A Mutual Learning Experience Ch. 10

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker for editing this story.

This story is about incestuous relationships. All the characters are age 18, or older.

To better understand this story, you may want to read the previous chapters.

Much had happened in our family over the past few weeks. I have been telling you about what happened with my aunt Janet, her daughter Michelle and their families. So maybe I should reintroduce myself.

I am David. My mother is Mary. Our last name, unlikely as it may seem, is Smith. We were the first of the family to engage in the thrill of incest. It spread from us to my mother’s two sisters, my aunts Janet and Edith.

Janet, with Edith’s help, introduced her husband, Earl, to the notion. Later, she and Earl introduced their daughter, Michelle, to the joys of familial love. Physical love, that is. Incest, if you prefer.

Michelle carried the message to her husband and his mother. Son and mother had already been in an incestuous relationship. Now it was three of them together.

Earl and Janet had spent a couple of weekends with them. According to Janet, everyone involved had thoroughly enjoyed themselves both times. She said they were all anxious for a repeat.

So the incestuous lifestyle was spreading through the family. So far, all involved approved of the new way of life. They not only approved, all were thoroughly enjoying it.

Much of the spread was caused by the dreams that the female members of my mother’s family have. Erotic dreams of making love with other members of the family, with either men or women. When the dreams became too intense, they were forced to act on them. It seemed as if that force was applied subtly, without their knowledge. Maybe they looked at it as coincidence. Whatever. Events occurred to bring them into an incestuous relationship. And thus, into the incestuous circle of our family.


It was a Friday afternoon. Mother got home from work a little before I did. She was going through the mail when I walked in. She had set aside one letter.

“This is from your Aunt Martha,” she said, indicating the letter. Aunt Martha is my father’s sister. She had married and moved away shortly after my parents wed. She and Mother had been friends, but the last time we had seen her was at my father’s funeral. That was over ten years ago. Communication had dwindled to occasional letters and cards at Christmas. Lately, though, with the growth of the internet, contact had become more frequent.

Aunt Martha had lost her own husband two years ago. She had a son, Rick, about my age, and a daughter, Ruth, who was nineteen. Ruth had graduated from high school. She was trying to decide what to do with her life. Her son was in the Army and stationed in Korea. He would be there another six months.

Martha’s husband had left her well off. Either of the children could have afforded college but neither seemed interested.

Her letter told us that she was considering moving back home. She asked if Mother could put her up, along with her daughter. It would only be for a couple of weeks or so until they found an apartment. Then they would look for a house to buy.

“Martha was a good friend when we were younger,” Mother told me. “I don’t think I can refuse her a few days hospitality. She is your father’s sister, after all.

“We’ll have to watch ourselves while they are here but I think we can survive. If necessary, we can visit Edith.”

“Well, Mother,” I told her, “don’t forget that I’ll be moving some things back to my college apartment.” It was nearing the end of the summer. I would be returning to school for advanced studies in three weeks. The next week would be my last at work. It had been a summer job with a local engineering firm. I had the impression that they were well satisfied with my work.

“That is a thought,” Mother replied. “I can always take a day off to help.” She laughed then.

There was another sister on my father’s side of the family. That was my aunt Elaine. She was divorced and had one daughter, Shirley. Elaine was the youngest of my father’s family. They lived not too far from us. We saw her three or four times a year. She had a good job but they were far from wealthy.

Shirley was a very intelligent girl. She had just turned eighteen. She was ready to start her first year of college. She had a good scholarship that would pay her tuition. Her father had offered to continue his child support payments as long as she was in school. He would also contribute to her living expenses. His contribution would be a big help for her and her mother.

“I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of Elaine and Shirley while Martha and Ruth are here. We don’t see them very often. Ruth and Shirley are about the same age, too. I hope they get along together. I don’t think they have ever seen much of each other.”

Mother emailed Martha telling her she was welcome any time and for as long as she wanted to stay. She did tell her that bahis firmaları the guest room only had one bed; that she and Ruth would have to share, or one could sleep on the couch.

The next morning there was a reply from Martha. “Ruth and I don’t have any problem sharing a bed. We’re leaving Sunday, driving. We should arrive Friday.” She signed it “Love, Martha and Ruth.”

Mother and I were expecting my aunt Edith that same evening. We were looking forward to it. Our plans were to show her the enjoyment we had found using vibrators. Excitement for both of us. Maybe not an adventure for those blasé folks who have ventured far further than we have on the path of carnal exploration. But a thrill for Mother and I who had started out as sexual neophytes; who were learning new and, to us, exciting things about erotic gratification.

Edith wanted to get us all together for a big orgy. Mother was reluctant. She wasn’t sure, yet, if she wanted to have sex with a man other than me. I didn’t think I would have a problem, if she did, if he was family. Earl and I had already discussed this possibility. We had agreed that although it might be awkward at first, that it would probably work out ok.

Janet and Earl were going to visit Michelle and her family for the weekend. Like Mother, Janet was having reservations about sex with any other man than Earl. Except, for Mike (Michelle’s husband) and then only when Earl was with her.

Mom and I had a cup of coffee while we waited. Fantasies were racing through my mind. Visions of nylon sheathed legs, spread wide, of hairy pussies, wet and ready. Of panties, wet in the crotch; soaked with the juices of anticipation. Mother had a dreamy look on her face. Maybe she was fantasizing, too. Edith was leaving work early so she would arrive not long after we got home.

We heard Edith’s car in the driveway. The garage door was open so she could enter that way. We opened the inside door to greet her. There were hugs and kisses all around. The kiss she and I shared was on the lips, with a little tongue. It looked as though she and Mother exchanged a similar greeting.

I looked at Edith as she and Mother embraced. Her ass looked beautiful in a well fitted skirt. Her legs were nylon sheathed. Her moderately high heels added a touch of class. She took her suit jacket off displaying a pretty blouse. It was office wear, what you would expect from a bank officer.

Mother’s dress was similar. Although she was slightly overweight, careful fitting made her ass look great, too. Like her sister, she also wore nylons and moderate heels.

My fantasies came back strong. I could visualize Edith driving to our house. The heat of her arousal as she anticipated the erotic evening to come. In my mind, I could almost taste the juices that soaked her panties as she drove.

My mother was there, too, in my daydreams. With the dreamy look she had as we waited for Edith. Her panties, too, would be soaked with the essences of lust. I knew she had spent the afternoon hours at work with her own fantasies of her sister’s wet pussy and of my hard cock.

We sat down at the table. I poured wine for everyone. We started catching up on family news. Janet had updated us about Michelle and her family. We thought it was quite exciting. Edith did, too. She brought up the possibility of a family orgy again. Mother good naturedly told her not yet.

Mother asked her if she had gotten together with Janet and Michelle. Edith told her it hadn’t happened yet. But that it had been discussed. It would be soon.

Mother told Edith about the expected visit from Martha.

“We will have to change our sleeping arrangements while they are here. We’ll have to delay any get-togethers, too.”

Edith was quite excited about Martha’s visit. She had been a friend of hers, too. Edith was also very friendly with Elaine. They were quite close in age. They had drifted apart but still got together a couple of times a year.

I poured the ladies another glass of wine. They were talking more about Michelle and her family. They wondered about Diane, Janet’s other daughter. They decided they would ask Janet about her when they talked again.

They had finished their wine. I held out a hand to each. They stood and we all hugged. I kissed mother, then Edith. We went to the bedroom then.

“Leave your panties on,” I told them as we undressed. “I love the scent after you’ve worn them all day. Especially if you’ve been horny.” They left the nylons on, too. I think that nylon clad legs thrilled them as much as me.

I lay on the bed and slid down about a third of the way. I put a pillow under my head for support while Mother and Edith lay on either side of me, their panty clad pussies next to my face. Their wet mouths were kissing my cock. They were both pushing their crotches at me, rubbing their wet panties over my face.

I reveled in the sensations of two hot women licking and sucking at my rock hard cock as they rubbed kaçak iddaa the scents of their lust over my face. My tongue was tasting one then the other. The fragrance was almost overwhelming. The tastes were irresistible. Musk and sweat and a trace of piss. Soaked into the gusset of their panties. A wonderful blend of aroma and taste that electrified me. The thrill was intense. I lost all control. My cock erupted as the women licked it. My cum gushed from me. Onto their faces. Creamy cum flowed for them to lick, to suck. To rub their faces in. They kissed, open mouthed, hot, tongues dancing. They licked my cum from their faces and from their tongues.

They forgot me then. They were intent upon each other. Edith rolled across me to lie next to Mother. They were in each other’s embrace. Kissing wildly, feeling tits and pussies. Pushing their panties down off their hips. Freeing their cunts for the pleasures to come. I knelt by their feet to pull the panties off both of them. I held both pairs to my face to inhale their aromas as they continued with their love making.

They were at each other’s cunt. They licked and sucked. Their bare asses flashed me. I heard moans and cries as they brought each other to orgasms. The wonderful scents of hot women, cum and sweat entranced me. My dick hardened as I stroked it softly with the panties. I didn’t want to cum. Only if it was in one of the hot women before me. In her cunt, her mouth, I didn’t care. My turn would come. I would try to be patient.

The women broke apart. They lay together as they caught their breath.

“You two rest for a while,” I told them. “I’ll go fix some supper for us. Come to the kitchen when you’re ready.”

I grabbed a robe and went to the kitchen. I started a pot of coffee and began making a few sandwiches. My boner went down while I worked. I set the table, then sat down to wait for them. They showed up before too long, laughing together. Both were wearing robes, unbelted. They were flashing their bare boobs and bushes as they walked.

The women sat on either side of me, both were rubbing their thighs against mine. After coffee, I set out a plate of sandwiches for us. We all ate lightly. I poured us all wine after eating. Mother asked if anyone would like to watch porn.

“The real thing is so much more exciting,” Edith said. Mother and I both agreed. “But porn is a great way to start things off.” Mother and I agreed with that, too.

Edith and Mother went back to the bedroom while I cleaned up the kitchen. They told me to wait for them. They returned wearing sheer négligées over bare bodies, except for thigh high nylons. They were both wearing heels, too. The dark circles of their areolas and the dark patches of their pubic hair showed through the diaphanous fabric.

Edith was a very shapely woman. Mother was a little on the plump side. Before Mother and I became lovers I would have preferred a woman like Edith, but now Mother’s body was my ideal. I didn’t wonder much about it. As far as I was concerned, at the moment, there were two women there for fucking and sucking. I loved my mother, but I lusted after both. Then again, Mother and Edith lusted after each other.

We went to the living room. We sat on the couch. Edith and I sat close together. Mother put the video in the player. She came back to the couch to sit next to Edith, on the other side from me. I was a little surprised. Normally, they would have had me between them. I soon figured it out, though. Mother had selected a lesbian video.

The video was a short one but by the time it was over the two ladies were feeling each other all over. Their negligees were open. They were sucking tits and fingering pussies. The scent of musk aroused me. My hard cock was in my hand. I, however, was not wanting to cum. Not yet.

Mother slid off the couch, between Edith’s legs, licking her lips in anticipation. Edith slid her butt to the edge of the couch. I watched, spellbound, as Mother ate her sister’s cunt. As Edith experienced multiple orgasms, I slid from the couch to kneel behind Mother. I let my hard cock rest in the crack of Mother’s ass. She felt it there. She pushed back against it.

I wondered if it was time to fuck Mother in the ass. We had been working our way toward anal fucking, playing with vibrators in the butt. I decided it would be better to wait. Wait until it was only her and me. When there were no distractions.

I fingered Mother’s pussy, bringing her to an orgasm as she brought Edith to yet another cumming. Edith finally was sated. She pushed Mother’s head away. She slid off the couch. Kneeling facing each other, they kissed deeply.

Edith pushed Mother onto her back. Mother didn’t need any urging. Her legs splayed lewdly as her knees raised. She reached for a pillow from the couch to shove under her ass. Edith went down on her. Eating her, sister on sister, as my mother had done for her.

Edith’s ass was raised. Her legs spread invitingly. I shed my robe and knelt kaçak bahis behind her. Flipping her négligée up onto her back, I let my hard cock probe at her cunt. Sliding the tip through her flowing juices, I pressed it to her hard clit. She moaned against her sister’s pussy. She pushed back toward me, inviting me into her sanctum.

I slid into her cunt, thrusting hard. My groin slapped against the cheeks of her beautiful ass. Mother was aware. She looked at me with a smile. Her expression changed as I watched. An orgasm flashing through her stole her attention away.

Edith came shortly after Mother. I continued to pump my hard cock into her. Both women were cumming. Mother’s legs over Edith’s back, clasping her, holding her at her sister’s cunt; to eat her, to suck her. I pummeled her ass as I drove my hard cock into her.

I exploded, my cock exulted in the rush of my cum. Pouring from my hard cock into the cunt of my aunt. Even as she ate my mother’s pussy, I emptied my seed into her. My entire being was focused on the thrill of a glorious orgasm.

I softened and backed away. I lay on the carpet behind Edith, spent, sated. I was aware of the women breaking apart, both satisfied. They laid on either side of me. I put an arm around each of them. We were all spent. Edith stood. She held out a hand to Mother and me. We stood with her. We all clasped the others in what might be called a group hug. We went to the bedroom. I with an arm around each of the women. We lay together. We slept together, soundly.

I woke in the morning with Mother beside me, still asleep. I could hear Edith in the bathroom. She came back into the bedroom to sit on the bed next to me. She leaned down to kiss me.

“Last night was nice,” she said softly. She laid down again next to me and snuggled up to my body. I fell asleep again. When I woke the second time I was alone.

I found Mother and Edith in the living room having coffee. They were seated together on the couch, but didn’t seem to be working up to sex. They were still dressed in the négligées from the night before. The view caused my dick to firm up to a half-hard state.

I got a cup of coffee and joined them. The scent of old sex was strong in the room. It is a fragrance that is a powerful turn-on for Mother. For me, too, for that matter. We often ate each other in the mornings after a night of sex.

Edith seemed to enjoy it, too. She inhaled deeply as I sat down in a chair facing them.

“I think you’re right,” she told Mother. “It is an erotic scent. I never really let myself enjoy it before.”

I went to the kitchen and brought back the coffee pot to refresh everyone’s cups. After taking it back to the kitchen, I sat back in the chair gazing at the two scantily clad women across from me.

“David and I both enjoy it,” Mother said. “In fact, we have a mutual fetish about it. We often eat each other the morning after, before we shower, so the scents and tastes have not been washed away.” She looked at her sister. “You might like it.”

I was surprised that Mother had told Edith about our fetish. I had thought it was something she wanted to keep between us. That it might be a minor embarrassment for her. Apparently I was wrong.

Her talk was making me hard. My stiff cock was tenting my robe as I listened to them.

“I know I would,” Edith replied.

“Go ahead then,” Mother said. “I want to watch.” She reached into the drawer of the end table for a vibrator and a tube of lube.

Edith stood in front of me. She slid to her knees, her hands reaching for the sash of my robe. She spread it open to free my hard dick. She licked her lips salaciously. She leaned to kiss the tip of my now throbbing cock. She was rubbing her face on him sliding him sensuously against her cheek and her neck. She had one hand on her pussy, a couple of fingers shoved deep into herself.

I wanted to eat her, to bury my head in her fragrant cunt. I gently pushed her back. Edith knew what I wanted. She moved back to give me room.

I glanced at Mother as I slid from the chair. Her negligee had fallen open. She sat with her head thrown back pushing the vibrator into her twat. Her lips were parted, her tongue licking them. It was a sensuous sight.

Edith and I lay on the carpet. I didn’t waste any time. I dove into her pussy, into the warmth, the wetness. My tongue probing, licking and lapping at the juices flowing from her. My nose between her inner lips inhaling her aroma, the scent of hot deep woman. The musk of arousal and the cum I had deposited in her hot body the night before.

Edith was on top making love to my cock. Licking her stale juices from it. The juices from her own pussy the night before. Her tongue, her lips and her teeth were all employed artfully to give me maximum pleasure.

As I rejoiced in the feel of her juices on my face I was aware of Mother kneeling between Edith’s legs, just above my head. She was playing the vibrator in the crack of Edith’s ass. Edith seemed to like it. She pulled her knees forward opening her ass more. From my position I was able to see a little of what was happening, but my main focus was on the hot cunt Edith was rubbing on my face.

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