A Love like No Other Ch. 02

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The following story is purely fictional, and bears no connection to any events, real or otherwise. All characters are made up and hold no resemblance to any persons, living or otherwise, and any similarities is purely coincidental. All characters engaging in any sexual scenarios are all 18 or over. Please rate this story and leave any comments afterwards, as they are greatly appreciated.


James Dawson stood in front of the full-length mirror in his studio apartment, upset as he threw another shirt into a pile on the floor. James usually didn’t have trouble finding things that looked good on his 6 foot, swimmer’s build body. He had been trying to find a nice shirt in his closet to wear to his special dinner later on with Harrison Grant.

James had met Harrison at James’ sister’s Veterinarian clinic, where Harrison had went to pick up his dog. They had ran into each other at the gym, and endured a very awkward situation; James had been hiding while cleaning at the gym, literally ran into him in the locker room, and knocked the towel off of a naked Harrison’s lap. Still, the two were able to brush everything off, and made plans for dinner.

James was excited for his dinner date with Harrison, but he doubted he would ever get there, since he suddenly hated everything in his closet. James never really cared much for shopping, so most of his clothes were selected without much thought, something James suddenly regretted. He pulled on jeans and a t-shirt, but not for his date. Reluctantly, he called the one person he knew who could pick out clothes that looked good.

“Hey Stella.” James said as his twin sister answered her phone. “How is my favorite sister doing?”

“I am your only sibling James.” Stella reminded him. “So you must need a favor.”

“Um, yeah, I need help with something if you are free.” James started. “I was going to dinner with someone tonight, and I need help buying something to wear, so will you go to the mall with me and help me find something?”

James waited for Stella to answer, and felt nervous when she took an annoyingly long pause. James flashed back to the last time he had asked Stella to take him shopping, and how she nearly punched out some guy who had taken the shirt she wanted James to try on, still, desperate times called for desperate measures. He tousled his short brown hair, something he always did as a nervous habit even when he was a kid. Finally, Stella came back on the phone, and spoke in a calm, even tone.

“Well, I just checked my calender.” Stella slowly spoke, then couldn’t help it. “YES I WILL HELP YOU, I AM ON MY WAY!”

“Okay great.” James mumbled, nervous about what he had gotten himself into.

In what literally seemed like less than a minute later, Stella was barging into his apartment. She nearly dragged every bit of information out of James about who he was having dinner with, and how they met. Stella always got excited whenever James showed interest in someone, probably for two key reasons. First, coming out had left a severe wedge between James and his parents, so Stella understood how difficult a decision it was before he did finally tell them. Secondy, Stella had been so busy with schooling that she never really had time to date. She did have one serious boyfriend, who she fell head over heels for, but that did not exactly end well. Now that she had graduated and running her own Veterinarian practice, she was nervous about getting back into dating, and used James as a sort of study guide on how to do the whole dating thing.

“Wow, that is not the most conventional story.” Stella commented as they walked through the mall after James told he awkward story of how he and Harrison ran into each other at the gym.

“Definitely not.” James commented. “But it made it easier to tell him what I do for a living.”

“Speaking of which,” Stella said as she held a shirt up to James for the try on pile. “If you ever decide to make a career move, I am always happy to help.”

“Where is this coming from out of the blue?” James asked. illegal bahis “You are the one who helped me get the job at the gym, I thought you thought it was a good fit for me?”

“James, that was a decade ago.” Stella told him. “Besides, I thought it would be a kick in the pants for you to go to school or pick up a trade.”

“Guess you were wrong.” James muttered, then remembered that Stella only wanted the best for him. “Maybe after the holidays I will look into trade school.”

“Okay, now go try these on.” Stella said, handing him a pair of pants, then ushered him to the changing room.

James spent much longer than he was used to trying on clothes. After every outfit, Stella made him show her, and she gave him a thumbs up or thumbs down. It was a little too annoying after the third outfit, so he decided to show Stella if it was an outfit he liked. Finally, the two agreed on a white checkered button down shirt, dark jeans, and a blue blazer. James was not exactly self-involved, but even he had to admit that he looked pretty hot. His azure eyes light up as he thought about what Harrison would think.

“Harrison is going to have his socks knocked off when he sees you.” Stella said as she walked James up back to his apartment. “I hope you two have fun.”

“When are you going to have fun Stella?” James asked, knowing that she must be lonely. “It has been awhile since you had a date, let alone a boyfriend.”

Her last boyfriend was when she was back in school. She had met Connor at a bar when she and James were celebrating their 25th birthday a few years ago. They had began a relationship that lasted two years, and turned into an engagement. Then one day, Stella found out that he had been in a horrible car accident, and he didn’t make it. James had been there for Stella through her grieving, and encouraged her to stay in school. Now, James thought, Stella seemed ready to date again, whether or not she was ready to accept it.

“Work keeps me busy.” Stella gave as a lame excuse, which James quickly shot down with a sarcastic look. “Fine, I will sign up for online dating or something after the holidays.”

“So, we have a deal then?” James asked, knowing he was going to hold her to that just as much as she was going to hold James into finding a career he actually enjoyed.

“Deal.” Stella agreed, and the two used their secret twin handshake from when they were little kids. “I have to get going, but thanks for letting me help you.”

“Thanks for not picking a fight this time.” James teased her.

“You better call me later and tell me how it went.” Stella said before she left.

“You know I will.” James said, then closed the door, and began to get ready for dinner.

After getting dressed, and spending an hour to get his hair just right, James drove to the restaurant where he and Harrison had decided to meet. He got there a little early, and sat in his car, trying to calm his nerves. James felt nervous, but he wasn’t sure why. He had been on quite a few dates in his 29 years, but none of made him as anxious as this particular one. James was about to get out of his car when a flash of electric blue caught his eye. He saw Harrison roll across the parking lot in his wheelchair, and decided to wait a minute. James wanted to come off as casual, and not like a nervous mess who had gotten there early and waited in his car the whole time while trying to calm himself down.

“Hey stranger.” James greeted as he walked up to Harrison. “Its good to see you in clothes this time.”

“Yes, I tend to hear that more times than you could imagine.” Harrison joked.

Harrison wore a dark green crew neck sweater that really made his eyes stand out from behind his thick black framed glasses. He also wore a pair of kahkis and dress shoes. His short, wavy, dark golden hair was parted to the side, and his trimmed beard looked freshly cut.

The kind hostess led James and Harrison to a small table on the outside patio, which was strung with white Christmas lights. After moving one of the illegal bahis siteleri chair to let Harrison reach the table, she gave them menus and told them that their waitress would be with them shortly. James pretended to stare at the menu, but couldn’t help glance up at Harrison, who was smiling back at James.

“You look nice tonight.” Harrison said with a blush.

“Thanks.” James smiled, and reciprocated the compliment right before the waitress came to take their drink orders.

James and Harrison each ordered a draft beer, and started talking as they looked over the menus. Harrison asked questions about James, and at first, James struggled to open up about his personal life, but quickly opened up as he got more comfortable with Harrison. After they ordered, Harrison opened up about himself as well. Harrison was 27, and just moved to town for his CPA job. He lived alone out in the suburbs, surprisingly close to Stella for that matter. He also talked about Ty, his Syberian Husky, who Harrison seemed to regard more as a child rather than an animal, which made him seem even sweeter to James.

After dinner, the check came, and James went to grab it at the same time Harrison did. Neither one of them wanted to let go, politely offering to pay for the dinner. James didn’t want to seem like a mooch, especially after Harrison saw him cleaning at the gym. Finally, Harrison let James pay, under the condition that he would pick up the check on their next date. That made James happy, since Harrison had already thought about taking James out on another date.

“I had a real nice time.” Harrison smiled after they took a stroll around the block to walk off dinner before they reached the parking lot.

“Yeah, me too.” James agreed.

“Well, this is me.” Harrison gestured at a small silver van.

“I am up a little further.” James pointed in the direction from which they had been walking.

“Well, thank you for walking me to my van.” Harrison smiled.

James watched as Harrison rolled close up to him, and felt sure that Harrison was giving him the green light. James leaned down as Harrison placed his hand on James’ neck, and their lips met. It wasn’t a deep make out kiss, but it felt like fireworks were going off in James’ mind. James stood there with a stupid grin from ear to ear as he watched Harrison roll up the ramps that came out from the side of the van, and drove off. James noticed the same goofy smile on Harrison’s face just before he pulled out.

“Ooh, someone had a good evening.” Stella teased after James got home and told her the whole story.

“Yeah, it really was.” James admitted.

“Well, I am glad you had fun.” Stella said. “So, are you going to call him for another date?”

“Oh crap.” James said, realizing that they hadn’t swapped numbers.

“You didn’t swap numbers?!” Stella said after James told her. “What the hell man?!”

“I don’t know how I forgot.” James explained. “We agreed to meet at the restaurant when we were in the gym, and I never got his number.”

James felt so stupid about not getting Harrison’s number. For the next week he tried to find a way to get in contact with Harrison; he tried to get his number out of the gym database, and when that didn’t work, he went in the gym at random times of the day to see if Harrison was there. He thought about asking Stella for his number, but he knew it would be against the contract just like at the gym. He cruised the area around where Harrison claimed to live, but never spotted a silver van. He basically went into full stalker mode, until he came to the realization that maybe Harrison had lied, or maybe he just didn’t want to be found. James felt so stupid for opening up to Harrison, only to be avoided.

“Hey James.” Stella called just as James fell into a funk about Harrison.

“What’s up?” James asked in a saddened tone.

“Can you come pick me up from work asap?” Stella asked.

“Car trouble again?” James asked as he grabbed his keys and headed out the door. “I should be there canlı bahis siteleri in a few minutes.”

“Thanks, and make sure you look halfway decent.” She hung up before James could bother asking why.

He walked in the front door of the clinic, and saw Stella talking to Harrison. James felt awkward as he approached them, but when they noticed him, Harrison lit up. James felt confused at his sudden glee as he noticed James.

“Hey, I finally managed to track you down.” Harrison said, looking genuinely happy.

“What do you mean?” James asked. “I thought you had been trying to shake me off.”

Harrison explained his side of the story to James. He had also realized that they hadn’t swapped numbers, and began doing a little snooping of his own. He had asked the gym for his info, went there a lot more to try and find him, of course at the times James was not working. Finally, he realized that he could have Stella could get them in touch, and drove down to her clinic. James felt happy, not only because he had found Harrison, but because he seemed as interested in James as James was in Harrison.

“You know what’s funny?” Harrison started as James walked Harrison to his van, of course after swapping phone numbers.

“What?” James asked, unsure where this was going.

“I saw you at the gym yesterday, you know, before the whole naked incident.” Harrison told him. “I talked to the lady at the counter until I saw you leave.”

“You know what else is funny?” James asked. “I saw you and went to hide by cleaning the showers.”

“Why?” Harrison asked. “For me, it was because I wanted to ask you out, but I kind of thought you were straight.”

James chuckled at that thought. While James wasn’t exactly a rugged lumberjack, he did get mistaken for straight more times than not. It wasn’t like James lied; he was open about his homosexuality.

“Well for me,” James began. “It was because you seem so grown up and together, while I am anything but.”

“Lame excuse, but I understand.” Harrison sympathized. “Now I am actually glad you nearly tackled me to the ground.”

“Me too.” James agreed.

The two talked a little more in the parking lot, about anything really. Neither one seemed like they wanted to leave. Their conversation eventually circled around to how they went to so mucb trouble to hunt each other down after losing contact. As James told his side, he felt like a lunatic, but Harrison actually seemed impressed at James’ out of the box thinking. The conversation seemed so odd, but James didn’t care, because it was with Harrison Grant.

“So, you could have easily forgotten me and moved on some other guy.” Harrison started. “What made you come looking for me?”

“Because you seem like a real genuine guy, and I really want to get to know you.” James said after a pause. “Why did you have Stella call me down here?”

“Because for some reason James, I cannot get you out of my head.” Harrison blushed. “I have to go home and check on Ty, but call me.”

James smiled at that response, feeling the same connection Harrison seemed to feel. He leaned down and kissed Harrison, and felt those same fireworks like the first time. Just like before, James stood there with a stupid grin on his face as Harrison drove off, wearing a silly smile of his own.

“Someone looks happier.” Stella said as she walked up to James just after Harrison drove off. “I wonder why?” She teased.

“You know, you could have just given him my number.” James teased her back.

“I know.” Stella admitted. “But then I wouldn’t have gotten to see it for myself.”

“Well, either way, I am glad he had the idea to reach out to you.” James said as the two began walking towards Stella’s car.

“Yeah, he is a lot smarter than both of us.” Stella joked. “I just realized I could have called him down to my office with a fake emergency regarding Ty or something.”

James paused at that realization, but didn’t dwell over it. It seemed more meaningful that they both went into stalker mode in order to track the other down. It helped James see that Harrison was really into him. It also helped James realize how into Harrison he was too. He didn’t know what was going to come with Harrison in the future, but James was excited to find out.

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