Across the Field to Dad’s House

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Hello! My name is Jean. I am married, presently separated, with twin 5-year-old boys. I am a Facebook and media freak and, like many others, feel the need to tell everyone what I am doing, taking pictures and posting them. There are, however, some things that you have to keep secret and I am busting at the gut to tell someone… a very big secret… so here goes.

I can be found at my parent’s house about three times a week in the late afternoon. It is a walk across the field that is about 250 yards. My boys enjoy the trip immensely as it could be among horses or cows on any given day. Yeap, it is a farm but my father is no longer able to work it and leases it out to other nearby farmers.

We often sit at the kitchen table, me, by the back door, on the right-hand side of the kitchen table, with my father sitting in the middle and very close to the right table leg so he is able to pry himself up. He is 67 and has muscle problems. I am a hefty girl and I usually sit with my legs wide, usually wearing thin cotton shorts are pants. If it was any other man other than my father it would be viewed as improper. I’ve never given any thought to peeing when he is in the shower.

My mother ranges in and out of the kitchen, usually preparing my father’s dinner or something for the boys. Away from the kitchen she is playing or reading to the guys. Occasionally, she and I might walk outside for a bit with the boys, leaving my father to eat. Anyway, you get the gist.

Oddly, and for a long time I thought it was my imagination, I had the feeling my father was looking at my crotch whenever he thought he could do so unobserved. When he was trying to pry himself up from the table, it seemed he would stare down. Occasionally, if I was looking at my cell phone, remember I am an addict, I thought I would catch him looking between my legs.

I was determined to find out for certain and one evening I caught him red-handed, as I pretended to be looking at my phone. My mother was in the living room playing on the floor with the kids.

“Stop that!” I whispered a stern scolding.

“Stop what?” He questioned, but I could tell in his voice, and his smile, he knew he had been caught.

“You know what! Don’t do it again.” I warned him, pointing my finger.

“A man needs a little excitement in his old age.” He chirped quietly leaning over toward me..

I continued giving him a stern look. I got up and went into the living room and sat for a while. After a few minutes, I returned to the kitchen and sat down. We talked as if nothing had transpired but I watched him closely. He knew I was watching him and he refrained from his shenanigans. There were long moments when I would just study him, pondering.

My mother and I had very few secrets of a sexual nature. I knew she was not a very sexual person and her and my father were at continuous odds when it came to sex. She knew that I considered my husband so-so in the bedroom, though our separation was more on his work ethic and anything else. I told her I was content and it was the truth… mostly. More than once mom had revealed to me that dad loved to give her oral pleasure and it was probably the only reason he got as much sex as he did, as she preferred tongue over penetration.

I knew dad was a sexual creature as he grabbed my mother’s ass at every opportunity. It did not matter that others or I would be present. He would comment that he wanted the boys to be sure to know which side of the fence they were supposed to be on concerning sexual orientation. It was a joke between the three of us.

My husband and I had been separated, him, living with his parents, for about three months. We had talked and I was considering letting him come back home. To be truthful, I was horny as hell. I was used to regular sex. I had been masturbating at least every other day when the kids took their nap and quite often before I went to sleep.

It soon developed, now that dad knew he had been caught, there was no need to be so inconspicuous. Whenever he knew mom was out of sight he made no effort to hide the looks between my legs. I could’ve closed them, or, sit somewhere else, but my thighs are quite large and I had come to the conclusion that maybe dad did indeed need a little excitement in his life. I suppose I should have seen it coming, but one evening, after looking around to make sure mom was nowhere near, he reached across and put the back of his fingers against my crotch.

“What the hell!” I mastered a scathing reprimand. “Have you lost your blooming mind, old man!” He scrubbed my crotch twice before I could physically remove his hand. “Damn! Mom will kill us.”

“Are you talking to me, dear.” I heard mom shout from one of the bedrooms/turned toy room. “We are building a castle. Come look.”

I smacked him hard on the shoulder as I hastened to leave the kitchen. When we were leaving, my mother was first out the door, the two boys in front of me, my father behind me. I felt his hand touch and then squeeze my right casino şirketleri butt-cheek. I swatted his hand and gave him a stern look over my shoulder, causing him to only smile mischievously.

I had opened a can of worms and I knew it. But again, I figured my father needed a little excitement and I was kind of enjoying myself too. When the opportunity presented itself, I would occasionally butterfly my legs to tease him, smacking and redirecting his hand each time he made an attempt to backhand my crotch… hell… my pussy. Then, whenever my mother was in the bathroom, knowing there was not a chance for her to catch us, I began to allow him to squeeze my right thigh. I fought the urge until, the time, brazenly, I reached to touch, then squeeze, the visible bulge in his pants. I found it impressive as mom had told me.

One evening laying in bed lightly stroking my clit I came up with an idea to torment the old man even more. In the sensible light of day, I has discarded the idea until we were walking across the field and I realized I had dressed for the occasion without intentionally doing so. I wore very loose-legged, baggy cotton shorts, AND, I was panty-less. Before I reached their house, I had concluded, what the hell, if he opportunity presented itself, it would be fun and it would shock the hell out of the old man.

Sitting as usual, I had spoiled his attempts a couple of times to backhand my pussy. “Don’t be like that.” He had pleaded in a whisper each time. Then, when my mother went to the bathroom, knowing where the boys were, I went for it. I lifted my right leg while pulling the fabric clear to expose my bare vagina, whispering to him not to dare move. Using the right leg was important, as my father’s body shielded what I was exposing, should the worst case scenario happen.

I am bushy between my legs and I doubt that dad got a good look at my pussy. My mound is covered with hair and my labia is framed in the stuff. Still, the sentiment was there and I could tell by his face that he was not only surprised, but happy beyond words. I let him look until I heard the toilet flush and I could see the bulge in his own cotton shorts had blossomed significantly. When he rubbed my ass as we went out the door that night, I did not swat his hand. Later, fingering my pussy, I wondered if the old man could still get an erection.

A few days later on our next visit I could tell by my father’s expression he was not happy with my long pajama like cotton pants. Still, I let him backhand my crotch whenever I felt it was safe to do so.

“While your mother is working tomorrow, why don’t you ask one of your friends to babysit so you can come over and help me do a few things I need to get done.” He said, more or less openly, while he ate.

“What kind of things?” I queried.

Mom volunteered at the hospital for five hours every Wednesday. A half hour drive there, with the same coming home, meant a total of six hours. I had an inkling of what dad was thinking and telling him I would free-up the time would be the same as admitting I was willing to engage in incestuous play.

“You type better than I do.” He answered, again with a mischievous smile on his face. “Maybe you can help straighten out my computer. You know things like that better and I do. It’s been giving me trouble.”

“You are always having trouble with your computer.” Mom inserted. “Why can’t she bring the kids with her?”

“You know how the kids are, mom.” I picked up the answer. “When you’re working on a computer you don’t need the distraction of those guys.”

“I see your point.” She admitted. “I could watch them at your house?”

“Really, it’s no problem, mom! The kids would enjoy a “play date”

I could see dad was pleased but I did not know if I could set it up as quickly as the next day. However, I was able to get the second friend I called. I called mom to tell dad I would be over the next morning. All afternoon I pondered what to wear and decided on a knee length, cotton dress that was thick enough to hide the fact that I would be bare underneath. I had no idea what to expect, accept that I hoped I would get what David, my husband, rarely and grudgingly did… please me orally.

I arrived a few minutes after my mother had left. I hollered for dad and I heard him shout from the computer/amateur radio room. He wore his usual cotton shorts with an orange T-shirt. I could tell he was freshly bathed and hoped mom had not questioned that unusual routine, as he usually showered late afternoon. I could see by his expression he was pleased with what I was wearing.

“You ever watch porn?” He asked.

My attention went to the computer screen where I saw an older man sitting on a sofa fondling a young redheaded girl fully dressed.

“You do like your redheads, don’t you, old man.” I said, noting mom without mentioning her.

I moved to his right side and put my left arm across his neck and watched.

“Are you enjoying this?” He asked.

“I don’t casino firmaları get to see much of this, but yes, I do enjoy watching. Not as much as I like doing!” I was quick to add.

We watched as the white headed man, like dad, slowly undressed the girl, of perhaps 23, until he pulled her panties down and put his nose to her shaved vagina.

“Well, that’s a damn shame!” He complained. “I was sure she was a natural redhead but who the hell can tell for sure until…!”

“You like a thick bush, dad?” I asked.

“You bet!” He replied, as I felt his right hand touch the back of my legs near the crook of my knees and glide up to my bare ass, caressing my right buttock.

“Does David do that for you?” He asked.

The man on the screen had just position the girl on the sofa and was maneuvering his torso between her widely spread legs in preparation for oral pleasure.

“Grudgingly, and not nearly as much as I would like. Do you enjoy doing that?”

“I do. I do indeed. But your mom will not spread her legs for me as often as I would like.” He replied. “That is one of the things I was hoping you could help me with.”

“So, you’re not having that much trouble with your computer or need any typing done?” I questioned, sarcasm in my tune. “Where do you propose I help you with the problem…we are both having?”

Dad withdrew his hand from my ass, rose from the chair and took me by the hand, leading me into the spare bedroom which contained a queen-size bed. He sat down on the bed, positioning me between his legs, my left side to him. He proceeded to lift my dress and return to caressing my ass with his right hand and kissing it lovingly. I suggested that perhaps it would be best if I did not remove the dress.

Soon, his left-hand was palming my mound, his fingers extending down over my pussy. I willingly widened my stance to give him access. I felt his middle finger drag from the bottom, up, between my labia crack. I could not contain my moan. He turned me a bit more to my right and seeing his intent I bent over slightly. He looked at my pussy and stroked it softly, pronouncing it the prettiest thing he had ever seen. I knew better, but if he thought so, who was I

to correct him.

“Can I see it, dad?”

He ceased his fondling and stood. When he started to remove his shorts, I stopped him, telling him to just release it over the top. He did so and I was immediately impressed.

“It doesn’t get as hard as it used to.” He admitted. “Your mother seems to like it better the way it is now.”

“I can understand that, dad!” I said, with understanding in my tone, as I reached to encircle it with my hand, close to his abdomen, a good 2 inches bending over the edge of my thumb. “Could mom take all of it when you were able to get it up? I don’t know if I could have. There is a lot of bunched-up skin. Damn, more than an inch-thick, I bet! It’s getting harder!”

“It still gets hard. It’s hit or miss, anymore.”

“It’s firm enough now, but dad, as much as I would like to feel that inside of me, I don’t think we should go that far, do you?” I asked with concern in my tune.

“You are giving me more than I could ever hope for. Just letting me see and touch it…you touching me… is appreciated. Icing on the cake, would be letting me eat your pussy.”

“Well, dad, you can see that I dressed exactly for that to happen. But I want to jerk you off, or suck you, whichever you prefer. Do you still come?”

“That’s hit or miss too. I’d like to try. But first I want to taste that that precious treasure between your legs.”

I took the initiative, releasing his cock, and sitting on the edge of the bed, scooting back until I was halfway across it. Dad did not bother to tuck his cock back in, but it did on its own. As I hiked up my dress, clearing everything from the waist down, dad positioned himself on his chest, his head very close to my pussy. He stared. I became embarrassed but I did not tell him. He studied my pussy for the longest time.

“It is a pretty thing!” He praised, just before he put his lips

to it.

Dad was well-versed in giving oral. I pondered, had I been mom, he would not have any trouble getting between my legs 7 days a weeks if he pleased me orally. His tongue caressed and fluttered over my clit. I could feel the love transmitted by his tongue as his fingers played over my inner thighs and mound, coursing through my abundant bush. I was pumping out lubricant, knowing his face and chin was soaking wet. Should we be interrupted, it would be no doubt what HE had been doing. I began to have a bit of concern about the bedding.

I loved oral, but, never, had I been tongue-fucked. When dad shoved his tongue into me, I was taken totally by surprise and my loud, moan of surprise attested so. My ass involuntarily humped his face as he gripped my ass, lifting it, shoving his face, thus his tongue, deeper into my pussy. I didn’t care who the hell walked in on us, as long as he did not stop. Repeatedly, güvenilir casino he went from my clit to tongue-fucking me.

“Don’t move! Dad, god damn, don’t move!” I pleaded as his tongue circled my clit.

The orgasm gripped me and shook me to the bone, my ass levitating off the bed, my thighs squeezing his head, as he successfully pried them back apart. My ass lowered to the bed as the orgasm released me, but he continued and I was content to let him continue. For long moments, I lay there concentrating on the feeling of his tongue as he explored every nook and cranny of my sodden vagina.

“You’re not going to stop, are you?” I whispered.

He shook his head no and murmured negativity. I wondered how much time had passed. I still needed to take care of dad but I wanted..,.desired… one more orgasm. I slowly began to climb the ladder once more. I could feel the coolness of my body… the perspiration evaporating in the dry, air-conditioned house. I looked down at my pudgy belly. Had he noticed? Did he care? My skin was untanned but creamy smooth. Maybe next time I would show him my breast and let him suckle. I knew there would be a next time.

My second orgasm was as strong as the first and had taken a considerable amount of time. As I beckoned my dad to join me, he assured me my pussy was delectable…good eating stuff… his exact wording. I accepted…and returned… his wet kiss.

I maneuvered him to my right side and reached into his pants to require his cock. He naturally straddled my ample thigh. As I began to pull on him, he began to hump my thigh. The old man’s cock was still somewhat limp but I was determined to bring him to ejaculation. I wanted to see it and feel it on my body. I began sexual banter.

“You ate my pussy so good. I’ve never had any man stick his tongue in me like you did. Promise, you will do it again! My lord, I’d like to have you between my legs with your cock up inside of me. You do want to screw me… to fuck me… fuck my pussy. My pussy is tight, daddy. Your cock would fill it nicely. You could come inside my sterile pussy…my belly. You’d like to fill your girl’s pussy, wouldn’t you, old man.”

Dad was breathing heavily. I could tell he was working hard and hoped that my banner was working. His cock had length but firm…not even close! I considered a heart attack. I cannot tell you the happiness I felt when he moaned like a wounded bull, shoving himself hard against my thigh. I could feel his cock jerk. I could feel the warm semen as it shot onto my belly, pooling in my belly button, a few globs foot-printing across my thigh. As he relaxed and rested, I gathered his cum on my fingers to spread it on my belly and thigh. He helped.

It was the third Wednesday from our first intimacy before I could arrange a sitter. The get-together was much the same except I introduced dad to 69ing. Try as I did, dad did not come.

We continued our shenanigans on the days that we visited, him, backhanding my crotch, me, occasionally, squeezing his crotch or asking him in a whisper if he wanted me. All of it a joyful tease with an unspoken promise…of soon.

One evening, for what ever reason, I know now it was stupid, I again went without panties. When I caught the proper time, I pulled my cotton pants aside to give him a glance at my hairy pussy. WE ALMOST GOT FUCKING CAUGHT BY MOM! That night, laying in bed, I had a heart to heart talk with myself and acknowledged that I had best slow the train down instead of “going 90 miles an hour down a dead-end street”. I called dad the next day during the boy’s nap and asked him if he knew how bad mom would be hurt if she caught us. He saw the light and we curtailed our shenanigans considerably…but not entirely.

Wednesday arrived and so did one of my girlfriends to babysit. I trudged across a wet soggy field in a mist, wearing the bare essentials and flip-flops.

Dad was at the computer screen watching a couple, older man, younger woman, fucking missionary. I came to the conclusion that dad wanted to be “turned on” by the time I arrived. Upon seeing me, he cut the computer off and we went straight to the spare bedroom.

There was no arguing with him this time. He wanted me totally nude. I showed him I had nothing underneath but he insisted, so, I kicked off my flip-flops and removed my two pieces of clothing. He quickly followed suit. We began as we had before, him sitting on the bed, ravishing my body, only this time, my ample and heavy breast received considerable attention. He seemed fascinated by my firm nipples. Again, he paid much attention to my ass, stroking my large pussy lips lovingly.

“You’re pretty flexible. Do you think you can bend over and touch the floor?” He asked.

“Do it all the time.” I answered with confidence.

I moved away from him a bit and bent over with my ass toward him displaying my pussy. I never thought the large, rosy-gray colored lips were all that nice looking. I would have preferred a more delicate looking vagina. But, dad seemed fascinated with it. He said as much, telling me it looked like a beautiful desert flower in bloom. He asked if I could hold the position and I told him I thought I could and asked what he had in mind. He opted to show me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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