Bethanie , Maddy: The Bet Pt. 03

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Author’s Note: This is the final part of this series and of course I’d encourage you to start off with parts one and two, but you can probably just jump in here if you like. There are other Bethanie and Maddy stories before this too, but unhelpfully I don’t indicate that in the titles. Sorry! You can read more about them in The Lipstick Test and The Coffee Shop Girl, which you can find through my profile along with all my other stories. If you enjoy this story then please take a moment to comment and vote, and as always thank you so much for reading. Thanks again to WWL for giving this the once over, it’s a better story for it.

– – –

She licked her lips and the sour, salty taste of her own sweat filled her mouth. Looking down at herself, she was suddenly struck by the previously unthinkable idea that you might, actually, be able to get too much of a good thing. Her legs were visibly shaking and while she was focussing, willing them to stay straight, the heavy, spherically headed “electric massager” slipped from her trembling fingers and hit the floor with a thud.

“Problem?” Bethanie glanced up from her magazine, a fork laden with pasta half way to her lips.

“Bethy, I…” Maddy found her voice was thick, trapped somewhere at the back of her throat, “Can I stop now? That’s three now and I…”

“Oh Madeline,” Bethanie made a sympathetic face, and for a second Maddy’s spirit lifted, “of course you can’t!” Maddy tried to control her face, to stop the tremble of emotion, but she knew that Bethanie would be able to see through any display she put on. Her girlfriend brought the fork the final few inches to her mouth, and delicately started chewing, all the time keeping eye contact with her. She brought her other hand up, all five digits stretched out, as if waiting for a congratulatory slap. “Five orgasms baby. Five, then you can have some dinner.”

“Bethy…” Maddy found that she was having to take deep breaths to focus herself all the time, “Bethy, but I already came like… this is so much… I’m getting sore…” She licked her lips – the tang of salt again. She was blinking her eyes too now because the perspiration was dripping down her forehead and when it really got in there it stung like anything.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m going to give your poor little pussy some nice treatment after this, and all you’ve got to do is give me another two climaxes on that rubber dick. And no trying to fake it!” she wagged her finger, “Like before, because I’ll know!” Maddy didn’t say anything for a moment, and seeing the need to hurry her up Bethany jabbed her fork in the direction of the vibrating massage toy on the floor. “Now pick that up and get back to it darling.”

Maddy moaned in frustration but obeyed, keeping her legs straight and her hips level she leaned down as if trying to touch her own toes. God, everything was frustrating! Fucking two hours into her forfeit and she already had newfound respect for her gorgeous girlfriend. She had never thought she’d have it in her to really push things, but right now… things were being pushed.

The dildo, attached just below waist height by adhesive or some super-strong suction cup or something to the refrigerator door was still inside her as she bent down, and as her torso lowered she felt it bending down a little too. But it didn’t bend much, and as her fingers fumbled, brushing the long handle of the vibrating ball she felt it pushing inside her, against the angle of her body. She needed to slip off it, just for a second, to get that toy. But she felt Bethanie’s eyes on her, and it had been one of the rules – you can’t get off the cock until you’ve finished your task.

“Ngh,” she gave a short grunt and forced herself, feeling the cock press up deep inside her, but managing to close her fingers around the handle. She straightened up quickly with a gasp. Success!

“Well done baby!” Bethanie smiled, turning her attention back to her magazine. “Now let’s hear that fridge rattle again.”

Maddy, finding no energy to come up with any feisty retorts, sighed and started working her hips again. Looking down between her legs she couldn’t see the dildo penetrating her, but she knew it was there. It was just that it had been in her for so long that she was strangely accustomed to it.

No, she couldn’t see the cock, but she could see the mess that she and it were making – her juices, her girl-come that had come trickling and dripping down the plastic shaft and then started running down the sheer white door of the refrigerator leaving a thin trail. It looked as though someone had been slowly pouring some sticky liquid down the front of the appliance, but it was all her. And on the floor, between her legs too – the eventual destination of her small, private waterfall – there was a shining, sticky stain. Sometimes she dripped, little drops and strings of her pussy juice fell straight from her swollen lips onto the old linoleum of the kitchen floor.

She bumped her ass back against the cool white machine, feeling the cock slip right up inside her. canlı bahis Thank God she was still wet and relaxed inside – her pussy yielded to it willingly, almost welcoming it in again, grateful for the three shuddering climaxes it had already brought her to. Bethanie had placed it so well, and while her goal of five orgasms was a tough one, at least she could fuck herself back on the fake cock easily enough without rising up on her tiptoes.

She thumbed the button on the vibe and it buzzed to life. It took her a moment to compose herself enough to bring it down between her legs though. She used her right hand, the left one supporting her upper body weight on her thigh.

And just as Bethanie had ordered, she started to make the fridge rattle again. She humped it, and it’s temporary cock, like she was desperate to please it, like it was some blocky, white idol that she was worshipping. It was more than that of course; she was desparate to please Bethanie, her girlfriend, who just the night before had confessed her love. Then this morning Maddy had lost their bet that she – a perpetually horny, petite blonde – could restrain herself enough to keep her hands off Bethanie for a week. She had lost spectacularly, and now she had to do everything that Bethanie said for seven days.

So far that had mostly been climaxing. At first that had been… a delight, but now she could clearly see where Bethanie was going with this. She was going to really push Maddy until… until she was begging to stop? Until she passed out? Maddy bit her lip and felt her burning skin heat up another couple of degrees at the thought. Bethanie was the least adventurous of the two of them – a bi girl who had never even been in a gay relationship before. Maddy hoped she really could find it in herself to really test her. That would be so much fun.

Her hips were so tired but still she worked them, pulling herself forward off the prick (she didn’t even remember what colour it was) and then sliding back down it until her pert cheeks pressed against that smooth white body again. Bethanie had finished her dinner and without the clink of cutlery to distract her Maddy became aware of the filthy, wet grinding noises she was making – high enough to cut through the buzz of the vibe.

Oh and that vibe. She brought it up between her legs and touched it close to her clit. It shook her so much, and speeded up her orgasm so violently that she was almost afraid to use it, even if it would help her finish her task quickly. It was new, she was sure. Bethanie must have bought it today, because if she had owned one of these ridiculous massage ball things before Maddy would have fucking well known about it. She couldn’t wait to use in on her dark haired girl when they were through with this stupid bet. Christ, it was serious enough to need plugging in for God’s sake.

Gingerly she moved it down so that it was right over her clit, and the buzzing seemed to get inside her somehow, shaking her brain free from its moorings and almost making her overbalance and tip forwards. She was so sensitive from what had already happened that when she pressed the vibe against her clit, arching her back and trying to force that cock up inside her as far as it would go, she felt her next orgasm immediately take the handbrake off and start moving.

“Oh, Bethy… it’s coming! It’s…”

“It’s coming?” Bethanie didn’t look up from her magazine, her voice her usual, slightly playful deadpan. “It’s an appliance baby, it can’t come.”

“Wh… what?” Maddy snorted, and drawing her breath through her nose she realised that the kitchen smelled overwhelmingly of her, of her dirty, wet pussy and the juices she was dribbling and dripping onto the fridge and the floor.

“It’s sweet that you’re trying to make it come though.”

“Fuck!” Bethanie really was tapping into a dirty side of her mind, albeit doing it with the slightly arch, cynical way in which she did most things. “You’re sick! What the fuck is… hhngh!” Maddy tailed off as her pleasure ramped up. She struggled to keep humping, but when she did that the vibe slipped off her clit, sometimes going right between her legs and bumping noisily into the hard white door of the fridge.

“Oh I see,” Bethanie continued absently, “your orgasm is coming.”

“Bethy,” Maddy’s voice was strained, “Bethy it is! My… I’m gonna…” she stopped moving her hips, keeping the cock up firmly inside her pussy and concentrated on the vibe. She held the handle with both hands, her whole body tense and locked as it worked its magic between her legs. Her eyes were screwed up, her lips working even when she wasn’t talking. “I’m gonna come, Bethy!”

“Good, good.”

“Here it…” Maddy didn’t usually feel like this, she didn’t usually seek so much approval from Bethanie. But this time, because everything she was doing was to obey her partner, she found she was constantly looking to her to check how she was doing. “Oh fuck, FUCK!” electric sensation flickered over her entire body for a second, then rushed all at once down to her bahis siteleri poor, tormented pussy. She felt the tight sheath of her cunt clench on the fake dick and her face flushed with blood as she felt a fresh gush of her come start running out of her, down onto the cock and then onto the fridge.

She gasped for air, squeaking and moaning, unable now to put things into words. Her fourth orgasm? She was losing count. She couldn’t keep the vibe on her pussy for long – it was too much.

When she opened her eyes she was surprised to see that Bethanie was up and standing in front of her. Maddy heard a soft tapping and assumed, with a rush of shame that it was more liquid dripping from her pussy. When she realised it was the sweat dripping from her chin, she was unreasonably proud.

“Vibe please,” Bethanie held out her hand, and for a moment Maddy, bleary-eyed and disoriented, had no idea she was talking to her.

“Uh…” she handed the heavy device to the brunette, who produced a tube of lubricant from somewhere and squirted some onto the round head of the toy. Bethanie started using her long fingers to smear it all over the head.

“You’re doing incredibly well baby,” she smiled, the feigned disinterest gone for the moment, “I don’t want you to get too sore or anything, so lets get everything nice and slippery before your last climax. OK?”

“Th…thanks Bethy.” Maddy hardly recognised her own timid voice. Somewhere inside she promised that she’d have her revenge for this someday, but that voice was so quiet, she hardly believed it. She was Bethanie’s this week, a plaything to make Bethanie happy.

“Here you go,” the taller girl handed the toy back to Maddy and then stepped around her, “Slide off that cock a little baby, I’ll do back here too.” Maddy, her muscles stinging and complaining, struggled to comply, leaning forward and letting the dildo slip out about two thirds of the way. She heard the wet sucking noise of the tube and felt the cool gel hitting her ass.

“Ah!” she yelped, but it felt so nice.

“Shhh,” Bethanie gently chided, and then Maddy felt her hands on her, collecting up the lube and wiping it down between her ass cheeks, pausing briefly over the tiny pink pucker of her anus before carrying most of it down to her pussy, where the cock was still splitting her open. She twitched and gasped uncontrollably as Bethanie patiently, lovingly, added the lube to her still-wet folds of flesh, and then squirted more onto the shaft of the cock itself. She got everything gloriously wet and slippery then stepped back. “Last one Madeline, then you can have dinner.”

“Oh God, thank you…” sobbed Maddy, and again did an inward double-take over how desperate she sounded. She needed to toughen up!

This time when she fucked herself onto the impaling prick, both she and the cock were so well lubricated that it was just astonishingly easy. She hit the fridge with a bump, rattling it hard, and found that the tremors from her last orgasm were still echoing somewhere inside her. She could build on that, she could… maybe she could come even more quickly this time. Her brow furrowed, she turned the vibe on again and brought the bulbous head between her thighs, having to shift her legs a little wider because she had unconsciously squeezed her thighs around it during her last high.

And Bethanie was helping too now, in her own small way, her hand in Maddy’s hair and… God, bending down to bring her face close, so close to Maddy as she humped her hips, shaky and pathetic, against the refrigerator and brought the freshly lubed vibe to her freshly lubed clit. Maddy looked up at her girlfriend, her neck taut from trying to keep her head raised for so long, her eyes big and desperate to please.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Bethanie whispered, barely audible over the humming toy that was making muscles jump all over Maddy’s body.

“N-no…” she managed to gasp, “You’re the… fuck… unh! You’re the b-beautiful one.” She couldn’t keep her eyes open, couldn’t keep her attention focussed on Bethanie, when her body was penetrating itself on a fat dildo again and again, and her hands were keeping a buzzing ball of pleasure pressed against the most sensitive part of her body.

“Shhh,” Bethanie scolded again, with a crooked smile, “How long do you need? Before you can come again?”

“Not… not long, I think. I th… oh, shit…” Maddy’s arms were aching. Her legs were aching more, but if she thought about her arms then she hoped she wouldn’t think about her legs, or her back, or her neck, or her sore pussy. She let her head fall down, and smiled inside to feel Bethanie’s hand start to stroke the back of her neck. “Close now.”

“You’re really something Madeline,” Bethanie chuckled, “I would probably have passed out after the first orgasm on this thing!”

“Bethy,” Maddy gasped, her body tensing and her muscles starting to harden again. She was so hot and getting hotter; she was surprised that Bethanie wasn’t burning her fingers on her skin.


But the hammering bahis şirketleri of Maddy’s pulse drowned out whatever it was she had been thinking. Her whole being was heat and rhythm and for a moment it was all too much, she wanted to just straighten up and step away, and let the feelings, the impending, crushing climax, just slip away. But then… she wouldn’t get any dinner. But it was too much, there were so many feeling and sensations that there was no room left inside her for Maddy anymore. She had to jettison her personality and her name or she’d drown or… she’d…

“Gggnfgh!” Teeth sunk into her lower lip, she arched her back flung her head back, knocking Bethanie’s hand away. Woah, now this is a climax – said the little voice deep down inside, where she was still capable of rational thought. But that voice held no sway with her actual body, so she was left humping her butt back onto the plastic prick fiercely, utterly unable to control her own slutty, bucking hips. The vibe was perfectly positioned and as her hundredth (give or take? fuck, this was insane) climax shook her she felt like her consciousness might be escaping from the top of her head. “Shit! SHIT!”

She rode the cock and pressed the vibe against herself, dragging this last orgasm out until she felt, almost literally, on the verge of madness. She had done it, she had completed the task, so she knew (she hoped) she was free. And when the buzz of the orgasm inside her was pulsing loud enough to drown out the buzz of the vibe, when she really felt like she might pass out, she pulled herself off the cock and staggered two steps into the kitchen.

Her plan had been to collapse at this point. Certainly her shaking legs didn’t look like they’d be able to support her for long. But to her surprise this plan – stop climaxing and take a break, didn’t seem to have reached her hands. So they kept the vibe pressed hard against her clit as the dildo slipped out of her with a slick, gliding sound, and… well she was still coming.

She was still coming as she stepped forward, she was still coming as her legs gave out and she tumbled to her knees with a bump, and as she hunched forwards, the toy still between her aching thighs, her back arched and her ass raised, she felt violent lurch and realised she was squirting.

Also, Bethanie was whooping and laughing. That was kind of a clue that something pretty amazing was happening.

The sensation, as she squirted and heard the soft wet sound and felt something forced, violently, out of her, was really too much. This time she dropped the vibe, still buzzing, onto the floor where it hummed and moved slowly in a slick trail of come and lube. She put her hands out onto the floor to support herself and started gulping for air as if she had been on the verge of suffocating. When was the last time she had squirted? Never with Bethanie anyway.

“Holy shit, baby! That was incredible.” Bethanie was reaching down and turning off the vibrator. Maddy couldn’t do anything, she was on her hands and knees, almost curled into a ball, fighting to find some kind of composure. It was ridiculous. She couldn’t feel her right foot, it was just tingling, pins and needles. God, she was glad she had lost that bet. “Just… take a minute ok?” Dimly she was aware of the microwave being turned on as Bethanie heated her dinner.

Slowly the various parts of her mind started righting themselves. She was kneeling in something wet. Her or the lube? It didn’t matter. Her pussy was… oh wow, much sorer than she had thought when she was in the throes of self-pleasuring lust. The muscles in her thighs were keeping up a constant, dull, whine of pain. She was just soaking, head to toe, in sweat. Somehow she managed to kneel up, looking at her hands as if she was seeing them for the first time.

Bethanie was looking at her, a tiny crease of genuine concern between her dark, plucked brows. “Are you ok? I didn’t push you…?”

“No,” Maddy smiled, and brought a hand up to her forehead, unsurprised to find that her hair was plastered across her skin, pasted with perspiration, “Not too far.”

“Oh God, I wish you could have seen that… at the end…” Bethanie tailed off and pointed at the fridge. Maddy, every muscle complaining at being asked to twist around, craned her neck and saw – along with the long, dripping stain she had made down the front of the fridge – there was another wet splatter next to it. Where she had squirted. “I’ve never seen that before,” Bethanie’s voice was a little hushed. Maddy glanced up at the prick. Purple. It was a purple dildo.

“Well,” Maddy pointed a tired finger at her girl, “next time I want you to make me do that. Can’t do it by myself all the time.”

“Hey,” Bethanie arched an eyebrow, dropping herself back into the driving seat, “we still have a week of you doing what I say right? Don’t get cocky yet baby.” The microwave pinged.

“Oh wow, I am… I am starving!” Maddy laughed, but couldn’t find the energy to stand up. She just watched as Bethanie brought the bowl of pasta (penne with a creamy carbonara sauce, she knew already) out, and held it in the air. She was still dizzy, still reeling; she didn’t even think anything as, with an evil smirk, Bethanie put the bowl on the ground in front of her.

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