After the Date

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“Some of these vids are really good. You say all the guys are amateurs and they all signed wavers.”

“Yes, all signed. Everything legal. IDs checked and rechecked,” Ermano Nunez said. The two men—the Cuban-American Nunez and the rep from the major gay male porn site—were sitting in the living room of the downscale Country Inn and Suites one-bedroom unit near Turner Field in Atlanta. “We can probably supply four films a month.”

They weren’t alone. A couple of other guys in jeans and tight T-shirts were moving standing lights and video cameras into the bedroom beyond the living room. But that didn’t take long and Nunez told them to go grab a beer for an hour.

“All of these from Atlanta?” the porn site guy asked.

“No. This is where we’re set up now, but we only stay in a city for a month or so before moving on. We were in Miami a couple of weeks ago. Can’t say where we go next.”

“Can’t say or won’t say?”

“Won’t say. We don’t want word to get out too soon that we’re setting up hookups. We knew your head operation was here in Atlanta, so I was told to pitch you here. So, you interested in setting up a stream of amateur gay male fuck scenes?”

“With the quality I see here, yes, probably. But I don’t understand how this operates. You said this was an extended dating service.”

“Right. We advertised here in Atlanta a gay men’s dating service. We call the service a man dating one, with the specific city included in the title. We use different names in different town, but it’s essentially an Internet gay male sex dating service.”

“And you hook guys up face-to-face in this service?”

“Yep,” Nunez answered. “And cock to channel.” They both laughed.

Nunez continued. “They have to be from the area we’re filming in. It’s a two-level operation. It’s built on what a lot of newspapers do. We just take that ultimate step, when possible. Everyone knows the goal of this kind of service is a casual roll in the hay. Guys fill out forms to meet another guy on a date. We match them up and send them to a nice restaurant and maybe a bar afterward and we have them describe the date for our own Web site and rate each other. Then if there’s a follow-up date—or not—we note that too. That part’s like you’d find in weekly entertainment inserts in major papers.”

“But there’s another part?”

“Yeah. Most of these guys are looking for someone to hook up with in bed, and we just add another element to that. If they hit it off and are willing to be filmed fucking and will sign waivers, we set them up somewhere—here, in that bedroom over there, while we’re in Atlanta—pay ’em, and film the fuck scene. We can do maybe three a week and at least one of those is good enough to sell to a porn site like yours. Even some of the fumbling fucking has an audience out there. We make sure the guys have great bodies off the top.”

“They both know the vid is going on our pay site?” the porn site guy asked.

“When they’ve signed the waver they do, yes. You’d be surprised how many of them are chomping at the bit to perform in the buff. They all seem to think it will be the start of a career for them. And the longer we operate in a town, the more the word gets out about the added dimension.”

“And they know about the add-on possibility before they go on the date?”

“Only one of them is informed by us. Our interview form is set up so they know that the date could end in humping and even in filming, but only one of them is told there may be an add-on offer if they hit it off during the date. That ensures that even the one who isn’t told up front gets pitched for it if the date reveals he wants the other guy in sex.”

“So, the form they fill out says, ‘Do you want to hump or be humped on this date?'”

“Not exactly. Let me show you an example—the date we have set up for tonight. There are two parts of the questionnaire. The first part is what would be shown to the public and each other. Here. Look at this.”

* * * *

ManDate Form

Guys Night on the Town: Dinner at the Bullpen Rib House near Turner Field; drinks at Mixx Atlanta and Bulldog’s.


Philip (Phil) DuPont

Barista, Buckhead, 22

James (Jimbo) Jackson

TV Sportscaster, Atlanta, 26


Phil: Wilmington, Delaware

Jimbo: Macon, Georgia


Phil: Dartmouth, physical education, B.A.

Jimbo: Two years at University of Georgia, no major.


Phil: None.

Jimbo: Green Berets, two years.


Phil: Swimming, gymnastics, tennis.

Jimbo: Football, bodybuilding, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, wrestling.


Phil: Tall, good-looking, fit, sportsman, good sense of humor.

Jimbo: Fun to be with, fit little guy, sportsman definitely, likes to party, and is good for the ride.


Phil: Wine or beer mostly.

Jimbo: I can hold my liquor.


Phil: Pot occasionally, in college.

Jimbo: No.


Phil: No.

Jimbo: bahis firmaları No.


Phil: Have nipple bars, one small tattoo; find them sexy on my partner.

Jimbo: Yes, including a PA.


Phil: Hard rock.

Jimbo: Heavy metal.


Phil: Those People.

Jimbo: Thor: Ranarok and Wheelman double feature.


Phil: Gore Vidal.

Jimbo: Clive Cussler.


Phil: Clubs.

Jimbo: Gyms, but I hope on this dating service.


Phil: Yes, if we click.

Jimbo: And on floor and backseat of the car. Just hook me up and watch me go.

* * * *

“So, that’s what the guys see of each other and what we put on the Web site as a matchup. You can tell why we matched these two.”

“Yeah, I can see that this Jimbo is an aggressive top and Phil is a seeking bottom. And that Jimbo has the sense of humor that Phil notes wanting.”

“The sexual compatibility, yes, and that’s necessary to make clear. But we can see that they’re both into physical fitness and sports as well. But you can see more of what they want from the page two that they fill out and we see in making matchups and that we see whether we might get a good fuck film out of them. We get photos too and we don’t throw any guy into the mix who isn’t a knockout in the photo and, although we’ll include a losing combination for fun from time to time, we go after ones who want the date to end in bed. So, look at the page two questionnaire for the couple we’ve matched for tonight. Note that they were urged to be open and honest and James Jackson was told what would be offered if they were interested in fucking. That’s why his responses are cruder. And after they’ve been paired, we let the top see the bottom’s page two questionnaire answers so that he can fulfill fantasies if he wants. It’s pretty much up to him to convince the other guy.”

There was a good profit to be made with the “after the public date” films. Each of the performers earned $1,000 and there was another $1,000 in production costs. But there were three Web sites already paying $5,000 per film. If Nunez sold the ongoing service to this Atlanta-based porn site, that would be $5,000 per film in clear profit.

* * * *

Page 2, More Intimate Details (Be Honest and Open to Be Best Matched)


Phil: 5 foot 9 inches, 157 pounds.

Jimbo: 6 foot 3, 225.


Phil: Trim/fit/average.

Jimbo: Muscular bodybuilder.


Phil: Muscular/Bodybuilder who is developed, but not overdeveloped.

Jimbo: A fit little guy who can and will take a big cock.


Phil: 7 or 8.

Jimbo: 15 to 20.


Phil: Gay submissive bottom.

Jimbo: Gay power top.


Phil: If the vibes are good; on occasion.

Jimbo: Any honey who will put out and who can and will take a big cock.


Phil: Average.

Jimbo: 8+ hung inches hard. 9 inches if he gets me hard enough. Fast reloader.


Phil: Missionary.

Jimbo: Doggie the first time, jackhammer the second, ending in a cowboy, if he isn’t too tired to ride by then. I like to manhandle.


Phil: Something in between usually. Although there are times I want it rough.

Jimbo: Take no prisoners.


Phil: Yes.

Jimbo: GET blow job, but I’ll suck him if I have to get my dick in him.


Phil: I’m expanding them—slowly.

Jimbo: Anything I can get, anyway I can get it.


Phil: Maybe.

Jimbo: No, not me. And not him. I want him to try to fight me off.


Phil: A long-term commitment goal would be to bareback.

Jimbo: Rubbers.


Phil: Make love in the ocean.

Jimbo: Get it every hour, all night long, making the guy squeal.


Phil: Vulnerable and barebacked bound—by more than one horse-hung guy. Maybe six.

Jimbo: Get one of those flexible Olympic gymnasts and go Conan the Barbarian on him while making him a human pretzel.


Phil: To find someone I would want to end the date in bed with. Sexual satisfaction. Someone I would go on a second and third sex date with. I admit that it’s the idea that this could end in sex that attracts me.

Jimbo: To pound a tight tail until he whimpers and begs for mercy. And then do it again.


Phil: Maybe. We’ll see how this experience goes.

Jimbo: Even after I’ve scored on this date if I want to, sign me up for more. Keep ’em coming (and I’ll keep ’em coming for your sex films).


Phil: kaçak iddaa We can discuss it.

Jimbo: Yes. If you want me to do more porn, yes to that too.

* * * *

“Wow, OK, so I see why you paired these two. If they hit it off on the date, this is going to be one wild ride for a sex scene. They both look great in their photos. The little guy won’t know what he’s in for until it’s too late, but it looks like he’s seeking some danger and willing to push his limits. My guess is that a film scene would show him giving in to rough sex and being satisfied. If these two live up to their descriptions, seeing this Jimbo animal tearing up the younger guy would be a best-seller.”

“We think so. That’s why we paired them.”

“So, I might get a vid out of this pair.”

“No, I don’t think so. Not these two.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“Sometimes I set a date up because I’m horny for someone myself. This is the photo of Phil. I want him myself, so I’ve loaded this date up for it to explode. There’s a surprise here, not covered in the questionnaire that could throw a guy like Phil. Notice the name? A DuPont from Delaware. We checked. Old money. Staid society status. Conservatives. He’s in high-brow Buckhead now.”


“Look at this photo of Jimbo. And these descriptions of the last bar we’re sending them to.”

“Oh, I see. So, this Phil looks like and sounds like a submissive honey. Maybe I could—”

“If I can land him, he’s all mine,” Nunez answered. “Took time and effort to set this up. I even got a doctor’s certificate in case I can con him into letting me bareback him. He’s admitted he wants that.”

“If you don’t get a film off this date, will you give me a contact number for this Jimbo? I think we’d have room for him in our stable. Nearly nine inches? Really?”

“We verified, yes. I could turn him over to you for a price,” Nunez said, with a smile. “They have to send us hard cock shots too. He’s hung. He’s a stud bull. And he’s not shitting about having a thick cock ring. We’ll pair him up again if you can’t afford him. Truth be known we used him last week on a date and an after-date film already. He delivers. His date was totally laid out, hole gaping, blowing bubbles, showing a sloppy grin, and panting and whimpering when Jimbo was done. The bottom was done then too.”

“I want to see that vid,” said the porn site guy.

“Sure, but I need to tell you that it’s in our premium price collection.”

* * * *

The two were standing outside the entrance to the Bulldog’s Bar in awkward stances. The big black guy had a hand on the white guy’s arm but there was some distance between them.

“Thanks. I had a good time. Maybe—” Phil DuPont said, giving the black guy a hopeful look.

“Yeah, me too. A good way to spend an evening on someone else’s dime. And watchin’ the Falcons start their season with a win was fine,” Jimbo Jackson answered. They were speaking loud enough for the dating service producer, Ermano Nunez, to hear them from a short way down the street. This was designed, as Nunez had to write a wrap-up on the date. He’d interview Phil after the date and one of his cameramen assistants would talk to Jimbo.

“You say you could have been at the game, helping in the broadcast booth, though, if you hadn’t come on this date. I feel like I kept you from—”

“Hey, there are other games and I wanted to come on this date.” Jimbo said. “I wanted to, well . . . I’m sorry they screwed up and didn’t send you my photo . . . that you didn’t know I was black. And I’m sorry that the guys back there in Bulldog’s gave you a rough time. I didn’t chose a rough black guy’s bar to close out the evening.”

“That was all fine. It’s fine that you’re black, and big, and so . . . overwhelming. And I was flattered by the pawing I got back there. It just came as a surprise and I wasn’t dressed for it. I felt preppy and out of place. But as far as you . . . well, you probably didn’t expect a white preppy guy a lot smaller than you either.”

“I saw your photo. I knew what you’d be. And I chose this over being live at a Falcons game,” Jimbo said.

There for a second, it looked like Jimbo might gather Phil into his arms and kiss him—and Nunez held his breath through that second—but it didn’t happen. Jimbo did lean over and whisper something into Phil’s ear, but then, though he gave Phil a little hug, he pulled away and shook Phil’s hand. “Well, like I said, it was great. I need to be up early tomorrow, though, if I’m going to follow the Braves down to Miami for their baseball game.” Then he turned and strode off, Nunez’s assistant following along behind him to interview him on his perspective of the date.

Nunez came up to Phil, who was standing there, looking pensive, and touched his arm to get his attention. Phil looked up at him and said, “Well, that could have gone better, couldn’t it?”

“Let’s go back behind the building to my van and you can tell me about the date,” Nunez said, putting his arm around Phil’s shoulder. Both of the men could feel that there was an attraction kaçak bahis between them. Nunez was a hands-on sort of guy, and Phil had responded to that in their initial interview. Phil found Nunez an easy man to open up to, as well as being easy on the eyes. He was in his thirties, well-muscled, and a bit dusky skinned, as some Cubans are. His features were chiseled, and his hair was long, pinned back in a ponytail. Phil had fantasized on how the man would look with his hair hanging down to his shoulders. Truth be told, Phil had fantasized a bit on how Nunez looked naked. But then Phil did that about a lot of guys and took it no further.

And Phil was in a bit of a state. He hadn’t wanted the date to end there. Jimbo being black really hadn’t phased him a bit. The pawing by the other black guys at Bulldog’s and the repeated suggestion that he go to a back room with some of them had disturbed him, yes, but it had excited him too. And he’d been envisioning the big, black bull Jimbo Jackson being one of the guys he went into the back room with. Phil was in heat. Phil hadn’t missed the big bulge at Jimbo’s crotch, or even the curve of a cock ring.

In the van, Nunez in the driver’s seat and Phil in the passenger seat, Nunez’s hand on Phil’s knee, a signal of reassurance, the program producer said, “Tell me about the date, Phil.”

Phil did. He talked about how, despite so many differences, the two had managed a comfortable conversation at the restaurant. Each had been interested in the other. Each had been impressed by the looks of the other, although Phil had initially—just in the first few seconds—been taken aback that Jimbo was black. And not just black, but intimidating in size. That said, Phil’s thoughts had gone immediately to wondering about how Jimbo was equipped, considering the legends about black men and dick size. He couldn’t help wondering about taking seven or eight inches. At that point he blushed, realizing where his telling about the date had gone.

“That’s OK. Tell me everything,” Nunez said, “I’ll tailor what I write about, but we don’t keep a secret that the desired goal of these dates is to end up with the couple in bed and humping like rabbits. In fact, I have something to discuss with you about that after we’ve done this debriefing. Go on and tell me about the date.” Nunez had put an arm around Phil’s shoulder and Phil had settled comfortably within his loose embrace.

“We agreed on life centering on the gym and working out and keeping our bodies toned,” Phil continued, “but he’s into bodybuilding way more than I am. And you can tell. Did you get a load of that body of his?”

“I’ve seen the photos. The man’s a muscle god. And over eight inches soft.”

Phil sucked in air.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forget that there was a SNAFU and we neglected to send you the photos of him. They would have included cock shots. Talk about hung, though. I’m seven inches soft and I don’t come anywhere close to him.”

Phil sucked in air again, but he didn’t speak.

Since you didn’t receive a photo, was there something in your date’s datasheet that attracted you to him?


“Yes, of course.”

“Well, a couple of things. I was really hoping this would end in bed, to be completely honest. I think I wasn’t misreading between the lines of the dating service advertising right on that—that this is a hookup operation.”

“Yes,” Nunez interjected. “If you two had jumped into bed and humped after this public part of the date, we would have covered that in the interview afterward as well, there would be generous compensation for you both, and that part, with your permission and for pay, would have run on the subscription-only area of our Web site. But go on, please. What attracted you to him from his first-page questionnaire responses?”

Phil continued. “I haven’t had any in a while and I was looking forward to a new experience. Honestly, it was in a couple of answers he gave—the ‘good for the ride’ conjured up him bottom-lining on the same thing I wanted—active sex. And I know you wouldn’t have included anyone in this who wasn’t a hunk and that you wouldn’t match two bottoms or two tops. And then when he said he had a penis ring piercing—I’ve never felt what one of those could do. And it means he’s uninhibited. And there at the end, when he lost it and admitted that he was in it for the sex and that he gave lots of sex. Well, it sounded like it would be a wild experience and if I was going to do this, it might as well be something unusual.” He said this haltingly, almost apologetically.

“Anything else? Anything at all?”

Phil hesitated, but then he admitted it. “It wasn’t in anything he wrote, but his answers sounded so cocky that they gave me the impression that he was horse hung. I didn’t think he could show that bravado, knowing where the date might go, and not be able to back it up.”

“So, in short, you wanted to end the evening being done by a big cock?”

“Yes,” Phil admitted. And he wasn’t unaware of the claim Nunez had dropped that he had seven inches.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that goal. It’s honest. You’ve taken a big cock before?”

“I prefer it, yes. I like to be fully stretched and possessed.” Phil was too embarrassed to look at Nunez with that admission. He looked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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