Day Off

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After several weeks without a day off I finally decided that I needed a day to myself. I called off from work and take a nice long hot shower, caressing my breast gently my nipples were firm. As my hands washed my body lathering my breast with soap I could feel myself getting warm deep inside, my hand slid down my body through my bush gently pressing down my finger rubbed my clit. I felt a tingle rush through me as my finger pushed further down between my folds the hot water running across my pussy my fingers slide in. Pleasure runs through me as my fingers work my pussy towards an orgasm with a few thrusts deep in me I cum.

As I finished up in the shower I started to think about the rest of my day, what to do where to go. Closing my eyes letting my mind drift I thought about taking a cruise and decided that a cruise was a great idea. Since it was such a beautiful day that I put on my blue summer dress and sandals got in my car and headed down to the port. Once down at the port there were several choices and I found one that seemed very nice and the price was right. I had a couple of hours to spend before the cruise set sail and I decided that some window shopping was in order. I was in this shop looking around and accidentally bumped into this lady, after an apology we made some small talk while we browsed around the store. She was very attractive and it has been a while since my girlfriend and I split. We made our purchases and headed out is separate directions and I thought to myself that I should have got her name but she didn’t seem that she was interested in me.

I went to boat a little early and checked in, I walked around looking to see where things were on here. I found myself on the top deck casino şirketleri and the Tiki Bar was open, I got myself a drink and sat down and enjoyed the view. After a couple drinks we finally set sail, I had a great view of the bay till someone came up the far steps. I could tell she was in my way but I couldn’t tell what she looked like just a silhouette as I was about to get up she turned and walked towards me. I she got closer I recognized her; it was the lady from the clothing shop. With a smile I said hello again to her and invited her to join me for a drink and with a beautiful smile she replied yes. I introduced myself this time and I finally got hers; Amber what a lovely name I said. We sat for a few hours up on the deck relaxing and enjoying the view, as the ship headed back to port we started to walk down to the lower decks. I was definitely attracted to her but didn’t think she was into women, as we walked I started to try and find away to make contact with her. Standing there at the railing I placed my hand over hers looking at her hoping that she would know what I wanted. Her eyes met mine and I knew that she was interested in as much as I was about her. Amber leaned and whispered in my ear; I was wondering how long it would take you to make a move. It wasn’t long before we docked and headed off; Amber held my hand as we walked to the garage. I asked if she had a car here and she said no, I asked if she wanted to go back to my place and with a devilish smile she leaned in and gave me the deepest kiss.

The drive home was very hot Amber couldn’t keep her hands off me, caressing my every part her hands rubbed my inner thigh making so wet. I could feel my hard nipples pressed against casino firmaları my dress every time her fingers rubbed across they ached for her mouth. As we pulled into the driveway her hand made it under my dress and through my panties, her fingers teased my pussy rubbing me pushing my own wetness from me. As we moved ourselves from the car to inside, I barely closed the door and Amber was all over me kissing my neck and her hands firmly squeezing my breast and within seconds she had my dress off. Amber moved down and took my nipple in her mouth I moaned as my stiff nipple was devoured by her, back and forth sucked on my nipples. After minutes of her tongue and mouth pleasuring my breast I grabbed Ambers hand and led her to my bedroom. Once inside she pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me and continued to kiss and caress my body. As she straddled over my breast I could feel the warmth of her pussy and how wet she was. Amber removed her top exposing her large breast her nipples were so big, I stared at her for a second and slowly began to play with her breasts. Amber was watching me as I caressed her breast taking my time taking one at a time in my hands; I pulled her down and guided her breast into my waiting mouth. Amber’s breast swaying above my face licking one nipple then the other my hands gently grabbed them pulling her nipple to my lips. Amber then started to slide down placing soft kisses from my neck down past my navel and she slid my legs open and her mouth pressed fully on my pussy. A quick tug pulled my panties to the side and her tongue slid right in my pussy I let out a moan and arched my back reaching down pulling her tongue deep into me. Amber quickly found my swollen clit and güvenilir casino went full steam ahead sucking and nibbling me to an orgasm, as she sucked up all my juice her hands gently pinched my nipples keeping me very aroused.

Amber kissed her way up to my breasts and her tongue went back to work on my nipples, nibbling and sucking them gently squeezing sending me to the edge and with that I pulled her down tight and rolled her over allowing me to be on top. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth our tongues danced in harmony, moving her ear I began to nibble on her lobe and Amber squirmed and squealed with delight. Soft wet kisses and light nibbles on her neck made her squirm even more; I moved down to her breast my tongue and mouth playing with one and my fingers playing with the other. Amber’s hands were busy rubbing my back and with a handful of my hair she pulled me down to her pussy, I placed my hands along her waist slid my fingers into her shorts and as she lifted her ass up off the bed and pulled her shorts down exposing her bare pussy. With a very big grin I tossed her shorts to the floor grabbed her legs and spread them wide lowered my head between her legs and gave her pussy a long slow lick. Amber moaned loudly as my tongue stuck in her pussy and with a quick push my tongue dove deep in her the tip reaching her spot and her hands grabbed my head pulling me tight and her scream of pleasure was music to my ears. Amber began to arch back and with a loud moan she began to squirt her nectar down my throat what seemed like gallons I tried to suck it all down but there was some that spilled over as she collapsed down I licked her inner thighs cleaning up her cum as I finished her up I crawled back up to her; she pulled me down to her breast to breast Amber kissed me deeply. Her tongue licking up her juice from my lips and cheeks our breasts squeezed between us and a few soft kisses was all that was needed to get us ready to play some more.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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