Box Shaped Heart Ch. 12

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Chapter Twelve – Gay For You. Or Something.

Carter inhaled Aron’s warmth, as they stood there, in the door. Okay, he hoped the guy was not going to get all sentimental because he had absolutely no idea how to deal with such a thing. As his best friend, Aron had never gotten so mushy over him, or over anything. He had been Carter’s rock, well, at least, until they fell apart.

Aron broke their hug and grabbed him by the neck in an affectionate manner. Carter let out a long breath, and together, they walked into the house. He was about to say something, when Aron grabbed him again and this time pushed him with his back against the solid wooden door, once inside.

“Shit,” he mumbled, but Aron’s mouth was all over his, shutting him up.

Fuck, why did Aron taste so nice? He had only kissed girls all his life, and this was so off the scale, that he could not even think straight. Maybe Aron was one of those guys meant to make straight guys question their sexuality or something. Not that he was questioning his. Not in the least.

The tongue in his mouth was doing a funny dance. He moaned against his better judgment. Aron withdrew only to nip at his lips, gently for a bit, harsher a moment later. Like the guy was hungry. Carter had a mind to ask Aron if he had dinner. He surely didn’t want to serve as a replacement.

“Seeing you there,” Aron pulled him closer, and tongued him deep again, making him feel weak to the knees. “Hearing you say it like that,” he added, as soon as he cut Carter a small breather. “Just made me want to fuck you,” Aron pressed him against the door, catching his hands in a deft grip and pulling them up.

Carter arched his back, his breathing shallow, caught in his chest. Aron was biting his lips, not painfully, but enough to shoot a throng of sensations down his spine, and into his … no, no, this was …

Fuck this. He stuck out his tongue. He was no saint. Aron playfully sparred him with his own, and their kiss turned a bit dirty. The good kind of dirty. For who knew how long, they took jabs at each other with their tongues, chasing one another, Aron, the fucker, at an advantage as he kept Carter pinned against the door, with his arms up, and using his strong thighs to push against the other, and making their bodies rub like in an languorous, yet rough dance.

This was going nowhere. They had too many clothes. It wasn’t enough. Carter leaned forward, trying to capture Aron’s mouth. But Aron moved away, with a smug smile on his face. Carter growled in response.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to leave me hanging,” he complained.

He could not believe his voice. Not his voice technically. This was just making things easier, actually.

“Leave you hanging?” Aron smiled. “No way. I just want to take this to the bedroom.”

The bedroom. Where the real sex stuff happened. Carter turned stiff, and not the good kind of stiff. He still had no idea if Alex’s body was clean. Also, he wasn’t ready for all the sex stuff.

“No butt fucking,” he blurted out.

Aron’s eyes squared on him like attack helicopters. They were probably shooting lasers, too, but Carter knew that was not possible.

“The tests,” he mumbled, and looked away.

Aron dropped Carter’s arms, from where they were pinned against the door. They felt heavy and numb as they fell down. Carter winced and moved passed Aron.

“I’m just going to take a shower,” he added, and quickly made himself scarce in that direction.

Shit, things were really getting out of hand here.


The warm water on his back was doing nothing for his nerves, though. Carter could not believe he was such a mess. He wasn’t even questioning himself or his sexuality. All people were bisexual, to some degree, or so he had read somewhere, probably some shitty magazines that could not really be considered reliable sources of knowledge in the field of human sexuality.

Why had he responded so well to Aron’s kisses? Well, it had happened before, from the first moment Aron had kissed him, and Carter still thought himself straight as an arrow.

Of course, he could always play the card of having to impersonate Alex, with all that entailed. Including the gay sex. Gay sex with Aron. The thought was enough to short circuit his brain. He was a damn fucking monkey, a primate, an un-evolved piece of meat in the animal reign. And all because of a damn kiss.

Aron was too good a kisser. Yes, blame it on that, Carter, he thought and shook his head. Never before had he felt attracted to a dude. And it had to be Aron, of all people. Not the guy who was bringing him the newspaper, because he thought he was a good neighbor. Was that guy doable? From a gay guy’s point of view. He had no idea. But the image of being entangled in a dirty kiss with his newspaper-bringing neighbor, had no effect on him. What about the guys he used to hang out with? Nope, no matter how much he tried to picture himself in some kind of amorous situation with any of them, he came up empty.

There casino oyna was only one explanation, if he was honest. He was sort of, gay for Aron. Damn, what a fucked up thing. Maybe it was just something he needed to fuck out of his system. But no, it was wrong. Aron had no idea. And he still didn’t know if Alex was clean, the two timer, mother fucking cheater.

Wait, what was he doing? Again considering the possibility of butt sex? One or two more adventurous girlfriends had fingered him, and, at the time, he had thought that kinky and fun, but …

All right, he just needed to calm down and take things one step at a time. He was spending all this time in a gay dude’s body and that was probably the reason.

Stop fooling yourself, Carter.

But I’m not gay!

Well, tell that to yourself from 10 minutes ago, while you were stuffing Aron’s mouth with your tongue.

He could not spend the entire night in the bathroom, pretending to take a long shower. It was time to take the bull by the horns. The gay husband by the dick. Or whatever.


All hope that Aron might already be asleep was soon gone as he took in the man’s grave stance, as Aron lay on the bed, pretending to watch television. Carter had decided to use only a small towel to hide his nether parts, but he knew that such a semblance of modesty was not going to hold water. With a small sigh, he let the towel drop to the floor, and climbed into the bed.

Aron was watching him from a corner of his eye. All right, so he was naked, and almost on top of his husband. What was going to be next? He cleared his throat and hummed, like he was about to break into a serenade. Aron huffed and turned his eyes to the TV screen.

Now it was the right moment to know what he was doing. The bad part was that his mind was blank.

“Are you going to sit there, with your ass up, all night?” Aron asked, without turning his head.

“No,” Carter said slowly. “I’m gonna … I’m … hmm, ahem …”

“Jeesh, Alex,” Aron exhaled. “Look, it’s okay. I got carried away. Seeing you on that TV show reminded me of everything I love about you. But if you’re not ready, I understand.”

With that, Aron changed his position, and extracted himself from the not so clever trap Carter had thought he was making with his own body.

He looked at Aron, as the guy moved. The silk pajama pants were hanging obscenely low on the guy’s hips. Carter could clearly make the nice curve of Aron’s ass through the sleek fabric. He licked his lips and gulped. His throat was dry. This was happening way too often while he was around Aron.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I think I’m the one who should sleep on the sofa,” Aron replied, his back still turned, as he began fishing for a t-shirt in a drawer. “I cannot control myself around you,” he added, with a self-deprecating sigh. “And you do need your beauty sleep. Yolanda called, and threatened me with something that pretty much sounded like a thoroughly planned bashing, if I didn’t know her better.”

As the door closed, Carter lay flat on the bed, hiding his face in the crumpled sheets, still smelling of Aron. He groaned. Why was he such an idiot? In all his past relationships, he hadn’t been this wishy-washy. He was not the one to make the first step, okay, but he hadn’t tormented any of his girlfriends, by sending mixed signals. Or maybe he had? Maybe he should contact the girls, and make a focus group, or something?

Focus, Carter. This is serious.

He got off the bed, and went out the door. Aron was in his own house, and he was not going to sleep on the sofa.


It was funny to see Aron struggling to fit on the sofa, seeing that he was bigger than Alex, and Carter still remembered the night before with all its struggles.

“What are you doing up? Go to sleep,” Aron ordered, and pushed himself on one side, only to have one leg drop to the floor with a thud.

“You’re not the only one who cannot control himself,” Carter spoke in a sparse voice.

Well, it was true. Seeing how he was gay for Aron, and not for anyone else, his brain had been obviously hacked. Aka, no control.

Aron’s head peaked above the sofa. The man was staring at him.

“Go on,” Aron said slowly.

“All I could think of today,” Carter spoke with some difficulty, “was to just come home to you and …” damn, he was going to say it to the guy’s face, wasn’t he? “stuff my mouth with your dick.”

Aron groaned, and pushed the heels of his palms into his eyes.

“Alex, stop doing this to me. I’m just a man! Are you willing to have me sent to jail for marital rape? Because I don’t know …”

Carter moved fast, jumping over the sofa, and kneeling in front of his best friend. For whom he was gay or something. He gulped, but his hands were firm as they grabbed the hem of the silk pajama pants. He licked his lips.

Aron was now silent, too. He was obviously stretched to his limit, by the way his taut belly was rising with slot oyna each small breath.

Carter pulled the pants down, in one swift move. Well, when Aron wasn’t hard, that thing was not that impressive. Hell, who was he kidding? And that thing was now slowly growing, without even being touched.

“Don’t be cruel,” Aron whispered.

“Uhm?” Carter mumbled, fascinated with the way Aron’s cock was slowly growing longer and harder, until it sat flush against the man’s muscled abdomen.

He placed one palm along the shaft, taking pleasure in the silky sensation of stretched skin. He slowly grabbed it, wondering at how the mushroom was pulsing slightly. Half closing his eyes, he brought it to his lips and licked.

Aron’s small groan made him frown. Was he doing it wrong? He licked away, only to have Aron groan again. It was quite clear, that was an appreciation moan. That was encouraging.

And the taste wasn’t that bad. There was a pearly bead leaking off the head, and he lapped at it. Ha, no wonder chicks digged this. It was enough to increase one’s appetite.

Guided by his new found lust, he engulfed the engorged head into his mouth, licking at it, to his heart’s content. Aron’s murmurs were unintelligible now. Carter released the man’s cock with a loud pop, and stared with satisfaction at the glistening head. Damn, the way the thing was now hard as a rock in his hand, was making him hungry.

Could someone be hungry for cock? For real? Well, he was right now. And Aron loved it, by the strained sounds he was making. So, all in all, it was ‘kay.

He pushed the hard cock into his mouth, trying to take more in. Damn, who knew this could taste so delicious? It was making him feel regretful he could not self-suck, like the douchebag Alex could. But it was probably for the best. He might just end up doing nothing all day but suck his own cock.

Actually, he had an inkling now that it was better to have your mouth filled with another guy’s cock. Aron’s, at least, was fucking tasty.

It was a tad frustrating that he could not push it all in his mouth, but he set into a rhythm, bobbing his head up and down, and tasting as much as he could. Flicking his tongue over the head over and over again, he was fueling his lust with Aron’s precum. It was just making him feel excited about what would come later.

He caught the base of the cock with one hand to gain more control. If Alex was a blowjob master, Carter had to be one, too. Aron could not be left unsatisfied.

But that was not the only thought on his mind right now. He was being selfish. He was doing it because it fucking felt right, and it was the only way for him, Carter, to do such a thing with the guy.

He increased the speed, helping himself with the hand. At least, it served that Aron was pent up. He wasn’t going to notice his husband’s lack of skill, provided that Carter was a total noob in this department.

Well, it was definitely a skill he was willing to learn, he hollowed his cheeks, to further increase pressure. Aron began massaging his neck with slow, hesitant moves. Carter brought up his free hand to place it over Aron and mimicked the action he wanted. It was like Aron stopped for a brief second, only to grab Carter’s neck firmly now, and push his head down.

It was a bit too much, but Carter needed that. His enthusiastic sucking could only take him this far. He needed to put Aron in control, so that the guy could let go.

And let go he did, as Carter felt Aron’s cock growing even stiffer, if that was possible. The guy’s groans were growing louder, too. Soon enough, Carter’s mouth was flooded, and he tried to stay still and swallow.

For long seconds, Aron kept him there, feeding him with cum. Which, apparently, was not as unpleasant as he thought since it was coming from another guy’s supply.

He did make a face, however, as he extracted himself slowly from Aron’s grip. The man he had just satisfied with his mouth was breathing deeply and loudly, and there was a sense of pride in that, because, hell, Carter had been the one to make Aron come undone like that.

And that made him look up pretty smug about it, as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He was about to say something, just to know they were okay now, when Aron leaned in to watch him in the eyes, from just a couple of inches away.

It was too late to protest when he realized what Aron was up to. The guy had grabbed his shoulders with one hand, sneaking the other between Carter’s legs, palm firmly planted on the ass, and now was manhandling him like he was a toy, standing up, and then slamming Carter with his back against the sofa.

He grunted, not from pain, as there was none, but from surprise.

“Aron,” he breathed out.

Sounds died in his throat as Aron pressed his lips against Carter’s neck, biting him a second later, like a jaguar bent on its prey.

“Ah,” he managed, all rational thought gone from his mind.

Aron moved lower, biting Carter’s canlı casino siteleri chest, planting small kisses on his way down. Carter could feel each breath hitching in his chest, anticipating the pain of each bite, and feeling all the more surprised with the immediate response of his body, and what was left of his nervous system.

It was just the kind of conquest he knew he could not resist. Was he spreading his legs? Was this some sort of conditioned response that nobody cared to talk about in the books?

It didn’t take Aron much to reach his actual point of interest.

“Mother fucker,” Carter moaned, as Aron simply took him in his mouth.

Man, the guy was taking that thing deep. Carter felt a pang of jealousy as he felt Aron’s warm breath on his pelvis. Well, Alex didn’t have that big a dick, what could he say? Carter was certain he was bigger, so that had to be for now.

“What the fuck,” he murmured and straightened up a bit to watch what was going on.

Aron was somehow stuffing his mouth with Carter’s balls, without letting go of the dick. That was not fucking fair. Aron withdrew to breathe, and Carter shot him a miffed look. The guy winked at him and his lips stretched into a huge smile.

Aron pulled him by the legs, and pressed them up, until Carter could swear they were behind his ears.

“What are you doing?” he struggled, trying to see in what ways Aron was planning to defile him.

A tongue. In his ass. He made such a funny sound, that he was certain he could no longer be considered a man.

“Oh god,” he managed.

“Thank you, baby,” Aron stopped for a second, only to lap again at Carter’s exposed back side, like it was some sort of … whatever thing was good licked, because Carter could not really think of anything right now.

He could feel Aron’s tongue probing him, and that was making all the hair on his head feel electrified. Was this normal? Was it a gay sex thing? He had no idea the ass could feel like that.

“I think you’re plenty lubed,” Aron joked.

What? Was the guy going to fuck him? Now? He had no time to even think of fighting back, as two fingers delved into his back entrance, down to the first knuckle.

“Oh, fuck,” he complained.

It wasn’t hurting. It was just the fucking shock. Carter was pretty certain he was going to develop post traumatic stress disorder symptoms after this. He could totally understand how a guy navigating a minefield in World War I must have felt. He could not recover from one blow, as there was another lined up just for him.

Aron let him straightened up a bit and let down his legs, without removing his fingers from Carter’s ass. He kissed him shortly, and then sank to his knees, like Carter had done earlier.

He was not going to fight this. It was impossible. He closed his eyes, as Aron put his mouth back where it fit so well. He moaned softly, as Aron began working his cock like a blowjob expert. At the same time, the fingers in his ass began moving, just a little, at first, then deeper and deeper, as Carter felt his ass giving in.

Each jab of the fingers in his ass was making his cock twitch. He was certain he was leaking precum like a fountain, but Aron showed no signs of being bothered. The guy was doing a fine job, he clearly knew how to do it, and it wasn’t helping Carter’s sanity one bit.

Carter was certain his body was hot like a furnace and was currently melting the sofa. Soon enough, his ass was going to hit the floor. Only that his body was having other plans, pushing itself upwards, fucking Aron in his mouth, his cock sucking, tongue kissing mouth, and it felt so damn good that Carter was certain his eyes were going to pop out of his head.

Aron didn’t need to help himself with his free hand to get Carter as close as the most explosive climax in his life, as he could ever be. The way he sucked was making Carter think that the guy could suck the life out of him, and he was still not going to care.

“Fuck, I’m going to …”

Words were lost on him, as his head hit the sofa, and Aron’s fingers remained lodged deep inside him, keeping him there, and making him feel like he was cumming for ages.

He was going blind. Or he could not open his eyes. Or both. He was utterly destroyed and he probably now had the IQ of an insect.

“Hey,” Aron called softly after he let go of Carter’s ass.

He could smell jizz on the guy’s breath and it wasn’t bothering him. If anything, it just made him feel a small jolt coursing his body. Aron kissed him tenderly, and he just opened his mouth. They could practically taste each other now.

“Let me take you to the bedroom,” Aron cooed in his ear, as he broke their kiss.

It was a good thing Aron was this strong. He could hold Carter in his arms, like he was a child. On cue, Carter wrapped his legs around Aron’s strong body and let his head rest on a strong shoulder.

“I got you, baby,” Aron spoke softly, holding Carter’s ass with one arm, and using the other hand to caress a sweaty back.


The bed was so nice and cozy. Carter wanted nothing but to bury himself deep into the mattress and live there for all eternity.

Aron placed the blanket gently over him.

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