Danielle and Georgia Ch. 01

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Danielle had just turned 18 over the summer and was entering college. She was the only daughter of two extremely strict parents. She often considered herself to be a prisoner as a teenager. She wasn’t allowed to date until her junior year of high school, and even then, all of the dates had to be supervised. There was absolutely no chance of any private moments between her and any of the guys she liked. She became the talk of the locker room, but not for the usual reasons. Most guys at her high school wouldn’t date her because they knew what it would be like. No teenage boy wanted to be under the watchful eye of two controlling parents and there was no chance of ever getting laid.

All that changed when she went to college. She was away and a different state and there was no parents looking over her shoulder. The first person Danielle met wasn’t a hot man – it was her roommate Georgia. Danielle’s parents couldn’t stand the thought of their little girl living in a dorm and sharing a bathroom with a dozen or more girls. That just seemed unsanitary and unacceptable. They paid the extra money to allow Danielle to live in an on-campus apartment. It meant she would have one female roommate, but that seemed to be a better solution.

When they helped her move to campus, they met Georgia and they were content with Danielle living with her. It seemed like she was a nice lady that would become a good friend and keep an eye on her. They were absolutely right, but not in the way they intended. Georgia was bisexual and she was immediately attracted to Danielle. Who wouldn’t be? Perfect round tips that bounced regardless of what she wore. Long blonde hair and very tan skin. She could have been a model. casino şirketleri Georgia wanted to get started on the right foot, so it was a couple weeks before she even let on like there was any attraction. Even then, she never came out and admitted her feelings.

Georgia had just showered and was soaking wet.

She had a skimpy towel draped around her as she walked into the bedroom, where Danielle was lying on her bed. She had an outfit already laying on the bed and she let the towel drop. Georgia was gorgeous and completely nude. Her body was amazing. Georgia purposely bent over the bed to put on her thong, giving Danielle a clear view of her pussy lips.

“Oh, I hope I didn’t offend you,” Georgia said. “I guess I should have asked before changing in front of you like that.”

“I won’t lie. It caught me by surprise a little bit. But we’re both women. You don’t have anything I don’t have, right?”

Georgia chuckled. “Yeah, but yours just looks a little better than mine.”

Danielle blushed, and was immediately flattered. “Thanks. You’re really pretty too. I bet you’ve got a lot of guys that would love to go out with you.”

Georgia smiled. “There’s a couple. I hope this won’t make you nervous, but I’m…”

Danielle stopped her mid –sentence. “Oh, you’re lesbian. That’s…that’s cool.”

“Not exactly. I’m bi. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Oh no. My parents were so strict. They didn’t even want me to kiss a boy. They would have had heart attacks if I had kissed another girl.”

“Your parents aren’t here now. Does that change anything?”

Danielle thought about it. “I don’t know. I mean, I’ve wondered. Doesn’t everyone?”

“I casino firmaları hope this doesn’t change anything about us. I will still be your friend and I won’t ever come on to you unless you want me to. I won’t even change in front of you anymore.”

“The truth is that kinda turned me on. I don’t know why. It just did.”

“If you ever wonder what it’s like to kiss a girl, my lips are waiting. All you have to do is ask. I won’t mention it again.”

Danielle got up off the bed and walked toward Georgia. “And what if I don’t ask?”

“Then I will respect that you don’t want to do that. I will be your friend and nothing more.”

“I mean what if I don’t ask first.” Danielle nervously walked closer to Georgia. She knew she was getting ready to do something she’d always wondered about, something that was terrifically erotic and extremely taboo. She couldn’t utter a word about it to her parents or anyone. They certainly would not understand. “What if I just kissed you?”

Danielle reached for Georgia and pulled her closer. She gently pressed her lips to Georgia’s. “I’d make out with you but I don’t know how. I’ve only been kissed by two boys and those kisses weren’t special.”

“I’ll show you. Just open your mouth and slide your tongue in my mouth and I will do the same. Just let it happen naturally.”

Danielle nervously opened her mouth and slid the tiniest bit of her tongue in her friend’s mouth. Georgia accepted the tongue and soon they were making out. Georgia was still topless and

Danielle allowed her hands to wander from Georgia’s back and side to her breasts. Danielle caressed her friend’s tits and they both made their way to the bed. Georgia güvenilir casino started to remove Danielle’s top and Danielle gave her approval by helping.

Georgia fumbled with Danielle’s bra and unhooked it and the bra hit the floor, exposing Danielle’s massive tits. Georgia took them in her hands and soon began sucking on one of Danielle’s nipples. This was a whirlwind for Danielle. It was moving quickly and she didn’t know what to think. She just knew Georgia made her feel good. Danielle started to moan with a mouth on her nipple. Georgia began to work her way down and unbutton Danielle’s shorts and removed her panties. Danielle didn’t object, though she kept wondering if she was doing something wrong. Danielle felt so sexy and erotic being completely nude and having another woman’s hands all over her. It was almost instinctual for Danielle to open her legs as her panties were removed. It was like she wanted Georgia to finger her – finger her deep, finger her hard. Her wish came true in moments as Georgia expertly slipped not one but two fingers inside Danielle’s virginal pussy. Danielle was overcome with an emotion she had never experienced and she wanted more. It felt natural for her to move away the minimal cloth of Georgia’s thong to give her access to her pussy.

She slip one finger in and then another. Now, both women were masturbating each other at the same time.

“How does that feel.” Georgia asked.

“It feels fucking amazing.”

“You know what would feel even better?”


“Me licking your pussy. Trust me, it feels so good. Would you let me do that?”

Danielle didn’t say a word, but she laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Georgia went down and started to lick. Almost immediately, Danielle started moaning – loving every second.

Danielle was having her first sexual experience – and her first bi-sexual experience – all in the same moment. It was something she would remember forever.

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