Birthday Gift from Mistress

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Diane opened the package sent by Ms. Lauren, and found in the carton a note, and a smart phone, and a shoebox. “Dear slut, you are closer to becoming part of my sub family, but you have a task. The phone is just a loan for your task, not a gift. The box, however, is the birthday gift you deserve, Open the GPS app on the phone, choose location 1 “Diane’s Test” and go there. Once you are there, change clothes and wear what is in the box. I expect you to film at least 10 minutes of video, with at least 5 other women, more if you wish. Upload the video by midnight in order for me to see how you did. And of course, do not open the box ahead of time- I want the first scene to be someone filming you breaking the seal and looking in the box. Be creative!”

When she turned on the phone, the location map showed a nearby summer resort town, but nothing more. Checking her watch, Diane took the box and drove over, following the GPS directions. When she arrived, she found a dockside bar, busy late on a summer afternoon. Women in bikinis and sun dresses, men in casual wear, music and the activity of a young bar crowd. She took the small box, and the phone, and went out to the deck, looking for someone to help her begin.

Diane approached an older woman, about her age, who was drinking wine with several friends. “Hi, could you help me? My name is Diane, a friend gave me a surprise birthday gift, and part of the surprise is to be filmed opening it. Could you use this phone?” She looked up, with her big sunglasses, casino oyna and smiled to her friends.

“Sure, Hon let me help.” The woman found the phone controls, and focused on her. Diane took a deep breath, and ripped open the shoebox. As she pulled the tissue open, she saw a flutter of pink fabric and the glitter of silver. As the video zoomed in, on the contents and her face, she flushed as she pulled out an impossibly tiny bikini of some sort, with a tag, and a pair of glittery plastic high heel shoes with flecks of silver. The tag read “sling bikini-exotic dancer’; she realized Ms. Lauren had given her stripper heels and a costume.

The camera woman and her friends laughed, and turned to her. “I think I’ll keep your phone- until you come back and model this. Happy Birthday- hurry up!”

Diane sighed, and found the ladies room. She removed her clothes in the small room, and had to figure out the bikini; its top barely covered her breasts, and the sling went between her legs like a thong. The plastic heels were very high and awkward to walk in, giving her an exaggerated hip swinging walk. She looked in the mirror-she had gone from professional and mature to a slut on display, hardly able to walk without the suit falling off her. She folder her clothing and sensible shoes into the box, and tucked it in a cabinet under the sink.

When she walked out, through the bar, conversations stopped as people saw her, the only woman here in such a ridiculous and exposed outfit. slot oyna Diane swayed and clattered through the crowd, and felt bolder hands touching her exposed ass as she walked, When she got back to the women’s’ table, they laughed out loud. “This is too cool, look at the birthday slut! I am guessing you need a picture of this, hmm?”

Diane gulped and tried to stand tall and keep the suit on. “Yes, please, I need photos with at least 5 women.” The older blond laughed harder, and turned to her friends.

“She’s already drawing a crowd; I think we can make this a memorable day for Diane here.” She took Diane’s arm, and led her to the railing of the deck, looking out over the water. “Hands on the rail, Diane, bend over.” With their hands on her bare hips, Diane was positioned a few feet from the metal railing, with her legs in a wide V, balanced on the tall heels, and bent forward at the waist so she had to stretch to hold the rail. Part of the crowd moved closer, and someone brought a thin cord from one of the boats at the dock which they used to tie her wrists to the rail. “Hang on, we want you to feel secure” the blond laughed.

As one woman used the phone camera, others took turns, posing with Diane, pulling the sling away to expose her hanging breasts, playing with her nipples, cupping a hand between her legs, spanking and slapping her exposed ass. One of the younger men who had been watching climbed onto the rail, sitting between her tied hands. His hard cock was soon at her lips, canlı casino siteleri and everyone laughed as she gave up and licked it, then opened her lips and blinked back tears as her head bobbed on it. Diane felt the bottom of the suit pulled aside, and fingers exploring her cunt and ass. “And, how old are you today Diane?” She gulped and swallowed as the hard cock spurted over her face and hair, defeated. “44”.

The laughing crowd lined up, taking their swings, giving her 44 hard spanks as the video woman recorded it and kept count. With her ass red and flaming with pain, Diane felt the shame as she came for them, juices flowing down her leg. She closed her eyes, as the small crowd went inside and returned to their drinking. She was left alone, tied to the rail, breasts swaying, as the sky darkened and the sea breeze came up. She waited and shivered, then heard the tap of heels on the deck. One of the women spoke from behind her.

“You put on quite a show, Diane. We found your clothes and purse in the bathroom, you might need these. “She put the open box on the deck, between Diane’s spread legs, and pushed it into her line of vision. Her clothing had been sliced into small scraps, so that nothing was wearable or would cover her. The woman tucked the phone and car keys into the bikini bottom, wet now with her juices.

“Open your mouth, Hon.” She slid a plastic card between Diane’s teeth. “This is your driver’s license, we got a close up of it and put it into your video; we already uploaded a copy of the whole thing to a porn website, so you might get some calls if someone wants an older submissive slut. With a last hard spank, she turned away and untied the cord from Diane’s wrists. “Hope your friend enjoys your video.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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