Breeder Choice Ch. 04

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Jack gave me a call, and he said he was having a man play party at his house this weekend. I said yes I would love to come. He said Kevin and Mark would be there along with some of his other friends. It was a 3 day weekend for me so I would have a day to recuperate. Jack indicated that I would probably be the only younger man there. All the rest he said would be 60+.

When I got there around 9pm Saturday Jack ushered me in. He was of course naked at the door when he greeted me.

We hugged and kissed each other momentarily. I noticed several men in the living room naked as well. He guided me towards the kitchen area where he offered me a beer. He indicated that if I wanted some good smoke there was a communal pipe with hash hish in it. He offered me a choice of levetra or cialias pill to add to my hard on pleasure. I chose the levetra. Jack said, “We’ve all taken one this evening along with the hash. It gives such marvelous hardon’s that last along time after we’ve cum.” I had used both during private moments and knew they both give tremendous hardon’s.

I took the pill with a swig of beer, and Jack lit up the hash pipe. As soon as I took a hit off the hash my cock stated to twitch, and I felt my balls tighten up in their encased ball rings I was warring. Jack leaned over and kissed me running his tongue across my lips. He was nude and sporting a good hardon already. He smiled at me as I too several more hits off the hash pipe saying, “This will be a long nights journey into a daytime of pleasure.”

I could see into the living room, and saw most of the men seemed older (my type as they know how to m2m love). Jack wondered off and I took a couple of more hits of hash. I could feel its Horney effects on me already. My cock was beginning to rise and I hadn’t done a thing yet. As I wondered into the living room the TV was showing two older men 69ing each other, and enjoying every minute of it.

There where two men on the couch men on the couch as I sipped my beer kissing and fondling each other, and grinding their bodies into each other.

I went outside to the pool area, and there where more nude men engaging in conversation. As I was standing there I smiled at an older, thin, gray haired man, and he came over to me and said, “Hi! My name is Mike.”

I reached out and shook his hand and noticed he was fit for a man over fifty, and was already sporting a nice semi uncut 8″ hard on.

We chit chatted a few minutes when he eased me up against a brick wall, and kissed me running his tongue into my wet mouth. I sucked on it as he kissed my lips.

I could feel his lusty hotness against my body. I kissed him back passionately while now feeling casino şirketleri his hard cock pressed against my belly. He reached down and grabbed my hands and pulled them to the side of my face saying, “I want to suck your cock, and fuck your ass.”

Mike slid down my body and nibbled on my erect nipples while his hand groped my balls and stroked my cock. All I could do was stand there as he got down on his knees and took my 7″ cock into his mouth.

The smoke and the levetra where taking effect and I realized I hadn’t had a hardon like this great in years.

Mike sucked on my cock till it felt like it was going to explode. He pulled on my balls as he sucked me. Mike stopped momentarily saying, “Turn around I want to lick and suck on your cunt ass.” His nastiness turned me on, and I complied.

Mike took my ass cheeks and he buried his tongue in me teasing my rosebud. As he did this I knew this is where I needed to be. Mike drove me crazy with his tongue licking my rosebud. I could feel the heat of his tongue. Mike eased himself away from me and leaned into me saying, “I want to fuck you.” Those where all the words I needed to here; as we walked back into the house holding hand’s towards a private room.

One room we entered 3 older men where getting it on. One was fucking, while the man being fucked was being sucked off by and older man. We watched them for a few minutes, proceeded down the hallway to another room. It was empty.

Mike being older and knowing what he wanted guided me into the dimly lit room. It had a large bed, and he said, “Get on the bed, and get your ass in the air. I want to eat your ass some more. You are tasty.” I leaned down on the bed and Mike proceeded to spread my ass cheeks, and drive his tongue deep in me.

I hadn’t experienced and ass eating like he gave me. Occasionally he would pull on my balls and drive his tongue deep into me. Mike was getting nastier with comments finally saying, “Lay on your back bitch. I want to fuck you.”

I turned over and Mike was standing there in front of me with his glistening well lubed uncut cock. Mike eased himself up on the bed taking my legs and spreading them wide. I could see his well tanned body with his nipple rings dangling. He poised himself over me with his warm feeling cock at my rosebud when I said, “Oh Mike! Fuck me; fuck my bitch cunt ass good.”

He slid right in about half way, and buried his tongue in my mouth teasing my ass with his cock. As he did this I knew this where I needed to be. Mike drove me crazy with his tongue licking my lips. Mike leaned into me saying, “I am going to fuck you good.” Then he slammed the rest of his cock deep into me. Sliding him casino firmaları deep into me, I could feel his hardness penetrate me deeply. My ass tightened around the base of his cock and it felt so good sliding deep in me and back out again. We where both loaded and horney as my legs wrapped around him, and I pulled him into me. Mike thrust himself deep into my ass screaming out, “Oh fuck! Your ass is good and tight. Fuck my cock motherfucker.”

Mike fucked me hard and deep the way I liked it when a man is really Horney, hard, and nasty. I spread my legs wider saying, “Fuck me Mike! Fuck me good. I want you’re cum in me in me motherfucker.” I squeezed his Mike’s hard cock deep in me.

Mike looked down into me, and my ass squeezed his cock in my ass. See sawing back and forth pulling all the way out and slamming back into me. I lay there with legs spread and for moment thought this man know how to fuck. I could feel his cock thrust deep into me. Mike was beginning to thrust into my wet slipper ass harder saying, “Oh yeah! Tighten that ass motherfucker. I’m going to cum in you deep.”

I could feel Mike’s cock swell each stroke as I squeezed my cunt ass opening. I was meeting his strokes, saying, “Fuck me Mike! Fuck me good.” I could feel him swell even more and clapped down on his cock as he started to cum. Mike screamed out, “Oh fuck! I am cumming.” He shot forth his load deep in me, bitch fucking me deep. I could feel his cum filling me up and feeling the warmth of his cum deep in me. I screamed out, “Yeah Mike! Fuck me deep and let me feel your load.” Mike fucked me good and deep as any man could, and was still hard as he pulled out of me. We laid down together panting, trying to catch our breath. He said, “I am drained, and tired. Thank you. That was the best fuck I’ve had in years.”

I smile at him and said, “That is the best fuck I had in years. Why don’t we see what else is happening.” We left the room and parted company with a kiss.

I went back to the living room where there more men having fun in the living room, and watching the movie. As I stood there I felt a finger starting to slide up my ass. I turned to see it was Mark, and I reached to the side of me and felt his hard cock stroking it back and forth. He leaned into me and said, “Let’s go find Jack and show these men how to really fuck.”

We first headed off to the kitchen to have another beer and smoke. It felt good to be this hard and uninhibited around these other men sporting semi-hard cocks. Even though the men where much older they all felt like young men as horny as they where. Mike and I both talked about this and agreed this is why we liked these parties.

We wondered güvenilir casino around and found Jack in the orgy room. When Mike and I entered we where sporting hardon’s and Jack beckoned us over. An older man was sucking him off and got tired when Mike said to me, “I want to suck that ass of yours.” I went over and straddled his cock and eased it against my already wet ass. I slid it in easily all the way to the hilt. His cock felt so fat and filling in me I screamed out, “Oh fuck that feels good. I’m going to ride your cock motherfucker. With that I ground him deep into me feeling him swell inside me stretching my wet ass, and feeling that full feeling of man who knows how to fuck. I was enjoying the sensation of him fucking me, and pinching my nipples. I was lost in lust when I opened my eyes I saw several men watching us stroking there hard cocks, and wishing they could be Jack. Jack moaned out, “Fuck my cock bitch.” I leaned in and played with his nipples, and squeezing his hairy man breasts. On man reached in and ran his hand across my ass sliding a finger against my rosebud feeling Jack’s cock.

Jack reached out and put his hands on my hips thrusting upwards at the same time. He I could tell was about to cum in me, and thrust myself harder and deeper onto his cock. He groaned out, “I’m going to cum in you bitch.”

I yelled out, “Breed me motherfucker. Fuck me good.” While Jack and I where lost in pleasure, I noticed Mark was on his knees sucking off one of the men watching us, and the other two men where on the other bed 69’ing each other. I eased myself off Jack’s still hard cock. I knew he had no more cum, but his cock look deliciously hard.

We three left the room and went to the kitchen, and had another beer. Another man named Steve came in. He was 60ish, tanned except around the waist where he was sporting semi-hard 7″ cock. He introduced himself, and we talked a bit when he reached over and starting playing with my cock. It soon rose, and Steve was on his knees sucking me off. I leaned back against the counter enjoyed the sensation of this man’s warm mouth around my cock slurping up and licking my pre-cum. He eased me into the living room onto the couch and really went down on me. I watched the movie and felt the sensation of his mouth going all the way down onto my cock with his throat muscles milking my cock. When he pulled down on my balls I couldn’t hold my cum any longer, and he sucked it all in. He came up and snow balled me letting a load of my own cum in my mouth. Tasty. He stood up and he was hard from sucking me off. He reached out and pulled my head onto his cock. I found my mouth stuffed with cock and he let loose a load after a few moment of sucking him off. Afterwards he said, “Man you suck good cock. Would you like to come over to my place next weekend?”

I said sure, and he gave me his phone number. It was well passed 3 am. I found Jack and thanked him for inviting me, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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