Daisy Dreams

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Carmen took a bow, her face illuminated with a smile that thanked each and every one of her adoring fans in turn. Her eyes sparkled, and her mind swam in the glory of the roses that landed softly in a carpet about her feet. Then came the moment she hated most. The curtains closed, and the adoration of the audience vanished.

With a heavy sigh, Carmen stepped back into the realm of the real world. There was a time when she would have taken the time to collect every rose, and read every card, but she was beyond caring any more. They all loved her when she shone, but when the lights faded, and the glitter was washed away, they returned to their everyday lives and ceased to care. Still, for some reason, she could never bring herself to step upon a single rose petal, not willing to damage the innocent flowers that clung to existence for such a short time.

As she stepped through the flowers, she noticed something that caught her attention. Bending, she picked up the bloom that stood out amongst the roses: a daisy. A single yellow daisy with a note tied to the stem with a pink ribbon. What she read brought tears to her eyes. Written by the hand of a child were the words….

Dear Lady Carmen,

Thank you for your lovely dance. Since my Mummy died, your dance is the only thing that has made my Daddy smile, and that makes me so very happy. Please don’t ever stop dancing. One day, I will learn to dance as good as you, and then my Daddy will always have something to make him smile.

Thanks lots, Tammy.

Carmen wasn’t sure what it was about the note that struck her so deeply, but she found herself reading it a second, and then a third time, before she refolded it carefully and tucked it into her bodice. Back in her dressing room, she placed the daisy in a glass of water and sat before the mirror, not looking at her own reflection, but at the single yellow flower that stood out so strongly amongst the bunches of blooms behind her.

“Carmen, darling, you’re not ready yet. The limousine is waiting, and you know how much your more important fans hate to be kept waiting.” She never missed the way he emphasized important. Sometimes she wondered if she was really anything more then a money making machine that they wound up before every performance, and put back in a box when they were done playing with her at the end of the night.

“I won’t be long, Harold.” Pausing, she turned and looked at him with imploring eyes, hoping to see some trace of the love, compassion and tenderness she longed for. “Harold, do I really need to attend yet another party? I am so tired. Can’t we go for a nice walk along the beach or something, just the two of us?”

Harold looked at her as if she were mad, then burst into a laugh that was more condescending then humorous. “Oh, my pet, you do say the silliest things sometimes. Now hurry, your paying public awaits.” With a firm click of the door, the man who had pushed her up the ladder of success, the man she had once adored and married, was gone. In her heart, she knew he didn’t love her, but being who she was, who could ever really love her? She fought back the urge to cry as the daisy once again caught her attention, bringing a soft smile to her lips. At least not all she did was glitz and glamour. Somewhere out there was a little girl with a daddy that smiled when she danced. Knowing that what she did made someone happy gave her a strength she had not felt for a long time.

In the back of the limousine Carmen didn’t say a word to Harold, not even to answer his seemingly endless stream of questions, which he normally answered on her behalf anyway. Instead she stared out the window, watching the lights of the theatre vanish into the distance, and the faint glimmer of starlight that struggled to break through the evening smog. The city had always been her home and her world. So, why all of a sudden did it feel so confining, like a bubble she was trapped within, the air running thin and the walls closing in about her?

“Carmen. Carmen! Oh Carmen, I do wish you would pay attention when I’m talking to you.” Harold was whining again. She hated it when he did that. He was a thirty-five year old man that whined more than a child, and in the last year, he seemed to do little else.

“I’m sorry, Harold, what were you saying?” She did her best to seem interested, but she seriously doubted there was anything he could say that would even come close to sounding like he cared for anything more then her money making abilities. All he seemed to focus on was how he could arrange things so that she could make more money, do one more major show, meet one more important person. To make the most of her while she was still in her prime, because once her youth and beauty faded, so would her fortune, if it was not handled properly. He was a brilliant businessman, and the best manager in the business, but as a husband, he was a sham. The marriage license provided him with more then he could ever earn as just her manager. For her, she knew she had been cheated. Not only of the fortune he could casino şirketleri demand of her should they separate, but also of the love and passion she had always yearned for, and never received.

Carmen cared nothing for the money any more, nor for the selfish upstarts that kept her riches flowing, but if it were not for them, she would not have that few precious moments each night upon the stage. When she danced, she was free. She was in control of her own world, and what a beautiful world it was. There, she was the butterfly that would spread her wings and flutter amongst the daisies, oblivious of the world about her, caring nothing for how short that flight would be, or how fragile her gift of life was, until the curtains closed again, and she was once again standing amongst the thorns, and the roses.

Another evening of smiling for the cameras, shaking sweaty, greedy hands, and having her ass touched discreetly by slobbering millionaires, something Harold never seemed to notice and annoyed Carmen no end, was finally over, and Carmen made her way to her room. Harold had taken a room at the other end of the house, saying that he didn’t want his working late at night to keep her awake, she needed her rest, after all. In the hallway she passed Trish, the maid, and gave her a warm, if very tired, smile.

“What are you still doing up, Trish? It’s well after midnight. Is everything alright?” Her voice was soft with exhaustion, but the concern it held was genuine. Trish was one of the few people in the world that was genuinely kind to her.

“Everything is fine, Mrs. Pennon. I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I would I would raid the refrigerator. Can I get you anything?” Trish was not much younger then Carmen, her features leaning towards an almost Spanish background, with her black hair and dark brown eyes. She was a very attractive woman, and Carmen had often wondered what it would be like to be her. Young, single, beautiful, doing what she pleased with her free time, taking life one moment at a time. She wondered if she would enjoy such a life, but then, such wonderings would not help her get any much needed sleep, so she pushed the thoughts aside.

“No, thank you, Trish. All I need right now is a hot bath, and some rest.” She turned and was about to continue on her way to her room, when she had a change of mind, or perhaps it was a change of stomach, as her tummy began to rumble at the mention of the refrigerator. Odd that she had not realized until now that she was hungry. “On second thought, Trish, a glass of chocolate milk and some of those chocolate cookies you keep hidden in the back of the pantry would be nice.” If Harold knew that she was consuming such rich, fattening foods, he would have had a fit, which made the sweets seem all the more appealing.

Trish gave her a wicked smile. She had been hiding the cookies in a tin at the back of the pantry for the last two years, knowing full well that Carmon would sneak in and help herself to one every so often. She always made sure that the most decadent cookies were on hand to keep the tin full, and it made her feel good to know that, in some small way, she was helping to bring a little sweetness into Carmon Pennon’s life. That Carmon would ask for the treats openly shocked Trish a little, and she wondered what had happened to make Carmon so bold. Still, it was not her place to ask such things of her employer, so she faked a shocked and surprised pose, followed by a “Mrs. Pennon, you rebel, you!”

Carmon winked and pressed a finger to her lips, hushing Trish to silence, and giggling like a naughty child. It felt good to giggle, and even better to feel like a naughty child. She savored the feeling for a moment, then set off towards her room, her step a little lighter then it had been before she had encountered Trish in the hallway, but still heavy enough to make her aware of just how tired her body had become.

Laying back in the tub of warm water, her naked form cloaked only by the thick, fragrant bubbles that floated on the surface of the tub, she dozed, her mind fixed on nothing but the image of a single yellow daisy. She didn’t even notice Trish until the younger woman made a polite cough that brought back her attention. The milk and cookies were just what her stomach needed, setting like a warm glow within her and helping her to relax just a little more. Without a word, Trish picked up a washcloth, moved to the side of the tub and dipped it into the suds.

“Here, Mrs. Pennon, let me wash your back for you. It will help you relax a little. I find a good back scrub always makes me feel so much fresher, and there is always that spot right in the middle that you can never reach yourself.” Her voice was soft, yet commanding, and Carmen was too tired to resist. She turned about in the tub, her back to Trish, then lent forward a little, exposing more of her back to Trish’s wash cloth. Slowly, Trish began to move the cloth over Carmon’s back, moving it gently in small circles, then up and down the length of her spine in slightly stronger strokes. The feel of another human’s hands casino firmaları touching her body so gently, so intimately, both relaxed Carmen, and awakened her. It had been so long since she had experienced tenderness, and now, something deep within her cried out for it.

Carman sank a little lower in the tub, her body rocking gently back and forward under the pressure of Trish’s strokes with the washcloth. She hardly noticed the soft sigh that escaped her own lips, but Trish did not miss it. A gentle hand pulled Carman back against the side of the tub, and Trish began to massage her shoulders, rubbing deep into the muscles and relieving all of the tension that was hidden there. Slowly her hands moved lower, massaging Carmon’s neck, throat and chest. Carmon’s head relaxed back, resting in the center of Trish’s chest, cradled by the maid’s ample breasts.

As the wash cloth circled Carman’s breasts, moving inward until it covered her soft mounds in a creamy lather, the dancer’s nipples began to harden and become ever more sensitive. Her breath became a little shallower, and increased to almost a soft panting. Trish let the cloth slip from her fingers and slide down over Carmen’s belly to sink below the water and rest in her lap. Her hands began to glide over the soapy smoothness and the hardened peaks that now responded willingly beneath her touch. Parting her fingers, she stroked and caressed Carmen’s nipples, drawing them up between her fingers, pinching them and letting them fall back into place before doing it again. Cupping both breasts fully in her hands, she squeezed and massaged Carmen’s perfect mounds of womanly flesh, delighting in the feel of them.

Moving to the side of the tub, Trish reached for the washcloth, dipping her hand beneath the water and rubbing the cloth softly again Carmen’s pubic mound. Carmen’s back arched a little, her legs opening just slightly, and Trish found herself smiling at the delicious thoughts that now ran through her mind. Taking the washcloth, she rinsed away all the soap from Carmen’s breasts, and then returned to washing the fur-covered crotch that lay just below the water. Every breath became a soft moan, and when Trish leaned over the side of the tub, and placed a warm, wet kiss on Carmen’s nipple, her moans became increasingly audible.

Letting the cloth float free in the tub, Trish’s fingers took to washing Carmen’s pelvis and thighs, moving up one thigh, across her mound, and down the other thigh, moving a little lower between her legs with each tender stroke. Her mouth found Carmen’s nipple, and made it a personal plaything, sucking and nibbling at her leisure, running the edge of her teeth over the sensitive nub, then sucking it forcefully between her lips. Her hand grew tired of toying with Carmen’s milky white thighs, and plunged deeper into the water, seeing greater treasures.

Carmen’s thighs opened to her exploring fingers, and Trish was quick to find the little pearl that she’d been seeking. Slowly, she moved her fingertips over Carmen’s already aroused clit, causing Carmen to shudder a little and emit a low, sultry sigh. She pushed her hand lower, parting the soft petals of Carmen’s rose, dipping into the sweet nectar that coated the inner walls. Her hips lifted to accept the probing fingers, her breasts thrust forward almost demanding to be sucked harder, soft moans evolved to “Oh yes, oh god, yes.” And Trish knew it was time to leave the tub.

Reaching between Carmen’s legs, she pulled the plug and watched the water drain away. Retrieving a towel, she beckoned her employer from the tub, toweling her body dry with soft strokes. Their lips met briefly, their tongues touching on the outer limits of their mouths, the mutual heat of their breaths colliding and fanning out over their cheeks and throats turning their flesh a shade darker then pink. Trish’s hand caressed the side of Carmen’s face, and then moved slowly down over her throat, descending to her breasts where it lingered for a time to play with her perfect nipples. She pinched them, making Carmen gasp, then bent to soothe them again with her warm lips.

Trish wasted no time with Carmen’s belly, moving instead straight to her legs and the wetness she knew was forming between them. Pushing deep, she buried two of her fingers inside Carman’s hot hole, leaving them there for a moment, withdrawing them, and pushing them deep again. Carmen’s fingers dug hard into Trish’s shoulder, her body beginning to sway a little as the pleasure increased.

Withdrawing her fingers, Trish took Carmen by the hand and led her to the edge of her four-corner poster bed. Sitting her on the very edge, she lay her back, kneeling before her and spreading her legs wide enough apart that she could rest her feet against the bedposts for support. Trish wasted no time, reaching out with her fingers and running them from the tight pucker of her ass, to the hard point of her throbbing clit. Her tongue was next to make the journey, sending shudders through Carmen that caused her to moan even louder. Pressing her tongue hard against her clit, she flicked güvenilir casino it back and forward, then sucked it hard until it threatened to come loose from its secret place, then released it, only to soothe it once again with gentle licks.

Her fingers found Carman’s opening moist and willing, pushing deep into her with ease. First two fingers, then three, sliding in and out, penetrating her as deep as her fingers would allow. Adding the fourth finger allowed for more depth, and as she stroked Carman deeper and deeper, she began to buck and writhe, causing Trish to hook her arm around Carman’s leg and pull her back to the edge of the bed again, and back into reach of her hungry mouth.

Curling her thumb over the palm of her hand, Trish was able to slide all of her slender hand into Carmen, easing her fingers into a small fist within her, and rotating it slowly against the inner walls of now dripping pussy. Turning her hand palm up, she forced her fingers against the small, slightly rough surface that lay on the underside of Carmen’s pelvis. A few quick rubs in the right place, and Trish knew what would happen next. Carmen’s back arched, her breath came in short, hard moans, her body shook, and all about Trish’s fist, her pussy contracted and pulsed, bathing her hand in smooth, sweet liquid. Trish stilled her hand as Carman’s orgasm subsided, then moved it slowly again, gently fisting her. A few more gentle strokes, and Carmen was coming again, her fingers digging into the sheets, pulling her body hard back against the fist that was invading her.

Slowly Trish opened her fingers, pulling her hand free of Carmen’s quivering form. The strong feminine odor emitted from Carmen’s pleasure juice was more then Trish could resist, and she bent to gently lick away all the moisture that now liberally covered Carman’s pussy lips and inner thighs.

As Carmen lay on her back, her legs still shaking a little from the intensity of her orgasm, she could feel Trish’s tongue licking and sucking at her wetness. She had often wondered what it would be like to be pleasured by another woman, but never did she imagine it could be so good. She tried to lift her legs from the bedposts, but found them too weak to move, so she relaxed back and enjoyed Trish’s continued attention. Her head spun, and her mind swam, exhaustion eventually claiming her and stealing her away to sweet, contented slumber.

When she woke in the morning, she was neatly tucked into bed, feeling more refreshed and relaxed then she had in a very long time. There was a knock on the door and Trish entered with her breakfast tray. “Good morning, Mrs. Pennon. Mr. Pennon said to let you know that he has already left for work and that he would send the car back for you at ten. He was not happy that you slept through breakfast, but you needed the rest, I think.” Carmen sat back against the bed head, and Trish set the tray on her lap. On the corner of the tray was a napkin, and Trish lifted it to reveal three chocolate cookies. She then set the napkin back in place and pressed her finger to her lips. “Shhh.”

Carmen giggled like a girl at the naughtiness. If Harold knew about the cookies, Trish would lose her job, and Carmen would be put on a diet for weeks. She smiled at her maid softly, not knowing quite what to say. “Trish, about last night…”

Trish pressed her fingers to Carman’s lips and hushed her. “Carmen, all girls need a few little secrets. This one will be ours, just like the cookies. If you have further need of me, I’ll be in the laundry.” Her voice was soft, understanding, and almost loving. She was there to serve the employer she worshiped, and her actions the night before we no less of a service. Carmen had been in desperate need of release, and Trish was more then happy to have given her that.

Carmen seemed to understand the things that were not said between them. She watched the younger woman leave the room, then turned her attention back to the breakfast tray. Ten o’clock came around all too soon, and before she knew it, the car was parked in front of the house, and the driver was asking her if she was ready. She was tempted to tell him to take her to the beach, but the few moments of pleasure and freedom she might gain would not be worth the scolding she would get from Harold.

Outside the door of her dressing room, she discovered something that brightened her day immensely. A single yellow daisy tied with a pink ribbon. There was no note this time, but she knew exactly whom it was from. She looked about the studio, but there was no sign of the little girl, Tammy, who had left her the previous daisy.

That day, she rehearsed with freshness in her heart that she had not realized she had been missing. Time passed quickly, and before she knew it, she was back on stage, dancing her dreams before an audience of adoring fans. As she took her bows, and the curtains closed, a small girl’s giggle caught her attention. Standing in the wings was a little girl holding a single yellow daisy wrapped in a pink ribbon. She gave Carman a huge smile and waved enthusiastically. As Carman crossed the stage, the little girl giggled again and ran off. Carmen went after her, following the giggles, until she turned a corner near her dressing room and ran right into a man, knocking him off his feet.

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