A Mother’s Nasty Craving

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Why do most people assume women aren’t as anxious to fuck and suck and have hot, nasty, perverted sex as men? Oh I know there are a lot of women out there who are stupid… stupid enough to let society dictate their mores. Well I’ve never been one of those women, and never will be. I LOVE sex… and the nastier and more perverted it is, the more exciting it is for me. It’s all I think about. When I see a man in the supermarket, or even somewhere out on the street, the first thing I do is stare at his cock until I make sure he sees me looking at it. Then I smile at him. God it gives me tingles when I do that and a guy’s cock gets hard. Half the time if he’s still watching me I’ll reach down and rub my cunt, and sometimes when I’m horny enough I’ll even slide my hand inside my skirt or jeans and into my wet pussy as the guy watches. Then I bring my fingers out and let him see them all wet and slippery before I wipe them on my face so I smell like a cunt, which is what I am, by the way. And then I’ll lick them. And if someone else is watching? That only makes it more exciting. I care about one thing and one thing only… sexual gratification. Mine! And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy my sexual hunger.

Of course I’m also a total exhibitionist. I haven’t worn a bra since high school, and never will again. While my tits aren’t big… I’d need a 34B bra if I wore one… so my tits don’t sag, and my nipples are very large, so I select blouses or sweaters or tee shirts that are always thin enough so my big nipples make obvious bumps in whatever I’m wearing. Most of the time I do wear panties, but that’s only because I know men get off on seeing them. I wear the shortest skirts possible, and thong panties. God how I love the feeling of that string rubbing my asshole. It’s so fucking nasty, to feel my thong rubbing me there.

Anyway I think you can see what I mean, right? I’m a pure, total slut, I love it, and I don’t give a shit who knows it, including my kids, Kimmy, a beautiful 19 year old, Ken, our 18 year old son, and of course my husband, Harold. How did I get to this point in my life? Like this….

Harold got me pregnant when I was only 15 years old. We lived in a small town in Alabama, and our parents almost disowned us. They forced us to get married and we couldn’t refuse even though we weren’t in love at all. Harold is a lot older than I am. I only went out with him so he would fuck me, and he was 25 when he knocked me up. Six months after we were married we had Kenny. Two years later Kimmy was born, and for the first ten years of our marriage I was kept busy raising the kids and keeping house for our family. Then we moved to Atlanta, and I met Rita. She and her husband, Dan, lived next door, and one day when Harold was out of town Rita came over. The kids had left for our local community college, and I had undressed, was watching a porn video, and had just started masturbating when Rita rang the doorbell. And my life changed forever.

“Fuck!” I moaned in frustration. Naked, I grabbed a thin robe and went to answer the door. When Rita saw me she grinned, and said, “Oh, sorry. Was I interrupting something?”

“Ah… no… not at all. Come in, please,” I stammered, suddenly aware of how naked I was in the thin robe.

We walked into the kitchen, chatting about nothing as I poured us each a cup of fresh coffee. Then I realized I’d left the porn video playing, and the woman in the video was loudly screaming, “EAT ME!” Rita laughed, then stared right at my tits and said, “Jill you have a terrific body. If Harold isn’t fucking you every night I don’t blame you for masturbating!”

I blushed, said I’d be right back, then turned to go into our bedroom to turn off the porn video, not realizing Rita was following me. In my bedroom I reached for the remote control to turn off the TV, when Rita moved behind me and said, “Wait! This looks hot, honey. I’d like to watch it with you if that’s okay with you.”

On the screen a woman was sucking another woman, both of them naked. I stopped, and then felt it. Rita moved closer to me, then she kissed my neck and reached around my body and cupped both my tits in her hands. I could have stopped it, but I didn’t.

“You’re very hot, Jill,” she whispered in my ear. “I can see why Harold must love fucking you.”

“Yeah, right. I wish,” I replied softly, holding my hands over Rita’s. “Harold hasn’t fucked me in a month,” I said, and it was the truth. All he cared about was his damned career. He’s done very well in his company, rising to the position of vice president of finance, with a high six figure salary that affords us a very nice life style. But in the bedroom he has become missing in action.

“You mean a woman with a body like yours isn’t getting laid continually. Darling, we have to do something about THAT!” Rita said. Then she turned me around and looked me up and down. “You are gorgeous, Jill. And a woman with a body like yours was given that body for a reason. To show it off and have it used, darling.”

And bahis firmaları then she touched me again… she reached out and pushed my robe open, then fondled my breasts. The shock of her caress on my breasts caused me to instantly become wet, and I began whimpering and moaning. I had been horny as hell just before she arrived, and had only begun to masturbate. Now her caresses were causing me to become even more aroused than I already had been before she arrived.

“Oh Darling, you’re so EASY!” she laughed, stripping my robe off. “You love sex, don’t you, Jill,” she whispered in my ear, moving so close she was touching me with her body now. “You love it. You’re a slut, Jill. You may not know it yet, but you are. You crave cocks… lots of them… and depravity, don’t you, kitten. You want to lie naked in the middle of a bed while surrounded by groups of horny men jacking off on you… fucking you… coming on your face and in your mouth… everywhere.”

“Oh God!” I moaned.

“Don’t even try to deny it, girl. If it isn’t obvious to you, it should be. Look at you. You’re positively dripping, Jill. You’re on fire, just thinking about being the center of a gangbang. Admit it. You’d love it!”

“Yes… I… oh God… yes, it’s true. I’d love that,” I sighed, my face burning. I knew Rita was right, and the image she had suggested had my cunt dripping with gooey pussy juice. How, I wondered, could this woman possibly have delved into the inner depths of my mind like this so quickly?

“Come with me, darling,” she said, leading me toward the door. “I have just what you need next door.”

“I… I can’t go outside like this,” I stammered.

“Of course you can, darling. That’s part of the thrill. Walking next door with me naked… where anyone might see you. Think about how it will make you feel, Jill. Now come. Come on. Come with me,” she instructed. And I did it.

Walking outside naked was so… so HUMILIATING. Yet I was shaking with lust, and when the man across the street saw me I almost died of embarrassment… and almost had an orgasm at the same time.

“See what I mean, darling. That’s Carl. He fucks me all the time and will be fucking you, too. There are a lot of very nice guys in this neighborhood, Jill. You’re fortunate to have moved here.”

We live in a neighborhood where the homes are all on one acre lots, so we had a fairly long walk across our lawns between our two homes. Then we went inside and she waved to Carl before closing the door behind us.

“Darling, come see what I brought you to play with,” she shouted, and a moment later her husband Ian came into the foyer. He was wearing satin shorts, and no shirt. Sweating profusely, he had a towel around his neck and appeared to have been working out.

“Well what have we here,” he grinned, mopping his face with the towel.

“A slut, darling. A pure slut. Look at her. Her sissy husband hasn’t fucked her in weeks, and she’s so hot she is ready to explode. You’re going to fuck her, darling. And make her do things… you know… nasty things,” Rita said, stripping off her clothes as Ian stood there grinning at me.

When Rita was naked other than for a pair of black stockings and a black garter belt she took my hand and led me toward their lower level. Ian followed us, and in moments we were in a large room with a tile floor, and a bare mattress in the center of the floor.

“Come, darling. Let’s play,” Rita said, leading me to the mattress. She positioned me on my back, and then clasped a black leather bracelet over each of my wrists while Ian did the same to each of my ankles. When they were finished I discovered I was unable to raise or move my arms or legs. For a moment I was afraid… and then I became incredibly aroused.

“Now, darling. You are ready. We are going to do things to you, Jill. Nasty things. Exciting things. For the next few hours you are going to become our total sex slave. We will subject you to anything we wish, no matter how nasty. And you will love it. I know you, Jill. I know how you think, what you feel, and what you want and need. We are sisters, Jill… soul sisters in depravity. Do you understand, darling? You are helpless to prevent us from doing anything we want to you. Helpless. Yes?”

“Yes!” I gasped, my cunt on fire, sopping wet. God how I wanted those things Rita had described. I was so fucking horny, so ready and willing to be used sexually… and I couldn’t wait for them to begin, ESPECIALLY when Ian stripped off his shorts, revealing a HUGE cock.

“Wonderful. Now… one of the first things you must learn is that the smell of a man… or a woman… can be powerfully arousing. Take my husband, for instance. He has been exercising. He hasn’t showered yet, have you, darling?”

“No… not yet,” Ian grinned, stroking his hardening cock. He was massive… much larger than Harold, and just seeing that huge dick made my mouth water.

“He smells, darling,” Rita whispered in my ear. Then she licked it, sending shivers kaçak iddaa of excitement through my body. “He is sweaty… nasty… and very salty.” Then, to her husband, “come here, darling. Show her.”

Ian walked over next to us, next to my body. Then he climbed over me, straddling me, and slowly lowered himself toward my face. As he got closer I could smell his masculine scent… Rita was right… it was powerful… pungent… nasty… and I couldn’t wait to taste it.

“Suck my balls, Jill,” Ian said, his voice low, husky, as he lowered himself to my mouth. His sweating cock lay across my face as his hot, wet balls touched my lips. I found myself licking them, tasting him, smelling him, inhaling deeply, letting his scent wash over me, inflaming me. His hot, sweating balls were soft, but when he pulled back and ran his cock over my outstretched tongue it was rock hard.

“Come on her face, darling. Then fuck her,” Rita moaned. She was masturbating right next to my face and I could smell her essence as well as Ian’s, their combined odors creating an incredibly sexual fragrance.

“Suck my cock, Jill,” Ian commanded, and I did, eagerly, letting him penetrate my throat so deeply I began to gag. Spit ran out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin, and as I sucked him I heard him moaning softly.

“Fuck me over her face, Ian!” Rita suddenly commanded, and I watched as she crawled over me, facing forward, on her hands and knees, her cunt resting on my nose. Then I felt Ian’s cock sliding into her pussy, and as he fucked her she moved backward until I was sucking her wet clit, nibbling on it, letting the drool from her sopping cunt slide into my open mouth.

“Oh God, I’m coming!” Ian gasped, and I felt him lunging forward into Rita’s pussy where he stayed, his cock jumping inside her as he came… and came… and came.

“Now, darling,” Rita said. “Taste it… and me.” She raised up so she could see me, and as we stared into each others eyes she spread her cunt lips open and let Ian’s cum slowly drain from her mushy cunt into my waiting mouth. A snowball of cum dripped out of her, and onto my tongue. Then she mashed her pussy against my face and wiped it all over me, coating me with cum and cunt juices. And then I felt it….

Ian was eating me, finger fucking my cunt and asshole with his fingers as his tongue and lips played with my clit. The intensity of the pleasure was so overpowering I came instantly, bucking my hips up against his mouth and fingers, trying to get as much pleasure as I could from the moment. I felt my body jerking and twitching as wave after wave of orgasmic joy racked my body. The smells of cum, Ian’s sweat, and Rita’s pussy helped drive me to the best orgasm of my life, and at that moment I realized how right Rita was… I am a slut, I said to myself, and I knew it was true.

For the rest of the day the Blake’s used me. They took turns fucking me, with strap-on dildoes and vibrators. They slid bananas into my cunt and even into my ass, which they then fed me, and with Ian’s continually aroused cock, they fucked me in every conceivable manner as I lay there, restrained and helpless… totally thrilled by it all.

Finally, they let me up. We showered together, and after a nice lunch Ian fucked me one last time. I committed to them that I was now their personal sex slave, as they requested, and Rita told me to return home as I came… naked, and with Ian’s cum dripping down my thighs.

I did it. I walked home… naked… proudly, my shoulders back, tits out, and still very aroused in spite of all I’d done that day. It was as though my day with the Blake’s had unleashed something within me I knew existed, but had managed to contain… until now. And now that the pussy was out of the box, I knew there would be no turning back. I was a slut now… something I think I always knew, but had never allowed to surface. Now that it had, I knew I could never again go a day without sex, and my family would either have to accept that, or not.

A little later, when my kids returned home from school, I was still naked. I was in bed, watching some porno videos, and masturbating.

“Mom… we’re home,” Ken called out.

“I’m up here, darling,” I said, my heart beating rapidly. I knew the decent thing to do would be to cover myself and turn off the TV. That would have been the decent thing to do, and that is what I would have done a day earlier. But no longer. Instead when my son and daughter walked into the room they were greeted by a naked mother with her legs spread and a vibrator sliding in and out of her cunt as a woman on the TV screen was being fucked and sucked by five men.

“MOM! Wh—what are you DOING?” Kimmy gasped. Ken just stared at me, open mouthed, in shock.

“I’m playing with myself, kids,” I said, on fire now, so hot, so fucking hot again. “It’s fun. You should join me.”

“Geez, Mom, that’s nasty,” Kim said, but I noticed Ken’s cock seemed to be growing under his shorts.

“I’m horny, darling,” kaçak bahis I said. “And I am finally going to act the way I want, and as long as you kids promise never to tell anyone about this I’m going to show you how to have the most fun you’ve ever had in your lives. But you must SWEAR never to tell anyone outside this house what we do here or it will ruin your father’s fucking career and we’ll lose everything.”

“We won’t tell anyone, Mom,” Kimmy said, her eyes wide as she stared at my naked body.

“They we have nothing to worry about,” I smiled. “Now come here. Take your clothes off… both of you,” I said, excited, still masturbating.

“In front of HER?” Ken asked.

“In front of HIM?” Kim asked.

“Yes! Now! DO IT!!!” I snapped. “You won’t be sorry,” I said, smiling.

Slowly they began to undress. Ken’s cheeks were beet red when he stepped out of his shorts. His cock was sticking up in the air and I noticed a wet spot on his briefs where the tip of his dick touched the thin white material.

Kimmy pulled her dress over her head, and then stood there wearing only her little thong panty as she stared at her brother’s cock.

“Take off everything,” I said, my voice husky. “Everything!”

Slowly Ken removed his briefs, exposing his erect cock. God it was beautiful! As long as his father’s, and it was so hard it curled up toward his belly button, and when Kimmy saw it her eyes widened and her mouth fell open.

“Take your thong off, Kim,” I said gently, and slowly she did it. Kenny’s cock jumped when he saw his little sister’s pussy. Kim is very well-built, with much larger breasts than mine, but with prominent nipples like her mother, and she has the cutest layer of blond hair covering her tight young pussy.

“Now, come here, you two,” I said, holding out my hands to them. When they were on the bed beside me I said, “We are going to have the most fun you’ve ever had today. We’re going to do things to each other that are going to make you feel better than you ever have in your life… sexy things… nasty things, but fun things. Does that sound good to you?”

“Yeah!” Kenny grinned, his cock dripping now.

“I… I guess,” Kimmy said shyly. Our daughter is extremely shy, never dressing to show off her fabulous body, and quite introverted. I suspected she had wild fantasies, though, and I intended to fulfill every one of them.

“Good. Now let me ask you some questions and I want you to be TOTALLY honest with me. Do NOT lie to me, okay?”

“Okay,” Kim said.

“Sure, Mom,” Kenny said. I could see him staring at my pussy, noticing the cum smears on my thighs.

“Fine. Now then. Kim, how often do you touch yourself… here?” I said, reaching down to her pussy, running my finger inside the folds of her little opening.

“OH!” she gasped.

“Do you rub this, baby? Like mother is doing right now?”

“Sure…sometimes,” she admitted.

“It feels good, doesn’t it.”

“Yeah! It does,” she said, her eyes fluttering half closed.

“And you, Kenny,” I said, reaching out to wrap my fingers around his cock. “Do you jerk off very often?”

“Oh Mom… AHHHH… OHHHHHH!” he gasped. Instantly his cock began to spew gobs of cum into the air, splashing onto my face. As quickly as I could I leaned forward and took his spurting cock into my mouth, sucking him, chewing his cum, savoring it. Then I put my hand behind Kimmy’s head and before she could protest brought it forward toward Kenny’s cock until the head of his cock was shooting cum onto her face and lips.

“EWWWW! That’s GROSS!” she gasped turning her head just as another huge spurt of cum shot out all over her face.

“Yes, darling, it is. It’s nasty, it’s perverted, and it’s wonderful. Taste it, Kimmy. Eat some. It’s delicious,” I said, showing her as I lay Kenny’s cock on my tongue, then milked another gob of cum from it onto my tongue. I closed my mouth, chewed the cum, and swallowed. “Now you do it, Kim,” I said, and watched as she slowly did as I said. A bolt of excitement shot through my body as I realized what I was making her do, and even though she continued to scowl as she chewed and swallowed the cum, I thought I detected a small signal of curiosity over what she was doing… as though she found it wasn’t so bad after all.

“Does it feel good, Kenny?” I asked, sucking his cock again, looking into his eyes as he remained hard. God I love young cocks. They can stay hard forever, and my son was no exception.

“Fuck yeah, Mom… it feels wonderful.”

“Well this will feel even better,” I said, pulling him down on top of me. With his cock still in my hand I fed it into my sloppy pussy. “Push, darling,” I said, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Oh God, MOM!!!!!!” he groaned. “We… we’re—”

“Fucking, Kenny. You’re fucking me. Watch, Kimmy. See how your brother’s cock slides into my cunt… right… here!” I said, sliding my middle finger into my daughter’s cunt.

“Ohhh!” Kimmy moaned, moving up and down on my finger.

“He’ll fuck you next, darling. He’ll put his cock up inside you right… HERE,” I gushed, pushing my finger up into her, feeling her tight wetness as my son moved in and out of my clinging pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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