A Friendly Visit Pt. 01

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I’m not an experienced writer, but I wanted to share this with everyone. This is a true story, but the names have been changed.


My wife, who was my gf at the time of this experience, was 19 at the time. Faith, a 5’0 small petite blonde, with 32a cup breasts, moved out of her house she lived in, to move in with me. We had been dating about 6 months when she made the decision to move. She lived alone with her father ever since her mother left him. Her and her father always had a close relationship but I never truly knew how close until we made our first overnight visit together.

It all started one day when I came home from work. She had just gotten off the phone as I was walking in, and she seemed more chipper than usual.

“That was my dad, he wants us to visit. Think we could make a trip this weekend?”

Exhausted after work, I sighed and looked at her with tired eyes. “Yeah I suppose we could, are we making it a day trip? You know I don’t like driving that far.”

She sat down on the couch and put her hand on the cushion, patting it for me to sit down.

“No, we’ll stay the night Friday and leave Saturday? Does that sound good?” A smile escaped her lips and she looked relieved.

I nodded my head and that was the end of that conversation about the visit for the night. Over the next few days Faith spoke very little of the visit, but as it got closer, she had seemed to become more and more antsy around the house.

Friday afternoon came around, and another tiring day of work. When I got home, she had everything already packed in a little suitcase and ready to go. I barely got into the door before she was putting her stuff into the car and telling me to hurry up. I had taken a shower and got changed and brought my stuff out in a plastic bag, I didn’t need much for just one night.

The 3 hour travel went by smoothly and we arrived to her father’s place. He was relatively well off with money and had a 2 story older victorian house all to himself. Her father, an older man in his late 40s but still in relatively good shape, met us outside as we got our things out of the car. She immediately ran up to him and gave him a big hug, jumping up bahis firmaları and wrapping herself around him. He had wrapped his arms around her ass to hold her up, which I thought nothing of.

She kissed him on the cheek and jumped down.

“Daddy! I missed you!” She looked up at him as he looked down at her and smiled. His eyes seemed to wander around her body quickly, and he pulled her in for another hug, his hand just above her lower back.

“I’ve missed you too sweetheart. Can I help you with your bags?” He looked over at me and smiled. “Ah, Kaiden. It’s nice to see you as well. Taking care of my little girl?” He laughed and glanced at Faith briefly.

I picked up both of our bags and smiled back. “Of course! Only the best for her. Mind if we put our stuff into one of the rooms?” I began to walk towards the front door as he held it open for me. I walked in first as Faith followed, her dad still holding the door. I heard a small squeal behind me as she walked passed him, I looked back to see what it was, and all I saw was her dad smiling brightly and Faith looking at him. I shrugged to myself and proceeded upstairs to put the stuff away.

“I’m gonna get something to eat in the kitchen, okay hun?” I heard Faith yell from downstairs, as I was walking up the stairs.

I heard her father as well. “Ah, yes I expected as much, I had prepared some rotisserie. It’s in the fridge, I’ll help you cut it up” As their voices faded away I put the stuff into the room we were staying in. An average sized room with a queen bed, I sat down on the bed, and realized it was rock hard.

“How the hell are we going to sleep on this thing?” I grumbled to myself. I checked my phone and scrolled through Facebook for a few minutes before finally heading downstairs to the kitchen. When I arrived, the vibe was… off. I couldn’t pinpoint why, but it felt awkward at the moment. Faith was sitting on a barstool silently eating her food, and her father was standing behind the counter, smiling at me as I walked in.

He finally broke the silence. “Well, I’m sure you’re hungry as well Kaiden?” He turned around to grab another plate of cut chicken and handed it to me. As he was walking kaçak iddaa back to the bartop I was sitting at, I noticed a bright white spot near his crotch. I looked down and noticed his fly was down, and his underwear was peaking through. I looked at him and kinda laughed.

“Hey Mr. P, your zipper is down.” Which he quickly looked down and zipped it up, his face turning a little red. I looked over at Faith and she was red as well, probably from the embarrassment of her father’s fly down, still silently eating her chicken. We all ate, talked a little and finished up. Her father decided to go watch a show on tv and I stepped outside to finally stretch my legs and walk around the house a bit. Faith stayed inside.

After a few brief minutes of walking outback, I walked back in and sat at the couch where Faith and her father were. Her tan, petite legs were placed on top of his lap and his hands were on her cute little feet. They stayed there for the next few hours we were watching tv.

The evening rolled by and it was time to head to bed for the evening. Faith had already changed into her pjs, which was just a plain t shirt with no bra and red soffe shorts. I stripped down to my underwear and got into bed, begrudgingly. The bed was extremely uncomfortable and very hard to get comfortable on. Faith was tossing and turning as well and neither one of us could fall asleep. After about an hour, I finally drifted off.

I woke up in a cold sweat around 2am, my neck and back killing me from laying in this rock of a bed. I went to brush Faith’s hair with my fingers but felt and empty cold space where she once was. I sat up and realized the door was cracked open and she was not around. I assumed she went to the bathroom and waited for a few minutes. Finally after 10 minutes of just scrolling on my phone, I got up to go check on her. I walked out into the hallway and noticed that the bathroom door was wide open, and the lights were off.

I decided to go downstairs to see if maybe she went to get something to drink. The kitchen was dark as well. I started to get a little worried but I saw dim lighting coming from her father’s room underneath the door. I walked up and went to go knock, kaçak bahis but a sound stopped me.

I wasn’t quite sure what the sound was. But I leaned in and placed my ear to the door. I heard some mumbles but wasn’t able to make out the words. I got down on my hands and knees and put my ear to the opening. That’s when I heard it.

“Sweetheart… you know your Daddy loves your mouth. It feels so good.” I definitely heard that. I brought my head up and tried to understand what I just heard. A loud slurping sound and a quiet gag managed to make its way out of the door and my eyes widened. My cock twitched ever so slightly at the thought of what was happening behind the door. A rush of jealousy and disbelief flooded into my face as I put my head down to the door again, this time trying to see underneath the door.

I saw a pair of feet just a mere 5 feet away, and what appeared to be a pair of legs between them. I could see a white shirt laying on the floor. That’s the shirt Faith had on. I could tell by the logo on it, just barely visible near the floor. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is my girlfriend on her knees for her father? Is she really sucking his dick? There’s no way, I thought to myself. She wouldn’t do that.

A few minutes of me looking at this go by, and I realize my cock is throbbing from all the blood rushing to it from this jealousy. I stay there, frozen, watching the small movements that I could see, listening to these noises I can hear.

“Yes… take it all in. Take it to the base sweetheart. Use the tongue… yes just like that. Do you want Daddys cum?”

I heard Faith’s voice. I couldn’t believe it. It really was her. “Yes Daddy. I want it. I want to swallow it for you Daddy. Please let me have it.”

Her feet began to move a bit more, as she seemed to have sped up her pace. I heard her father start to moan and suddenly I saw his toes curl.

“Ohhh keep going babygirl. Yes. Yes take it all. Oh this feels so good. I’ve missed your mouth. Oh god… yes” His toes stayed curled for a solid 30 seconds. A moan came from his mouth, and you could hear Faith trying to keep up. A small moan from her and she began to stand up, I panicked and got up. I quickly ran upstairs and as quietly as I could went into the bathroom and jerked off to the images and sounds I stored in my head. Jealousy still flowed through my body, but it made me cum the hardest I ever have.

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