Always Obey Her

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Everything had changed when Cody had formed a relationship with his own principal. Iris was a remarkable woman. At 42 years of age, she had ruled this high school with her fearlessness and her determination. Cody didn’t care that he was one of her students. At 18 years of age, he took his chances. And it wasn’t because he would be the one in charge. As a matter of fact, Iris was the one that took charge in the relationship.

Ever since the start of the new year, Cody had grown more attached to Iris. And it wasn’t just her beautiful looks, which included her long brown hair and impressive curves. It wasn’t just her tall and healthy figure that never changed throughout the school year. Cody grew more attached because she had showed him just how authoritative she could be when she invited him into her two-story house. Cody had never experienced anything like this. Her invisible urges had come to fruition when she demonstrated how she used a strap-on to dominate her favorite student. The principal gained the upper hand as she thrust her plastic cock into him as he stood on his hands and knees in the bedroom.

Cody was astonished. He didn’t expect to be so submissive when he was in Iris’s home. He would have refused it, but instead, he was drawn to the hypnotic nature of it. He wanted to be her pet. He didn’t show any shame for his more obedient nature. He was an 18-year-old student with a slim physique. He had blue eyes and blond hair that reached his shoulders. He was a few inches shorter than Iris, and he would have been heralded as an innocuous student by his peers. Perhaps that was why she particularly selected him to be a part of her life.

Cody slowly embraced it. For the next few months, he wanted to stay true to his submissive behavior. He didn’t want these escapades to stop. Whenever he was invited, he didn’t say no. He entered Iris’s house without hesitation. Every time, he would be pounded by Iris’s strap-on. He enjoyed it. He didn’t want it to stop. At one point, Iris brought him into her clean and spacious garage after midnight. Both of them were naked as performed their private ritual. Iris grabbed his hips and thrust her plastic cock deep into his hole. Cody had bent down and placed his hands on the hood of her sedan. He moaned repeatedly. He could feel Iris’s long dick sliding back and forth from within. It almost felt like an actual grown man had placed his cock deep inside Cody.

Iris whispered, “You just love my cock, don’t you?”

Cody squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh, yes! I love your cock.”

Even if it wasn’t real, Iris’s favorite instrument was all it took for Cody to feel delighted by her presence. Iris brought him up and had him stand up straight. From behind, she embraced him and didn’t let go. Cody could feel her voluptuous breasts pressing against his back. She continued to thrust her strap-on deep into his hole. She reached down and stimulated him even more by stroking his cock in the same pattern as her fast-moving hips. Cody trembled at her swift touch. Soon, he would spill his seed. He felt lucky to have a woman like her.

Iris hugged him even harder. Cody turned his head and the two of them kissed. He felt Iris’s long brown hair brushing against the side of his face. The kiss soothed him. He felt so servile in his arms, and he loved it. And just as she finally stopped moving her hips forward, she continued to stroke his dick. Cody gasped. Her fingers led him to release the semen that landed on the floor. Her work here was done. Cody relaxed.

Iris still didn’t let him go. She kept him in his arms and whispered, “I’m so lucky to have you here.”

Cody didn’t disagree. He had already decided that he would be the more submissive one in this relationship. He didn’t care that she was his principal. He wanted to be her pet. He wanted to embrace his more feminine side while being the one wearing the collar.

* * *

This relationship lasted well into the middle of Spring. Nobody else knew about it. This was only a secret between the student and the principal. At least for the first few months of the year.

In the middle of April, Iris invited Cody over yet again. He had no questions. It was a calm and cool Saturday afternoon, and he didn’t want to spend it in his own home. He made it to Iris’s house, which was just a few blocks away. A partly cloudy sky hovering above the city of Tustin could only mean that the day would not be affected by higher temperatures. Spring was truly divine in Southern California.

Cody knocked on the front door and waited for Iris to answer. When she opened the door, she immediately let him in. She wore a black tank top that fit well with her blue jeans. Both student and principal hugged and kissed. Cody felt rather small in her arms, considering she really was a tall and robust woman.

Iris bahis firmaları kissed him on the forehead. “I have a surprise for you.”

Cody smiled. “I’d like to see it.”

She brought him upstairs. The master bedroom still stayed the same the last time he was here. It included a king-sized bed and a hardwood floor. The windows revealed a balcony that would give residents a clear view of the neighborhood.

Cody asked, “So what’s gonna happen?”

Iris chuckled. She stood in front of him as she caressed his blond hair. Cody stayed still. She would always do this. She would gaze at him with the sole intention of using him for her own amusement. This would be the starting point to her desires.

But this time, she smiled and said, “You know Julian, don’t you?”

Julian was one of his classmates in science class. “Yeah, I do.”

“You like him, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

Cody had no ill will towards Julian. The two of them remained close friends since the start of the school year.

Iris didn’t stop caressing his hair in a slow and delicate manner. “That’s good. You see, you’re not the only one who’s invited in this house.”

Cody raised an eyebrow. “You mean Julian does the same thing that I do?”

“That’s right. He takes my cock very well and he likes it just as much as you do.”

Cody wanted to be surprised, but he just couldn’t bring himself to feel that way. Instead, he asked, “How long have you been seeing him?”

“For about three weeks now. Don’t think that you can change my mind about this. I’m the principal. I can do whatever I want.”

“Actually, I don’t feel that way.”

Iris’s smile grew larger. “You should’ve seen him. He’s just like you. He takes that dick and becomes a bitch.”

Cody almost laughed. “I just knew he’d be that type.”

“I enjoy having both of you in my house. That’s why he’s on his way here, too.”


“That’s right. I want the two of you here at the same time.”

Cody didn’t have any objections. If the principal wanted his classmate here, then she had the freedom to bring him here.

The doorbell rang. Iris’s eyes lit up. “Oh, he’s here.”

She left the bedroom and went downstairs to open the front door. Julian had appeared. He was similar to Cody. He was also 18 years old and had the same slim physique. He even wore blue jeans at the moment, just like Cody. The only difference would be that he had short black hair. Iris brought him into the house.

Cody, who stood at the top of the stairs, waved his hand. “Hi, Julian.”

Julian waved back. “Nice to see you again.”

Iris whispered something in Julian’s ear. A few seconds later, she brought him upstairs. All three returned to the master bedroom. Sunlight seeped through the windows and made its mark on the hardwood floor. With the windows open, a gentle breeze entered the premises. The room remained cool without any distractions getting in the way.

Cody and Julian stood beside each other. Iris observed them in the same line of vision. She lightly caressed their faces. “You’re so innocent and so adorable.”

She gazed at her two subservient students with anticipation. Cody couldn’t decipher her current thoughts.

She asked, “Don’t you just love it when my cock is inside you?”

Both young men nodded. Julian replied, “It feels so good when you’re inside me.”

Cody raised a finger. “I definitely feel the same way.”

Iris laughed. “Oh, I just love fucking my two favorite students. Both of you can take it really well.”

Cody replied, “I can’t help it. I just want to be yours all the time.”

Julian agreed. “We belong to you.”

Iris went ahead and kissed Julian on the lips. She did the same with Cody immediately after. She brought both students closer to her and kept them firmly in her arms. It was a warm embrace that Cody willfully took part in. She must have been so ecstatic to have two submissive men in her humble abode. As the dominant female in the three-way relationship, there would be no question about the commitment to their specific roles.

Iris pull them away. “I love having you guys around.”

Julian smiled. “We love being here with you.”

The volume of Iris’s voice had slightly decreased. “I want something different out of you two.”

Cody asked, “What do you want?”

Iris looked down at Cody’s hips and licked her upper lip. “I want you to take off your clothes.”

The two students had grown silent as they took off their clothes, including their underwear. They tossed their clothes aside at the end. The two of them were now naked in front of Iris.

She seemed pleased. Her tone of voice grew even more seductive. “I want you to kiss each other while I watch.”

Cody didn’t expect to hear that statement kaçak iddaa from her. On the other hand, however, he became intrigued. “Really?”

Iris slowly nodded. “Oh, yeah. I want you to kiss each other. Do it for your queen. She wants you to kiss in her domain.”

Suddenly, a new stirring sensation arose from Cody’s conscience. He always followed her commands when they were intimate. She treated him like a servant and he let it happen. Now, her new command made him more ecstatic. Both he and Julian stared at each other. They had become good friends at school. They rarely bothered each other, and they always looked out for each other. Now, being the subservient students that they were, they silently acknowledged this new direction. Iris wanted them to obey her, and they would have no choice. They would always obey her, even if it involved an unusual tactic.

Cody and Julian smiled at each other. They grabbed each other and kissed. They didn’t stop. The kiss was long and warm. Furthermore, Cody could feel the tip of his cock touching Julian’s own. They just made his erection even harder. He cherished the feeling of having his dick touching someone else’s. Especially if that someone else turned out to be one of his classmates.

Iris moaned. “Oh, yes. That’s what I want to see.”

Cody and Julian didn’t stop kissing each other. Their embrace didn’t have an expiration date just yet. Iris got down on her knees and grabbed both cocks. Cody gasped. He looked down to find the principal stroking both cocks with her eager fingers. She brought them closer and made the shafts touch each other. She pointed the cocks upward as she continued to stroke them at a quickened pace.

Cody shivered. “Oh…I didn’t think it would feel so good.”

Iris looked up and said, “Keep kissing. I want you to be better friends.”

Cody and Julian kept on kissing. They didn’t let go of each other. The obeyed Iris by making sure that they would stay close together. Iris’s fingers had become the proper encouragement. She gave them a good reason to evolve toward a more complex relationship. They didn’t stop kissing. Iris watched without disgust.

She let go of their cocks and took a seat on the bed. She took off her jeans and tank top.

“Keep going. I love it when you do this.”

The two students hugged harder. This time, Cody and Julian were close enough to have their cocks pointed upward without assistance. They thrust their hips forward. Their cocks rubbed against each other. Cody didn’t want to stop. He followed Iris’s command. She became a spectator to her own creation. Her smile signified her optimistic nature.

She slowly sild her hands across her hair. “Oh, yes. Obey your queen.”

Cody no longer viewed Julian as one of his classmates. He now viewed him as another young man who devoted his life to the woman who conquered him.

Iris had another thing in mind. “Oh, Cody. If you think my cock is good for you, wait until you feel the real thing.”

She ordered Julian to lay down on the hardwood floor. And when he lay flat on his back, she gave Cody a new command. “I want you to take his dick.”

Cody almost hesitated. He now set his sights on Julian’s straightened erection. The cock wasn’t as big as Iris’s imitation, but it was genuine. A real-life cock that waited for its proper use.

Iris reassured her blond student. “Don’t worry. It’ll feel the same. Trust me.”

“So you don’t mind if I take it?”

“I want you to take it. I want to see you get fucked. I want you to submit to one of my deepest fantasies.”

Cody took a deep breath. He got down on his knees and hovered above Julian’s lap. He could feel Julian’s cock touching his hole.

Iris looked down at her two students with great anticipation. “Do it. Let me see you take his cock.”

Cody lowered his hips. Julian’s cock slowly slid into his hole. It instantly reminded him of how Iris’s strap-on slid into the same hole.

Cody trembled. He couldn’t believe it. He had an actual dick deep inside him.

Iris gave another command. “Come on, now. Move your hips up and down.”

Cody was still shaken by the fact that Julian’s erect cock had found its way inside his wall at this very moment. Regardless, he slowly moved his hips up and down. Julian’s cock slid in and out of him. Cody repeated the same movements as when Iris had laid flat on her back in the bed.

He asked, “Does this look good to you?”

Iris appeared to be proud of her directives. “Oh, yes. You’re a good boy. Such a good boy.”

Cody surrendered to his submissive instincts. He grabbed Julian’s shoulders as he moved his hips up and down in a smooth fashion. Every time Julian’s cock hit his weak spot, it drove Cody to continue on without fail. He had already revealed his feminine side, kaçak bahis to which Iris was grateful for. Now, the principal’s new instructions filled him with more enthusiasm than before.

Cody took quicker breaths. “Oh, your cock is amazing.”

He immediately changed his mind. “But not as amazing as Iris’s cock.”

Julian remained transfixed by Cody’s smooth movements. He just lay there while Cody gave an enticing performance in front of the older woman. Iris, in turn, began to reach for her clit. She gave it a massage, a surefire sign of her arousal.

“Yes, do it for me. Take that dick like a bitch.”

Cody squeezed his eyes shut. Julian’s cock grew hotter inside his ass.

Cody’s hips picked up speed. He gave his classmate a compliment. “Oh, your cock feels so good.”

Iris still massaged her clit. “Yes, you sure know how to please your queen.”

Julian grabbed Cody’s buttocks. He pushed his own hips in an upward motion, giving Cody a more effective way to stimulate his senses. The cock inside him did wonders for his mental capabilities. He wanted more of Julian’s cock. He wanted to show Iris that he had no shame in being her subservient student.

Iris said to Cody, “Alright, now I want to see you on all fours.”

Cody pulled away from Julian’s cock and got down on his hands and knees.

Iris sighed. “Oh, Julian. You’re doing a fine job. You’re so wonderful.”

Julian got down on his knees behind Cody. “I always try to be.”

He held on to Cody’s waist and stuffed his dick into the latter’s hole once again. This time, it made Cody whimper as loud as he could. He kept on moaning as Julian pounded him from behind. Cody stayed on all fours. He promised himself that he would give his principal a fine performance in front of her.

Iris still didn’t stop massaging her vagina. “Oh, fuck. I’m loving it.”

Julian handled Cody’s body the same way that Iris would normally do. He thrust his cock deep into Cody’s warmed walls. His hips struck Cody’s buttocks, causing a constant smacking sound to echo all across the master bedroom.

Cody moaned louder. “Oh, it feels so good!”

Iris cheered him on. “That’s right. Show me what I want!”

Julian grabbed Cody’s blond hair and pulled it. Cody let it happen. The forward movements made him aware of where Iris would be taking this relationship. He welcomed this new world. He had always been her submissive companion. And if she wanted to watch her two favorite students do it in front of her, then there would be no way out of it. Submitting to her fantasies made him more eager. Opinions from the outside wouldn’t matter to him. Iris’s dominant position was the only important thing that he made himself known for.

Iris yelled, “Fuck him real hard!”

Cody gasped. He could feel his weak spot being stung by Julian’s potency. “Oh, fuck!”

And then, Julian finally released his seed. He almost collapsed just as his eruption became imminent. Cody sighed with relief. He could feel the warm cum spilling out of his plugged hole. Julian straightened Cody up and held him in his arms. He kissed Cody on the neck. He kept his dick inside the other student. He must have been pleased with the result. Cody certainly had the same reaction. With both students on their knees, they kissed each other after a keen push toward something new. Being intimate with someone of the same sex felt grand, more delightful than expected.

Both Cody and Julian remained silent in their embrace. Their kisses had grown more sensuous. They obeyed Iris and everything worked out.

Iris finally stopped massaging her clit and stood up from her bed. “That was incredible. I chose the right boys to be with me.”

Julian finally pulled his dick out of Cody’s hole. “How long will this last?”

Iris replied, “As long as I want. Watching the two of you like this is giving me the thrills. I love it when the two of you obey me like this.”

Cody could still feel the semen dripping down his legs. “And I’m starting to love the feel of a real cock inside me.”

Iris giggled. “And it’s all thanks to me.”

She congratulated Julian for giving Cody a preview of their future events. She also gave another way of thanking him by bringing out her strap-on. Cody lay on the floor as he observed the two of them mating in the completely opposite way. Iris lay right on top of him on the bed and thrust her cock downwards into his hole. Julian buried his head in the sheets, his loud cries muffled by the fabric. The bed produced a slight creaking noise whenever Iris struck Julian hard with her plastic pipe.

She smacked his ass and said, “I’m so glad you’re here with me.”

Cody wanted more. The 18-year-old student didn’t want this to end. He would follow all of her commands, including the ones that involved him and Julian together. He wanted to please her as much as possible. She was the queen, and he was her servant. Both students would do well in her domain. They belonged to her, and that was all that mattered.

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