A Heavenly Intervention

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There is an outcropping of stone and cement just outside my parent’s swimming pool that separates the street, which lies fourteen feet below, from the green security fence. I’ve live here for 12 years since my Dad bought the place and I’d never seen anything like what happened that morning. It changed my life forever.

I don’t like long stories so I’ll get right to the point, sitting there in the sun on the outcropping was a Christ-like figure with long hair and beard, striking blue eyes, clothed in some sort of celestial robe. He was gazing upwards at the one lone cloud in the pale blue sky that the wind was slowly ushering across the horizon, a cloud that looked startlingly like a cottony cartoony penis and balls.

I assumed this was some sort of homeless person, although he wore sandals and his robe was not stained. Here in Southern California we recognize the homeless by their broken sneakers and filthy clothes. Now I’m neither a hater of the homeless nor a champion of their rights to usurp public space and set up tents along the streets where they collect untold mountains of rubbish that every week or so gets carried away to the city dump when the police and sanitation services converge on their encampments. But I guess they have to camp somewhere.

“Hey you,” I yelled from my window. “Get the fuck out of here. This is private property. You can’t sit there.”

He didn’t answer.

I got up, put on a pair of shorts and my Gucci loafers, actually knockoffs that I got at the flea market, and headed for the back door, which I opened and quickly walked to the edge of the security fence where this Jesus imposter was seated.

“Hey Mister, what are you doing? You can’t sit there. This is private property, get the fuck outta here or I’ll call the cops.”

My parents were away on some cockamamy cruise to Alaska. Who the fuck would want to go to Alaska in the winter?

He turned to me,

“No, my son, this is not private property, this is God’s property, and I have come to you this day to free you from all your inhibitions so that you may life freely as a gay man.”

Now it was getting personal.

“What are you talking about? I’m not gay. You are crazy.”

“No, my son, there is no need anymore to fight it. Open the gate and we will talk and I will bless you and make you free.”

“No, you get the fuck outta here, or I’ll come out there and throw you off the ledge.”

How the hell did he even get up there?

“Ah now you’re starting to think, there is no need to use profanity. You’re a good person, misguided, but you and I will straighten that out. Besides if you throw me off the cliff you’ll end up in prison, or is that what your gay ass is looking for, being a fuck cushion for the sex starved inmates?”

I took a double take and swallowed hard, he was right about that.

“Ok, I’ll open the gate but you’ve got to go.”

“Of course my son, go get the key and welcome me inside— inside —inside.”

Why did he keep repeating that word, like a mantra, like a hypnotic suggestion?

I walked back into the cabana and got the key to the small gate that allowed one to make entry onto the cliff for the purpose of cleaning güvenilir bahis up and raking the leaves that accumulated there when the wind blew them in a vortex from the tall trees below.

I opened the small gate,

“Ok Jesus guy, watch your step. Come over here. I’ll show you the way out.”

He rose gracefully his robe billowing with a gush of wind, and made his way over to me, I touched his shoulder as he passed in front of me guiding him through the gate.

“Ok Mister, now you gotta go. Please.”

He paid no attention to me and ambled over to a beach chair set on the cement overlooking the large swimming pool. It was a 1950s pool, quite large and deep, they don’t make diving pools any more as no insurance companies will insure them, too many paraplegics racing around on motorized wheelchairs after that one fatal dive that broke their necks.

“Get me something to drink, my son.”

“Listen buddy, I’m not your son, so please stop calling me that.”

“A drink, my son.”

“If I bring you a drink will you go?”

“Oh yes my son, a drink.”

“Ok, look don’t start wandering around the place. Just sit there. I’ll get you an orange juice or a beer, but you better not get fucking drunk on me.”

“A juice will be quite enough, my son.”

I went back into the house, quickly, locking the door behind me, I certainly didn’t want him to follow me. I went into the kitchen and poured a cool glass of orange juice into a round tumbler, and headed out towards the back door when I almost dropped the glass in surprise.

“How did you get in here?”

The son of a bitch was in my house.

“Is that my drink?” he extended his hand.

“Why yes,” I felt my hand moving up offering the glass to this guy, as if I had no control over my arm.

“Thank you my son.” He drank a little of the juice and started to walk through the living room.

“Hey where are you going? Get back here. I didn’t invite you in.”

“Oh but you did my son, you just didn’t know it, just like you don’t know if you are straight or gay, do you?”

“I am not gay, damn it.”

“My son, you must have no doubts. You are gay.”

By now my curiosity was peaked and I no longer felt threatened, not that I was sure I could take this guy in a fight, he looked kind of wiry, but there was nothing violent about him that made me fearful.

Now as to the story of his that I was gay, well let me tell you. That just wasn’t true. I’d dated and fucked around plenty women in my twenties. Now I was 36 and considered myself a bit bi as I got a laugh out of going to the bath houses and fending off those who flirted with me and in all honesty I often succumbed and did their bidding. If they wanted to be fucked I’d fuck them, if on the other hand they wanted to fuck me, well—ok, I let them. In fact I never went to the bath houses without a thorough ass cleansing so I guess I did want a cock in my ass but that didn’t make me gay—or did it?

By now I had followed this guy as he tracked through the entire house.

“Hey, you can’t go in there, that’s my room, hey…”

But it was too late, he had opened the door and headed right to my bed.

I watched as he strode around the room and türkçe bahis with his long muscular legs and just stepped up on the mattress and as if an eagle come to rest on the tree limb high in the Sierras. He just paused there silent and unmoving.

I guess he must have shaken off those sandals, and in a moment there was a whisper of sound and a rustle of fabric and his robe floated down around his naked feet.

I was about to ask him what the hell he thought he was doing when my eyes fell upon this huge erect penis, It was quite large, too big for my ass but it was also very beautiful.

I’d say it was probably 11 inches long, thick in diameter, cut, and the head was as luscious as a split peach, the skin as tanned and several small veins ran back from the head to his curly dark bush. His balls were quite large, swelled with tight skin surrounding them, more like small baseballs then ping pong ball size.

For once I had nothing to say. I just stood in awe. There seemed to be a pleasant perfume in the air that radiated from him, I could not name a brand but it was floral with a cutting edge of moist skin, almost like wet rawhide.

“Come closer my son.”

I came close.

“I am here for you.”

His penis now took on a life of its own, it started to move up and down, gyrating, beaconing me closer until I was so close I could feel its warmth upon my forehead,

“Come my son.”

I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed his cock with both hands, and thrust it into my open mouth. Although it was bigger than any cock i’d ever sucked I made every effort to fit it as deep into my mouth as I could and that was a struggle.

All this time the man said nothing but he put his hands upon my hand. His fingers entwined my long blond hair, even reaching the tiny bald spot I kept hidden. And I sucked, and sucked and the taste of his cock was like no cock flavor I’d ever experienced. I was so engrossed that I lost all track of time and space.

It was just cock, wonderful cock. Savory dick that could turn you hot, that could give you an erection like no porno on the internet could do. I was sucking and tonguing his penis hole, holding in my hands his large balls that I squeezed in the hope I could make him cum, even fingering his ass and a few times I tasted what I thought was pre-cum but he never came. Finally he gently removed my head from his cock and my hands from his large balls and he lay back on the bed, his head hitting the double pillows.

By now I had shed all my cloths and was certainly not going to stop in the middle of the stream, I fell into his arms, his cock still erect fitted between my thighs rubbing against my balls, puny and small compared to his.

He kissed me on the forehead and then upon the mouth, he bit my lower lip gently but firmly, I was so excited I felt ready to cum, but no, he wasn’t done yet, he coaxed me into a sitting position, my ass above his wet cock and gently eased me down a little at a time and I could feel his cock’s head entering my anus.

“Wait mister, your cock is too big, please stop…”

He paid no attention to me and reached around grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling them wider as inch my inch he entered me. The pain was so intense I think güvenilir bahis siteleri I blacked out twice but he held me in position and continued to stoke my ass. I could not escape. I didn’t want to escape. I wanted his cock, all of it inside me.

About that time, a flood of mucus must have secreted in my ass hole acting as a self lubricant and it was in that exact moment he gave a mighty thrust upwards and once more I fainted from the pain.

This did not stop him, I gained consciousness as he pumped his huge organ inside me for what seemed an eternity. Then he pulled my face down towards him and kissed me and his tongue so sweet filled my mouth as an eruption from his cock filled my ass and I knew from the warm pulsations he was cuming inside me.

I mumbled, “Shouldn’t we be using a con—-“

and then I shut up, it was too late for that and I wanted his sperm to fill me like a balloon, I wanted his hot semen inside me, his sperms nibbling like little fish at my intestinal wall, entering inside me, into the blood stream that courses through the intestines and his ethereal cum juice of joy became part of me and raced through my body as if a joyful invader that in supplication I welcomed.

He held me tightly , my buttocks pressed against his thighs, his big balls pulsating as he inseminated me, and at that moment my cock spewed forth a white cum rainbow and I came, with finality and joy, and the truth filled me as my dick squirted more cum than I’d ever experienced, ever over his chest.

“Now my son, say the words, I am gay.”

He was making me say something I would never have admitted. and as his last pistol shot of cum plastered the my deep insides, I whispered,

“I am gay, I am gay, I’m a sissy, a fagot, a cunty assed she male.And”

And I knew I would be searching for a cock in my ass every night for the rest of my life.

He leaned me back, my head spinning,

“Rest my son, rest, now you know who you are, have no fear, have no doubts,”

He gently closed my eyes and I fell asleep.

“God loves you, never question or forget.”

I must have awoken an hour and a half later, he was nowhere to be found. His robe, his sandals were gone, only the glass of orange juice, a little remaining stood there on the bed table. I was dizzy but carefully walked the house to see if he was hiding anywhere. I checked the bathroom, reconnoitered the kitchen, out into the back yard where the pool pump was churning and the cliff outside the security gate was empty, the gate was still open with the key in the padlock.

I closed the gate, locked the padlock and returned to the cabana to hang the key on its hook.

I’ve asked my neighbors but no one saw him come or go. Was he a homeless person or an aberration?

I know he was real, my ass was sore for a week, and there were blood stains on my sheets. For two days his cum kept leaking into the toilet whenever I used it.

I’ve started to attend a gay church over in West Hollywood. The people are nice, I feel like I’ve found a new family, and the young preacher does a good job with the Sunday service.

Several guys I’ve met there invited me to go out for breakfast afterwards at the pancake house or Joe’s where the omelets and Mexican dishes are always good. Sometime I’ll spend the afternoon with one of the guys who will fuck me till I can hardly walk, but that is who I am.

I’m a gay dude and proud of it, and I’ll be that way as long as I live.

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