Carmen’s Fascination with Jacy

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Carmen Ghia, get it together girl, I told myself. For a moment there I felt as though I couldn’t catch my breath as I walked through the front door of Our Sister’s Keeper, our local women’s shelter, and I was sure everyone could see that I was blushing. It was not unusual to see me, the pride of Sodom City strode into city hall, a school, a hospital, or here at the crisis center to use my celebrity to help my community in any way I can. The thing is, I had already visited OSK twice this week, and the thought had crossed my mind that some of the other staff might start to gossip. I wasn’t concerned for myself, I’m a public figure, and chatter like that comes with the territory. I didn’t want to cause any embarrassment for Jacy, being that I am known to have an eye for the ladies; people might come to the right conclusion. As I’m walking across the small lobby towards the front counter I smile to myself at the thought of the names of the pillars of the community whose pussy I’ve tasted.

I can’t quite put my finger on the reason I’ve recently been so drawn to Jacy, after all I’ve known her most of my life. I don’t even know if she has the same interests that I do, but there was something about her, on the one hand, she has always been one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known, but on the other hand there seems to be something naughty going on with her. That mane of red hair set off by her green eyes has always made my stomach tighten. But lately being around her makes my panties wet, and I’m drawn to her.

Hey Jace, I say trying to sound as matter of fact as possible, I bet you’re shocked to see me again so soon aren’t you? She responded with a chuckle, and said hey sexy lady, surely you’re not donating any more of your stuff, pretty soon you’re not going to have anything to wear. I laughed along with her, and then told her that I just happened to be driving by and thought I’d come drag her out to have lunch with me.

Jacy needed a few minutes to wrap-up what she was doing when I barged in on her, as I watched her while pretending not to I could feel the heat start to rise again in my cheeks, and I knew I was blushing.

Jacy punched the time-clock and we headed out the door, I feel almost like I have a job when I hit that time-clock she chuckled.


When Jacy climbed up into my SUV, I had a flashback to something I remembered but I couldn’t possibly be remembering a real event, because in my mind I saw Jacy sitting in the seat of a vehicle that I could not recognize, but her dress was pulled up to mid-thigh just like she has it now. Do you always sit like that when you’re in a car I asked her? She let out a soft gasp, and then said oh I’m sorry, I just always pull my dress up like that because it’s more comfortable. That’s alright I said, you have great legs, and I’m sure truckers appreciate it. I’m sure they do she responded. I noticed that she didn’t pull her dress down.

As we rode the mile or so to one of my favorite mom and pop restaurants, it was all I could do to restrain myself from rubbing Jacy’s creamy white thigh. I finally asked her, do you shave or are your legs always that smooth. Before she responded, she grinned what I thought might be a wicked grin, then she said I don’t shave, correction I do shave, but not above my knees. When she said that, I completely soaked my panties with my Juices. I’m not crazy about wearing them, but I was so glad I was wearing a panty liner today. I knew I would be around Jacy, so I added some insurance so to speak.

We almost stayed longer than the hour Jacy has for lunch, we were talking and laughing and having such a good time. All the while I was trying to put it all together, how we suddenly feel like we’ve always been the best of friends. When we got back into my vehicle I decided to give Jacy a show of my own, so I pulled my dress up even further than she had pulled hers, and to my surprise and pleasure, she looked into my eyes and then pulled her dress up as far as I had mine. Neither of us acknowledged that we were showing off for each other, but I was sure that we were.

When we arrived back at OSK, I said to Jacy, thank you so much sweetie; for such a fun lunch. I wanted to kiss her but I dared not, besides there being people all around, I had no way of being sure what her reaction would be. So I sat there with a big toothy grin on my face just looking at her, she grinned back at me and as she pulled the handle to unlatch her door. Don’t cause too many truckers to run off the road she said, and then she put her hand on my thigh where the hem of my dress stopped just below my pussy, then she got out and closed the door. Just before walking into the building she turned and waved bye to me.


As the days went by I busied myself with plans for my upcoming trip out to Los Angeles for one of the Music award shows. There was the added benefit of keeping my mind occupied so I didn’t think so much about Jacy.

The shows are just a big infomercial for the companies that produce the music, but for the artists it’s a huge three day party that ends on the night of the show. These days I rarely perform, I make my money by providing hooks for other artist’s’ songs. One Amsterdam Shemale of the songs I worked on is up for an award this year so I will have to wear a killer dress when I walk the red carpet. The first order of business is to get this body of mine right, that’s why I’ve been on my treadmill so much lately.

With the weather getting nicer outside I decided to run the three miles to the park and back. So I put my hair into one long braid that hung nearly to the small of my back, pulled on a sports bra and matching yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I loved the way my body was shaping up.

As my luck would have it, once I reached the park and started to walk one lap around the walking path before heading back home, I saw Lea walking her dog. When she saw me she gave me a big smile and said hey as she waved at me. I loved this part of being well known. Hiya Carmen said Lea, hey Lea I said back to her. Jacy will be excited when I tell her that I ran into you today said Lea. Will she really I said. For sure, she is always talking about all the nice things you do for people, and of course she thinks you’re gorgeous. I laughed as graciously as I could and said thank you, before I excused myself to finish my run.


I would be flying out to L.A. in less than a week, and I had a thought, it had been several days since I’d seen Jacy, but I really didn’t want to be seen at OSK again so soon, so I took a chance and texted Jacy. She responded almost immediately. I have a crazy idea I texted back to her. What is it, she texted back to me? I know your husband will kill me but, what if I pay your way to L.A. this weekend, I texted. I intentionally didn’t say why I was asking, it made me feel more flirtatious asking her this way.

She texted me back a shocked face emoticon, along with the word; what? I texted back, how bout you give me a phone call when we can talk.


When Jacy called me later that evening I was drinking wine and already working on my outfits for the three days I’d be in L.A., about ten changes of clothes ought to be enough I thought, and laughed because I say the same thing every year and I end up not liking what I’ve packed once I get there. At that moment my cell rang, it was playing about ten seconds of one of my former band’s catchier tunes that reminded me of Jacy. Yep, I had even assigned her a ringtone since my mysterious infatuation with her started.

What’s going on girl I said cheerfully? Not much she responded, you sound happy she continued. I’m packing for my trip to L.A. I said, I guess I’m getting into my party mode. Oh gosh, that sounds so fun said Jacy; it must be so exciting being around those famous people she finished. It is fun, but they’re people just like you and me I said. Maybe like you she said. Aw aren’t you sweet I responded. Why don’t you come with me? The phone was silent for a moment, and then she said, are you serious? Of course I am I replied? But why, I mean why, she asked?

My reply even surprised me, because I don’t want to be alone out there. Oh, she said, I hadn’t thought about it like that. So what do you say, I could use your help putting together out fits, I never am happy with what i select, I paused to see if she would say no. after a moment of silence I continued; besides I can skip the whole dog and pony show of having someone dress me every time I go to an event, we could dress each other. I waited again for her to speak. When she finally did she said, well I guess I could tell Mario that I will be your assistant or something. And that would be true I said, I could pay, she cut me off abruptly, saying no way in hell you’re paying me anything. I very meekly said o k; I didn’t mean to insult you or anything. Tell you what I will do though; I will hook you up with some designers who will want someone to wear their clothes to the events, I’m sure I can get you into the parties sponsored by my employer. That’s a deal she said.

Once we had agreed that she would accompany me, I asked if we could change the subject. She said ok sure, but she sounded hesitant. It’s nothing I assured her, it’s just that lately I have been having dreams that I can’t quite figure out. What kind of dreams she asked in a much lower tone of voice than we had been talking in previously. Well, they have been more like flashes of images, where I kind of see something but there are parts missing from the scene. I don’t know. Give me an example of what you see, she asked. Take that day when we went to lunch, when I teased you about your dress, I could swear that we had done something like that before but I know we haven’t I said. I’m not sure what to say about that she responded.

There something else and I don’t want to creep you out, but when you said that you don’t shave your thighs or anything, somehow I felt like I already knew that. O k, well, she said with her voice trailing off. I let it go and said I will make your travel arrangements; hopefully we can still get the same flight. I will let you know as soon as I know, and you can come by on Wednesday and help me fix my wardrobe. That would be great she said. And then we said goodnight.


The next three days seemed to fly Rotterdam Shemale past, with much of Tuesday being consumed by re-working my travel plans to include Jacy. I got permission from my employer to bring my personal assistant along with me; therefore I was able to get a first class round-trip flight on their dime. When I texted Jacy to ask her whether she preferred a two bedroom sweet or would the single room suite that I already had be o k. I made a point to brag about the view from my current suite. She laughed and then the suite I have now would be fine. I wondered why she laughed, but I didn’t mention it to her. I was able to score tickets to a couple of parties that I thought she would like, and best of all I got a really top shelf designer to provide a couple of dresses for her that I will let her look at online tomorrow when she’s at my house. The designer dresses the curvier girls and it’s always hard to find nice looking women who haven’t starved themselves for the last month so they will be skinny this weekend. Jacy’s curves will come in handy. I’m still working on a nice piece of jewelry for her to wear.


I worked out like a demon on Wednesday morning, since this would be my last chance to really sweat, I long ago stopped trying to lose weight for these events, but I do want my body to be tight and toned, especially my ass and thighs, which I’m famous for.

Jacy would be coming over around eight, and I wanted to get one more session on my treadmill, so I texted her the information she needed to let herself in and asked her to make a cup of decaf when she arrived if I wasn’t finished with my shower.


When I walked into the kitchen a few minutes after eight p m, wearing my bathrobe and toweling my hair dry, Jacy was sitting at the breakfast counter with her cup of coffee. I greeted her warmly, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. For some reason I felt that déjà vu again. I suggested that we move to the table where we could look at her dresses before we went through the clothes I’d packed, and finally we could maybe choose a simple but elegant hairstyle for me and for her. Sounds like a plan said Jacy.

She loved the dresses, they looked sophisticated as you expect considering the designer, and she would feel special and pretty when she wore them. We both laughed when I reminded her that the best part of it all was our dresses would be free. I also assured her that the designers would supply us with different sizes of the same dress to ensure we had one that would fit since we wouldn’t have much time to fix any boo boos once we were out there.

For the next hour we completely unpacked both of my suitcases, and thankfully we did, because Jacy convinced me to swap out a few items that I felt safe with, for some newer stuff that I wanted to wear but need a little nudge to go for it. I couldn’t help but to try on a couple of dresses, so that I could have someone see me from angles that I couldn’t see in my dressing mirrors.

I relished the opportunity to get undressed in front of her, especially since I wasn’t wearing anything underneath my bathrobe. She played it off well but I could tell that she liked what she was seeing, and she didn’t show any sign of discomfort with my nudity. I even pretended to complain that I couldn’t go without shaving my thighs the way she did. She replied by complementing the look of my lady bits. Throughout the time I was naked I could feel her eyes on me, whenever I looked at her face she was smiling, needless to say, my pussy was sopping wet. I’m sure she could smell me, because I sure could.

Jacy seemed to love experimenting with hairstyles most of all, I sensed that there was something about my hair that she liked, a lot.

Three hours after we started, we called it a night. I thanked Jacy for her patience and gave her a big hug, which she returned just as enthusiastically. Taking that as consent, I planted a kiss on her lips, which was more of a peck with my eyes wide open, so that I could see her reaction. When I saw her close her eyes I smiled at her, and then walked her to the door. When we reached my front door, we stood there for a second, and then she leaned in and kissed me on the lips, this time we held it, our moths parted in unison and our tongues met at the entrance to the other’s mouth. We allowed them to play together, taking turns darting in and out of each other’s mouth. Each of us taking our turn to suck one another’s tongue, by the way we were adjusting our embrace I could tell that we were both dominant.

Finally I said; ask Mario to drop you off here at nine p m, we can take an Uber to the airport and save Mario from having to drive the two hour round-trip. She gave me one last peck on the lips, and then she said I’m going to eat your pussy so good, and she was gone.


I must have checked the time a million times on Thursday, I had my bags sitting by the door and I started looking out of my window at eight forty five. I can’t remember the last time I was so turned on. Somewhere in my mind my desire for Jacy felt familiar, as if we were secret lovers going away for the weekend.

As luck would have it Mario and the Uber Netherlands Shemale arrived at the same time, a few minutes later Jacy and I were on our way to The City of Angels.

She and I texted each other as our Uber driver drove us to the airport, occasionally chatting with him to keep him alert. We told him who I was, I think he cared, but I’m not sure.

I asked Jacy how Mario felt about her leaving for the weekend; she said he pretended to be jealous. But she was pretty sure he had things to do while she was away, and that she and I weren’t the only whores in Sodom City. We both got a big laugh out of that. I told her that she looked pretty and she blushed. After a few miles we both moved to either side of the back seat so we wouldn’t be tempted to touch each other. Eventually we busied ourselves with our phones until we got to the airport.

The red-eye to L.A. was pretty full; I recognized several people in the music industry, looks like the award show crowd I said to Jacy.


We arrived in our hotel suite nearly four hours later and it’ was only midnight. Wow this is crazy said Jacy; we get to do midnight all over again. I laughed at her logic. It will catch up with you I said. We didn’t bother to unpack, but we did open a bottle of wine and sat at our window, with a view of movie star’s homes on the hills to our right and the Pacific Ocean to our left. This view is amazing she said, looking directly at me. I responded, yes I agree, as i looked directly at her. We both leaned in for a kiss, that instantly turned hot, we were both aggressive with our tongues, taking turns pushing our tongue as far into the other woman’s mouth as we could. We went at it with such wild abandon that after a few minutes we both started giggling. That’s when we stopped and got undressed, we decided to leave the curtain open with a lamp still on, it was obvious that each of us was willing to be watched if someone in any of the other hi-rise buildings was a voyeur.

I studied her body intently as her last bit of clothes came off, for I was already naked. Jacy is basically the same height as me, with smaller breasts but a similar round ass, I am more shapely than she, but I do work on my body more, after all it is part of why I have been a success in this business. And of course, my favorite attributes of Jacy are her green eyes and red hair, and it was red everywhere. She wasn’t kidding; she doesn’t shave above her knees.

We each took steps forward and embraced, we were in front of the window, but standing a few feet away from it. We took each other in our arms face to face, I said so we’re going to have to make this work, which one of us is going to take the lead I asked? Jacy said let’s play it by ear; there are some things I like to be in charge of, but others not so much. She’s experienced too, I thought to myself.

Kissing was Jacy’s thing and I let her lead me. I put my arms around her waist, and her arms were around my shoulders, she swiveled her head from side to side as she hungrily explored my mouth. She alternated between pushing her tongue in and licking the inside of my mouth, she sucked both my lips one at a time, then she licked them. She repeated her actions a number of times, I have never been kissed so thoroughly before. My pussy was overflowing; I could feel my juices as far down as the inside of my knees. Then Jacy kneeled down and began to kiss my neatly trimmed pussy hair, when she discovered my juices she cleaned my legs from my knees to my pussy lips with her tongue, I spread my legs to give her better access as it was obvious that she wanted to eat my pussy, she rubbed her cheeks against my mound, before nuzzling my clit with her nose, I could hear her inhale deeply as she sampled my pussy scent. Her hands were rubbing and squeezing my ass as she began to poke out her tongue and lap at my pussy as if she were licking a treat, and then she lowered herself slightly, creating the perfect angle for her to lick my pussy and suck my clit, she then moved a hand around in front and inserted it into my pussy. She began to massage my g-spot while she licked and sucked my pussy. She continues to pleasure me until I orgasm as many times as I could handle.

I put my hands on her shoulders and signaled for her to stand, when she did I walked her two steps to the bed and indicated for her to lie on her back, and then I took my turn on my knees between her legs. I imitated her actions by sniffing her and rubbing my face in her slightly course red pussy hair, I stopped and looked up at her and asked, did you give Mario some pussy before you left home. She said no, he fucked me this morning, is everything alright down there. I smiled at her and assured her that everything was fine, and I was only curious and that it turned me on to know that she had been fucked less than twenty four hours ago. Do you like cock too she asked. No, I love cock I replied before I licked her clit, and then her already big clit grew much bigger. I felt like a boss for turning her on so much, I slid my tongue along the crease between her lips. I spread her open with my fingers and tongue fucked her hole. I licked and sucked her pussy while swallowing her secretions, when I slid my finger down to her asshole she giggled than she moaned. Eventually I signaled for her to scoot up further on the bed so that I could get on it with her. I got in position between her legs and ate her pussy until she begged me to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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