A Secret Not Well Kept

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Bill and Donna West were traveling to her aunt’s house for the first ever-family reunion. It was a beautiful weekend, just right for a gathering. Their children 8yo Addie and 6yo Brent were in the rear seat of the SUV quietly reading. Donna was thinking deeply of the upcoming get-together. A lot of people were expected from a five-state area. She thought of her 23yo twin siblings Jim and Julie. She hadn’t seen them in several months, and was looking forward to finding what had been going on in their lives.

They had exited the freeway and were now navigating city and country roads. They pulled up to a light behind what appeared to be a new Chevrolet Silverado pickup. Bill was watching the occupants of the truck. The young man driving was being accosted by the young lady next to him. She was stroking his hair, kissing and nibbling his neck and ear, and kissing his mouth deeply. A lot of tongue play seemed evident.

“Oh to be young again,” Bill noted.

Donna roused from her deep thoughts and said “Huh?”

Bill pointed ahead to the truck. Donna watched a bit, then smartly remarked “If she doesn’t leave him alone he’s going to wreck that new truck!”

The traffic moved off and Bill and Donna continued to observe the truck occupants. They were now pressed closely together and were sneaking quick kisses.

“They’re gonna crash for sure!” observed Donna.

They stopped at another light and the pair moved into a close embrace and mashed their mouths together. Their kissing was more aggressive than either of the observers had ever seen. This was a long light, so there was ample time to do something other than driving. The girl sat back a bit and busied herself with something in his lap. Suddenly her head went down and disappeared from view.

“Oh no!” Donna exclaimed, “Oral loving!”

“Seems he’s getting a good blow.” Said Bill, feeling his cock swell.

The light changed and the truck drove away with no sign of the girl. Bill and Donna remarked on her absence of about five minutes. Then her head popped up. She opened her mouth to show him something, then made a production of swallowing. They then kissed quickly.

“Damn!” Bill remarked, “A swallower.”

“And he kissed her right after.” She exclaimed.

Bill thought that part was unappetizing; he would never kiss a girl that has just taken his seed in her mouth, swallowing or not. At the next light they were right back into the intense kissing. Donna reached into Bill’s lap and gave the rigid muscle a squeeze. Bill winced.

“Gottcha stirred up, Hon? Bet you wish you were in his place. Maybe I should give a few more blow jobs to keep you home.”

He turned and smiled, then squeezed her hand still in his lap. They eventually lost sight of the truck and settled back to enjoy the rest of the ride. They arrived at the farm for the reunion and parked. As they were preparing to get out Bill pointed to their right. The infamous Silverado was parked in the row ahead and the young couple was standing in front speaking to some folks.

“Come on!” Bill said, ” Let’s walk past and see who they are.”

The kids ran on ahead to meet cousins, and the parents walked up a row then to their right. As they approached, the young couple was in conversation and did not observe them. Suddenly Donna stopped and muttered “Oh God, no!”

Bill asked, “What’s wrong?”

Donna had turned around and was looking behind them.

“Oh shit! I should have recognized them. That’s my twin siblings, Jim and Julie!”

Bill turned with her and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Fuck yes!” she spat. Her world was rotating the wrong way. She needed time to puzzle this. Bill took her arm.

“Let’s go on as if nothing is wrong. Act as if we didn’t see them in action.”

“Easy for you to say Buster.”

They resumed their original path and approached the group. Suddenly Julie noticed Donna.

“DONNA!” she screamed and ran to her older sister and wrapped her arms around her neck. Donna just looked at her as Julie kissed her on the mouth. Donna certainly recognized the taste of semen. Now Donna reacted and smiled at Julie and returned her kiss. Jim had stepped over and shook Bill’s hand, then kissed his older sister. She was shocked to taste a woman’s vaginal fluids on his lips. That must have occurred before they left home. They headed for the registration tent with the girl’s arm in arm. After registering they headed for the food tent and sat with iced tea drinks. It took them almost a half-hour to get caught up.

Their mother Susan walked up and got a hug from each of the four. After she kissed Julie, she looked at her with a shocked expression but quickly recovered and sat with them. Donna often looked at Jim and Julie wondering just what their relationship was like. She needed answers.

Jim and Bill obtained more tea for all. The talking marathon went on until the dinner bell rang. They lined up at the serving table. They were amazed at the quality, quantity and appearance of the food. One of their aunts had hired a caterer canlı bahis and it appeared it had been a good decision. Jim and Julie stood very close together, pressing against each other, and continued a soft conversation heard only by them. They sat very close together with no apparent space between them. Donna thought they could have been conjoined twins.

Everyone was so busy talking and eating no one, except Donna, paid much attention to the romancing couple. They even stole a few quick kisses. Donna just could not believe that her biological twin siblings would be so wrapped up in each other.

Bill and Jim had been observing a few members of the family who were all obese or skirting it. Two fellows came back from retrieving their fourth full plate and sat to begin attacking the meal. Bill smiled.

“I bet if they ate as we do, they might look more like us.”

Jim responded, “And if we ate as they do, we might look like them.”

Both laughed, not in derision but at the absurdity of it all.

Jim leaned to Julie at his right side and kissed her neck lightly. She jerked and smiled. Donna was on the other side of her sister so did not observe the love action, but Bill and their mother saw it. Both wondered what was going on with them.

Jim and Julie had been close since anyone could remember. They had friends, but they were shared friends. Neither went anywhere without the other. Even dates were double dates and Julie appreciated Jim’s presence in case her date got too aggressive. They sat together in school, church, at home and anywhere else. When Jim went to hospital for appendix issues, Julie convinced the staff to place a second bed alongside Jim’s and watched over him for a week. She fed him, bathed him, helped him to the toilet, and generally was his caregiver. The nurses were amazed and finally realized what a close bond existed between the twins. Their parents tried to get them to branch out with their peers but the die was cast. They did what they pleased. No criticism was forthcoming because both were doing well in life.

Jim had developed an interest in computers and the internet in middle school and Julie followed him. They convinced their parents to buy a desktop for each with high data-crunching ability and a monster of a memory system. In the first year of high school, they devised a software system that met some recognized needs for particular services to mid-sized companies. They marketed to potential customers and by the end of that school year had fifteen companies buying their software and services. They hired a number of high school computer geeks to do the work, and spent their time in development and marketing. They had now graduated university and were doing quite well financially. That is how they could buy the new truck.

Now the company was growing rapidly. They had over 200 employees, both contract and full time. A couple of large computer software companies had contacted them about either selling or joining forces. One had tendered a bid of 12 million dollars, which surprised both owners. Their products were well protected by patents and legal contracts, so they felt no immediate pressure to sell.

They were quite busy which prevented any follies such as sports, music programs, hanging out and most dating. They were dating each other as much as possible when time allowed, and when they could skirt their family’s oversight. They were bonafide adults living in their own apartment.

The reunion ended quite late, and the guests slowly filtered away. Jim and Julie left with Bill, Donna and their mother and bid them goodnight before entering their truck. Bill and Donna took her mother home. She invited them in for a nightcap. Bill mixed the drinks and joined them in the family room.

Donna began the conversation.

“I might be very off base, but it looks to me as if our siblings and children are not following the usual dating rules.”

Susan asked, “What do you mean?” Donna related their experience following the siblings in their truck. She went on to explain the taste and odor on their breaths when they kissed her.

Susan looked shocked, “I know what you mean. My Sweet Julie kissed me and I detected the odor and taste of male ejaculate. What do you think is going on with those two?”

Donna posed some questions. “How close do they seem to you?”

Susan answered, “Very, I can’t remember when they haven’t been together almost constantly. Your father, rest his soul, used to worry about them often. He figured they were working their way to big heart aches.”

Bill offered, “I agree. Since I have been in the family it seems they are closer than most couples I know. Now we think they are having some sort of sexual relationship, which is a whole new ball game. Donna could you maybe meet them for lunch and query them? It might help them with whatever demons they are facing. Though you would not expect any demons as happy as they seem.”

Donna agreed. She thought through her plans on the drive home. She and Bill talked about her siblings bahis siteleri long into the night. She found sleep elusive as she pondered the issue.

A week later she called Julie and asked if she and Jim could meet her for lunch in the near future. It turned out they had an opening the next day so Donna offered a time and place. Julie happily agreed.

Donna arrived about five minutes early and spent the time going over what she wanted to say. Her siblings arrived right on time. They usually were very punctual. Donna noted they were holding hands as they approached. They did not separate until they were at the table. They hugged and kissed, then sat. Donna noted there were no sexual odors on their mouths. Jim ordered drinks, non-alcoholic for him and Julie. They never drank alcohol during work hours, and very little at any time. They were in a fashionable outdoor café, and greatly enjoyed their lunch and good conversation.

After the meal, over coffee, Donna began her detective work.

“So you two are living well, successful in your business, enjoying life. You are so lucky; I envy your status in life.”

Both answered, “Thank you.”

Donna now launched into the core of her mission. “How about dating? I never hear much about that subject from you. Is everything going alright?”

Jim smiled a little; Julie was pensive. Jim piped up.

“We date quite a bit. Of course we are very busy with the company, but we work around that. I would say we’re happy with our dating status. Right Honey?”

Julie nodded ‘yes’.

Donna saw her glance at their brother as she did this. Donna was getting a gnawing feeling in her stomach.

“Are either of you dating anyone I know”. She felt small probing this way, but Bill and Susan had charged her with this ‘spy’ scene.

Jim and Julie glanced at each other briefly, then Jim again answered.

“Well, we might have, but we’re not sure which of our friends you might know.”

Smooth recovery thought Donna. Julie looked a bit stressed, failing to look at their sister. Jim however was the picture book image of cool, relaxed. He sat back in his chair calm, smiling, easy in his confidence. Donna thought maybe she could get more from Julie if she could get her alone. Fat chance; they just never seemed to be apart for any length of time. She’d have to work on that.

Finally Donna reasoned she had about bled this horse dry. She stood and thanked them for coming. They returned the thanks for the meal. Bidding adieu they parted. Donna however waited a minute then followed them in her car as they walked away.

She followed at a safe distance keeping them in sight. They stopped at a traffic light and embraced and kissed deeply. When they arrived at their truck, they again embraced and shared a deep kiss. Jim was fondling his sister as evidenced by his movements and her response. He started the truck, leaned over for a last kiss and drove away. Donna felt she had her answer although her siblings had really not admitted anything.

She went to her mother’s house and waited for Bill to arrive from work. The two women discussed Jim and Julie as they drank coffee and nibbled Susan’s cookies.

Bill arrived about 5:30 and invited his wife and mother to dine out. They both freshened themselves then the trio drove to a restaurant. After ordering, they got down to business. Donna related to Bill the experience of dining with the twins and that she had gotten no real information. Jim had been evasive and calm although Julie seemed a bit disturbed.

The three sought a way to check this out as they ate.

Bill addressed his wife, “Honey do you still feel they are quite involved with each other?”

She answered, “I certainly do. After what we witnessed on the way to and at the reunion about convinced me. Today reinforced that opinion, although they were more reserved. When I asked if they were dating, both agreed they were satisfied with their social life. I bet they are dating each other exclusively.”

Susan nodded her head. “I see them little since their company has taken off so have no idea of their interaction other than what we’ve observed recently. I’m conflicted. I want them to enjoy special lives but am not sure I can accept them living in sin. What can we do to learn more?”

Donna looked at her mother. “Perhaps you can try to get some info from them. I suggest you start by meeting Julie for lunch. She appears less confident than Jim and may divulge some more information.”

“Good idea,” nodded Susan, “Let me try that route. Let’s keep in touch and share anything we find.”

The three finished the lunch and Bill and Donna drove Susan home.

Susan schemed and planned for a week then called her younger daughter.

“Hi Sweety!” Susan greeted Julie on the phone. “At the reunion I realized I have not stayed in touch with you very well. How about lunch?”

Julie hesitated a bit, but agreed to lunch. They met the next day at Harley’s Lunch Emporium. The conversation was enjoyable and both agreed they should bahis şirketleri do this more often.

Susan asked Julie how her brother was doing.

“Oh quite well. He is deeply involved with some negotiations with a potential customer and has been too busy to do much more. We have both been tied up with business.”

Susan sipped her coffee then set the cup down.

“Are you still living together in that small apartment?” Susan asked.

Julie hesitated a moment wanting to keep the reality away from her mother.

“Mom I guess we have not been communicating well lately. Last month we moved into a house in Fairville and just love it. It is so much more room and great for entertaining. We have a large in-ground pool with a gas grille facility that we can use to prepare meals while we entertain and relax. You must come see it, and bring Bill and Donna and the kids too.”

Susan felt uneasy, but continued.

“So you are living together in this new house, as you did in the apartment?”

Julie faltered a moment, fearing where this was heading. She was deeply in love with her brother and knew it could not be kept between just the two of them.

“Yes we are. It is cheaper to maintain one house than two, and you know how we have enjoyed each others’ company.”

“Of course I know that you have always shared a special bond. It’s just that both of you are in your mid twenties and I would think you would be out looking for a life mate. And what do you do if you want to bring some one home? Call so the other can conveniently leave?”

“Mom we have it all worked out. You needn’t be concerned since we are adults now. We are both happy with our lives and see no reason to change things now.”

“Have you ever dated anyone?” Susan asked. “I don’t recall seeing you with a boy except for Ronny Gilbert, and he was widely known to be gay. Are you still a virgin?”

Julie lost her smile and blushed a bit.

“Mom I have to go now. Jim wants me to meet him with the client. Thanks for lunch. I’ll be in touch about a date for your visit. Bye for now.”

She leaned and kissed her mother on the cheek then hurried away. She felt very stressed about the conversation and needed to talk to Jim. He was so calm, so low key about their relationship.

Susan remained sitting for almost a half-hour pondering her daughter’s words and reactions. It disturbed her deeply that they had not disclosed their move into a house. She had not even been advised of their desire to do so. This had to be Jim’s doing. He was carefree but kept much of his life to himself. Susan also was aware that she received no answer to her question about Julie’s virginity. She had a pretty good idea who had made her daughter a woman. Susan was in a quandry. She loved the twins so much. Could she accept them as lovers? This had been coming for a long time. She suddenly realized her twins had lived together since they left her home for university. Donna would help her work out this issue.

“High, Donna! How’s the family?”

“Okay Mom. We’re going out for dinner with friends tonight.”

“Do you need a sitter?” Susan asked.

“No. Sorry. Our friends have a 15 year-old daughter who’s doing that. They also have kids the same age as ours.”

” Sounds like they will have a good time.” Susan pondered a moment. “I had lunch with Julie today.”

“Oh? How did that go?” asked Donna.

“Well, no firm answers, but I did learn a couple of things. Jim was not there. To my astonishment, they bought a house last month in Fairville complete with a nice pool and poolside cooking and eating arrangements”

“What? I didn’t have any knowledge of that.”

“Nor did I. I guess we’ll have to keep in closer touch with them. Julie also was very evasive about their dating habits. I feel even more strongly that they are exclusive to themselves. And even more worrisome she didn’t answer when I questioned about how she lost her virginity. She invited your family and me to their house for a cook out soon. Donna I am so upset now. I don’t want to nib-shit into their lives but I feel driven to find out just what their relationship is.”

“I agree Mom. Bill and I have been discussing this a lot. Maybe we can get into it at the cook-out.”

Jim called his mother the following week. She was surprised; he seldom called preferring to let Julie handle it. He invited the family the following Saturday and indicated he had bought some terrific wine recently. Because they may over imbibe he suggested they stay overnight. Susan agreed.

“Mom, I was so surprised Jim called. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll get a chance to see the young ones together at home. It might be an eye-opener. We’ll pick you up Saturday at 2:30.”

“God Donna I have mixed emotions. I too am anxious to see the place. I’m also fearing what we may find.”

“Well Mom let’s approach this with open eyes and hearts. We can ask candid questions and make them realize we expect honest answers. See you Saturday.”

“Bye Hon.”

Donna and her family were right on time Saturday. She and her mother traded compliments on their attire and Bill agreed. Donna asked Susan if she brought a swimsuit. Susan admitted she had a bikini she had never worn. That set every one off.

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