A Woman and Her Sister Share a Love

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I’m Amy and my sister is Jeannette, she and I are a year apart. I was born as all babies were, except I had one addition… an addition that many would called a freak, or a transvestite, but we’re not truly called that, we’re called futanari’s girls with dicks and pussies, I was born like that, I’m a year younger than my sister, who was born like normal girls, no dick. While growing up I lived in a different room, and my parent’s didn’t like me much. They thought I was a freak, so did anyone else who found out about my dick… the only person who ever saw me as something other than a freak was my sister, her kind heart was what kept me going everyday, when turned 18 and she was 19 we left home to have an apartment together we moved out of Seattle and to a smaller town not far away called Lynnwood, it’s calm and quiet neighbor hoods were the perfect place for us.

We took to working at several places; my aunt who lived in the area gave us a job at her deli, and sometimes we’d go to the bar part of her building to work, of course we knew it was bad but who cared, they had two sexy weigh tresses, one a blonde with blue eyes and a b cup sized chest who always wore a mini skirt and a button up t-shirt with the top 4-5 buttons undone. My hair was black and long it flowed halfway down my back and my grey eyes held a sweet kindness towards all that stared at my eyes my DD sized breasts kept their attention since I wore a button up t-shirt like my sister except I had 2-3 buttons undone, anymore and my breasts would fall out. Instead of a skirt I wore black pants because of my dick. When ever a guy got too drunk or got too rough or touchy with my sister or someone who worked here, or if they got into fights, I was the one who threw them out, I was strong, I could have been a very good athlete if I tried, but I kept out of that department. I just kept myself abnormally strong for girls, but made sure I didn’t show. Not very many like women who are all casino şirketleri muscles.

One night I returned from the bar to find my sister in the bath, she was normally asleep or at the desk, she wasn’t much of a bath person, neither was I but oh well. I could tell something was wrong and I was intent on finding out.

“Hey sis, you ok?”

She turned her head towards me and I could tell she’d been crying. “No, I’m not okay.”

“What’s wrong?” I asked kneeling down.

“John is what’s wrong… he was only going out with me to fuck me, he heard I was still a virgin… and he wanted to take it… that’s the only reason he wanted to date me…”

I hugged her tightly. “Come on, lets take a shower, I’ll was your back and we’ll talk. Okay?”

She nodded and unplugged the drain in the tub, then stood, at her full high she was 6 foot 2, I was taller than her by 2 inches, putting me at 6 foot 4. I could tell she was cold because her nipples were shriveled up like after you put an ice cube to your nipple. I walked over to the shower and started it than undressed looking back I saw my sister’s blond pubic hair; she hadn’t shaved it in awhile, same with her legs. We tended to shave each other. So I figured we’d do that tonight. I pulled in a stool into the large shower; it was large enough for four people to stand in and still have room. I made sure the water temp was perfect than let her under it; she moaned as the heat hit her cold body and I couldn’t help but smile. I sat her on the floor and sat behind her on the stool spreading my legs slightly so that she could slide back a bit. I began washing her back, going to her low back than I had to stand her and me up so that I could wash her front, all the while we talked about what had happened between her and john. After a bit she leaned in putting her head on my right breast and cried I wrapped my arms around her and patted her on the back. As I began to pull casino firmaları away she pulled be back and kissed me, not one of those sisterly kisses, but rather something more. Although I didn’t think that at the time; she was sad and this had been done before, her kiss was thanks for being there. We parted and she sat on the stood and spread her legs grabbing a razor; she looked towards me. I smiled and sat between her legs, my eyes trailed up her legs and to her soft red pussy, my dick suddenly hardened a little but I dismissed the thought, it was alright, seeing a pussy always did this to me and my sister understood, she knew it was involuntary. I proceeded to shave her legs first always saving her pubic hairs for last, we did that all the time, it was a game to see who’d stand through, and we were skilled at shaving each other we tried to make each other orgasm before we were done. I would always win because I was skilled at holding back an orgasm for quite a while. But occasionally I’d let her win because it was fair that way. I wanted to keep her happy. We were sisters and she meant the world to me. But this time I was going to win.

I slowly shaved her pussy making sure to hit the good spots that made her moan, and when I finally got to her pubic hairs, she was panting, her pussy was weeping and while looking at it my dick became hard, my eyes held the image as my hands shaved her pubic hairs with the razor, just as I was doing the last run with the razor she came, jumping a bit a moaning loudly. Some of her cum shot out onto my hand and when we stood to switch places I licked it up without her seeing. When I sat down my dick stoop there hard, and she loved the sight of it and she knew how much it affected me. She began shaving where I started on her, but she failed to make me cum and sat there the razor taking the last strands of hair from my pubic hair. She had her gentle hand on my dick; she set the razor aside without letting güvenilir casino my dick go.

“This time before we get out you’re going to cum.”

“But you already shaved-” I stopped speaking and my eyes widened as she put her mouth on my dick and began sucking it, and she slid two fingers into my pussy. I moaned loudly as she worked magic I had never felt before, I had never dated, because I thought any girl that saw this would tell others and call me a freak… “S-Sister! What are you doing!?”

“I’m pleasing my sister, you had to watch me orgasm while your dick twitched and now I’m going to pay you back.” She licked the head of my dick and went back to sucking it. Her two fingers in my pussy started thrusting faster, each time rubbing my clitoris with her thumb. I sat there in pure bliss; this is what I was missing all that time.

I reached down feeling I was about to cum and my hand forced my sister’s head down on my cock, just as it hit her throat I came, and filled her mouth and stomach with my cum. Moaning loudly I pulled away and realized what I had done. I looked down. “Sister I am so-” I was interrupted by her kissing me and sharing some of my cum with me, it tasted sweet. After about two minutes I leaned away and looked at her. “Sister, I- that was so… good. I loved it.”

“Would you like to go farther? You’re still so hard even though you came so much in my mouth.”


“Yes, farther.” She kissed me and then pulled away lying down on the floor she spread her legs. “I wanted my first to be with you. I always wanted your cock in me, to break my hymen. That’s why I refused John. Please sister, push your cock into my pussy. Please, make me feel better.

I slid onto her and looked down, my dick hanging down in-between her legs, it looked as if it had gotten bigger, from size 9 to like size 11, it was odd. Sexy, but odd. But who was I to complain. I slid my mouth down to my sister’s right nipple and bit it gently, hearing a soft moan from her lips I continued biting.


That’s it for now; I’ll make another great chapter to this and be waiting for these two sisters to take each other’s virginity. Until then enjoy.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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