Cosplay and Corruption Ch. 01

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Chapter One: The Cat and the Crimson

“Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck a Furry,” Alice explained, trying to keep her voice low enough that none of the other convention-goers could hear. Her head even leaned in towards Jacob; whom arched an eye in curiosity at what his friend could add. “Hell, I have fucked Furries. Not like, in their fur suits, but on a one on one basis? A hotel room, a few beers, and leave the beaver suit in the trunk? Sure, we can make a few stains on the sheets.”

“Charming,” Jacob remarked dryly, and pointed across the convention floor. “Hey, you think we can go check out that part of the artist alley? Looks like the one guy might have some neat Final Fantasy post-” He was cut off by Alice’s continuing rant, her voice carrying with such authority that it wasn’t even clear she had realized he was speaking.

“It’s the audacity!” she continued in a huff, and stamped her foot. “The idea that someone would just lean in, and ask if I wanted to go out tonight and yiff!”

“To be fair,” Jacob offered simply, already walking in the direction of the distant artist alley. He slid in between two badly costumed Klingons, and waited for Alice to catch up before continuing. “You are dressed as a catgirl.”

“Taokaka is not a slutty catgirl, I’ll have you know!” The response came immediate and vicious, complete with a point with a rounded, plush paw covering the young woman’s hand. In truthfulness, she was hardly the least dressed woman at the convention. Her outfit was mostly a tan hooded jacket, with overly long sleeves that went into thick paws that made heavy wool mittens look like tools of fine articulation. Her legs were bare, but thanks to the length of the jacket and the height of similarly-padded paw boots, there was little more than a pair of bare knees and an inch or two of extra skin to be seen. Even her face was obscured by a veil of black mesh underneath her tan hood, and stitched to the face was a smile of pointy teeth and two plain red dots that suggested eyes, but in reality were placed just slightly above where her real eyes gazed through the mesh.

It had been a hit with fans of the character thus far, for which Alice was thankful. Posing for pictures and imitating Taokaka’s silly, playful voice was one of the high points of the convention, and the only reason she had bought the two day pass. One day to play dress-up and be silly with other cosplayers, one day to go back to her jeans and t-shirt and spend the rest of the convention talking to artists, attending panels, and spending her paycheck. She hadn’t really expected day one to be sullied by an inappropriate proposition from a man in an otter suit.

Not even a recognizable, cartoon otter. Just an otter. An otter with an erection, apparently.

Jacob rolled his eyes and continued along with Alice, and was so very close to his destination when the young woman stopped him once more. A pawed hand reached out and hooked behind his arm, tugging at him to a halt amidst the sea of like-minded nerds.

“Hey, I have to go to the bathroom,” she murmured, and looked from side to side, scowling underneath her mesh mask. “Looks like things are pretty busy and it’s going to take me a while to get out of these paws. Want to meet up by the goat from Murdergoat 7 in twenty minutes?”


“I hate you.”


The Comic Convention was a small event, at least compared to some of its contemporaries. There was no one in attendance that was anything higher than D-list, the panels were enjoyable but forgettable, and the focus of the event was all over the place. Nerd rock keyboardists performing adjacent to local amatuer wrestling, and a T-shirt vendor tragically misplaced right next to a booth selling ice cream planets shamelessly ripped off from Firefly. The spills and smears alone kept the two booths at each other’s throats, much to the delight of the adjacent tables desperately casino şirketleri in need of entertainment.

Alice had moved from one end of the convention to the other, swinging her oversized paws and waving cutely at the people that seemed delighted at her cosplay. The search for a semi-private bathroom came after she realized that in the two story convention hall, the actually Comic Con was only taking up the first. A quick duck into a stairwell later and she was rushing down a darkened hallway, tracking down the first ladies room she came across. A sigh of delight came to her lips when she saw the door was push to enter; thankful she wouldn’t have to try to wrap her oversized cat hands around a thin handle. In she went, ready to take care of her business, when she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh. Hi.” Alice’s voice chirped through the mesh in her face mask, and the Taokaka cosplayer stood there with a felt, pointed grin on her hidden face, looking at the young woman standing in the middle of the bathroom. The sight of someone else in a suspected empty bathroom was enough, but the woman that stood before her was enough to grab her attention even back on the crowded convention floor.

She was tall; nearly six feet thanks to a pair of sleek, black boots with tall heels lifting her up. The boots disappeared into pressed black slacks, and a black blazer that was hanging open, revealing a tight-fitting, white business shirt that had been cut off at the bottom to reveal midriff, and trimmed in the center to expose ample cleavage. The woman’s hair hung down so ludicrously long Alice could only assume it was a wig; with an intricate, single red braid that danced down to the woman’s waist. The girl just turned and looked at Alice; gazing at her through a pair of thick glasses, tinted yellow to complete her outfit. Her gaze was cold and scrutinizing, well fitting with the character she had decided to dress as.

“Crimson Viper. Nice.” Alice offered a meek little smile; not that it could be seen through the Taokaka mask. She gave a little nod of her head as she stepped into the room, gazing at one of the distant stalls where she could remove her costume. “Don’t mind me, I just need to change my costume a bit…”

As she tried to move past the other woman to the rear stall, a hand came out to stop her. One of the woman’s hands; gloved in black leather, slammed against an adjacent stall, cutting Alice off and blocking her line of sight. Alice had little recourse but to slowly turn her head to the side, looking at the other woman that had prevented her. The redhead, now wearing a smirk that somewhere between confident and bullying, seemed to be in no rush. She took her time, looking at Alice’s costume, tilting her head from side to side to take her in. Their forms were close; uncomfortably so from Alice’s perspective, and even through the black mesh mask she could pick up the scent of the other woman’s perfume, a bold, rich scent that she herself would never be brave enough to wear in public.

But this woman? It suited her. She was in control, and the strong scent was just another way in which she proved as much. It was in her scent, in her gaze, and in her mere presence. Standing there looking at the mystery woman, even through the obscuring black mesh of her mask, Alice could feel her knees going weak. The young cosplayer swallowed, and shifted her legs back and forth, feeling heated underneath the other woman’s gaze.

“Do…Do you want something?” she asked with a nervous swallow, her voice cracking as she spoke. She knew, all too well, that this mystery woman did indeed want something.


Alice wasn’t necessarily surprised at the situation she had ended up in, so much as how it had happened. Hooking up at conventions was part of her goal, one of the things she enjoyed about going to them. But as the door to the nearest stall flung open with such velocity to echo a loud casino firmaları bang through the room, she knew she was in for something altogether unlike her usual convention romp. The other woman said nothing, yet maintained complete control as she took Alice by the elbow and spun her into the stall. The girl’s natural clumsiness, combined with her unwielding costume, landed her square on her rear on the toilet, and by the time she lifted her head her new friend was already locking the stall door behind her, gazing down at her with a hungry look.

No words were spared as Crimson Viper crouched down on the tile, and moved her gloved hands square to Alice’s breasts. She focused her gaze at the young woman’s mask, and though it’d be nearly impossible for her to make out detail through the black mesh, Alice was sure the woman could see her fierce blush. A moan broke out from her lips as the woman pressed her strong hands into her chest, squeezing the orbs, rolling her grip about them through the stiff tan jacket of her character. Her legs had been spread to either side of the stall, an action which she only pushed forward with, whimpering as she gazed down at the mystery woman, immediately giving of herself.

Crimson Viper, for her part, seemed content to explore Alice’s body for the moment, but never once did she compromise her costume, or utter a single word. She said all that she needed to with possessive touching and hungry fingers; clawing digits down her attire, and letting her gloved hands caress over the exposed flesh of Alice’s knees and thighs. The bulky Taokaka feet were lifted up by the mystery woman, and Alice was guided to brace them both on the wall of the stall, holding her legs aloft and revealing herself to the stranger.

Underneath the short tan jacket she had worn a pair of simple panties; close enough in color to her jacket so as not to draw attention, yet with enough lace and frill to look sexy just in case something like this had occurred. As her undergarment became revealed the stranger smiled; her red-lipsticked grin puckering a bit as she looked at her prize. She said nothing, but she looked up for a moment to Alice, the smirk and the crook of her brow telling the young woman she could clearly tell that she had come to the convention hoping to be touched.

Just like that, Alice could feel a hand swoop in, and a pair of gloved fingers hooked between her flesh and the cloth of her panties. There was a quick tug as they came halfway down her lap, and Crimson Viper worked quickly as she peeled them off one of the woman’s legs, and then the other. The ridiculously oversized Taokaka boots made sure that the panties would be far too stretched to wear again, but in the moment Alice couldn’t imagine another time in which she’d need them. By the time Crimson Viper drifted the panties into one of the pockets of her blazer, they were all but forgotten, and Alice was little more than a whimpering, wet mess.

The stranger moved in with renewed purpose, and the leather gloves moved against her bare thighs. Hands slid over pale flesh, exploring curves that, Alice had to admit, hadn’t been touched in a bit too long. The feel of the thick leather passing over her flesh gave her chills, and her mind reeled as she gave in to the moment. A woman she didn’t even know the name of, servicing her in the bathroom of a convention center.

Fuck meeting cartoonists, this was what Comic Cons were all about.

Alice’s voice broke out into another moan as the first press of Viper’s lips came against her sex. It was in the form of a firm kiss, pressed against her hood and held there for several seconds. The crouching redhead continued to hold her mouth in place, tilting it slightly only after Alice’s moan died down, and finally sliding her tongue forward, letting it explore the folds she had discovered. Her tongue was deft and delicate as it moved, teasing as much as it was delighting, and as she güvenilir casino continued her work Alice was caught in between the throes of breathless passion and tormentingly teased. Her toes and fingers curled inside the big plush paws, and she pathetically rattled them on the walls of the stall, unable to even make much of a banging noise through them. Her moans and gasps were muffled by the mask, which was becoming increasingly moist from the sweat that was building at her brow. It was getting hard to breathe, and harder to think, and all she could do was sit there and try to maintain.

Crimson Viper’s tongue swirled in eager waves against her pink folds, and finally a leather gloved hand moved up to press two fingers against her entrance. It was slow at first, swirling in a small circle to make sure the girl was ready, but once she had determined that Alice was prepared the stranger held nothing back. Two fingers went deep inside; moving to the third knuckle of Viper’s hand, and hooking downward, teasing against Alice’s walls. As soon as she was penetrated a new series of moans escaped Alice’s lips, and her pawed hands flailed and failed against the walls.

Alice’s head was swimming, and her nethers responded with a building excitement as the other woman serviced her. Lips at her hood, a tongue battering her folds, and now the thick presence of gloved fingers inside of her…it was very quickly too much for the young woman to handle. She didn’t last long; and her climax came with a sudden wave that surprised even her. Her pawed hands both went over her face, and she screamed into them, muffling the noise as best she could. Her walls tightened and constricted against Viper’s digits, and the smirking, confident woman’s lips were met with an expected squirt of hot delight against her face. After a few moments, the twitching in Alice’s thighs died down, and the desperate, panting breaths of the young woman calmed, and she slumped against the toilet seat, swallowing and whimpering and practically melting in place. Her pawed feet dropped to the ground with an unceremonious thud, and her slit was left drooling her nectar, as well as Viper’s spit, onto the closed lid of the toilet seat. Her vision was already blurred from the mesh mask, but the post orgasmic bliss made it even more difficult to see as Crimson Viper slid a hand into her pocket, and pulled out a black magic marker.

Confidently, the woman bit the cap off the marker, and with it perched between her teeth she scooped up one of Alice’s thighs, holding it up a bit. Her right hand held the marker tight as she turned the tip inward against Alice’s flesh, and in the silence of their stall came the faint squeaking as she started to write against her skin. Once she had finished she let her leg drop again, and as she recapped the marker her lips pursed, blowing against the freshly scribbled message so it would dry and prevent smudging.

Alice could barely lift her head after her climax, making it difficult for her to pursue the mystery woman as she stood up, unlocked the bathroom stall, and slipped out as quickly as she had entered. Before the young girl could make a call for her, she heard the door to the bathroom close, and the mystery stranger had disappeared. Crimson Viper had never even seen her face; and she in turn had never heard her voice. All she had left was a scribbled message on the inside of her thigh; one that, in a desperate moment, Alice decided she had to read.

She fumbled; forcing her hand out of one of the big plush paws, and scrambling for her cell phone. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as she caught her phone in her palm, lowered it to her crotch, and took a picture of where the other woman had written. When she pulled the image up to her eyes, she squinted through the mesh of the mask, and her heart started to race as she read what had been written.

1101 Dellmar Street. Tomorrow. 7:00 pm.

Alice’s cheeks flushed, and she spent a long moment staring at the picture that had been left on the inside of her thigh. One thing was certain; come tomorrow night, she’d at least have her mystery woman’s name.


End of Chapter 1.

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