Alana and Britney Ch. 02

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In Britney’s world Alana was everything, since their first experience just after Christmas of last year they had become closer and closer, Alana had dumped Dave, Britney’s cheating brother, they both told their parents of their love and began dating openly. Now that it was time to go off to college they had moved into an apartment together.

This is where our story begins, Alana and Britney began to not be able to pay the bills and had to get a roommate, and when it came time to pick one, they both chose the same girl, Aimee…

*** October ***

“Hey Aimee!” Britney exclaimed as she walked through the door. Aimee was lying on the couch watching TV and playing with her dark brown hair.

“Hey sexy Britney!” Aimee called out as she hopped up off the couch and walked over to the door to give her friend a hug. “Where’s Alana?” she asked as they separated.

“Oh, she’s at school still… finishing up some lab work or something.” Britney replied walking over to the kitchen to get a snack. Britney liked Aimee a lot but she was a little scared to be with her alone. Ever since Aimee had moved in she had really been trying to get Britney to do things with her, and Britney had come close many times, they had kissed on more than one occasion and every once in a while Britney would think about her while Alana went down on her.

“Really, that’s cool.” Aimee said nodding; Britney could feel her eyes wandering over her body. “So what do you want to do tonight?” Aimee asked.

“I dunno, just sit around and watch a movie or something?” Britney replied, sitting down at the table and taking a bite of her apple. Aimee walked over and stood behind her and began to massage her shoulders. “Mmmmm, that feels really good, thanks.”

“Oh, no problem, I love giving massages.” Aimee replied, slowly pushing and rubbing Britney’s pure white skin, “what movie do you want to see?” Aimee asked, working around Britney’s collar bones. Britney didn’t reply she was just mumbling something about how she loved to have her shoulders rubbed. Aimee smiled, she wanted tonight to be the night that she got Britney in bed. “Let’s have a drink!” Aimee cried out, she grabbed a bottle of wine out of the fridge and opened it. She poured two glasses and left the bottle on the table. Britney looked uneasily at the glass of wine in front of her, she was pretty sure she knew what Aimee was doing, but was afraid to say no, just because they were friends and to her, friends drink together. Britney sipped her wine and stood up; they both walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. The two roommates sat and talked for about a half an hour, refilling their glasses twice and because Britney was so small, she was getting a little tipsy, she knew it, but she was having some good thoughts about Aimee at the moment and she didn’t want them to stop.

“Aimee, can I see your tits?” Britney asked at random. Aimee pretended to hesitate and then nodded and pulled her top off, she wasn’t wearing a bra so her 36c breasts were exposed right away. Britney was looking at them and all she could think about was having Aimee’s mouth licking her bahis firmaları pussy, she didn’t even think of Alana at all when she leaned forward and started to lick and suck on Aimee’s nipples.

“Mmmm, Britney, take off your shirt, I want to return the favour.” Aimee told her, pushing her back. Britney pulled her t-shirt off and Aimee was on top of her licking her nipples and sucking on them, Britney was moaning softly until Aimee’s right hand found its way up under her skirt and started to rub her pussy, Britney started to moan louder

“Oh! Aimee, I want you so bad! I want to taste your pussy!!!” she cried out. Aimee got up and took off her shorts and panties, and then helped Britney out of her skirt and panties. The pair looked at each other and then started to kiss, Britney was the one that broke it up, she pushed Aimee on her back and then turned to get on top of her into the 69 position. Aimee was in heaven, she had Britney’s perfectly waxed pussy right in her face and Britney was about to start licking Aimee’s pussy. Aimee went first, extending her tongue and licking all around her pink slit, Britney was practically begging for a good licking as Aimee finally indulged her by sliding her tongue all the way along her pussy till she got to her clit and flicked it a few times, Britney let out a moan and began to lick Aimee’s pussy.

“Britney you taste so good!” Aimee called out between licks of Britney’s sweet pussy, Britney moaned in reply and Aimee decided it was time to go all out, she slid her tongue inside Britney and began to lick all around, this sent Britney off into a world of pleasure, her body tensed and she screamed as she came all over Aimee’s face, Aimee soon replaced her tongue with a finger and was fucking her with it hard, Britney was moaning and trying to concentrate on Aimee’s pussy, but it was nearly impossible so she pretty much gave up. Aimee slipped a second finger into her pussy and began licking her clit at the same time, Britney cried out again and again, her ass squirming in Aimee’s face. “You like that Britney? You want me to fuck your pussy?” Aimee asked teasingly slowing down her fingers, Britney moaned and nodded and started pushing herself back against Aimee’s fingers, Aimee wait until Britney was pushing back and rammed her fingers back in, Britney screamed

“Oh FUCK!!” she cried. Aimee finger fucked her pussy hard until Britney screamed again as her pussy clamped down on Aimee’s fingers. Aimee pulled them out and Britney immediately started licking Aimee’s pussy, she was going to pay her back for that fucking. Aimee smiled and moaned as her head fell back and she enjoyed the feeling of Britney’s tongue dancing around her pussy, then out of nowhere Britney pushed a finger inside her and started fucking her hard with it. Aimee moaned loudly and Britney responded by licking her clit while she fingered her, Aimee squirmed and moaned as Britney worked on her pussy. Aimee could feel the orgasm building deep within her as Britney pounded her finger deep into Aimee’s pussy. It finally came out when Britney lightly bit down on her clit, Aimee cried out

“FUCK!! OH Britney!!! kaçak iddaa Lick me!!! Oh fuck!” She cried as she thrashed around beneath the sexy blonde.

Aimee sighed and lay back as Britney climbed off her and lay down beside her, they kissed

“Wow that was amazing Aimee…” Britney said as they lay together naked.

“Yeah, you taste so good…” They kissed again and Britney and Aimee’s pussy flavours mixed together in their mouths.

“Mmmm.” Britney moaned. “We can’t tell Alana this happened, ok? She would kill me. I mean, we’re supposed to be only with each other” Aimee nodded and kissed Britney on the nose

“Don’t worry sexy, I won’t tell her… we should get dressed though, she might be home soon” They both got up and started getting dressed, Britney went into the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth to try and get the taste, and smell, of Aimee’s pussy out of her mouth.

Just as Britney came out of the bathroom she heard keys at the door and Alana came in.

“Hi baby!” Alana said as she saw Britney near the door, they hugged and kissed each other. “Did you just brush your teeth?” Alana laughed.

“Yeah, I had a salad earlier and a bunch of stuff was still in my teeth, I couldn’t stand the feeling” Britney replied.

Alana nodded and continued into the apartment to drop off her things, she noticed the wine out and asked if she could have some too, Aimee and Britney both said yes and invited Alana to join them in the living room to watch a movie, the one they never got started before.

As they sat and watched a movie that Aimee had bought a couple days ago, Alana barely noticed her glass being refilled by Britney and Aimee, and just like her girlfriend, it wasn’t long before she was nearly drunk. Britney got up to go to the bathroom and Alana followed her. Britney went to the bathroom and washed her hands, then exited the bathroom to find Alana waiting for her in the small hallway that had the doorways to their bedroom and the bathroom.

“Hey sexy, wanna do something fun?” Alana said, slurring her words slightly.

“I dunno what do you want to do?” Britney teased, knowing full well what Alana had in mind. Alana walked over to Britney, about 3 steps, and pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately, her hands wandering up to Britney’s tits. In just a few seconds they were making out in the hallway, Britney had changed into a strapless tank top after she had finished with Aimee and now Alana had pulled it down exposing her tits again, Britney was so horny again, her pussy was beginning to get wet as she kissed Alana and played with her breasts.

Aimee was still in the living room, she could hear Alana and Britney moaning softly from the hallway despite their best efforts to be quiet, she really wanted to join them but she wasn’t sure what Alana would say. Aimee sat on the couch and listened, slowly rubbing her fingers against her shaved wet snatch thinking about how great it would be to have both of them between her legs licking and kissing… she was getting very very wet.

Alana and Britney stopped kissing for a second and stared kaçak bahis into each other’s eyes.

“Britney, I want to have a threesome with Aimee……” she managed to get out, she looked embarrassed. Alana was drunk, but definitely knew what she was doing; she had wanted to fuck Aimee since she first met her. Britney looked at her and smiled

“Really!? So do I! I want to do it right now!” Britney laughed and walked slowly to the hall, her shirt still pulled down, Aimee didn’t hear her coming and Britney walked in on her rubbing her pussy.

“Care for some assistance?” Britney asked giggling; Aimee was partially startled, but didn’t do anything to cover up. Britney went back to the hall and said something softly to Alana and they both came back into the living room and started kissing again right in front of Aimee.

Aimee wasn’t sure what was happening, she was so horny though that she just kept rubbing her pussy as Britney sat down in a chair and Alana got down between her legs and began to pull away Britney’s panties and slowly rub and lick. Aimee was watching with great interest, she was so close to coming. Britney motioned for Aimee to come over to her and so she did, standing near enough and at just the right height that Britney could get access to lick her twat. Aimee was standing when she began to cum, her knees buckled and she yelled but she remained standing.

“Oh Britney, lick that fucking pussy!” she moaned as Britney worked on her clit.

Britney was having a good time herself as Alana licked her all over, up and down, inside and out her tongue working that magic that Britney so loved. Things got better for Britney quickly as well, Aimee who was finished with her orgasm was joining Alana between Britney’s legs and was licking the inside of her legs down towards her pussy. Alana stopped licking for a minute and let Aimee have a go, Britney was in heaven, her eyes were closed and she was moaning loud enough that the neighbours were probably hearing it all but she didn’t care. Aimee licked one last time then Alana’s mouth returned to Britney’s pussy and Aimee positioned herself under Alana and started to lick and rub her pussy. Alana and Britney were moaning and squirming with each movement of a tongue, finally Britney was the first to pop.

“Fuck me ALANAAAAA!!! OH FUCK YES!!!” Britney screamed her body twisting and squirming, Alana was doing her best to lick Britney all through her orgasm, but she was nearing her own as Aimee slipped 2 fingers inside her and was pounding away while licking her clit.

“Oh FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK IM GONNA FUCKING CUM!!!!!” Alana moaned, her pussy clamping down on Aimee’s fingers, her eyes closed and she felt the tingle all through her body as she came for the first time, a loud scream released from her, it was like she couldn’t control it, she just yelped and moaned.

Britney had slid out and was playing with and sucking on Alana’s nipples while she came, Alana finally finished, she nearly collapsed on the floor, but managed to work her way into the chair, Britney licked her pussy one time, but Alana told her it was too sensitive…

As they sat around in the living room naked, Alana nearly asleep and Britney and Aimee kissing again, they knew this could be the start of something amazing for all of them.

To be continued…

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