to suck roughly on my clit. I grabbed the sides of the table and bucked my hips up, meeting each and every thrust of her tongue. It was ecstasy. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head cruelly into my cunt. This seemed to fuel her passion, as her mouth became even more persistent to draw the cum from my body. Once again my body tightened. She felt it and slipped her hand under me to grab my ass and pull me closer to her. Burying her face in my cunt, she licked each and every drop of my orgasm. I lay in an exhausted heap on the table as she lovingly licked me inside and out.

“Your turn.” I said struggling to set up. She shook her head, “No, you can’t get bent down like this with the baby.”

“I don’t plan on it.” I said with a naughty grin. “Sit on my face.” She gave me a small smile then it broadened as I lay back and waited. I felt completely satiated but I still wanted so bad to taste her. She scrambled awkwardly onto the examination table and over my face. I could smell how aroused she was and I pulled her down onto my mouth. Her knees were on either side of my head, her heads braced against the wall. I ran my tongue slowly up and down her slit just like I had with my finger earlier. I felt her shift against me, her body wanting more. I reached my hand up and slipped a finger inside her. She was so hot and wet that when I took the finger out, it was sopping. I sucked her sweetness from my finger and slipped it back inside. She pressed down against it and whimpered, still wanting more. I put another finger inside her and began fucking her slowly with them. Her cunt dripped on my face as I ran my tongue up and around her hard little clit. She moaned and begged for more. My fingers moved in and out of her faster, my tongue licked her faster. She reached one hand down and started flicking at her nipples. She was riding my mouth and I was becoming hot again watching her. The graceful way her body moved against my mouth was beautiful. She squeezed my head with her knees as her orgasm built. I sucked her clit as hard as I could and caressed her g-spot. I felt her cunt tighten and the warm flush of her juices against my fingers. She cried out softly as the climax hit its peak. I replaced my fingers with my tongue, drawing out every drop of her sweet cum.

As she helped me back into my clothes, she stopped every few seconds to kiss my lips. We held on to each other for a long moment before she escorted me to the waiting room door. We didn’t touch again, for obvious reasons, but the look that passed between us was so hot that I felt the wetness between my legs come back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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