Barnyard Boning

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Phil and Dale slipped into the barn that they frequented for oral sex. It was at the edge of Phil’s family property. The sun shone warmly through the window near the roof of the barn, and a cool breeze blew through. It was one of those days where clothing becomes optional. Phil wore only a light t-shirt and jeans, his muscular arms and chest showing through. Only turning 21, he had a square jaw and bristle from his starting beard. At 19, Dale was a little on the thin side, with a younger boyish face.

“Happy birthday, big boy,” Dale said, getting on his knees in front of Phil and unzipping his jeans.

“Just shut up and suck it, bitch,” Phil answered. Dale was happy to oblige.

“Hey, I’m about to score with Emily, so I won’t need your slut mouth anymore.”

Dale doubted Emily could enjoy sucking Phil’s dick as he did. He set out to prove to Phil that his cock-sucking skills were irreplaceable.

Phil always faced the door, so he could put his dick away if anybody walked into the barn. He gazed into the sunlight, thinking about Emily’s firm young tits and nice ass as Dale licked the tip of his cock and swirled his tongue over the head. Dale’s tongue swished down the shaft to Phil’s balls. Phil worked to hold in a groan, staring off into the distance. Dale sucked the balls, taking each into his mouth, until Phil looked down at him slapped his cock on Dale’s face. Dale knew what that meant and licked back up the shaft, taking Phil’s meat into his month. It wasn’t long before Dale was deep-throating Phil’s seven-inch cock.

Suddenly, Phil pulled his dick out of Dale’s mouth. He stepped back and stuffed his now throbbing unit back into his pants. Dale tried to get up, but it was too late.

“What the hell’s going on in here?!” Phil’s dad yelled as he walked into the barn. “What’s going on Phil? I’ve been calling for you for 15 minutes.”

“Nothing dad … ” Phil answered.

“Phil, get out of here son,” Phil’s dad, Chuck , said. “You got chores to do.”

Phil began to leave. As he looked at Dale, he mouthed the word “slut.” Dale felt humiliated, but he knew Phil was a jerk and he began to get up off his knees.

“You wait here Dale,” Chuck said, looking at Dale sternly.

” But I just .. ” Dale said watching as Phil left the barn.

Chuck waited until his son was out of earshot.

“Now look, Dale, I know my boy ain’t no faggot, he’s just waiting to get some pussy. But you on the other hand, out here on your knees every day, begging for his cum. You’re something else.”

“Mr. Thompson,” Dale said, shaking his head. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want anyone to know he was a cock sucker, except Phil.

“I don’t think your father would be too proud if he knew you were back here on you’re knees …”

“Please don’t tell my dad,” Dale interrupted him.

Dale looked at Chuck, who had only just turned 40. He was in pretty good shape from working on the farm, Dale thought. His body was wiry and muscular.

“I’ll do anything,” Dale said, looking away from the man.

“I know you will boy, so just stay on your knees.”

Dale got back on his knees as Chuck walked over.

“No wait,” Chuck said. “Take off your pants.”

“Mr. Thompson, I don’t think so . . .”

“Alright I guess I’ll just tell your dad about this,” Chuck said, pretending to get ready to walk out of the barn.

“But you wanted me to suck your cock . . .” Dale said desperately.

“I think he’ll take my word over the cock sucker,” Chuck answered. “Look I know you’re dying to blow me, so just take your fucking pants off.”

Dale slid bahis firmaları his shorts and boxers off as Chuck unbuttoned his pants. Dale was embarrassed because his cock was as hard as a rock.

“Just dying to suck me ain’t you bitch,” Chuck said with a grin on his face. He pulled down his pants and unveiled his eight-inch, thickly veined cock.

Dale kneeled before Chuck on the smooth dirt of the barn. As Chuck pulled his jeans around his waste to his thighs, he stroked his penis and looked at Dale’s smooth round ass. Leaning toward Chuck’s hard dick, Dale arched his back so his butt would stick out for Chuck’s viewing pleasure. Chuck wasted no time, he pressed his cock into Dale’s mouth and quickly began to fuck his face. With a firm hand on the back of Dale’s head, Chuck pumped his hips back and forth. It wasn’t long before Dale’s nose was getting stuffed in Chuck’s pubic hairs.

Dale noticed that Chuck had a salty, manly flavor and scent. His cock was a good bit thicker than his son’s. Chuck probed his cock deep into Dale’s throat and Dale pulled his head back, trying not to gag. Dale looked up at Chuck, who slid his cock in and out of Dale’s soft lips more gently now.

Chuck’s toe curled as Dale swept his tongue along the tip of his penis.

“Just keep your focus on the dick,” Chuck said when Dale looked up at him with innocent eyes. He pushed Dale’s gaze toward his belly and poked his penis into his mouth. Chuck then pulled his meat out of Dale’s mouth.

“Stroke my cock while you suck my balls,” he said.

Dale was slightly surprised to find himself totally under Chuck’s control. He licked the soft hairy balls, sour and salty from a morning of work in the sun. Dale worked Chuck’s balls for a while then licked up the shaft to the head of the cock. He traced his tongue along the head taking more and more of it into his mouth.

Chuck reached down and squeezed one of Dale’s ass cheeks as he fucked the boy’s face. He smacked it, leaving a bright, red hand print on Dale’s exposed ass. Dale responded by fervently bobbing his head on Chuck’s dick and shoving his face into Chuck’s crotch until he almost gagged.

“Blow me slut,” Chuck yelled. He fucked Dale’s face hard until his cock exploded in Dale’s mouth. Dale squeezed Chuck’s butt cheek and swallowed his cum as Chuck’s body quivered in ecstasy. Dale wiped his mouth, gathering the cum that escaped from his lips. He then licked that last drop of jizz oozing from Chuck’s dick and looked up at him. Chuck was staring away in a daze.

Dale figured this was his chance to steal away and, still on his knees, he reached for his pants.

“Hold on a minute boy,” Chuck said. “I ain’t through with you.”

“But I . . .” was all Dale could say.

“Keep on sucking until I get hard again, or I’ll tell your Dad I found you sucking on my boy’s dick.”

Dale couldn’t believe his debt to this man hadn’t been repaid, but he took the softening cock back in his mouth. Chuck couldn’t believe such a mindless slut had stumbled into his path. With Chuck’s dick now partially soft it was easier for Dale to deep throat. Dale pushed his tongue against Chuck’s penis, tracing circles along the shaft as he pumped his head on the cock. With Dale’s attention, it wasn’t long before Chuck had a hard-on again.

“Go ahead and bend over on that bale of hay,” Chuck said.

“Mr. Thompson, I don’t think this is such a good idea … ” Dale said, as he got up to bend over on the bale of hay. “I’m not just going to let you fuck me up the ass.”

“Look bitch, now you bend over that bale of hay and stop giving lip, or I’ll tie kaçak iddaa you up and fuck you in the ass without using any lube. Put this condom on me!” Chuck said, though he knew perfectly well Dale would do as he said.

Chuck tossed him a condom, and Dale grabbed it. He leaned over and took Chuck’s cock in his mouth to make sure it was good and hard before sliding the condom on the once again engorged dick.

Dale got up and kneeled over on the hay bale, his ass totally exposed to Chuck. Dale could hear his dominator say “good boy.” He kept his legs straight and his back arched as he leaned on the coarse straw, trying to look as sexy as he could for his master.

Chuck looked at Dale’s round ass. It was perfectly clean with only sparse soft hairs. Dale had obviously hit puberty late and hadn’t grown much hair on his thighs and ass, which was surprisingly round for a thin young man. Chuck, who had already stepped out of his pants, walked over to Dale’s exposed ass. He poured a generous gob of lube onto his fingers and rubbed it between Dale’s ass cheeks. Dale responded by arching his back, welcoming the thick warm fingers .

Chuck then slathered his cock up in the lube. He briskly stroked his stiff member a few times to rejuvenate his hard on. When he felt a thorough rush he began to press his cock into Dale’s tight asshole.

Dale groaned, his knees weakening slightly as the thick shaft probed his behind. He tried to relax and let it in, but he wanted to cry out in protest as the giant shaft pierced his tight opening. All he could do was moan incoherently.

Chuck wouldn’t have relented even if he thought Dale was in pain, but he took Dale’s moans as an expression of pleasure and pushed his cock even deeper into Dale’s tight hole. He couldn’t believe how snugly Dale’s asshole grabbed his cock. He squeezed Dale’s hips, sliding his hand down to Dale’s butt cheeks, which he palmed before gently slapping them.

Chuck watched the side of Dale’s face while sliding his penis ever deeper into the young ass. Dale’s brow crinkled and his mouth rounded, emitting gasps as the cock plunged in further. In wasn’t long before Chuck slid his cock all the way in, his balls slapping against Dale’s exposed flesh.

Dale’s legs had gone completely limp, the rear of his body was now completely supported by Chuck rocking his cock into his ass. The pain had subsided into the euphoric sensation of being completely impaled onto Chuck’s dick. Dale had always fantasized about Phil fucking him up the ass, but he was now enjoying the domineering father plowing him from behind. As he regrouped and began to enjoy it, he lifted his legs and rocked his hips into Chuck’s cock, driving it deeper inside of him.

Chuck groaned, sweat dripping from his body, and slapped Dale’s ass again and again.

Just then someone called from outside the barn, shattering Dale’s blissful thoughts. He looked up and behind him towards Chuck who continued pumping him as glanced at the entrance of the barn.


Dale grew embarrassed, realizing it was Roger, the Thompson’s strong, but slowwitted ranch hand he’d often poked fun at. Dale tried to pull himself away and cover himself up as he could hear Roger walking toward the barn, but Chuck grabbed his waist firmly, keeping him from moving as he jabbed his dick painfully and rapidly into Dale’s hole.

“Right here!” Chuck yelled. He pushed his cock into Dale and forced him off of the hay, so he was bent over and facing toward the door as Roger entered the barn.

Roger, a hulking man, bristling with muscles, grinned as he walked kaçak bahis into the barn.

“I always knew this little faggot was a slut. Open wide bitch!” he said as he dropped his overalls over his shoulder. He was now wearing only a flannel shirt and boxers. “Pull down my undies, slut boy!” he said to Dale.

“Do as he tells you,” Chuck said, panting as continued to fuck the bitch, who took his hands from his knees and put the around Roger’s waist.

Dale looked up Roger somewhat pleadingly as Chuck sent shock waves through his body. Roger, at 28, felt a bit guilty taking advantage of the slut, but he peered at Dale’s young cock and saw it fully erect. So he pulled down his pants and let Dale’s mouth rest on his cock.

Dale was now fully impaled, one cock deep in his ass and the other fucking his mouth. Roger put a hand on each side of Dale’s head, guiding it as his cock slid into and out of Dale’s mouth. A bit more sympathetic than Chuck, he let Dale determine how deep to take his cock. Roger’s prick was also a good eight inches, though slightly thinner than Chuck’s. But it had a nice curve that tickled the back of Dale’s throat as he pumped the bitch’s mouth. Roger told Dale to grab the base of his cock and tickle his balls as his mouth flew wildly up and down on the shaft. Dale did as best he could while being fucked so hard by Chuck. But it wasn’t long before the three got a good fuck rhythm going.

Then Chuck, who was dripping with sweat, interrupted the grunting and thrusting.

“I’M CUMMING BITCH,” he panted. “GET READY.”

He pulled his dick from Dale’s ass, and the slut fell to his knees. Roger watched and stroked his saliva covered dick.

Chuck got in front of Dale and began fucking his mouth intensely. He groaned as he came, the oozing cum dripping from Dale’s mouth. He pulled out and stroked the last spurts of cum from his dick, slapping his cock on Dale’s face.

His own cock near exploding, Dale looked up at Roger and Chuck, who grinned at each other. Dale knew his job wasn’t done yet, as Roger still had a raging hard on. He faced away from Roger and bent over grabbing his ankles.

“I told you he was a slut,” Chuck said.

“No kidding, looks like we’ve got us a good one,” Roger said. Chuck handed him a condom, which he slid onto his dick. That done he began to fuck Dale vigorously up the ass. Dale moaned as the older men dominated him completely. He couldn’t believe anything could feel this good.

Just then he could hold on no longer. Though no one had touched his cock, he let go of the biggest load he’d ever shot. It squirted onto the ground in massive spurts.

“Look at that!” Chuck laughed. “He just shot his load.”

Roger grunted, fucking Dale’s limp body faster and faster. Dale quivered as Roger plunged his engorged cock deep into his ass. He fucked Dale deep and hard. Reaching around he felt the slut’s cock had once again become hard and he stroked it.

Dale couldn’t believe it, but he came again as Roger thrusted his sword into his ass. Feeling the bitch’s devotion to his cock, Roger let go inside of Dale, filling the condom with a thick gob of cum. He pulled out and slipped the condom off his cock and told Dale to turn around.

“Open your mouth bitch,” he said. Chuck watched with a sinister grin on his face as Roger unloaded the dollop of cum into Dale’s open mouth.

The two men put on their clothes and thanked Dale for the good fuck.

As he walked out Chuck said: “By the way. From now on, you suck me off and I fuck you when I want, or else everyone will know your little secret.”

Then they left. Dale sat there for a moment, three loads of cum lingering in his mouth. And he realized, Chuck and Roger had stolen his clothes. He’d have to walk home naked.


If you liked this story, let me know. I’ll write more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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