Ashley’s Fantasies Ch. 01

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Ashley Smith was very different from other girls her age. She is 18 years old, lives in northern California, and will soon enter her first semester of college. In high school Ashley was friendly, but did not have a social life. She never hung out with friends after school, never went to prom or homecoming, and never really went to football games or anything like that. Boys did occasionally ask her out, but Ashley always declined.

What was odd to other students was that Ashley could have almost everything a high school girl could ask for if she wanted. Ashley is truly the prettiest and most attractive girl one could ever lay their eyes on. She is 5’7 with dirty blonde hair. Ashley’s skin was slightly tan. Her face had the look of a model, with a look of confidence, and yet she also had the face of an 18 year old, looking cute, young, and innocent. Ashley liked to wear a little makeup, but did not put on too much. She had a sweet and seductive sounding voice. Her eyes were blue and she had gorgeous lips.

While Ashley had the most beautiful face one will ever see, she also had the best body one could ever look at. Her tits were a firm b cup, and were perky with average sized areolas. Her stomach was addicting to look at, because she had a tone and flat tummy with the cutest belly button. She had dimples in her lower back that looked incredible, and the cutest butt one could possibly have. Her legs were smooth and toned. Ashley had very smooth skin that looked absolutely gorgeous. The best part of her body though was her pussy. It was shaved and smooth. Ashley had a small and sensitive clit, and her pussy was tight. She truly had the most beautiful pussy. Her face was the prettiest face one could see, and Ashley’s body was the sexiest body as well.

The only thing was that no one had ever seen Ashley’s body. She was always a very modest girl. Ashley never wore anything revealing. No one had ever seen her legs in a pair of short shorts. No one had ever gotten even the slightest peek of her midriff, let alone see her whole stomach, or her perky tits, cute butt, or absolutely gorgeous pussy. Ashley did have sexy clothes like bikinis, short shorts, and tank tops, although nothing risqué like thongs, corsets, or stockings, but instead normal clothes a girl her age would wear. The most revealing outfit that anyone had ever seen her in was a t-shirt and jeans, with no holes in her jeans to give a peek of her legs and no skin showing at her midriff. No one had ever seen her shoulders in a tank top or her legs in any kind of shorts or a skirt. No one had ever seen Ashley act sexy in any kind of way, whether it be seeing her dance a little, or pose like a model for play, flirt, or anything like that. She had sexual fantasies, and yet despite that Ashley amazingly has never pleasured herself. Her pussy has gotten wet before, but Ashley has never brought herself to an orgasm. Her modesty truly was unmatched. She wanted her first orgasm to take place in one of her fantasies, and she had an absolutely burning desire to live out her sexual fantasies.

Her fantasies, however, were very different from what almost everyone else would have. To begin, she was not into boys. Ashley felt sexier when with a woman. She thought girls were more attractive. Also, Ashley felt that women knew better how to pleasure other women. So Ashley was into women instead. However, her fantasies did not involve having sex with other women. She had a much more specific fantasy that she wanted to have happen to her. Ashley wanted to be with women, but the age of the woman was an important part of her fantasies. Ashley was attracted to girls her age, but wanted to be with an older woman, or perhaps several older women at once. She wanted to be with women in their forties or fifties. The reasons for this will be explained shortly.

Before explaining what Ashley specifically fantasizes about, it is important to understand that she has always been an extremely modest girl who has never revealed even a slight peek of her body, nor has she ever acted sexy in any kind of way around other people. Because Ashley has always been modest, what she yearned for was exposure. She wanted her body to be seen by an older woman, make that several older women. She wanted to be seen in a very sexualized manner. Ashley wanted to be completely naked in front of an older woman, and naked as in having absolutely nothing on, not even a pair of shoes or socks. Ashley wanted the older woman to bring her to an orgasm. The thing that was different about Ashley’s fantasies, however, was that in each fantasy she wanted to be the only one naked. She wanted the other woman, or women, to be fully clothed the entire time.

Why did Ashley specifically want this? One must again remember that Ashley has always been very modest. What Ashley specifically wanted was to feel vulnerable. Not only that, but Ashley wanted to feel as sexually vulnerable as one could possibly be. She would be vulnerable when having sex with another woman, however the other woman bahis firmaları would also be naked and put in a state of ecstasy. In other words, that woman would also be vulnerable, just as vulnerable as Ashley was. If only Ashley is naked and aroused, then that would raise her feeling of vulnerability to a whole new level, because the other woman in the room is fully clothed, protected, and safe. Ashley’s ultimate fantasies involved her being completely naked and brought to orgasm in front of a crowd of fully clothed older women, all watching and enjoying her. The more women that were there to see her, the more vulnerable Ashley would feel. Ashley wanted to be in a situation where everyone else in the room had all of their secrets hidden and protected, whereas Ashley had absolutely nothing hidden, where not only was her body on display, but her most intimate and erotic emotions were on display for everyone to see as well. That, Ashley thought, was as vulnerable as she could possibly get.

It was extremely important to Ashley that she was not only naked in front of fully clothed older women, but that she had an orgasm in front of them as well. An orgasm, Ashley felt, was the absolute ultimate form of exposure. It was the most erotic thing that one could ever witness. The facial expressions that a girl makes when in that aroused state look mesmerizing. The noises that a girl makes during orgasm sound so incredible, sexier than anything one could ever hear. The best part though is knowing that the girl cannot control the erotic sounds that she makes during orgasm. A girl’s orgasm was the biggest and most protected secret that she kept, and it is a secret that so many girls are embarrassed to share with other people and would never even consider sharing. Therefore Ashley felt that an orgasm was the greatest form of exposure, and that was why it was not enough for her to simply be naked in front of a group of fully clothed older women, but Ashley wanted those women to see her have an orgasm too. She wanted her biggest and most protected secret to be on display for everyone to see. Being naked was important, but having an orgasm brought Ashley’s exposure and vulnerability to a whole new level.

Ashley did not want to masturbate in front of older women though. She wanted the older women to do it to her. This was for a few reasons. If Ashley was touching herself, she could bring herself to orgasm, however she would have to work to get there. If the older women were touching her, then Ashley could just relax, feel what those women were doing to her, and enjoy the sensations that take place. More importantly though, Ashley wanted the older women to touch her. She wanted them to violate her. She wanted them to enjoy her. Ashley wanted them to take control of her. Ashley wanted the older women to have her entire body completely under their control. Also, remember that Ashley has never had an orgasm before. She always heard from reading that it was the greatest feeling a girl could ever experience. At the same time, Ashley was curious about what exactly a girl feels when she is in that state. She wanted to experience how a girl loses control of her body. Therefore, Ashley wanted someone else, an older and experienced woman, to make Ashley have her first orgasm. Ashley wanted to feel the nervousness of not knowing what was happening to her or what exactly was going to happen. Ashley wanted the older woman that would be pleasuring her to see the nervousness on her face as Ashley slowly loses herself for the first time. The thought of having an orgasm did make Ashley a little nervous, but because everyone says that it is the greatest feeling one could ever have, Ashley was really not worried.

The last question about Ashley’s fantasies is why does she want to be naked and orgasm specifically in front of older women? Ashley had developed her own world view when it came to women. She felt that younger women were more attractive than older women, and Ashley did not want to see an older woman naked. This is not meant as an insult to older women, as Ashley knew that she herself would one day be at that age. However, whenever Ashley saw models in magazines or anywhere else, it was always the younger women that showed off their bodies, whereas the older women were clothed and modest. It was always the younger women that acted sexy. So Ashley developed a worldview when it came to lesbians where the role of a younger woman was to show herself off in a sexualized way for the older woman’s entertainment, where the role of an older woman was to enjoy the younger woman. So Ashley also felt some kind of duty to display herself for older women, and the thought of doing so turned her on greatly. Ashley fantasized about older women enjoying her young body.

Ashley also specifically wanted her fantasies to take place while she was only 18. She would still have the same fantasies at age 19 or 20 or 21, but Ashley thought 18 was such an erotic age, because she is so young at that age. The thought of having a crowd of kaçak iddaa fully clothed older women stripping Ashley naked or watching Ashley strip naked, the thought of that crowd taking turns touching Ashley, rubbing her clit, licking her, fingering her, and toying her all for their own enjoyment, the thought of so many fully clothed older women watching and enjoying every moment as Ashley slowly but surely loses control of her body as she is brought to orgasm, and especially the thought of these women doing these things to Ashley when she is at such a young age, well, these thoughts made Ashley go absolutely crazy. She hoped that her fantasies would happen, and she hoped that her fantasies would happen when she was at the very young age of 18.

So that is Ashley Smith. In order to see her sexual experiences, it is first important to understand who she is, what specifically she wants in her fantasies, and why she specifically wants what she does. Because Ashley is very different from most people, it is important to understand the reasons for her fantasies before actually seeing them take place. And her fantasies do happen. Now we can visit how Ashley began to make her dreams become real.


Ashley began thinking and planning out how she might be able to make these fantasies real during her senior year of high school. She wondered to herself about lesbian dating sites and other things like that where she might be able to meet older women. Little did Ashley know that the answer to what she wanted was almost right in front of her.

During her senior year, Ashley was thinking about what career she wanted to pursue in college. She was into all kinds of jobs. Ashley loved to dance at home as a hobby, although she was not on any kind of professional dance team. She danced all the time in her room, but always when her parents were away from home. Ashley was an only child, so there were no other family members to worry about. Ashley was a very sexy dancer too. Watching her hips sway was sure to get anyone’s heart rate soaring with excitement. She was into modeling, because that was also a sexy job where Ashley could showcase her body, although she was not interested in becoming a big name model. Ashley preferred to be low key, and was more into nude and erotic modeling. This was something she would not tell her parents. Instead she told her parents that she liked photography, and she was actually interested in it. Ashley preferred to be in front of the camera though. Ashley was into fashion, because she thought that clothes were sexy, although she told her parents that she was interested in the designing of clothes and not the other reason. She also had interests in film and writing.

Ashley’s parents were never very strict with her, mostly because Ashley was almost always at home when she wasn’t at school. They knew that she was never one that would get into trouble. She always had very good grades in school. Ashley’s parents helped her look around for a college to go to, and even people that were working in the same fields that Ashley was interested in. Before long, Ashley’s mother remembered someone that might be able to help Ashley with her career.

“Do you remember Ms. Stephens?” asked Ashley’s mother one day.

“I remember, yeah,” said Ashley. Dana Stephens was once their neighbor and a friend to their family. She moved to a different house when Ashley was about ten. They did see her a few times and Ms. Stephens was always very friendly. Although they do not see her often nowadays. She was in her mid forties and lived alone.

“I just remembered that she is working mostly the same fields that you want to go in,” said Ashley’s mother. “I know she has worked in fashion before, and she does have some experience in photography and writing. And I think she lives a short distance away but not too far, and I should still have her number somewhere. Would you be interested in her helping you at all?”

“Ok, sure,” said Ashley. She was happy to hear this, as Ashley knew Ms. Stephens from back when she was a child, and thought it would be great to see her again and see what she knew about the work in her career. Ashley’s mother was able to contact Ms. Stephens, and they arranged for Ashley to see her Friday evening. Ashley was happy, because she thought she was going to get some great career advice. However, she was actually going to get more than that. Ashley did not know it at the time, but Ms. Stephens was going give Ashley everything that she wanted sexually.

Ashley first began to see Dana Stephens a few months before graduating from high school. She had never been to her new house, and so Ashley had to get the address and look up the directions. It was about a 45 minute drive to get there. When Ashley arrived at Ms. Stephens’ house, she was amazed. Ms. Stephens had a long driveway and a house that was secluded in a rich neighborhood. No other houses were seen nearby. It was a rich neighborhood where the houses were more spread out. Her kaçak bahis house was large. Ashley pulled up to the house and rang the doorbell Friday evening, and the door opened before long.

“Ashley? Wow I haven’t seen you in so long!” said Dana Stephens when she opened the door. She was a little taller than Ashley, had black hair and tan skin. It was easy to tell that she had fashion experience, because Ms. Stephens dressed well. She was in decent shape, but certainly looked her age, which was 45. (Although it really does not matter that much what she looks like, because only Ashley is going to be getting naked in this story.)

“Hi Ms. Stephens, thank you for letting me come over!” said Ashley.

“No problem! I’m happy to have someone here who has the same career interests. And someone I’ve known for so long, but haven’t seen in a while!” said Ms. Stephens. “I remember when you were still a baby. I can’t believe that you’re all grown up now! You look so pretty!”

“Well thank you,” said Ashley blushing. She and Ms. Stephens had a wonderful talk for the next couple of hours. Most of it was just catching up after not seeing each other for a while. There was some talk about where Ashley wanted to go for college, which she still hadn’t figured out even that late in the spring of her senior year. Other talk was about what work Ms. Stephens did and what kind of jobs she might be able to help find for Ashley.

“I’ve hopped from one job to another over the years, but I’m doing well,” said Ms. Stephens. “I’ve worked in the fashion industry, then I’ve done some film work, then some photography from time to time, and I’ve done some dance coaching and a little bit of writing. I have a small dance studio downstairs and a small photography studio as well if you want to see.”

“Ok sure!” said Ashley. Ms. Stephens had a large house. A small dance studio was in the basement and there was a TV room that had enough couches to sit 30 or 40 people. There was another room in the basement where the door was shut. On the main floor Ms. Stephens had an office with a very large drafting desk for designing clothes, a sewing machine, and other supplies for making clothes. The photography studio was also on the main floor, with a camera and backdrop. The kitchen had a large table and a great view of the woods in the back. Then upstairs was another office with a computer and the bedroom. Ms. Stephens had everything she needed right at home for her work.

“Wow you have everything!” said Ashley.

“I do a lot of my work at home, although I certainly have to leave my house often for other things,” said Ms. Stephens. “Well it is getting late and you have a long drive home, but I would love to have you back here. We can talk more about what you want to do, I can give you plenty of tips, and I could definitely help find you some work.”

“Thanks! I would love to come on back!” said Ashley. She would end up stopping by once a week, and Ms. Stephens would give all kinds of career advice. Ashley was able to find and get into a college with her help, which was a university that was close to Ms. Stephens’ house. Ashley found that Ms. Stephens had a very laid back personality, where Ashley could probably tell her almost any secret. Ms. Stephens enjoyed Ashley’s company greatly, and over the next several months Ashley began to learn more about her. In early July, Ashley was soon going to leave for college, although she was going to live in an apartment by herself not far from Ms. Stephens’ house. During a visit in early August, she received the information that she had wanted so badly.

“You can call me Dana,” said Ms. Stephens. On this day they were talking about photography, and she was showing Ashley some of her work with models over the years.

“These models look great. Your are really good at photographing women,” said Ashley. They were turning pages in a look book, and suddenly Ashley found some nude and erotic pictures.

“Oh sorry! Didn’t mean for you to see those!” Ms. Stephens joked.

“I’m ok,” said Ashley. “So you have photographed a lot of naked models over the years. These are really interesting pictures.”

“Yes. I have always had a hobby of photographing beautiful women, especially doing nude and erotic photo shoots as you have now seen,” said Ms. Stephens sounding embarrassed. “I must confess that I’m actually attracted to women instead of men.

“Your a lesbian!?” said Ashley, although in a more joking kind of manner.

“Yes, I am. I hope I’m not scaring you by saying that,” Ms. Stephens joked.

“No I’m fine,” said Ashley. Ashley acted fine but she actually wasn’t. When she heard that Ms. Stephens was a lesbian her heart rate soared. Ashley suddenly felt a small wave of arousal come over her, and her pussy became a little wet while her nipples started to perk up a little. On the surface though, Ashley acted calm as before. “Have you done a lot of work with other lesbians?”

“I have to confess that a good amount of my work is actually for adults,” said Ms. Stephens. “I have done fashion work and dance work, but I have also done some erotic photography, I have written a couple of erotic lesbian stories, and I have filmed a few lesbian adult movies.”

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