April Showers

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Hello again, my kinky friends!

This is a story that follows my most recent kink story, “Owning April.” If you have not read it, check it out! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my dirty mind and story!

And last but not least,

Stay messy, kinksters! Xoxo

DISCLAIMER: All of these characters are above the age of eighteen!

If you are triggered by bondage or rough sex, please, do not read this story!


Soft chirping is the first thing that caused my eyes to flutter open. I winced as the next thing that met my senses were sun rays that had seeped through the shutters of my bedroom.

I cast a quick glance over my shoulder at the slender form sleeping behind my curled-up body.


She was dead asleep and as beautiful as she was when she was awake. I loved the way her soft legs felt as they were curled up with mine and the way that her hair fell over her resting face.

I tried to avoid staring too long lest I be accused of obsession. Beginning to gently nudge her legs off of mine, I tried to slide out of bed. I wanted to brush my teeth and comb my hair before she woke. This was a routine of mine.

I didn’t like looking messy whenever she finally woke up to me in bed.

Despite my grandest efforts, I found it difficult to slip away without waking her. Why hasn’t it been this hard in the past? April let out a soft sigh and I immediately ceased movement.

“E, what time is it?” April mumbled cutely with her eyes still sealed shut and eyelashes laying beautifully against her face.

“Early,” I said quietly back, eyeing her suspiciously as she wiggled around to get comfortable.

“Where are you going?” Her voice was whiny as she tightened her legs around mine. Little viper.



My explanation seemed to meet her standards and she released her grip around my legs, allowing blood to flow freely once more. Thank the gods.

I quickly fled while I still had the chance and was sure to shut the bathroom door slowly behind me as I breathed a sigh of relief.

My tomboy-ish figure and sloppy hair immediately met my eyes in the mirror. My tank top was disheveled and my panties were barely hanging on. Straightening my clothes, I debated between hopping in the shower or just giving myself a sponge bath.

Deciding against the sponge bath, I turned on the shower and closed my eyes as I waited for the water to warm up.

After slipping off my long tshirt and my panties, I slid into the shower and was met with relievingly hot water. The water seemed to rinse away my sleepiness and energize me as the watery sheets slid down my body.

My perky tits bounced as I reached for the soap and lathered it in my hands. Unable to resist, I gave one of them a little jiggle with my hands. My pussy tingled as my soapy hands continued to explore my breasts, even stopping to tweak my nipple.

Moaning, I allowed my left hand to slide down my stomach, slipping in between my thighs to caress my soft pussy lips. There was already wetness seeping from my pussy and beginning to coat my greedy fingers. My middle finger found my clit and I rubbed it slowly, spreading canlı bahis şirketleri my legs and moaning louder.

Closing my eyes, I imagined that April was in front of me, bent over in front of me in the shower as hot water and soap ran down her ass crack down to her pink, tight pussy. I imagined that she would spread her ass cheeks, giving me a good view of her asshole.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted as I heard the bathroom door creak open and shut.

“Good morning, babe. How do you always get away before I can wake up and kiss you?” April called out in her sweet, croaky morning voice.

My fingers ceased their movement and I slowly pulled the shower curtain open, peering out at a very cute and still sleepy April.

Her messy hair was piled on her hair in a bun and her bralette straps were uneven. As usual, she was wearing a lacy pair of high-waisted panties, which she knew were my favorite.

“I am a ninja,” I grinned, giving her a devious wink.

She crossed her arms and pouted. “I never get to see you in your gross, sleepy state. No fair!”

“Too bad, so sad.” I gave her another wink and yanked the curtain closed again.

I did feel a little guilty as she seemed to genuinely wish I didn’t sneak out of bed every time after we had spent the night together. However, it was only recently that our relationship had become more intimate and less… rough and sex-related.

After the sexy encounter we had in the forest a few weeks ago, I fully embraced my romantic feelings for April. Before then, we had a simple agreement that our relationship was strictly bound to kinky, rough sex.

My mind flashed back to when I confessed that I wanted to know her on a more personal level, to love and know her as a romantic partner. April was shocked. She and I had been fuck buddies since senior year of highschool. She had no clue that I saw her as anything more.

And, frankly, neither did I.

It wasn’t until that moment of vulnerability in the forest that I realized that I never actually wanted our time together to stop. I didn’t want her to go home after I provided her with aftercare and affection. I wanted her around even when we were done with a scene.

I wanted her to fall asleep with me, go to the grocery store with me, fall in love with who I was outside of the bedroom and our friendship.

Sure, we both had our flaws. I was irritable and impatient and she tended to be flakey.

But we made it work and we were now dating.

So what made it so hard to be raw with her? Why couldn’t I move past my silly insecurities and let her see me in the morning? Bed head, red sleepy face and all?

The shower curtain slid open again and I was surprised to see April’s naked body climbing into the shower with me.

“Oooh, what’s this?” I teased, admiring her long hair and her beautiful, big tits.

“Scoot over. I wanna get in the water, too.”

I laughed as she gently shoved past me and completely immersed herself in the water stream, her hair going slick against her head and shoulders.

“Okay there, hulk.”

I received a gentle splash in retaliation and knew not canlı kaçak iddaa to tease any further. She hadn’t had any coffee yet and she wasn’t really a morning person.

I stifled my further teasing comments as she dropped the soap and sighed in frustration, picking it up and rubbing herself with it frantically.

I just stood back and watched as, just like in my very-rudely-interrupted fantasy, her body became amassed with soapy suds and water. Her asscheeks jiggled everytime she moved and her thighs were deliciously slick.

She caught me staring at her thighs and gave me a sly smile. “Can I help you?” She stuck her tongue out at me.

What a sassy brat.

I moved closer as she turned to face me fully, her voluptuous breasts tempting and her nipples both hardening. I put a hand on the shower wall behind her, my body now inches from hers.

“Yeah. I think you can,” I whispered in reply as I slipped my other hand in between her thighs. She whimpered as I found her sensitive nub and gave it slow, gentle rubs. I was careful not to give her the friction she wanted. Her whimpers started.

I made gentle circle motions around her clit, her pussy lips spreading and closing around my exploring fingers. Her nub was now pulsating below my fingertips and April’s breathing was becoming heavier.

Her clit was beautiful and unique. It was rosy pink and was shaped like a little heart. It felt so good to torture her like I was. I possessively bit her lower lip as she began to grind her pussy against my fingers.

“More,” she rasped out.

I heeded her request and moved the shower head so that I could kiss her neck without drowning. There was something else that needed my lip’s attention, too.

I kneeled down and she had spread her legs as soon as I made it to the floor of the shower. I went to work hastily, spreading her lips with my fingers and lapping at her clit like a thirsty animal.

“Ooooh, fuck, yes, please,” April moaned loudly. She spread her legs further and I could feel her juicy thighs jiggling softly as she did so.

I grabbed one to drag her pussy closer to my face. I loved the way her lips dipped and moved as I expertly attacked them with my tongue. I loved her taste. She was sweet and salty all at once. Her smell was intoxicating.

I began to spell her name in her clit, intentionally taking my time with the A as I moved my tongue over her very sensitive clitoral hood, her nub pulsing in delight. I sucked her clit into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue.

She was crying out my name now. “Eden! Eden! You’re going to make me cum!”

I felt her pussy growing wetter with every lick. I flattened my tongue and raked it across her pussy, slurping up her juices as I focused on making this angel cum all over my face. My own pussy was hot with sexual desire and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would need to cum, too.

She came hard when I began lapping at the most sensitive part of her clit mercilessly. Her legs tensed and I watched her pussy jerk and her stomach clench with the waves of her orgasm. Hell, yes!

I didn’t stop, though. I was determined to bury my face in her perfect canlı kaçak bahis pussy and swallow her sweet juices. And that I did. She was begging me to stop but held my head in place as I dived nose first into her sweet cunt, licking hungrily still.

“Your tongue feels so fucking good. My pussy almost can’t take it,” she cried out softly.

I eventually stopped and rose to my feet. I was ready to cum right then and there when her breasts were the first thing to meet my eyes. I sucked at her nipples as I fingered my own pussy aggressively, my body swaying as I fucked myself.

“That’s so hot, baby,” April moaned as she watched me suck at her tits and finger-fuck myself to climax. I finally came as she squished my face in between her tits with her hands. I was on cloud nine.

I retracted my fingers from my now swollen pussy and immediately dipped them into April’s mouth. Couldn’t have her forgetting who’s in charge here. She appreciatively sucked at them, swallowing my cum.

“Good girl, chickapen.”

Her eyes met mine and she giggled as she suddenly moved past me, popping my fingers out of her mouth.

I turned off the shower and followed her as she stepped out, passing me as a towel and grabbing one for herself. I took it and roughly dried my hair and body. She slathered on lotion while she waited for me to finish drying off. She always smelled and looked amazing.

Especially when she had just came for me.

For me. My April.

My heart flooded as I watched her cutely apply mascara, making strange faces in the mirror as she did. I loved her beyond even my own comprehension. I wanted to admire her forever and ever.

As soon as I was dry, I scooped her up and carried her to the bed. She was laughing and ruffling my still-damp hair. I spooned her immediately and began kissing her neck as I massaged her thigh.

“How did we not do this sooner?” April asked, her eyes meeting mine as she turned over so slightly.

“I don’t know. I didn’t think beyond my imagined confines of our kinky, complicated friendship.”

I swallowed as I realized that her face had become serious. She didn’t like my answer. Or did she? I wish I knew what she was thinking.

“I liked you way before you decided that you liked me,” she muttered.

“Oh. Why didn’t you ever say something to me?”

She looked away as she mindlessly played with my hair.

“I wanted to but it didn’t seem as if you saw me as anything more than a mixture of best friend/fuck buddy.”

I nodded. That was fair. I had never opened myself up to the idea because I hated feeling vulnerable. Sure, I had to practice vulnerability as her friend, but anything more seemed too risky.

“I guess I was just afraid of what would happen. I was afraid of what would change. I felt like, maybe, I wouldn’t be as sexy to you.”

Her beautiful eyes widened. “You’re still sexy to me. Even more so now.”

My heart fluttered and I clutched her close, trying to cuddle as close to her as I could. April’s arms wound around me and we laid there just holding each other in an entangled heap.

“Thank you,” I whispered softly. All April responded with was a soft kiss on my neck.

April was like soft, summer rain. Always a surprise, never a disappointment. I wanted to stand in her comforting, sweet-smelling presence, letting her rain pour down and wash away my walls as I broke past her clouds.

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