Alex , Alexandra Ch. 01

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(I thank everyone for their comments, good or bad and even though I am not a writer I enjoy writing erotic stories and specially incest. They seem to be very intense which is because they are taboo in the world and life. I will try to get better and hope you like the next story! Please let me know of you like it or not. Thanks again!)

* * * * *

Alex and Alexandra were born almost eighteen years ago! They are twins but not Identical. The parents decided to give them in some way the same name! Alex the boy, dark brown hair and dark skin and dark brown eyes, bicycle guy and swimming addict too, has turned out to be in very excellent shape. Now Alexandra is a little bit different but she is a beauty. Black hair, green eyes with light color skin, not white but not tanned something in between. She isn’t a fan of sports and rather reads more than anything else she does. But still she managed to have a nice body that was indeed sexy because she liked to work out with me 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. Now her most attracting “perk” was her breast that was big but not huge.

We grew up very close and we seemed to copy each other in many things. Other brothers and sisters usually don’t get along that much and our parents were very happy to see us so close. In school we were together and her friends had to be mine and opposite. We never once in our lives had a fight. At home when she woke up she would always come to my room and kiss me on my lips and wake me up. This kiss was not sexual. Actually my mother would do the same to me too.

Even though she was a sexy and beautiful girl I never had incestuous thoughts about her and I was dating other girls. That was one of her differences with me. She never dated another guy. The entire school asked her out but always no, was her answer. My mother had concerns in the beginning that she was a lesbian but she denied that. Her excuse was that she will have time for that after she finishes school. But the reasons were deeper and were about to come up the surface soon!

I dated a lot as I said but I never had sex with any girl. There was nothing more than kissing, touching and sucking a breast, in a few occasions. We agreed though both that our first time should be with someone special. I dated for two months the most wanted cheerleader but she dumped because I didn’t want to fuck her. Well, I did as a man but I didn’t feel a thing about her and she was always talking about stupid things. The closest to sex I got with her was a blow job but without finishing because I told her I wasn’t ready to have sex with her when she asked me to.

She liked that but she just couldn’t wait to long and when she got more aggressive and demanding I broke up with her. My sister was relieved and she told me that she was not for me. Still was not able to pick up the signs.

“Alex? Alexandra?” my mother called out to us!

We both ran to her in our grey sweat pants that we always wear in the house ever since I remember we started wearing. I was always naked on top and my mother would argue with me many times until she quit. It was to “provoking” she said to me. Alexandra was wearing the same but her top was also made of the same fabric short sleeve and it was cut at the bottom revealing her belly button and thin stomach.

“What are you two up to now?”

“Just watching a movie downstairs!” Alexandra said.

We always watched movies together and that was also one of our favorite things to do together. We had a nice little “warm” basement room home theatre and at least the weekends we spent many hours watching movies together and drinking apple juice which was one of our wildest addictions. We always drank from the same bottle. Mom and dad in fact, hated apple juice as we hated their orange juice. We consumed at least a bottle every day.

“In two weeks you guys will be eighteen, have you decided what you want to do? Birthday party in the house or take your friends out for dinner or anything else.”

We looked at each other in the eyes and our minds communicated as we always did and at the same time we turned back facing my mother and said at the same time.

“Party at the house”

“I see you two agree as always.”

My mother always thought that we were bond because of the time we spent together in her during her pregnancy. To the age of 8 years old we even bathed together under my mother’s supervision of course and there was never anything sexual. We had fun all the time until one day she said that we were growing up and we should start bathing separately and by our selves.

Monday back in school things began to find their way. During a recess, David, one of our classmates and friend of mind was talking to my sister in private. I knew he had the “hots” for her, because he told me. But she was always negative about it and didn’t even like him.

“I told you NO! How many times do I have to tell you to stop it!” Alexandra cried out loud. And she came to me and expected a hug and she got it immediately.

“I bahis firmaları know he is your friend but he doesn’t respect me at all” she said.

So I took over. “David! Enough is enough!” I said out loud with and upset tone and angry voice. He was too embarrassed to say anything and he left. Things went back to normal after that but there was more to come.

On Friday after school I and Alexandra exercised as we usually do on that day. Then she came and took my sweat pants to wash them. We had 3 pairs each so we would never be out of them. So when she came to my room after a put on a clean pair and then headed downstairs in the laundry room that is in the basement also but at the farther end of the house. That was usual except that I wanted to ask her something about the party. So I followed her.

The dryer was working so she didn’t notice me. But I was questioned when I saw her sniffing my sweats and then putting them in the washer. I left quickly so that she wouldn’t get embarrassed. I couldn’t understand what just happened but I got it out of my mind immediately. I said to my self “she probably smelled something funny and tried to figure out what it was.”


“Yes brother!”

“Do you want me to invite David to the party or not?”

“Alex, he is your friend and don’t worry about me I can take care of myself.”

“Are you sure? I can tell him that it would be better for him not to come?”

“No! He is coming!”


Day of the party was here and we both were very excited. We both helped our mother to set-up everything right after school that Friday. By seven o’clock, everything was ready. My sister went first to take a shower, then I did and then my mother. Dad was going to get home at 8.30 after work. 9.00 we were ready and the first guests started arriving. The entire school class was invited plus some other younger friends. Relatives and neighbors and class mates packed our “not very big house” in “no time.” I couldn’t believe how crazy it was.

My sister was the center of everyone’s attention. She was wearing a tight short skirt with black pantyhose. Her black medium high heels gave her a bit of height. On top she had a black tight shirt (spandex type) with an opening at her bust. And above that she had a white blouse tide up at her waist. Her pony tail, her earrings, her light make-up, that red lipstick… I think she was drop dead gorgeous and I told her too. She kissed when I told her and smiled very funny while wiping the lipstick off my lips from her kiss.

She was glowing, the entire night and very happy. I was happy myself too and my buddies were having “a ball” which made me even happier. Around eleven the party was at its peak. Our back yard was going crazy with our guests dancing everywhere, on the deck, the lawn and anywhere you can think. About then I lost track of David and at the same time I couldn’t see Alexandra anywhere. Few minutes later, she came running down the stairs and opened the door that goes to the basement and ran down there.

I knew what was going on that very moment. I ran after her trying not to spoil the party and give anybody the feeling that something had just happened.

I grabbed her and she turned and rested her head on my chest and cried.

“What did David do this time? Did he touch you?”

That made her cry more so I figured he tried to get a grip of her bust or something else or even try to kiss her.

“I am going to beat the living daylights out of him right now.”

“No, no! Please don’t spoil the party! It was my fault getting dressed up like this.”

“What??? Are you serious? That doesn’t give anybody the right to touch you or do anything against your will! You look fantastic! I am going to take care of him now!”

“No, please Alex lets just forget about it!”

“What did he do? Tell me now!”

“He tried to grab my breasts and put his face on them, but I slapped him and came down here!”

“That does it! He is history and out of here and is not my buddy anymore.”

“Please Alex, let’s just wait till the party finishes.”

“He is going to leave now and quietly too. Don’t worry! I won’t hit him even though I should.”

She smiled at me with her tears running down and pulled my head to hers and her lips gave me warm and longer kiss than usual and then hugged once more. I was surprised even though it wasn’t any tongue involved in the kiss but still I felt a spark.

I ran back up and told her not to come up unless she was feeling better. I grabbed David’s arm and pulled outside from the front door.

“Hey what is the matter? Your hand is hurting me?”

“You damn know what is wrong and I want you out of here nice and quiet before I get more upset and punch you in the face!”

“What did she say to you? She’s…”

“Don’t even try to tell me that she is lying! You can consider me as an ex-friend because of your behavior. You didn’t even respect that she was my sister and she asked you many times kaçak iddaa to leave her alone!” he left upset because we were good buddies and the school was going to notice that it was over and something had happened. So I let him in his fears that Alexandra or I will tell the story and make a joke out of him!

When I got back in Alexandra was back upstairs trying to fake a smile and everybody was asking me were David had gone. All I said was “it was time for him to leave.” The party went on for an hour more and then everyone began leaving wishing us Happy Birthday. When the last was out the door my mom and dad gave us our last wishes and left to go to sleep.

“We’re going to sleep guys now! We are exhausted completely!”

“Ok Mom! Ok Dad! Thanks for everything! We will help you cleanup tomorrow all this mess.”

Once they were gone upstairs my sister hugged me!

“Alex you are the greatest brother in the entire world! I love you so much!”

“I love you too, sis! And you are the greatest also!”

“Alex, I am not sleepy at all! You want to watch a movie?”

“Sure sis! Today is our birthday anyway and we can stay up as long as we want.”

“I will get the apple juice, and you get the movie ready”

“I am going to change first in to my sweats”

“Me too”

I changed and went down to the basement and popped the movie in the DVD Player. We both never saw the movie but we new it was good and were waiting to see it when it would be released to put it in our collection. It was “Titanic.” She came down with her sweats and her cut top. She looked so excited! She sat on the sofa that extended open so you can lay your feet and be comfortable. I went to sit on the couch but she stopped me.

“Hey where are you going? Can you sit behind me so I can lay back on you? I still feel weird about what happened and I feel safe with you holding me.”

“Ok, Alexandra! You know I’ll be there for you always!”

I sat back and opened my legs and then she sat between my legs and rested her head on my naked chest. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her naked belly and her hands above mine. I have touched her before in many occasions, but nothing was the same. I felt my blood rushing fast and strong on my entire body. But I didn’t do anything more.

The movie went on and we were captured in it for good. When the first nude scene came up were “Rose” is posing naked, my cock started growing. I began to worry that she was going to notice it and get upset or laugh at me. After a while came the sex scene in the car and hands began to squeeze gently my hands while she was squeezing her thighs together. I guess she was getting turned on too. We kind of relaxed when the ship hit the iceberg and everything became dramatic. She had brought her knees up and her body was pressing on mine very hard. She was watching as if it was her own self playing it.

Now bringing her knees up to her face caused her hands to shift and my hands too. My back sides of my palms were touching the bottom sides of her breasts. My cock got so hard that I almost grabbed them but I controlled myself not to. Next thing she grabbed her knees and squeezed them on her chest. Both of my hands were pressing hard on the undersides of her breasts. I was so hard I just wanted to jack off. When she moved her knees back her top sweat shirt that was pushed up during the squeeze did not go back all the way on the right side and I could see her nipple holding it from going down.

I don’t now if she knew it but I was not looking at the movie any more but at her nipple that was hard and pointing out to be kissed or sucked. My dick was hard and solid and I know she could feel it on her back but she didn’t say a word. It wasn’t a front view of her breast but it was the first time I saw hers, and it was beautiful. I wish I could have a full view but it wasn’t still time. It was around 4 AM when the movie ended and she was crying in my arms. I wanted to grab her breasts right there but I wasn’t still sure of her reaction. I could blow up our entire relationship in a second.

“That was so sad the way it ended! I wish he didn’t die!”

“Sis I would too, but life does not turn out the way we always want it too!”

“I guess your right! Want to watch another one?”

“Sure, I am not sleepy yet!”

“Ok, lets watch a short movie and then go to bed so that we can get up around eleven and help mom clean up the mess upstairs.”

We started the movie and resumed are initial position with my hands on her belly and her hands were stroking gently on mine giving me chills in some occasions. At some point she tried to adjust her self and my finger tips (I don’t now how) were under the elastic waist of her sweats and were touching her panties. My cock stirred but I did not move. She still didn’t say anything or react to that. Her hands were just holding tight on mine with more pressure as if she was trying to push them in, but not enough.

Then all of a sudden she turns to the side kaçak bahis and hugs me with her eyes close. She looked tired and sleepy but that move brought my right hand to her side and my left was almost gripping her right breast. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I didn’t know what she really was feeling about all this. After all she could’ve been just comfortable next to me and enjoying the warmth between us. I got up slowly and picked her up and she hugged me around my neck while her head rested with her eyes shut on my chest.

“It is time to go to bed Alexandra!”

“Mm…” was all she said and was almost half a sleep in my arms.

I carried her all the way up to her room and put her on her bed and covered her and kissed her goodnight. She held my head with her eyes still shut and kissed my with her wet lips almost like this evening when she kissed before and when our lips parted it felt as if she was trying to hold on to them with hers.

“Alex, I love you!” she said in her very sexy warm and sleepy voice “goodnight.”

“Goodnight sis, I love you too!”

That is where it ended that night or shall I say dawn! Damn it was almost 5 AM and I was so tired too that I dropped in bed and fell asleep before I could even think about what happened with my sister.

My mother’s voice woke me up sometime after 11 AM and I got up and walked straight to the bathroom and emptied my bladder. Washed up and brushed my teeth as usual and was in the living room to help my mother clean up. “Good morning mom! Sorry I didn’t get up any earlier but we watched two movies and didn’t get to bed before 5.”

“That’s ok dear; I just got up myself too with your father. Is your sister up yet?”

“We don’t need to wake her up mom because she was too tired last night! Let her sleep in and I will help you with everything!”

“Come over here you young man!” She grabbed me and hugged me kissing me on lips but not in a sexual way but more as in a loving way.

“I wish my brother was like you Alex! I bet all the girls in the world would kill for you if they knew your character!”

“Mom, you are making me feel embarrassed!”

“I am sorry sweetheart but that is the truth!”

I helped her out and by 12.30 we were done with everything and I took my bike and off I was for my exercise! The minute I left the house, the image of what happened last night came to my thoughts! By the time I was back at the house, I had an erection that was noticeable through my tight spandex bicycle shorts. I held my helmet in front and ran to my room and grabbed underwear and my sweats and went straight to the shower. I didn’t notice my sister but when I closed the door she was standing in front of the mirror combing her beautiful dark hair. I held my sweats and underwear in front of my hard-on to save me from “the tease.”

“I’m sorry sis but I didn’t see you. I was just going to take a shower!”

“What is with that look?”

“What look?”

“You look like you were caught nude or doing something wrong!”

“Uh… no, I just was surprised because I didn’t notice you”

She looked at my crotch and laughed when she notice that I was holding the clothes in front of my cock like I was naked when I wasn’t. She turned back to the mirror and continued with her beauty work.

“Don’t mind about me, go ahead and take a shower. I won’t look and I will be out of here in two minutes.”

But I know she was going to be able to see me through the mirror. So I got in the shower and then took off my clothes. I still was hard as a rock and sure was confused about last night and now. The minute she was out I grabbed my organ and it took me less than ten strokes to come in a violent orgasm causing me to lose my balance and almost fall down. The tiles were loaded with my sticky cum. I was amazed because it was quite far from where I was standing and I never have shot that far. My sister’s nipples were in my imagination the whole time. I felt guilty and horny at the same time! I just wished I could see her breasts fully exposed!

“Hey you two!” my father called out two me and my sister. “Come down here because I need to talk to you about something.”

“What’s up dad? What did we do?”

“You both are great and there is nothing wrong! Next week I and your mom are going to go for a trip to Hawaii. I got this great offer for two and everything is paid for! Even the tips for the entire stay at this hotel are paid. I promise you next time you will come with us but this time can you handle it by yourselves here? You both are adults now and I think you will do just fine!”

“Of course we will daddy! Alex and I wish you to have a great time!”

“Yeah dad, we will do just fine.”

“It is spring break anyway next week so you two won’t even have any school to worry about! We will load the fridge and leave you some cash and my credit card if you decide to get some pizza or anything from out! Your mother’s car will be available for anywhere you want to go so you two can go out for a movie or eat out or… you two get along always so I am not worried. Just have fun too.”

“Don’t worry about anything Dad” I said.

“Now do you want to come with me and your mother for some Chinese?”

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