Bi 1st Time in Vegas

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I realize that I have not written a story in many years, but all of my other stories were fantasies and this one is finally real. If you’ve read my stories you know that I’m an obsessed cum lover who’s only real exploration has been through my pictures, prose and in my own mind aside from tasting my own elixir every now and again and wishing it came from a real cock. Not only had I never tasted another’s cum, I had never touched, much less sucked another cock in my life to this point. But, and this is a big but, my life changed a few months ago when I finally got the alcohol aided courage to take the plunge or swallow the cock.

I was in my hotel room with a bottle of Jim Beam and I was surfing the net scanning the Craigslist ads for gay hook ups when I finally thought the time was right. I was half way through my bottle and feeling really hot and seeing the ads for how easy it would be, I put a quick ad together advertising myself as, “Bi Guy Needs Cock and Cum.” I added a few nude pics of myself and waited. I guess I need to tell you that I’d made a few dates with a few like minded guys before this, but they always stood me up. These were one at a time dates and they just never came together. This time with a proper ad I was broadcasting to as many people as would read it.

Well at around 6:30 I got my first email from a guy with a nice pic and stats. He said he could be there around 9. After a few more emails, I sent him my room number and continued making appointments. I was determined not to be stood up again. I was going to make at least 10 dates to cover my bets and ensure that I’d have my first cock by the end of this night. Little did I know what lay in store for me. I began to get many emails with offers. I worked hard to screen each and see through any crap. One by one I put a full night of sucking and swallowing together with someone scheduled literally every 45 minute or so till 1 am. I lost track of who was at what time what with the deluge of rejected emails and those I’d chosen. It was about 8 pm when my first guy was supposed to show up. I was so fucking nervous and without the JB, I’d probably never gone through with this, but I really wanted some cock and cum in my mouth after all these years of fantasy, wishing and drooling over the numerous pics and stories I’d viewed.

I was really hard at this point and pulled the bed down and drew the blinds with only the bathroom light on and the door mostly closed. I really did not want anyone to get a good look at me or me them. I wanted cock not any relationship. If one could have been delivered to me through the wall that would have been fine, but with only my shorts on, I was fucking ready for what lay ahead.

“Knock, knock, knock.” was the next sound I heard.

I nervously opened the door and this 30 something Hispanic man came in and began to pinch my nipples before I knew what happened. I don’t even remember him getting undressed or me for that matter when we güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were suddenly in a 69 on my bed with his tight ass cheeks and shaved cock an balls above my face. He was licking at my cock and I reached out for his. God Damn, this was the first cock I’d ever felt. I pulled its semi hard form to my mouth and began to suck it like the cock whore I always knew I was. It felt so incredible. I forgot about my own cock and even lost my erection. I had said in my ad that no reciprocation was needed. He quickly turned and straddled my face with is cock and balls. He lifted my head and began to fuck my mouth. I pulled on his hard ass cheeks and tried to get all of his now fully erect cock into my mouth. He was only 6 inches and I easily deep throated him as he asked me to lick his balls. I sucked them inside my mouth and groaned with this pleasure I’d never known, but now loved. I was in sucking heaven. I was also drunk and ready for as many cocks as the night would allow.

He got off of me and pushed me into a kneeling position at the foot of the bed and told me that he wanted me to make him cum. I needed no encouragement. I used my mouth as I had dreamed for these many years and gave him the best blow job I could. He seemed to be enjoying himself as his breathing quickened and my mouth was suddenly full of warm cum. It did not shoot to the back of my throat as I had always imagined, but simply filled my mouth. I allowed it to drizzle out of my mouth and onto my chin. I really wanted to be covered by cum this night. He quickly got up as I crawled onto the bed and pinched my ass and left. I just lay there dreaming of what had just happened with cum on my chin and chest and naked awaiting my next treat.

I heard a gentle knock on the door and staggered my naked body to the door. I was now not in a position to care about anything, but getting more cock. I was drunk with JB and lust. I opened the door and another man came in and told me to lay on the bed. He told me to lay on my stomach and use the butt plug that lay next to me on the bed. I pushed it into my ass and watched as he jerked off his nick cock and played with my ass also. He wanted to spank me as I pumped my hips to feel the butt plug. He really talked dirty to me and seemed to enjoy the show. When I realized that he was ready to cum, I moved around to get my mouth under his cock.

He said, “do you want my cum in your mouth.?”

I just moaned and got into position. He aimed his cock at my mouth and jerked off. I just kept my mouth open as the fist jets of cum shot out and onto my lips, chin, chest and into my mouth. It was so warm and I swallowed what I could and just lay there in the afterglow of it as he dressed and said,

“You are really fucked up aren’t you?”

He just laughed and said thanks and left.

All I could do was just lay there cum covered and groan in approval. I was totally fucked up and would submit to anything güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at this point. He was gone and before I knew it there was another knock at the door. This time the guy looked at me as I opened the door and smiled seeing my face and chest dripping with cum. He knew he had found a live one. He quickly got undressed and just sat on the edge of the bed as I got down and sucked his cock into my mouth. It was a nice sized and hard. He really wanted to cum and groaned and filled my mouth with some more warm cream in about 30 seconds. I pulled my head off of him and looked at him and asked if he wanted to see his cum. When he said no, I still opened my mouth and let it dribble down my chin and chest. It did not turn him on and he began to get dressed.

He said, “How many cocks have you sucked tonight?”

I answered, “You’re the 5th or 6th.

I lost count at this point. I began to check my email standing there naked with cum dripping down my body as he looked over my shoulder and asked if he could stay and watch. I wasn’t sure about that as I heard another knock at the door. Wow. I thought. As he made his way to the door with me behind and opened it, this other man walked in. He was older and in a suit and really not in the best shape, but at this point, what could I do? He was on the side of the bed and I got down on my knees and began to suck his little cock. It was only 4 inches and he was nervous. Neither of us seemed to excited about this, but he came anyway and I just spit it out.

With him gone, I checked my email and really had no idea who was next or how many were left. It was now 11 pm. As fucked up as I still was, I answered a few more emails and gave my room number out without regard to my previous screening procedures. I was really out there and living on the edge. I truly don’t remember the next few guys that came in my room and came in my mouth. I do remember the varying cock smells and flavors. Not all were to my liking, but this was the scene I’d written and set up. You can only do so much. I looked at my email again and one guy had said he’d be there later around midnight. I checked and confirmed that I’d given him my room number. I was almost asleep when the last knock came. I opened the door and saw that he was shorter than me and around 50. I had to pee really bad and excused myself. When I came out, he was propped up on the bed naked against the back board with a shaved cock and balls and his cock was easily the largest of the night at around 7 inches or more. I was really stunned and actually starting to come down from my JB induced high.

I seemed to wake up from my stupor and realize that this was really real and this cock was sticking up and he was waiting for me to suck it. I crawled onto the bed and got between his legs. His cock was perfectly shaped and hard. As I put the tip in my mouth, he grabbed the back of my head. No one else had done this. Most of the güvenilir bahis şirketleri guys seemed like first timers or were simply having a thrill at my expense. This guy was a true top and I was to be his bottom. He pushed my head down and I choked. He said,

“You really want this don’t you? You want my cock deep in your throat and you want to eat my cum?”

I was in fucking heaven chocking or not choking. This was what I wanted and I bobbed my head and moaned in approval and sucked him hard. He continued to use his hands to force my mouth down on his cock, but it wasn’t necessary. I needed no encouragement. I was sucking his cock harder than he could fuck my mouth. We were the best match of the night and we were just getting started. I was pushing down so hard and choking my own mouth as his cock head pushed to the back of my throat over my tonsils. He just laughed saying that’s what I wanted. I just groaned each time and kept deep throating him. I wanted him to cum.

I felt his balls and they were really tight. They were shaven and felt so good and ready to give my what I wanted. He told me he was about to cum and pushed my head down hard. As I tried to keep my gag reflex in check, his cock spewed it’s cream deep down my throat and into my stomach. I barely had to swallow as his balls emptied their load into my hungry mouth. He pulled me off of him and laughed as some sperm dribbled out of my mouth and onto my already crusted chin.

He did not loose his erection and then I saw, in the darkness a leather cock strap. This guy was into being a top and I was so fucking loving it. He simply said,

“You’re not done yet.”

I was amazed that his cock was in the same shape I’d found it 10 minutes before. I pounced on this once in a lifetime chance and sucked him as if it was the first time. This time he really forced my head down hard over and over again and was really rough. He really wanted to use my mouth like a man whore. I gagged many times, but kept sucking and trying to meet this thrusts with as much enthusiasm as possible. I was loving this and it was a great way to finish out my night of lust, sucking and swallowing sperm. My face and body was covered and I had a cock in my throat again.

I sucked hard and this time he just came wherever my mouth happened to be in it’s up and down motion. My mouth filled up with a smaller load than before and I just let it drip out so that he could see the lust on my face and how much I was in cock sucking heaven. He got up and dressed without saying a word. I checked my email and now that it was after midnight, I was done. I signed off and fell onto the bed. There were numerous wet spots from the cum of several men and my body was speckled with many samples. My stomach was also the lucky recipient of some sweet sperm.

For a first time, I really went for it. Aside from some feelings of remorse the next day and some guilt, I would not have changed a thing. The single dates I’d tried just were not working. I needed this free for all evening and it worked. I really need to do it again soon. I always knew I wanted to suck cock and now I had and it lived up to the hype.

I’m still marred and secretly bi, but you are too in many cases.

Hope you enjoyed my first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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