A Visit to the Doctor Ch. 01

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Adriana Chechik

The solid click of the door closing behind her left Mary standing alone in her doctor’s office examining room. The nurse had said she was the last patient of the day, to get undressed, and that the doctor would be along shortly. She glanced out the high, small window covered lushly with bright green leaves hidden in shade. Outside, it was quiet.

She began to slip out of her things in preparation. She tossed her t-shirt onto a nearby chair, and undid her bra. Her small but substantial breasts stood up in the slight cold. Unzipping her jeans, she had hooked her fingers under the waistband of her panties when the door opened behind her unexpectedly. Mary turned with a start.

“Sorry,” replied the doctor, “I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

Mary was even more surprised by the doctor’s look. She had been expecting her usual practitioner-a nice, if boring, middle-aged gentleman. Instead she faced a surprisingly young woman. Mary was young, tall, limber and solid, with a chin-length tangle of goth-black hair and dark eyes. Her doctor seemed even younger by a few years, as well as several inches shorter, with cropped bright red hair, and green eyes.

“I can step out while you finish undressing.” She reached for the door handle.

“No!” Mary said, perhaps a bit too quickly, surprising herself. “It’s nothing you won’t be seeing in a few minutes anyway” she replied, shimmying her pants and panties to the floor.

“I’m Thora,” the young doctor finally said. “Your usual practitioner couldn’t make it. I’m just finishing up a residency, and I’m totally qualified to perform your exam, but we can reschedule you if you’d be more comfortable with someone with more experience.”

“No, that’s fine” Mary replied as she slipped on the paper robe, and scooted up onto the examining table. Thora waited for her to slide back on the reclining seat, then gently took her feet in her hands and guided them to the stirrups. She adjusted them, pushing them further apart, so that Mary had to slide closer to the end of the table. She looked blankly at the lights and the ceiling panels-this part of the exam always seemed so weird. No matter how comfortable she was with her body, nudity, or the usual process, the transition from clothed to thin paper dress, legs splayed, cunt open, seemed so sadly clinical. Not that she had thought of it as being sensual either-especially now with a woman doctor—It just hovered somewhere, indefinably in-between.

She glanced over at Thora casually collecting her instruments, slipping rubber gloves over her slender fingers, and pulling up a rolling stool.

“We’ll start with a breast exam, if that’s OK.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Mary smiled.

Thora walked to Mary’s side and drew her gown down to her stomach, exposing her breasts. She’d never been big enough for a mammogram, so she was used to the doctor feeling her up for lumps. Thora’s hands felt surprisingly warm when they first touched Mary’s side. She held her palms firmly against her flesh—not grabbing, but with purpose—rubbing circles around the edges of Mary’s small mounds, moving toward the center, orbiting her nipples. Mary shut her eyes. There was nothing wrong with the way Thora touched her (definitely), but it seemed too familiar—gentle-in a way that making eye contact would have solidified.

“I’m reading too much into it,” Mary thought, but she shivered slightly anyway as Thora’s fingers brushed her now stiffening nipples—her hands massaging (could she call it that?) one breast and then the other.

“Well, those seem fine,” Thora beamed. “Are you ready for the rest?”

Mary pulled her apron back up over her chest. “As I’ll ever be.”

Thora situated the stool between Mary’s legs and sat down, disappearing from Mary’s sight behind the raised skirt.

“OK, here comes…”

Mary tensed at the expectation of cold hands slathered in colder lubricant. Instead there was a gentle tap at her outer labia-firm fingers pulling her lips apart. Even through the gloves, they felt warm.

“She must have warmed the lube in a pan of hot water,” Mary thought. “Nice touch. I guess she would know more about that than the usual guy doc, anyway.”

“I’m just going to look at your vulva to make sure everything’s pink and healthy,” came Thora’s reassuring voice. She spoke professionally, but comfortably. Mary could feel her fingers sliding between the folds of her inner and outer lips, gently grasping the edges between two fingers and pulling them to one side or the other, then a single finger gliding from the opening of her vagina up to her clitoris. The lube felt illegal bahis even warmer than before. She stifled a small gasp. Did she just imagine Thora’s finger making a few unnecessary circles around the tip, or did she just want to imagine it?

“I’m going to go into you now, Mary. I want you to feel relaxed before I put the speculum in, so it’ll be more comfortable, OK?”

Mary felt a single finger palpitate the opening to her pussy—softly, spreading the lubricant around the edges before slipping further inwards. It moved slowly on, making circular motions, loosening her muscles. Her previous doctors had certainly never afforded her this particular courtesy. She relaxed more, letting go of her tension, humming inwardly. Her snug pussy opened a little more to accept a second finger as it joined the first. The fingers started to pump in and out. Mary hoped the previously applied lube masked her own juices as they began to seep out around Thora’s hand.

Just as she was about to really begin enjoying it, the fingers were gone, replaced by cool metal. The shock was electric in her hot hole, and her muscles tensed quickly around the instrument. Was it an oversight? Could Thora have thought of warming the lube, but forgotten the speculum? The thought crossed her mind that it had been purposeful. The sensation had been undeniably erotic. It only intensified as the metal wings opened inside her, spreading her to Thora’s eyes. She wanted to see that look. Was it still professional—or did it contain a hint of a smirk?

A second later, the procedure was done—the metallic wedge popped from between her legs. She felt Thora’s hand softly rub the opening. “There…all better.”

Mary inhaled deeply and relaxed. She had tensed up during Thora’s exploration—not out of discomfort, but rising pleasure. Should she be enjoying this? Even if she shouldn’t, she couldn’t ignore the fact that she was definitely turned on—the kind of building arousal that wanted a good, slow fuck to bring it down. She hoped everything was over so that she could get home and relieve herself.

She heard a “snap.” Thora had pulled on a fresh set of gloves, and was peering over the raised ridge of the gown into Mary’s eyes.

“Have you ever had a rectal exam?”

Mary felt her stomach tighten a little. “Um, no, not so far.”

“It’s really no big deal; it’s all part of the package. We just want to make sure everything’s healthy everywhere.” She smiled. Mary couldn’t read whether it was friendly reassurance, or genuine cheer.


“Don’t worry. I’ll go really slow and explain everything I’m doing. You won’t be uncomfortable, I promise.”

“I hope,” Mary thought.

Thora began to readjust the stirrups. She pulled them a little further apart, then pushed them back so that Mary’s knees bent towards her chest. She marveled at how newly exposed she felt, even after the normal exam. She wasn’t afraid of any pain or discomfort, but the knowledge that Thora’s fine fingers would shortly be plugged into her virgin anus made her breathe more quickly. The heaving of her chest scraped her nipples against the rough paper surface.

“I’m going to start applying some lubricant. I want you to relax—I’m not going to go into you yet.”

Mary nodded. She could feel the crack of her ass spread open, the small pucker of her asshole exposed to the cold air—then, warmth, wetness. The flat surface of Thora’s thumb pressed against her, rubbing softly up and down the tiny opening; making slow circles around the raised ridge. She tensed at first, clenching her rectum shut, but presently warmed to the miniature massage, and let her muscles relax. Thora’s index finger replaced her thumb, and traced its way ever so lightly around the ring of her asshole, grazing the edges and ripples of her flesh. It drew some liquid up towards her perineum, and slid back and forth on the taut, smooth bridge of skin between her twin openings. She couldn’t help but let a sigh escape.

“You’re doing so good, Mary,” Thora almost whispered. For her own part, she was absorbed in the view of Mary’s open sex and quivering, inviting ass. As much as she wanted to plunge a finger knuckle-deep into Mary’s butt, she held off. She had to be gentle, inviting—make Mary want it first. With her other hand, she stroked the insides of Mary’s thighs and the goose-pimpled roundness of her ass. She could tell her breathing was getting deeper, more rhythmic. She could see her wide open pelvic area push forward to gingerly meet her finger.

“Mary, I’m going to start pushing my finger into you now.” She looked into Mary’s illegal bahis siteleri widening, expectant eyes. “I’m going to put my finger into your ass,” she said firmly, but evenly, as if she were saying anything ordinary—It made Mary’s heart race. “Are you ready for that?”

Mary started to open her mouth, but could only nod. Thora had looked directly into her eyes when she had told Mary that she was going to let her penetrate her anus—she knew that’s what had happened. It hadn’t really been a question. She was stunned at the younger woman’s assurance in herself, but she knew she would acquiesce anyway. She’d never had anal sex, never been touched there, by herself or anyone else, or ever really thought about it. It hadn’t really occurred to her as an erotic area. At the most, sometimes when she masturbated, the cum from her pussy would run over her perineum and pool in the pucker of her asshole, leaving her crack sticky—a sensation she kind of enjoyed, but had never explored. Now she would.

The tip of Thora’s finger pushed slightly into the middle of Mary’s anus. She could feel it pulse in anticipation, then spread to take her in—the dark ring sucking like a pursed mouth on the end of her finger.

Mary drew in a deep breath. The sensation barely registered, but she knew with precision what was happening. A tingling warmth was growing, spreading out from Thora’s probing finger. Almost without thinking, she pressed her body towards that intrusion, swallowing it a little more inside her rectum.

Thora added a finger—positioning her thumb at Mary’s cunt. With every tiny increment into Mary’s ass, she would draw back. When she pulled her finger away from her butt, the thumb would delve into her increasingly wet, open pussy. Moment by moment, each finger pushed ever so slightly further into her—the twin rhythm of penetration and withdrawal loosening Mary’s resistance—in her anus and in her mind. She slipped a hand under her gown and began to rub her breast and pinch her nipple. She hoped Thora wouldn’t notice. Her pussy was streaming juice, now. She concentrated on the sensation of Thora’s finger opening her ass…

“How does that feel…are you comfortable?” Thora asked quietly.

“It…it feels good,” Thora moaned, embarrassed to have admitted it. Her face flushed. Why had she said it felt good? Thora had only asked if she was comfortable, not if she was getting turned on—but then, whom was she kidding? She knew what Thora wanted. “It feels really good.”

“It does, doesn’t it? You just have to know the right way to touch.” Thora had her finger an inch deep in Mary’s asshole when she felt the next ring. It wasn’t ready to take her all in yet, so she just pumped in and out to the same point, gliding over the slick, hard muscle. She removed her thumb from Mary’s vagina, held her finger in her ass as far as it would go, and began to curl it upwards, making a “come hither” motion.

Mary groaned and squirmed. Aside from the new sensation in her butt, Thora’s motions pushed the walls of her vagina together and rubbed against her g-spot. This was incredible, she thought. One hand gripped the side of the table, while the other pulled harder on her nipple. She squeezed her breast, and rubbed her hand further down on her stomach, straining to stop, afraid to go further, afraid Thora would see her and know how turned on she was.

She could see a mirror over the washstand behind Thora’s shoulder. Framed there was the image of her splayed legs—long, shapely, bent almost pornographically open—and between, a slender white-gloved finger pressed deeply into a small, hungry anus, surrounded by smooth olive skin. It was her, but she watched it like a voyeur….an inquisitive finger poking in an out…the wrinkled ring of an asshole stretching, pulsing open and closed with each thrust…the cheeks of the butt tightening and relaxing with arousal…She wanted to see that gloved finger do more—take the new woman’s ass with determination, with speed and lust—make her want her butt fucked—make her feel sexy and slutty and womanly and dirty and powerful all at the same time—pried open to another woman’s desire and exploration. Her chest was practically heaving at this point. Sweat broke out on her chest.


Thora’s voice brought her back.

“Mary, I want you to bear down on me, on my finger. I want to go further into you.”


What had just been taut, slick muscle around Thora’s finger became pillows of soft, rolling flesh. She quickly added a second finger to her first, and shoved them further into Mary’s ass, past the last ring canlı bahis siteleri of muscle, and fully, deeply into her rectum.

“Ohhhhh!” Mary gasped hard. She had never felt so full. Nothing had ever felt so deep within her—those fingers probing her gut, stretching her, taking her. She could only bear down for a second, and then closed hard around Thora’s fingers. They didn’t move.

“It’s OK. Just get used to the sensation. I know it’s new, but it can be sooo good.”

Thora’s fingers stayed locked in Mary’s ass, but stirred gently, massaging, tugging, pushing, without coming out or causing any friction. It felt like heaven, only tighter.

Suddenly Thora kissed the flesh under Mary’s uplifted ankle. Softly, her lips brushed the sensitive area, the tip of her tongue darting out to lick it. She kissed more firmly, fully, trailing pecks up her calf.

“Oh..yesss,” Mary gasped.

“Show me how you touch yourself. I want to see you come. Give me your hand.”

Mary hesitated, but let her hand slide down towards her crotch. Thora took it eagerly, and placed it against her sopping pussy.

“Touch yourself….please,” she whispered.

She’d never masturbated in front of anyone, but then again, she’d never been aroused by a woman, or had anyone finger-fuck her ass before either—first time for everything…

The paper robe had become loose form her writhing, and slipped off her breasts. Thora pulled it all away, so that Mary lay there completely exposed—a sleek expanse of silky olive skin, a tiny navel in a tight belly, pert tits jutting upwards, and those legs-long, fast, spread just for her.

Mary traced her finger around her labia, slipping in the wetness, pulling back the hood from her stiff clitoris, tugging it up and down with a hooked finger. As turned on as she was, she went slow. She wanted this feeling to last.

“Oh, Mary, your fingers look so beautiful in your cunt.” Thora was breathing heavily, too.

Mary put a finger on each side of her lips and rubbed the length of her vulva. She slipped inside her vagina and felt the bulge of Thora’s fingers filling up her ass. She pulled out and ran her fingers over her bulging perineum and down to Thora’s hand, plugged to the hilt in her tight asshole. She squeezed Thora’s hand and rubbed the edges of her stretched hole, then moved back to her clitoris. She started rubbing harder, determined to get off—for Thora and for herself. The attention to her clit got more juices flowing, and soon their hands were soaked in it.

She began grinding into Thora’s hand, bucking against her fingers. Thora didn’t need much urging, and started to pump her asshole, thrusting deeply, pulling back almost to withdrawal, then plunging back in. She worked her ass hard, fucking her with increasing speed, her knuckles straining against the confines, banging against Mary’s ass. She pulled them all the way out, with a pop, and saw the newly gaping hole quiver, drooling cum, then shoved them back in, feeling no resistance. Mary bucked against her, moaning, grunting, fingers flying over her clit.

“Oh…fuck….fuck…fuck..fuck.” she gasped quietly—a litany, a song, an urging—until her orgasm hit, and time stopped altogether for her. A miniature explosion, the first second of the big bang. She felt Thora’s fingers stuck tightly up her butt, then a spasm, her rectum gaping open, away from the intrusion, breathing in, then slamming shut, sucking Thora’s fingers in to the hilt and more. Thora added the tip of her thumb, spreading Mary’s asshole like a thick cock, and shoved hard. She curled her fingers behind the inner ring, locking them in position and tugged back and forth.

“Oh, Ssshiiiit! yes! yes! yes! Yes! YES!” Mary grunted, straining, lifting her body off the table, writhing in ecstasy. Cum flowed from her cunt and squirted with her spasms—with such volume and force that she feared that she might have lost all control and was pissing on herself with abandon, but right then, it felt so good she didn’t care. Thora pumped her fingers into her a few more times, then rested as Mary came down from her high.

“Mary! Oh, Mary that was so gorgeous! You don’t know how beautiful you look!” she gushed.

Mary lay back, exhausted, blissful, floating on endorphins. Thora withdrew her hand from her anus and bent over Mary’s chest, wrapping her arms around her and kissing her hard on the lips. Mary was dazed at first, then suddenly responsive, sucking on her, poking her tongue into her mouth, crushing their full lips together. She wanted to taste this woman who had just violated her so wonderfully. She held her head in her hands and drank from her, pressing her naked body and hard nipples into Thora’s rough lab coat. Cold buttons marked her flesh.

She was deliriously, fantastically spent. She held Thora tightly against her and breathed.

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