A Love Story

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Three years, four days, seven hours and six seconds of waiting and I didn’t even get to pick him up from the airport. Bummer. It didn’t really matter how much I protested, Ma wanted “help” creating the perfect welcome dinner. Stubborn probably comes with my mother’s photograph in the dictionary, well I suppose it can’t be helped. It’s only an extra couple of hours at most, I can wait, right?

“Hunny! Pick up the phone.”

“Sure thing.”


Never mind. There must be a golden rule somewhere in this galaxy that reads, when you want your poor abused and harassed daughter to do something you have to yell it from another room, when abused and harassed daughter replies just in case it was a rude negative you go deaf thus forcing the second party to actually follow the order.

“Pierson, hello?”

“Hey hun!”

“Hey Dad.”

“Look sweets we’ve got some male catching up to do so, we’re just going to have a couple of beers at the airport.”

“Makes sense.”

“I knew you would understand after all it does save time, having to pick up his little lady and all in only a couple of hours.”

“I see, what little lady.”

“Linda, his fiancée. You know about this darling I told you.”

“You said she was coming tomorrow.”

“I did?”

“Look dad, it doesn’t matter. I’ll see you later.”

I knew it. Well I guess it doesn’t really matter. I mean what am I getting all excited about? He is after all arriving with the love of his life, who he is engaged to, I did not stand a chance. Not forgetting of course the other little detail. I am his sister. Should I get the shotgun now, or see him first and shoot myself later. Hard decision, hmm. Maybe just becoming a hermit in a nearby mountain trying forever to erase the shame my dreadful fantasy world taints me with. Or maybe I could just get on with my life, which at this precise moment includes laying the table with perfect precision.

“Hunny, what was it you wanted to say to me?”


“You shouted something I couldn’t hear when you went to pick the phone up dear.”

“Oh, that, nothing important.”

“Darling, I said three inches not two that fork’s in the wrong place. Maybe you should get a ruler.”

“Mum, it looks fine. Don’t look at me like that. We’re going to make a perfect impression on his girl whether or not the forks are in the right place!”

“I just want things to be perfect. This is the first girl he’s shown real interest in. It’s time he got married. I can’t wait forever to get grandchildren. Speaking of which when are you going to start dating seriously? Hmm? Follow your step-brothers example dear.”

Not this speech again! Please have mercy. I visit once a week and what do I get to do? Listen to the same old thing, the same old argument. I must get married, I must have kids, I must do this, I must do that. Why don’t I follow my brother’s example… Um, let’s see, because I want to tear his clothes off with my teeth and make mad passionate love to him, after of course disposing of his darling little sweet fiancée. I do naturally want the best for him, for him to find true happiness. But why is it he can’t figure out that I am perfect for him. I’m pretty, have a good body, I’m perfectly healthy, intelligent, know him better than anyone and love him unconditionally. Oh, yeah I’m also slightly obsessed with him which I guess could be a flaw but I am also a nymphomaniac so I guess I’m a good package.



“You haven’t listened to a word I’ve said have you?”

“I deny everything I listened to at least three.”

“Now who is going to marry you with that smart mouth, huh? Now come in and help me with the soup.”

Sometimes I feel sorry I can’t fit in with anybody’s expectation of me. The only person who accepts me as I am with no regrets is Garth, ergo my falling for him. Even my father thinks I’m too much like my mother, not that I would know. Graves don’t make for good conversation. I wonder if she would understand me, who knows, it’s possible. Maybe I should go and confide in her, grave; after all I do need someone to talk to about my love, about my feelings. I feel a pit opening, ready to swallow me up when I contemplate the idea of my soul mate marrying another woman. I feel lost and also incredibly selfish, I should support him in this, help him in his pursuit of happiness and stir the soup faster or it’ll burn and Ma will kill me before I get round to it.

“That’s right dear, don’t forget to scrape the bottom, don’t want the soup to burn now do we?”

“Tell me again why we’re having soup?”

“His fiancée likes it dear.”

“Right. I guess there’s no way I can plead off the soup?”

“No dear it wouldn’t be polite.”

“Mum, I’m 21. I have the right not to eat pea soup if I don’t like it. What’s more I’m not going to whether you like it or not.”

“Not even a spoon full?”

“Ma, you know I dislike soup. Don’t illegal bahis you think it even a remote possibility that Linda will understand such an alien concept?”

“Ok dear. I guess you’re right you’re all grown up now, I just can’t get used to the idea.”

“Ma, I don’t even live with you any more, how can you still see me as a kid?”

“Well maybe if you got yourself a nice young man you would convince me.”


3 hours later

“All I’m saying is a young girl needs a nice man to protect her, keep her happy. I just want to see you settled down before I die. Is that so much to ask for? I mean really hunny, you make me consider the idea that you might not like boys. Is that it? Are you a lesbian? Please don’t tell me your one of those and I so wanted you to settle down with a man.”

“Ok! I’ll eat the bloody soup! Jeez mum, leave my sexuality alone and my sex life and my commitments to men or otherwise. It’s none of your business!”

“You’ll eat the soup?”


I have a headache and I have to eat pea soup. This is it. I have died and gone to hell. What did I do in my past lives to deserve this? Oh the door, there here. There here? Oh my God, how do I look.


“Garth! Put me down, down you bad boy.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll just have to settle for a hug.”

He’s so strong and his arms feel so good. He won’t guess if I just thread my fingers through his hair and arch against him, will he? Oh, it’s like silk and his chest is so hard. Umm. His smell is intoxicating, god, I’m so wet.

“Darling, this must be the all famous Guinevere. You didn’t tell me she was so good looking.”

“Yes well, when I left she was just a skinny little brat. Linda my love, this is my step-sister Guinevere. Guinevere meet the love of my life Linda.”

“Oh, you flatterer, you get me every time, come here. Isn’t he gorgeous?”

I hate her, why does she have to kiss him in front of me? Uhh.


“Darling you’re throat sounds dry, are you getting a cold? I told you to wear warmer clothes but no you don’t listen to me.”

Thanks Mum.

“Just getting all emotional, watching my bro finally settling down. Really it brings tears to my eyes. Sob.”

“Now, now, don’t get all sarcastic it’s Linda’s first visit, hunny. She can get used to you on another occasion. Don’t pay any attention to her dear, she’s always like this.”

Thanks Dad.

“Wow, lay off dad. Linda doesn’t mind, do you hun?”

“Uh, no not at all, if anything it reminds me of my own siblings. Quite endearing once one knows not to take it personally. Really, I wouldn’t want to cramp your stile Guinevere, don’t mind me.”

It gets worse. She actually happens to be nice. Uhh, now I really have no excuse to be grumpy or anything other than happy, gay and charming.

“Call me Gin. Heck I feel as if we’re related already.”

Did I really say that? Oh dear, she’s looking all misty eyed, smile, smile big. Don’t let you’re smile down. Is this what it’s going to be like every time I decide to visit Garth?

“Let’s proceed to the dinning room shall we?”

Saved by the Dad.

“Saved by the Dad!”

Mind reader. Oh, they’re laughing, bigger smile, there we go.

“Oh darling you’re so funny. Isn’t he funny Gin? Oh, one of the many reasons I love you!”


I’ve never knew time to go so slowly. Having to sit and watch them twitter and laugh, staring deeply into each others eyes. So in love. I can practically hear my hart break every time I swallow some more of this abominable, green goop. Why did I say I would eat this again? Oh yeah, because I’m an idiot.

“Hey sis, want to help me clear the table?”

No, I want to help you into my bed.


Hope I don’t drop a dish. With my bad luck I probably would wind up drenching my soon to be sister in law in pea soup. I would never hear the end of that. I would be accursed for life. The phone would be haunted by my mother. Ok, hurdle number one, cleared the table area, now into the kitchen. Dishes down, mission accomplished. Gin 1, catastrophe 0.

“So you horrible alien, what have you done to my darling little sis?”

“Stop, stop tickling me, oh God, mercy I beg you please have mercy!”

“Fine but only if you tell me what’s going on.”

I’ve never lied to him. How do I get out of this, he looks so worried. And there I was thinking I had them all fooled, I should have known better. Look at his collar it’s easier to evade his question.

“I can’t tell you. Please don’t make me, it’s really personal.”

Great evading, superwoman.

“Hey come here, its ok. If you don’t want to tell me fine, but you would feel better, I’ll do anything. I can help, I love you.”

Please stop hugging me. I can feel myself melting already, my love, my darling how can you help me? You’re in love with another woman.

“I tell you what, illegal bahis siteleri meet me at 1 sharp in your room and we’ll talk. Maybe even if you don’t tell me anything I will find a way to help hmm?”

“It’s really not necessary. It’s no big deal. Not only that but I really need my sleep big brother. You know I can’t stay up all night and still function properly.”

“Well bad luck cause I’m coming to your room, like it or not. Is that understood, little alien?”

“Yes, big bully.”

“What you dare call me a bully? Just for that I’m going to take your allowance away young lady. A smile, much better little one, I was afraid I’d lost you in that sad look for ever. Hey, if you hug me any tighter I’ll snap, I’m just a fragile little thing you know.”

“Thank you.”

“I know, now smile and let’s go and face the firing squad.”

“Aye, captain.”


Oh dear, oh dear. What do I wear? I’ve already taken a shower and put on my best perfume. Maybe that was a mistake? He’ll notice, I know he’ll notice. Uhh, means I have to have another shower, please let there be hot water left over. Oh, shit to cold. Ok, perfume will just have to stay. Now what am I going to ware? I can’t put on my usual big silk shirt, it’s too reveling and sexy. Big baggy T-shirt and panties? Yes that is after all what I used to ware when we did this as teenagers. Please let there be a pair that aren’t thongs. I just hope I didn’t throw them all away. A-ha! Perfect, big, grey and totally unattractive. Wait, what am I doing I don’t want to make sure I’m unattractive; I want to make him notice me. Where’s my silk teddy? No, bad girl. I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything to compromise his relationship with Miss Perfect. Well, I guess there’s nothing to do but sit on my bed and wait.


“Hey sis, wake up sleepyhead. Come on, open those gorgeous eyes of yours.”


“Flatterer. You know I look like a dead vampire when I wake up.”

“A dreadfully cute vampire. Now come on, open those eyes, I’ll tickle you! Got you’re attention didn’t I?”

“You dreadful big imp you. How dare you threaten a poor, innocent, helpless, sleeping, dead vampire?”

“With ease, now to more serious matters. What’s been bothering you? Don’t you dare tell me it’s nothing. I’ve been hearing the sadness in your voice for months now, on the phone. So spill the beans sis.”

“I can’t tell you.”

“God hunny, you look miserable. Come here, give me a hug, they’re we are. Now, tell me you’re reasons for not telling me and if there anywhere in the ballpark of rational I’ll let you off.”

He feels so good, I just want to gobble him up, make love to him for hours on end… I can’t have him, it’s impossible. I’m never going to feel him kiss me, or hold me with anything but platonic thoughts going through that gorgeous head of his. If I tell him anything of what I’m feeling he’ll at best feel sorry for me and at worst hate me. I don’t think I could stand either.

“Gin, please, what is it? You’re trembling oh hunny, please, please tell me let me help you. Is it a man? It’s a man isn’t it? I’ll smash his face in. Tell me is it a man? Tell me!”

“Yes, stop shaking me, your hurting my arms.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. God, don’t cry, Gin your killing me. Don’t cry, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I take it all back, I won’t hurt a hair on his head. Oh, darling don’t cry. There rest you’re head on my shoulder, that’s right. You’re trembling…”

I have to tell him, I can’t take it any more, I can’t stand it. He’s so wonderful and he’s hurting, I’m hurting him. But I can’t stop, I must tell him, but what if it hurts him more than he’s hurting now? I can’t do that. I can’t I just can’t.

“I love you.”

“I know sis, I love you too.”

“I’m jealous, all right? I never get to see you any more and now that you’re getting married I’ll probably never see you again. Except, maybe, at your kids christening and it hurts. Now tell me how selfish and petty I am and get out. I didn’t want to tell you, I knew you would disapprove and now you’ve gone and made me by being so nice. Well it serves you right, you shouldn’t have pressed me. Now you know I’m horrible, truly horrible.”

“Come here darling, stop hiding in those pillows. Look at me. I don’t think you’re dreadful, if anything I love you more. I’m just sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to.”

“You still love me? Oh, Garth you’re so wonderful, have I ever told you how wonderful you are? Thank you, thank you for being so understanding, oh I love you. I love you so much.”

“That’s good to know darling. Now stop kissing my cheek, you’re way on your way to kissing it off.”

“I’m not going to stop till I’ve covered your face in kisses, I’m a kissy monster and I’m going to show my wonderful brother how much I love him with every kiss.”

“Please baby don’t, oh…”

His canlı bahis siteleri skin is so erotic beneath my lips, I have an almost uncontrollable desire to open my mouth and suck, tease him with my tongue. It’s taking all my self control to restrain myself and try to procure an aura of spirited foolishness. The problem is by going so fast I can hardly aim properly. Oops I just kissed his eye, it won’t happen again, I better move further down. It’ll be easier that way to control myself.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, really I didn’t mean to. Your angry aren’t you, I’m so sorry. Really I didn’t mean to kiss you on the mouth, truly.”

“Gin, look, it’s no big deal, really. It was a peck on the lips, lots of brothers and sisters kiss each other systematically on the lips. Chill out.”


“Yeah that was nothing to get upset about, this however is.”

This has got to be my imagination, could he really mean to kiss me? Oh, I hope he is, don’t look to eager he might just be bluffing. I can feel the hairs on the nape of my neck standing up as he cradles my head in his hands. His mouth is getting closer, so close, I can feel his breath on my lips. I can’t resist I must open my mouth and breath his breath in. Ohhh…


Oh, his tongue just flashed across my lips. I’m so hot for him I’m almost burning up. My whole being cries for him to take me. Body and soul cry out I’m his, only his. Ohhh, he’s done it again.


“You like this don’t you Gin. Tell me you like this. Tell me you want me to kiss you, God I know I want to. I want to dive into your sexy little mouth and devour you. Tell me, tell me you want it. Ask me to kiss you, beg me.”

“Yes, oh yes. Kiss me, take me, please I’m begging you.”

He’s slanted his mouth over mine, oh he tastes so good! I can hear my blood pounding my pulse out in my head. I’m on fire. I can’t stand it I have to feel his flesh against mine. Oh these fiddly little buttons!

“Baby, not so fast, please. I can’t think when you do that. Oh, God yes, trail your pink little tongue down my neck… Uhhh. Stop, please, I’m so excited I’ll blow in my pants. I’ve waited to long for this, it’s got to be perfect.”

“I don’t know if I can restrain myself, my love. I’m on fire for you. Take me, hard and fast. I need you, now.”

Ohhh, he’s so violent, there goes my shirt. I can feel myself dripping down my legs. Ahhh, yes suck on my tits, tear my panties off, yes oh yes. I’m going to come…

“Ahhhhhh, finger my pussy, oh, oh yes suck me, lick my dirty little pussy. Fuck! Oh yes, ye-ssssssssssssssssss!!! Get up here and fuck my tight cunt. Ram me with your giant cock. Ohhhh!”

“Baby, you’re so tight. Talk to me, tell me you want me to fuck your slutty fuck hole. You’re my whore, aren’t you? Say it bitch.”

“Yes, I’m your whore, only yours. Fuck your bitch, your slutty little bitch, oh, your cock feels so big… Faster, yes faster!!! O-hhhhh! I’m com-m-ing!”

“That’s right baby, come on my cock. I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll beg me for more. That’s it, again, again, come again. Beg me to fill you with my come, beg bitch!”

“P-lease, fill your cunt, your whore, fill my tight slit with your jiz. Cum up my pussy, I beg you, p-lease… Ohhh, yes yes!!!”

“That’s right, I’m going to fill you up, I’m going to impregnate you. You’re mine. All mine. Come with me, yesss you like it when I flick you sweet clit like that don’t you? Oh, shit, uhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”

“Uhhhhhhhhh, oh oh OH!!!!!!!!”

Oh, my. I must have past out. God, my cunt’s never felt so sore in my life. I’m so happy, my clit’s still tingling from that last orgasm, mmm. He came torrents up me, oh shit, we didn’t use protection. What if I get pregnant? He won’t like that… Oh, wait a minute, he wants me to…

“So, my love you’re awake. I think that deserves a kiss don’t you?”

“Wait. You want me to get pregnant. Garth, did you really mean that?”

“Yes. Baby, look I know this is kind of sudden, but I love you. I mean really love you, like a man loves a woman. I have for a long time. I’ve dreamed of us getting married and having kids, and I guess I thought if I got you pregnant now you’d have to marry me. I know it was madness, please forgive me. I’ll understand if you hate me, but I swear I did it cause I’m mad about you… Please I.”

“Shut up Garth. There’s nothing to apologize for. I want our child more than anything; I love you with all my hart. I want to marry you more than anything in the world.”

“You do?”

“Yes. Now that that’s out of the way what do you say we, make sure I’m knocked up.”

He’s already hard as a rock, I could definitely get used to this. Mmmm, and his kisses I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of molten lava. I’ve got to taste that giant cock and then maybe some serious but-fucking. Oh, yes, he tastes so good. I just hope I can get all of it into my mouth.

“Jesus, yes take it all. Uhhhh, shit yes, lick my ass-hole uhhh!”

“Baby, just one more thing. What about your fiancée, mum and dad?”

“We’ll deal with that latter. I’ve got my mind on other things. Now suck my cock, slut.”

“Yes my love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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