A Proud Black Mistress in Canada

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Hey, there. The name is Kristin Stephens. A short, skinny and short-haired young woman of African and Puerto Rican descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I study business administration at the University of Ottawa and these days, my life is extremely exciting. You see, I’m learning the Fine Art of Female Domination from my Mistress, the lovely Nadine Astrid Joseph, the most dominant Black woman in the city of Ottawa. Welcome to my life, folks. Let’s explore my journey together.

Whenever I tell people that I am into BDSM, they look at me as if there was something wrong with me. I don’t look like the stereotypical BDSM freak. For starters, I am a person of color. Born to an African father from Great Britain and a Hispanic mother from the island of Puerto Rico. I was born in the city of London, England, and grew up in a fairly diverse enclave of immigrants. At the age of eighteen I left Great Britain, wishing to explore the outside world. I lived in the United States for a couple of years, and studied at the University of Michigan.

Recently, I moved to the great Confederation of Canada and enrolled in the prestigious Law School of the University of Ottawa. While walking around downtown Ottawa, I saw a tall, curvy young Black woman whom I found myself drawn to. It was none other than Nadine Astrid Joseph. The tall Black Amazon who was destined to become my lover. She is simply amazing, folks. The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew I simply had to have her. I love dark-skinned Black women. I think they’re extremely sexy. Growing up, I had crushes on World Champion Tennis player Serena Williams and Hollywood starlet Nona canlı bahis Gaye, singer Marvin Gaye’s daughter. To me, they’re the living embodiments of feminine perfection.

Mistress Nadine has been teaching me a lot of things. First, she broke me and then she remade me. She made me strip naked before her while she examined my body. I’m only five-foot-three and weigh one hundred and three pounds so it’s quite intimidating for me, standing before a six-foot-tall, 250-pound Black woman. Mistress Nadine likes to make me kneel before her and suck on her toes. Other times, she would bend me over her knee and spank me. I like it when she spanks me. I’ve always loved the idea of a skinny, light-skinned young Black woman like myself getting dominated by a big and tall, darker-skinned Black woman.

Mistress Nadine is a real rough rider, and I love this about her. I love kneeling before her and sucking on her thick strap-on dildo. Mistress Nadine doesn’t think much of lighter-skinned Black women like myself, especially since I’m technically mixed. She doesn’t consider me a real Black woman and she calls me a half-breed slut. That really hurts. I’m a proud Black lesbian who loves her fellow Black women. Emotionally. Intellectually. Spiritually. Sexually. So why is it that I spend half of my time defending my allegiance to the international Black community to Black women who doubt my ‘credentials’ as a soul sister? I guess I’ll never know. To the outside world, I am a Black woman. But to my Black lady friends, I’m not Black enough. Wow.

Mistress Nadine helped me deal with a lot of my issues. Like many young Black women living in North America, I’ve bahis siteleri been indoctrinated to subscribe to European standards of beauty. Black women are beautiful. Black women are strong. Black women are sensual. All we’ve got to do is be ourselves. We shouldn’t subscribe to the standards of beauty espoused by the narrow-minded and deeply racist men and women who run the modeling and fashion industries. Black women have won national and even international beauty contests. We’re just as good as women of any race. It’s about time we started believing this about ourselves. Black women of all hues are beautiful. Black women who are dark-skinned shouldn’t be thought of as inferior to Black women who are light-skinned. Black is Black, after all. And in the end, Black is exquisitely beautiful. Mistress Nadine made sure I understood that.

Mistress Nadine set out to purge me of a silly notion I had inside my pretty little head. Like a lot of light-skinned Black women, I thought I was inherently superior to darker-skinned Black women. I subconsciously considered myself more beautiful, and also more likely to be socially successful. A lot of White folks often feel more comfortable around lighter-skinned Black folks than the darker-skinned ones, and the lighter-skinned Black folks usually perceive this as some kind of advantage. According to Mistress Nadine, this sort of thinking went back to the days of slavery. White men and White women sowed the seeds of discord between the Black folks on the plantations by pitting the lighter-skinned ones against the darker-skinned ones. They offered the former slightly better treatment than the latter. And unfortunately, bahis şirketleri many modern-day Black folks retained this sort of negative thinking.

Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense to me. White folks have forever divided the Black men and Black women of the world with this color complex. Black is Black. We need to start loving ourselves more and acknowledge that all Black folks have equal worth in the Black community, whether they’re light-skinned or dark-skinned. Only then will the Black community advance forward. When united, Black men and Black women can accomplish great things. We need to stop colonial thinking from sowing the seeds of discord among us. Black folks are the sons and daughters of the African Motherland. Direct descendants of the Original Humans. Progeny of the Birthplace of Humanity. Fathers and Mothers of the Earliest Civilizations. We shouldn’t copy the insanely bad habits of White folks. Especially after all they’ve done to us.

Those are the things I’m learning my from beloved instructor, Mistress Nadine Astrid Joseph. The most dominant Black woman in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. And that’s why I am thankful to her. So I offer her my mind, my body and my soul. I rejoice when she grabs me and throws me on the floor. I kneel before her and suck her strap-on dildo eagerly. And then I offer my cunt and ass for her to penetrate. I love it when she fucks me on all fours, when I’m face down and ass up. She spreads my butt cheeks wide open and slides the dildo into my asshole. I love getting fucked in the ass by my dominant Black Mistress. She fucks me good, slamming the dildo deep into my asshole. It’s what I deserve. And I love it. Mistress Nadine is determined and committed to making me into a strong Black woman. First, she must remove all impurities from me. And I love the whole process. You see, I am a true submissive.

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