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[AUTHOR’S NOTE: If you like the pure dialog approach, please check out my member page for more such submissions – each having the description: “Conversation with a muse.” Constructive feedback is much appreciated, as is gushing praise. Thanks. ~ Imp]

Hello! Anybody home?

“Well, good evening, Imp! My, but it’s been a while.”

I know, and I’m sorry. I’ve been very busy, but you’ve been on my mind an awful lot lately.

“That’s nice to know. Are you going to write about me today?”

I’d like to. Are you ready?

“Uh huh. Willing and able, too. What’s it going to be this time?”

Oh, I don’t know. What’s your preference? Tempestuous or tender? We could go either way.

“We? I hope that means you’ll be joining me.”

I was thinking about it. It’s been a while since I’ve written in the first person, and you are fantastic company. Would you like that?

“Damned silly question, Imp.”

Okay, good. What are we going to do this time? I’m searching for a plot.

“Pfffft! Must we have a story line? Why don’t you just take me against a wall?”

Mmmm. You know I want to – perhaps way too much to write it well. But I will, someday. I promise.

“Well then, why not finish that tender ‘Domestically Blissed’ piece you started a few months back? It was really coming along quite nicely.”

Too sappy.

“How can you say that? We were headed for the shower! That is NOT my definition of sappy.”

Shower scenes are a dime a dozen.

“But we’ve never done one together. Don’t make me pout, Imp.”

Pout? You? Give me a break!

“I want you in the shower!”

And I, you. Next time. What’s our story line today?

“Well, if you’re not going to lather me up in the shower, what about giving it to me hard with that big pink jelly vibrator you just bought?”

Damn, woman! I haven’t even used it myself yet.

“What a way to break it in, then!”

Oh, bahis firmaları I totally agree. I’ll add it to our ‘To Do’ list. I’m not in the mood for toys today, though.

“YOU asked ME what I wanted, remember?”

So I did. Perhaps you’d like to write this one, smart ass.

“Would you let me?”

I might. I’ll admit that I’m intrigued.

“Anything goes?”

Now I’m REALLY intrigued. What do you have in mind?

“Uh uh, girlfriend. No hints. You take your chances.”

Okay, go for it. But keep in mind that the readers expect more than just stroke.

“Feh! Who gives a shit about the readers? My primary objective is to get you off.”

Sounds good to me. Have at it, love. I’ll type as long as I can keep my hands out of my pants.

“Okay. Let’s see. Um …”

Well? I’m waiting.

“Be patient. I’m thinking.”

I’m thinking, too. I’m thinking about holding your ass while I tongue fuck you.

“Oh, damn! In the shower?”

You’re stuck on that shower, aren’t you? Okay. Okay. In the shower.

“Finally! Are you squeezing – hard?”

Hard enough to leave an imprint when I let go.

“Don’t let go! Am I standing?”

Yes, with one leg up on the tub spigot and your shoulders resting against the cool tile.

“Sounds terrific so far. Where are my hands?”

One hand is hanging on to the grab bar for balance, and the other is in my hair. But, hey! I thought YOU were directing this story.

“Oh, right. I am. Where were we?”

Well, I was about to tell you that the hot shower spray was stinging your nipples. But this is your story. (long pause) Still with me?

“Sorry. I was – um – a bit distracted.”

Hand check!

“Yeah, you caught me.”

You’ve no idea what that does to me – knowing that my words have such a stirring effect on you.

“It’s not just your words, Imp.”

That’s nice to know. Can we get out kaçak iddaa of the shower now? That vibrator is really starting to appeal to me.

“Soon. I want more of your tongue first.”

Then you shall have it. Where, precisely, do you want me to put it, boss?

“Be a good girl and lick my clit for a bit, will you?”

But of course.

“And, I want your thumb circling inside me while your fingers stroke my asshole.”

You got it. Damn, you taste good.

“Th-thanks. Ohhhhhhhh!”

You’re pulling my hair, dear. Ease up a bit. I swear I’ll stay put without you holding me there.


Don’t apologize. I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

“Understatement of the y-y-year. Right there! Don’t stop.”

Wouldn’t dream of it.

“Oh, Imp.”

That’s it. Come for me, lover. I won’t let you fall.

“Yes. Fuck, yes.”

C’mon. It’s time to get horizontal.

“Wait a minute. I don’t think I can walk just yet.”

I’ll help. But first you have to let go of the grab bar – and my hair.

“Call me ‘lover’ again. I love the sound of it.”

Lover, as soon as I get you on that bed, I’m going to pour some of that heating lube on my thigh and drive it between your legs while I feast on your tits.

“Now THAT will get a girl moving! Hold on tight.”

I’ve got you.

“And you can keep me, too.”

There’s nothing I’d like more. Hey, watch those hands!

“Uh uh, Imp. It’s MY turn now.”

Sounds promising.

“I agree. Now, where’s that lube?”

In the top drawer, right next to the …. Oh, I see you found both.

“On the bed, woman. Lie on your side.”

Yes, ma’am. You’ve apparently recovered a bit.

“And then some. Wrap your top leg over me.”

As you wish.

“You’ve got that right – and as YOU wish, too.”

You know me so well.

“And I’m about to know you even better.”

Your mouth feels incredible.

“And kaçak bahis your nipples taste incredible. Does this thing have batteries in it?”

Um hmmmm.

“Very nice. Ready?”

Judge for yourself.

“Certainly don’t need the lube – but I think you’ll enjoy the heat.”

No doubt.

“Slow and steady – or hard and fast?”

Three guesses.

“Understood. It’ll be my pleasure.”

And – oh, damn – mine as well.

“Still typing?”

Are you kidding? I stopped typing a long time ago.

“So much for your story, then.”

A sacrifice I’m happy to make. That feels fantastic.

“Too hard?”

Just right. Can you grip that thing so that your thumb…. Yeah, just like that!

“I want to do everything at once …”

Mmmm. What you’re d-d-doing right now is amazing. Please don’t stop.

“… and take you every way at once.”

Yes, lover. Oh, yes!

“Explore all of you with my mouth and my hands …”


“… and make you scream my name in ecstasy.”

Your teeth. Oh, damn, that … is … so … fucking … nice.

“Yes, it most certainly is. I can literally HEAR your orgasm, Imp. The contractions are affecting the pitch of the vibration. Listen!”

Kiss me now – while I’m still coming. I need your mouth on mine.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

You can turn that thing off now, too. Just touch me, please, while I come back to Earth.

“Tenderness? Who are you and what have you done with Imp?”

Oh, fuck off.

“Just kidding.”

Your lips …


… are exquisite. Thank you for being such a wonderfully exciting part of my life.

“And thank you for including me in your dreams.”

The pleasure is mine. Now, I really need to get some work done. Will you release your hold on my imagination for just a little while? Pretty please?

“Oh, alright. Will you come back to me soon?”

Goes without saying. Any more questions?

“Do I have a name?”

Of course, and someday I’ll speak it aloud. Rest now, my muse. You’ll need your strength when I return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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