Accidental Penetrations Ch. 08

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Very important note: I’ve always loved accidental penetration stories even if they’re usually not realistic. And so this is a very lighthearted story. It’s not meant to be an accurate representation of something that could actually happen in real life! On the other hand, around that highly improbable incident, I’ll try to make the story as interesting as I can. If that’s not your cup of tea, find another one of my stories.

Edited by: Pope1944!

Even if nothing else had happened during this unbelievable week at the nudist colony, this night with Katee would still have made this trip the highpoint of his year. The morning as well, in fact. She had woken him up by placing her lips delicately on his and it had led to a much more passionate kiss. From there it had led to hungry feasting on her breasts and pussy and her on his cock and then to a long and slow cowgirl ride. It was as if they both knew it could be their last time before they returned to the real world. They both whispered “I love you.” to each other as they came.

A couple of hours later Dustin followed Katee’s beautiful ass down the trails and they came back to the colony. They met his aunt Leanna before reaching the lodge and talked with her for a bit. As he spotted her in the distance, maybe because of the sunglasses and the fact that her hair was hidden under her, Dustin briefly thought that it was his older sister Erica. He had already noticed the similarities between Erica and his aunt, but now, because there wasn’t any clothes of different styles to hide their bodies, it had really struck him.

Damn Leanna was gorgeous, literally glowing under the sun because of the oil on her body. Her welcoming “Hello Tiger,” made things stir deep inside him. They talked with her for a little while before heading back to the lodge for a shower. In the hallway, after making sure they were alone, they shared another long kiss. “Is this our last kiss?” Katee asked.

“I sure hope not, my love…”

Katee stared at him for a moment before saying “It’s so strange to hear you say that… Strange and delightful!” she kissed him one last time and went to her room.

Dustin then showered and took a short nap. Standing next to the window, he began trying to make sense of everything that had happened since the start of this vacation. But then his cousin Indiana walked in front of his window. She was maybe twenty feet away and didn’t know he was there, watching her. Looking at her body, Dustin smiled involuntarily.

While Indiana was as gorgeous as the other women in his family, she was the only one with small breasts. At most B cups. But they were still very beautiful. That was one thing that Dustin had learned watching all those nude models on the internet. There were beautiful, and ugly, breasts of all sizes. He usually preferred bigger breasts but he had seen models with very small breasts, some even smaller than Indiana, whose breasts kept drawing his eyes.

On Indiana’s very slim body, those B cups breasts bounced very nicely with her every step. Her lean hips also looked remarkable, with the top of her thighs alternatively hiding and revealing her shaven pussy. And her ass… “Oh dear gods!” thought Dustin, the beginnings of an erection threatening his ability to go out. As she walked away from him, he stared at those two lovely buttocks moving up and down. The two apple lines appeared and vanished rhythmically, forcing his eyes to switch back and forth between them.

Indiana found a big tree and paused right next to the trunk and looked around for a moment. This was the less occupied side of the colony, as most of the activities and points of interest were on the front of the lodge. After placing a hand on the trunk, Indiana lifted her leg up, grabbed her feet with one hand and stretched her leg until it was nearly above her head. Christ! Dustin was suddenly reminded that Indiana had been a dancer for years. She mostly did classical dance, which wasn’t really his thing, but seeing her stretch was another blessing this morning.

For the next fifteen minutes he watched, almost feeling like a reverse peeping Tom, as his cousin accidentally did her best to display everything her body had to offer. And he meant everything. She was far enough so that it wasn’t vulgar, but if pressed, by the end of that stretching session, Dustin could have described her pussy with remarkable accuracy.

Even if it was only a stretching session, it was a thing of stunning grace. She wasn’t even dancing and Dustin was enthralled. Her hair was loose and flowed like a red river over her body as she moved, hiding and revealing her breasts, reaching her ass when she tilted her head backwards, parting like the damned red sea over he back as she bent forward…

And her ass. Damn! It seemed to Dustin that every second exercise she did was especially designed to highlight her perfect little ass. While small, that ass was rock hard and was very round despite her slim body. So were her thighs. Slender and very long, they casino oyna were also quite clearly very strong. And very sexy. But that ass!

By now Dustin had become very familiar with his twin sisters’ asses, both because of regular nudism and because of, well, some accidental benefits. And at first glance Indiana had a bubble butt pretty much like his sisters: small, perky, firm yet very round. But seeing her stretch and bend and twist and move so gracefully, Dustin came to see that Indiana’s ass was in a league of its own. He might not have enjoyed classical dance, but a classical dancer’s ass, well, that was something else entirely!

Indiana had pale skin like most true redheads, with a light smattering of freckles on her face, shoulders and upper chest. It was very subtle, but very sexy at the same time. On that pale skin Dustin could nevertheless see faint traces of the bikini she usually wore when she wasn’t at a nudist colony. Her top was rather small, covering barely half an inch above her small pink nipples. And she clearly had a bikini bottom with a horizontal band from which a thin triangle hung to cover her pussy. Her pure white pussy seemed highlighted by those tan lines.

If Dustin hadn’t fucked at least once every day since arriving here, he probably would have sported a turgid erection. As things were, his cock was only barely swollen. Before it could get worse, he slid his window opened and stepped out. Silently, he walked towards her. She startled a bit when she finally noticed him. “I thought I was alone back here!”

“Well… I have to confess that I have been spying on you ever since you walked here,” Dustin said. “Are you very mad at me?”

“You have?” she replied, laughing. “But why?” she added, her face slightly flushing.

“Why? That’s quite obvious no? You’re gorgeous!”

“Oh, stop it, flatterer!” she replied, clearly nervous, but just as clearly enjoying this.

“Why do girls all say that?” he asked rhetorically. “You could have done that stretching routine in front of the fire tonight, and all eyes would have been on you!”

“No way! This colony is filled with beautiful women!” she replied.

“Wanna bet?”

Indiana looked at him and the silence stretched for a few moments until she replied “No!” She laughed with him and added “Well, if we’re going to be honest, you look pretty good yourself, cousin. Been working out since the last time we saw each other, right?”

“Guilty as charged. Well, thank you for the unintended show.”

“If you’re at your window again tomorrow morning, you’ll have another one then!”

“Perfect! See you later Indi.”

She was so beautiful, with that Irish nymph face and those stunning green eyes. Dustin had been aware, for most of his adolescence, that he had been blessed with his sisters and cousins. But now, because he could see them all naked, his luck was even more obvious. On the large patio he found his dad and Leanna sharing a sangria and memories from their youth. Not particularly interested, Dustin asked them where the others were. Milena was at the oceanside beach for the surf and the rest of the gang had gone half an hour ago in search of a hot tub.

Dustin spent the next twenty minutes trying to find them and was finally helped by some music and the resonant laughter of his older sister Erica. He found all the girls in a spa barely big enough for them with a radio next to them. The hot tub they had found was pretty secluded and installed flush with the deck. Bold because of who was in there, Dustin waked right up tot he edge and looked down at the five women in there. Emily, Lily, Erica, Katee and his mom Tessa. All women he had recently fucked.

“Wow… That’s beautiful sight to behold!”

“Right back at you, cousin!” Katee said, laughing with the others.

“Don’t just stand there,” Lily said. “You look like a damned patriarchal statue with your hands on your hips and your…”

She stopped talking as all the other young girls laughed again. His mom, smiling, said “Well… I guess it’s my cue to leave!” She stood up, water dripping from her amazing body and added “If you want to tease my poor son, I had better leave.” Once she was out, with his help, she said “Here Dustin, take my place. And good luck! They’re already slightly drunk.”

Lily slid to one side and invited him to sit next to her. Dustin didn’t know if this was such a good idea. Sitting naked next to his wild little sister? Surrounded with three other girls he had fucked in the last few days? “What could go wrong?” he thought. Then again, he was pretty sure that only the twins knew that they were not the only ones he had fucked. That meant that the others would probably play it cool. But Lily?

Beginning with her, as he swallowed his first taste of sangria, Dustin realized that while they had all fucked accidentally, it had resulted in very different relationships. Lily was wild and creative, opened to just about anything sexually. In his arms she had felt like a devilish slot oyna imp, her sparkling eyes always smiling and ready to play at the drop of a hat.

Emily, sitting next to her, was just about identical physically but very different in terms of personality. If Lily had violently bucked at the idea of fucking her brother before opening the floodgates of her desire, Emily had just gone with the flow and had smoothly enjoyed his cock. Dustin didn’t know what had gone on in her mind as they talked, nervously, with his cock inside her. But gently and coolly, she had asked him to fuck her.

His older sister Erica, all in curves like her aunt, had clearly felt more assured than either of the twins. She had teased him with that chocolate and had taken command of their sex later that evening. For the first time in his life, Dustin had let the girl decide what she wanted to do and when. As Emily had been slightly nervous the morning following their tryst, Erica had simply smiled contentedly and confidently.

And his cousin Katee, for whom he’d had special feelings for a long while, had been a whirlwind of pleasure and intense emotions. Except for that accidental reverse 69 to begin with, they hadn’t done any crazy positions. Yet in their minds… A firestorm of love and tenderness. As she squeezed his hand underwater, Dustin knew that this special link between them would stay alive for a long time.

Turning around to his right to stare at his mom’s generous and round ass while she walked away, Dustin smiled as he remembered her falling upon his cock as if it had been ordained by fate. In the back of his mind, he had a tiny doubt that this particular penetration hadn’t been completely accidental. He didn’t know what that would mean for his relationship with her, but he was glad it had happened.

From his left, he suddenly heard Lily whispering “Stop staring at mom’s ass, you pervert!” The three other girls heard her comment and they all laughed as he blushed. Then again, his cock had been in each of their pussies at least once in the last few days.

Dustin took a deep breath and said “What can I do, I’m surrounded by beauty!” He then raised his glass of sangria and added “Even now, as we speak, I can almost see all of your amazing breasts!”

At that bold comment, the girls all cried at the same time and most splashed him as they laughed even harder. After the assault was over, Dustin remained as he was, dripping all over. He looked at his glass and saw that his sangria was ruined. He sighed theatrically and said “Oh dear… What has happened to young girls these days. You compliment them and they attack you!” Of course, that comment only caused another assault.

During that assault, he felt his sister’s hand on his cock. Lily grabbed his partially erect cock and gave it a few good squeezes before releasing it. Even if he had wanted to, Dustin couldn’t have moved away. First if he stood up right now they would all see his partial erection. Second, the hot tub was really meant for four persons. That meant that Lily’s thigh was pressed hip to knee against his left one, just like Katee’s was on his right. It wasn’t a bad situation, and the bubbles would hide his erection in any case. If Katee ever brushed against his hard cock, well, she wouldn’t cry in shocked surprise in any case.

Thirty minutes later, all of them were getting slightly drunk even though it was still pretty early in the day. They were having a very good time and nobody worried about their alcohol intake. That’s when Indiana arrived, looking flushed after her run. Erica said that she wished she could run in the trails with her. “Why can’t you?” Dustin asked, just drunk enough to miss the obvious answer. All the other girls turned to him, dismayed expression on their face.

Erica said “Just try imagining what it would look like…”

“Oooooh!” Dustin said, imagining her large breasts swinging wildly before receiving another wallop of water on his face.

“So, where can I sit?” Indiana asked.

“Right here!” Lily said, indicating her lap.

Dustin tried to shift a bit. If Lily or Katee felt his erection, it wasn’t a big deal. But Indiana was another matter. Thankfully she didn’t slip on Lily’s thighs. “Careful Indi…” her sister Katee said. “Dustin told us how much he wanted to see our breasts earlier. And now, sitting like this, yours are very much on display!”

The girls laughed again. Indiana replied “Well, he came up to me earlier and said that I was gorgeous, so I don’t mind if he does stare!” Which, of course, triggered more laughter.

After that, as Emily and Katee were talking about the latter’s boyfriend, two things happened really quickly. First, Lily grabbed his cock again. Second, half a second later, Indiana suddenly laughed for no reason. Everybody turned towards her, but she just shook her head and apologized. A minute later Lily released him as Indiana moved away, poured herself a glass of sangria and sat on Erica’s lap. Dustin, leaning towards his canlı casino siteleri sister, asked her “What was that about?”

Into his ear, she replied “What, my hand on your cock, or my hand on Indi’s pussy?”

As Dustin bit his lower lip, Lily added “Don’t you remember that while you had a special connection with Katee when we were younger, I had one with Indi? Well, as we got a bit older, that connection turned… intimate.”

Dustin couldn’t help himself and pictured Indiana and Lily having sex together. Which only enhanced his erection. Into Lily’s ear, he said “And you’re telling me this, here?”

“You asked!” she replied, a naughty smile on her lips.

When Emily stood up to refill her glass, Indiana jumped down and took her place. Cursing, Emily sat back on Indiana’s lap and then said, in a theatrically dejected tone “Well, looks like it’s my turn to have my breasts ogled by my own brother…”

Dustin shook his head as her comment had the expected results with the other girls. “But you do have great breasts, sister!” he said, staring at them for a few seconds.

This, in turn, once again had the expected result and he had to wipe the water from his face again.

The playful atmosphere took a turn when, about fifteen minutes later Erica, having lost her own place, decided to sit back on Dustin’s lap. By now his cock was rock hard and pressed against his belly. Luckily Erica didn’t impale herself, but his cock ended up pressed against her ass and lower back. “Gods!” she cried, barely able to contain her laughter. “How many legs to you have down there?”

Five minutes later, Katee took her turn on his lap and had her fun as well, teasing him by backing her nicely rounded ass against his cock. What was strange was the fact that only the twins knew he had fucked someone other than them. And then they only knew about each other. Dustin was the only one who knew that he had fucked all of them. Except Indiana.

But even with Erica and Katee teasing him, he knew that despite the appearances this wasn’t really a good opportunity for an accidental penetration. The angles were simply not right. Soon it was Lily’s turn to sit upon him. She clearly tried her best to impale herself, but failed. When he felt her slippery lips slide ineffectually against the tip of his cock, he still startled: she really would have done it!

But seconds later, while everybody was laughing at one of her jokes, she reached down, grabbed his cock and pulled it away from his body. She then fell upon it, sheathing it completely. Dustin gasped but that sound was drowned in the laughter. Nobody noticed Lily’s high pitch laugh either. She remained on him a few seconds, jumping up and down a few times before pulling away.

Already drunk, Dustin’s mind was now spinning as he laughed with the others, knowing he had just fucked his sister, if briefly, in front of a group of people! All family, sure, but still! It was far from accidental, but it was highly thrilling nevertheless! Damn his wild sister! Soon after that, Lily was back sitting next to him and Indiana sat on her lap. Once more Lily grabbed his cock and, judging by Indiana’s expression, she also grabbed her pussy as well. And then Lily titled her head leftward and asked Indiana to bend her head. Lily whispered something to her and after a moment Indiana looked shocked and turned her head to look at him.

Had Lily really told their cousin that they had fucked? Or maybe she had simply told her about the quick penetration a few minutes ago? But even that was… dangerous. Drunk or not, it was— It was, apparently, something that didn’t bother Indiana all that much. Dustin couldn’t really decipher the look Indiana’s gave him, but she certainly didn’t look angry or disgusted.

Was Lily playing with him? Had she really said that, or was he just imagining things. After all, Lily was still pumping his cock underwater and his brain was currently lacking a significant dose of blood… “No… she wouldn’t have said that. To her twin, ok. But to others? No…” he thought, but wasn’t certain. The only thing that was clear enough was that Indiana was still getting her pussy rubbed. Dustin wondered if he could substitute his hand in place of his sister’s…

But no. That would be way too obvious. Even with the bubbly water. But his cock surged at the thought. “What if…” He tried to think of a way that wouldn’t be immediately noticeable, but failed. Soon Indiana took the place of Katee next to him, but after a few other switches, she found herself standing once again in the middle of the hot tub. By then, Dustin was flanked by both twins. Next to him, Lily said “Come on Indi… Sit on my brother’s lap. You’re the only one who hasn’t done so by now!”

It was true. As they all waited for her to decide, Dustin realized one thing: they had all sat on his lap, rubbing their asses against his cock. Given that they had already fucked him, it wasn’t such a big deal. But what finally clicked inside Dustin’s intoxicated brain was that they had all seen the others doing the same thing! Fuck! This was something else! If they decided to talk about it and ask each other why they hadn’t minded feeling his cock, Dustin could end up in big trouble!

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