Being Neighborly Has Its Perks

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Ah, the coolness of a margarita, poolside! I didn’t really want to go to the neighborhood pool party, but my wife persisted and I finally relented and I had to admit it was a lot of fun. It was Memorial Day and 104 degrees. The hosts had rented a Margarita machine and it was doing its job like a pro, thankfully. We played volleyball in the pool and munched on veggies as the sun made its way westward. Everyone was pretty well sloshed by time it was dusk. The kabobs were making their way from the grill to the plates and everyone was having a good time. Jim was our host and he asked me to help him grill. When everyone else had their food, Jim and I sat side by side on the edge of the pool with our legs in the water. A few others were doing the same thing, so we had to squeeze into a narrow place.

The people were fun, the water was cool and the food was great. I complimented him on a great party and he responded by rubbing his right leg even tighter against mine. He complained that the only thing he regretted was that there was not more shade in the yard. I shrugged and told him that everyone was having fun, despite the heat. I rather liked it that our bodies were touching. Although I had never been intimate with a guy, I really craved the bonding that only two men can share, so I was enjoying the moment. I have always been straight yet I found it curious that certain types of men made my heart skip a beat. One of my wife’s coworkers told her that she had good taste in men. He was gay, and she had laughed like a hyena at that remark, but it always made me wonder if he had me on his “gaydar.” I found myself talking to him more at parties after that, not knowing whether or not my wife told him that she repeated his remark. As I spoke to him, I tried to catch him checking me out. I felt that even at 40 that I looked pretty good and apparently he thought so. I am six feet tall, 175 pounds with blue-gray eyes, dark hair and a go-t.

The next day I got a call from Jim. He wanted me to come over and give him some advice about a patio cover and trellis. I had known Jim for several years and he did not strike me as being a do-it-yourselfer. Around 6’2″ and 185 pounds, Jim had the good looks and sales savvy to maintain his standing as top producer for firm that he worked for. He looked great in his suits, I had definitely noticed that. It was another hot day, so I wore my swim trunks anticipating that we would have a swim. Jim met me at the door before I even rang the bell. He must have been watching for me. He was wearing a speedo swim suit that left nothing to the imagination. I tried not to react as I walked past him into the house, but I know he saw me peek at his basket. He told me that he had just made some sandwiches and asked me to join him. I had eaten a late breakfast and was going to skip lunch, but I was polite and sat down with him. He explained that his wife was shopping and then she was going to go to a movie with her best friend. He asked me if I had anyplace to be. I told him no and he smiled and said great, we could chill all afternoon.

After some small talk at the kitchen table, we güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri headed out into the backyard to discuss his patio. He had some good ideas, but he seemed very indecisive. I made some suggestions and he seemed to like them. He wanted to discuss where the patio would attach to the house, so he went into the garage and brought out a ladder. He put it up against the house and climbed up with a tape measure. I looked up and admired his strong chest with the treasure trail that led down to that inviting bulge in front. I was starting to get a bulge of my own at that point. Jim was fumbling with the tape measure. The end kept bending over when he was trying to measure. I asked him if he wanted help and he said, yes please climb up and hold one end while he leans the other way to measure.

Man, his ass was on major display for me as I climbed up behind him and reached out to help hold the tape measure. There was no way to climb up behind him without his ass being pressed against my face, chest, then pelvis as I climbed. It felt nice to be so close to another guy. I didn’t try to avoid our body contact. Before too long I decided I was enjoying it too much so I climbed back down. Jim wondered what was wrong, but I needed to back off a bit to figure out why I was enjoying this game that he was playing. After all, he didn’t wear this speedo yesterday. He climbed down the ladder and I watched his ass the entire time. Cupped into the confines of the speedo, it looked mighty good. He laughed when he got down and asked me if I enjoyed the view as he descended. I told him, oh yes, absolutely. I was being sarcastic, but he just kept smiling and winked at me and told me he was sure that I would.

He told me that he had leftover margarita slush from the party and did I want some. Sure, why not. He brought a cooler out with two glasses and we sat on the pool steps, half into the water. At one point he looked at me and asked me if he could be open about a personal matter. I just looked at him without answering and he took that as a yes and dove right in. He told me that he never had sex anymore and that he was going crazy. I asked him why not and he said it was because his wife was not interested in sex after her hysterectomy. He told me he was very patient and understanding but that he was really ready to get down with somebody. He gazed at me for a few seconds and then blushed and told me that he was always having to take matters into his own hands, literally. He then laughed and I laughed with him. Who doesn’t, I told him. My wife was not exactly putting out much lately, either. Maybe it was the margaritas, but I decided to share that with him. We smiled and shook our heads at our predicament.

More margaritas were poured, and more after that. Before too long, we were laughing at the dumbest things and wrestling in the pool. Jim told me that he skinny dipped all of the time and did I want to join him. Hell, it was dusk and I was just drunk enough to go along with it. Soon we were splashing away and showing each other our pale asses as we dove underneath the water. Before güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri too long we were leaning against the side of the pool in the shallow end, downing the rest of our drinks. Jim looked at me sheepishly as he glanced down at my penis, which was moving around with the currents. I looked at his too and we both looked at each other. He then commented that his wife would be home soon and how disappointed he was because he was really enjoying our time together.

As if on cue, the phone rang. Jim lifted himself up backwards up onto the pool deck. I watched as the water rushed off of his abdomen and down through his bush and off of his cock which appeared to me to be partially erect. I had butterflies in my stomach as I realized that I was turned on by seeing Jim naked. Even more so by the fact that he was getting hard in the pool beside me. Jim picked up his cellphone from the patio table and turned his back to me. After a minute or two of conversation, he returned to his place beside me in the pool, cellphone in hand. He made no attempt at hiding his building hard-on and I made no attempt to not look at it.

He said guess what, his wife was going to the hospital with her friend because her daughter went into labor. She would call me later but expected to be at the hospital for several hours, at least. I had to admit that it was a nice turn of events. I was totally content to stay exactly where I was. Jim looked at me with what I would describe as kind of a devilish grin on his face and asked me if there was any way that I could call my wife and tell her I was staying here and not to wait up. He smiled as he spoke those last few words. Hell, my wife didn’t care. She would probably be relieved that she had more time to talk on the phone with her mother. He handed me his cellphone and I made the call to my wife. I told her not to wait up for me that I would be home very late. Sure enough, it was no big deal to her. She did ask how it was that we would be looking at the patio in the dark. I just ignored that remark. How’s that, I asked Jim. He was grinning from ear to ear as I gave the cell phone back to him.

I was on my back, and Jim’s cock was in my mouth and mine was in his. Everything was so fuzzy, but all I knew was that after we got out of the pool and got into the house, we could not take our eyes off of each other’s naked body. We had jumped into the shower and kissed and groped each other under the spray. Jim’s erection had been mesmerizing me since we got out of the pool. I was amazingly turned on and had lost all inhibitions. I took my thumb and forefinger and caressed his hard yet at the same time soft glans. I asked him if he wanted to jack off all over me. He closed his eyes and jerked himself off. Within moments I felt his hot cum pelt my belly. He was moaning as the last of his spunk shot out of his cock. I felt like I was going to burst from the excitement of watching another man cum. What a sight! After getting barely dried off, we were tussling in the sheets. Now our cocks were both being sucked for the first time by another man. The güvenilir bahis şirketleri margaritas slowed my responses down, but I was so turned on all I could think about was tasting Jim’s cum. It sounded so hot to hear us both slurping as we greedily sucked on each other’s cocks. This lasted about ten minutes and my jaw was getting sore, but I didn’t want it to ever end. I grabbed his ass and ran my fingers down his crack to his balls and perineum and then back up again, tickling his hole with my fingertips. Jim groaned and I felt he vibration of his voice on my dick. I was aware of the first hint of his cum as he got closer to his second orgasm.

I pressed my finger against his asshole and tongued his shaft. Jim did the same thing to me. He hit first, taking me by surprise. All of a sudden my mouth was filled with his hot cum. I gratefully swallowed what I could as his hard cock released its load into my mouth. The mere thought that I was giving another man a blowjob and taking his cum was turning me on like never before. I felt Jim’s finger pressing my hole and I knew that I would not last a second longer. I felt my cockhead widen and then my cum started spurting into Jim’s mouth. Neither of us were experienced at cocksucking, but we both instinctively knew what felt good as we captured each other’s cum with our tongues.

I felt Jim’s cum dripping down my chin and cheeks as he raised up and pulled his cock from my mouth. I could also feel my own cum drip down my balls as I raised up to meet Jim’s lips. Our tongues were busy licking each other’s cum off of our lips and dipping it into each other’s mouths. It was so hot! We fell back down onto the bed, face to face and rubbed our cum-slicked cocks against each other. We were both out of breath and finally had to come up for air, so we collapsed over onto our backs. The room was swirling. The realization that I just become a cocksucker hit me at the same time the nausea from too many margaritas did. I stumbled to the toilet and retched multiple times.

Jim came in and got a wet washcloth for me and put me back onto the bed. I asked him for a coke. He went and got a couple of cokes and we sat against the headboard for a long time not saying anything. Jim was very sensitive as his hands and feet made their way up and down my body, brushing ever so slightly against my legs, thighs, balls, shaft, and nipples. He then leaned down to kiss me gently on the lips and asked me if the coke was helping. Yes, it always helps me when I have too much to drink. Sometimes I lose the coke too, but at least I feel better in the meantime. Telling me that we had to break it up before his wife got home, he went to fetch my swimsuit. I had to ask him if he had planned this whole encounter. Yes, but his hopes had been exceeded by reality. He had fantasized about me for years and finally decided to make a move, hoping that his hunch was right that I was attracted to guys also. He asked me if I wanted to do this again and despite my condition I said yes. Smiling and then kissing me again, he told me that he thought it would take a VERY long time to build the patio and I had to agree.

Still a bit nauseous, I stumbled home and into bed and lay down next to my oblivious wife. She woke up and asked me if Jim and I were able to accomplish anything today. Oh yes honey, more than you know, but this project will be an ongoing one so you may not see me much on the weekends.

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