A Daughter’s Plan Pt. 02

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Author’s note: It should go without saying, but all characters in this story are above the age of consent.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, this one will make a lot more sense if you do. Or, if you can’t make it all of the way through Part 1, at least read the first and last pages, before starting this one.

This story deals with degradation, reluctance, and, of course, incest. So, please feel free to skip it, if that doesn’t align with your interests. It is not a political statement. But, if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, that’s another reason to skip it.


The Johnson’s doorbell rang. Jessica glanced back at Rick with an intrigued look on her face. Rick shrugged. No clue. They continued down the stairs.

It was Saturday, late morning, and they’d just finished their first fuck session of the day. They were on their way down to the kitchen to refuel and rehydrate before returning to their bedroom for the next several hours. Or maybe they’d just fuck on the kitchen floor. It wouldn’t be the first time.

The past six months had been the happiest of Rick’s life. Jessica’s too. A seemingly never ending orgasm. Bliss on tap. Hot, wild sex. Steamy, tender love. Dirty, nasty, raw, mind blowing fucking. They had it all, and more.

And then Jessica answered the door.

“Hi!” Jessica bubbled to the six foot tall, runway model standing on their doorstep.

There was no better way to describe her. She was tall, but petite. Her narrow frame, lithe and trim. Her long, lean legs seemed to go on forever, only accentuated by her fitted, high-waisted pants. A hint of smooth, sleek midriff peaking out between them and the bottom of a plain, white tank top — the kind that could have cost fifteen dollars or a hundred and fifty, who could say — hugging her statuesque torso up to her breasts. They were smaller than Jessica’s, but they stood out impressively against her tiny frame, and the thin material of the shirt revealed hard, pointy nipples in the cool morning air. Her face was narrow and angular. Undeniably feminine, but with just a touch of something androgynous. High cheekbones and sharp jawline made her cheeks curve naturally inward, and her pale blue eyes gave off a cool aloofness. Blonde hair. Frosted ends. Short. A punky pixie — shorn close on one side and swept across longer to the other — with enough product in it to make it look as though it were perpetually blowing in the wind. Even her posture as she stood there waiting would have been more at home in a fashion show.

“Hi.” She said. “I uh…” For a second it looked as though she may turn around and leave. Wrong address. A simple misunderstanding. Have a nice day, stranger I’ll never meet again. “I uh… Should have called first.”

“What’s up?” Jessica asked, just as cheery and confident as ever.

“Are you, Rick Johnson?” She asked, focusing on him, and somehow standing even taller.

“That’s me.” Rick replied, taking a step toward the door. Placing a hand around Jessica’s shoulder.

“My name is Kate. Kate Van Dyke… And I’m your daughter.” She admitted. Almost reluctantly.

Jessica’s eyes widened. A massive grin spread across her face. And she practically bowled the young woman over as she leaped across the threshold to give her a hug. “SISTER!” Jessica squealed. Squeezing Kate tightly. Pressing herself into Kate’s skinny frame.

The young woman was taken aback, and clearly hadn’t been raised a hugger. Her arms floated above Jessica, uncertain where they should go. She wasn’t fighting it, but that certainly wasn’t her preferred greeting.

Jessica released her, but held onto her upper arms. “Come in!”

Kate tentatively took a step inside. Rick began to stretch out his arms, preparing for a hug of his own, but Kate extended a single hand instead. Rick adjusted mid-motion and swung his large, rough hand down shake hers. Practically swallowing the petite hand in his own.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Katie.” Rick said warmly. But, he’d made a critical mistake.

“Actually, it’s ‘Kay-teh’… Not ‘Kay-tee’. I find the other infantilizing.” She said, shooting Rick icy daggers from her eyes. Oof.

“Of course. Please, come have a seat.” He replied. “Can I get you anything? Something to drink? Eat?”

“No. I’m fine. Thanks.” Kate said. Her voice steady, but some hesitancy showing she was still evaluating the situation.

Rick led the way to the living room. He sat in his usual large, overstuffed chair, Kate sat across from him in another, Jessica sprawled on the couch as usual.

“I apologize for barging in like this.” Kate said. “I’m not interrupting anything, am-“

“Not at all.” Rick said. “Now is as good a time as any. And we’re glad to have you here.”

“Thank you. Like I said, I should have called first. I… I was going to, but I… I figured if I came in person, I’d be committed to seeing this through.” A long pause. And then. “I’ve known about you for a while, but I lived — live — bahis firmaları half way across the country.” Another pause. “I’m only here because I’m taking a summer program at the U. But, it doesn’t start until next week, and then they had a problem with the dorm and I couldn’t get in yet, so now I’m stuck in a roadside motel for a week. And it’s boring as shit-” Looking up. Was anyone still listening to this run on sentence? A bit of uncertainty crept onto her cool calm face. “Anyway. I knew you lived in this area, so I figured now was as good a time as any.”

“You came all the way from the U this morning? How did you get here?” Jessica asked.

“Oh, I drove.” Kate said. “I actually drove all the way out from San Fran. So not far by that standard.” A slight pause. “I hate planes. They’re such massive polluters. All those carbon emissions. Kind of like that big truck out there. I drive a Prius. And then I always take public transit in the city. Much better for the env-“

“Hmm?” Rick said aloud. Not intentionally. More a thought that forced its way out under his breadth.

“What?” Kate asked. No, accused. Any initial reserve gone. Glaciers in her eyes.

“Oh, I uh… I thought that hybrids didn’t engage their batteries when driving on the highway.” Rick said.

“So?” Kate asked.

“Well, that would mean on the way out from California you were mostly burning gas just like all of the other cars on the road. Only you’d also be lugging around big, heavy batteries that can’t be recycled or disposed of properly.”

“No, you’re wrong.” Kate said with unfounded resoluteness.

“Definitely possible.” Rick conceded.

“You don’t even know how wrong you are-” Kate continued on. Bringing a nuclear bomb to a minor disagreement.

Rick, trying to deflect. “Well, I can see it’s something you’re very passionate about. Is that what you’re studying at the U this summer? Environmental science or engineering?” Rick asked earnestly.

“No.” Kate paused. Reconsidered her position for a moment, and then continued on proudly. “I’m a gender studies major.”

“Huh?” Rick said. Thankfully, not smiling outwardly. “That sounds interesting.”

“Yeah. I’m actually working with Professor Albertson. She’s a genius — just so brilliant — I’m so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with her. She’s just-” Another run-on thankfully cut off prematurely. “Anyway, my topic is ‘The Dichotomy Between Homoeroticism and Toxic Masculinity in National Football League Mascots’.” Kate beamed.

Jessica turned toward Rick. An incredulous look on her face. She held back from a giggle at least.

“Wow… Unique!” Was all that Rick could manage. Trying not to sound confused.

“Actually, it’s pretty popular. It’s practically its own sub-field these days.”

“Hmm.” Rick said. Not sure where to go next.

Jessica jumped in to save the day with, “How did you get into that?”

“Oh, I’ve always been into that kind of thing. Women’s rights, feminism, gender spectrums, nontraditional sexual identities, heteronormative non-conformity-” Kate pulled up short. Could she read the expressions concealed beneath the feigned interest on Rick and Jessica’s outwardly respectful faces? “Anyway, I think I get it from my moms.”

“Moms?” Rick asked. Was that “s” plural, or slang?

“Yeah. They’re both big supporters of my interests and just all around advocates for underrepresented groups. They’ve been together so long that they actually had to get married in Canada before it was legal here.”

“I didn’t realize your-” Rick started, before trailing off. He was confused and hoped the look on his face didn’t give him away. If Kate’s Mom had always been a lesbian, she certainly never told him.

Kate picked up, not really understanding where he was going. “Yeah, and now my nongestational Mom is a wedding officiant for queer weddings. Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah! So, so great!” Jessica said. Jumping in to save Rick again. “Kate seems so worldly, doesn’t she, Daddy?”

“Oh, by the way, I’m fine with the pronouns she/hers, but I’m also good with they/theirs. Much more equitable.” Kate said, before adding, “Just so you know.” Another pause before continuing with, “Also, I’m a lesbian. Actually, a gold star lesbian-“

“I’m actually not sure what that is. Is that like a lesbian who did well on her book report?” Rick hazarded. He shouldn’t have. Should have shown more control. He didn’t mean to be a dick, but it must have come out that way.

“No. That’s a lesbian who has never had sex with a man.” Kate’s voice was cold, but not a fraction as icy as the look she gave Rick. She turned to look at Jessica. “Jessica, you haven’t said much.” Turning back to Rick and saying condescendingly, “I like to make sure speaking time is balanced across genders.” Back to Jessica. “What are you up to? Are you in school? What are you studying?”

“Oh, I’m not actually in college.” Jessica said, rubbing a hand over her pregnant belly. “Just getting ready for this little kaçak iddaa one to arrive.”

“And then what?” Kate pressed.

“Uhm. Not sure, I guess?” Jessica responded sweetly.

“Well, what have you always wanted to do?”

“This, I guess. I mean… Really… I’m right where I want to be.”

“But…” Kate’s confused look was as if she’d never encountered anything like this. “What then?”

“I think it’s great.” Rick interjected. “I’m excited for Jessica, and I’m glad she’s excited for it. And that that’s what she’s focused on.”

“But, you need to have other goals!” Kate insisted to Jessica, not Rick. “You’re more than just a lifegiver. You need to take control of your own path! You need to live for yourself! You need-“

“I’m OK. I-” Jessica tried to say before being drowned out by Kate.

“… And that’s an investment in your future…” Kate droned on.

Rick held up a hand, “Kate.” She paused. Slightly offended. Her stream of consciousness broken. “Of course Jessica can do whatever she wants. I think it’s OK if she’s still figuring it out though. I’ll support her, of course, and she’ll figure it-“

“But she doesn’t need you ‘supporting’ her!” Kate argued. “She doesn’t need anybody! She can be exactly who she wants to be without your help!”

“I think maybe we’re saying the same thing-” Rick tried before being drowned out.

“… And that’s why it’s so important for young women to feel empowered…” Kate continued on.

Rick checked out. A minute and a half later when Kate finished, Rick nodded. “Girls.” Another frosty look from Kate. He made a mental note to use ‘ladies’ from now on. “I’m sorry, but I actually have to go. Final walkthrough on a high value client’s new home today and they’ve asked that I be there.” He didn’t actually need to leave for over an hour, but the timing felt right. He stood up to leave the room.

“Oh, Daddy!” Jessica interjected. “I just remembered. My bras don’t fit anymore.” She grabbed and squeezed her buxom chest playfully. “One of the benefits of pregnancy, right?” She turned to smile and wink at Kate. No response. “Anyway, can I borrow a credit card?”

“Of course.” Rick grabbed his wallet and handed her a credit card.

Jessica squeezed his arm and stood on tip toe to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Rick smiled and headed upstairs to shower. Already feeling better.

“You know, it’s not good to be dependent on a male for money. This is what I meant about empowerment.” Kate rattled on.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Come on, Sister! Let’s go shopping!” She looked at Kate. An impish grin on her face. “I’ve been waiting my whole life to say that!”

Kate didn’t like shopping. At least not the way she was sure Jessica meant it. She supported small, local merchants and designers. Commercialism, materialism, and global industry were an abomination to her. She was not her possessions, but she did want them to speak for her. To announce who she was and what she cared about. And you couldn’t get that at some indistinguishable mall.

But, there was something about Jessica. Something alluring. She just exuded it. Making you want to be near her. Surround yourself in it. Kate couldn’t help but be infected by it. So, she followed Jessica out to her car. A position she wasn’t used to. She was the leader. Always had been. Always strived to be. Nevertheless, a contented smile crept across her face as they drove off.


Jessica pulled into the parking lot of an upscale pedestrian mall. One of those places that looks nice, but basically has the same shitty stores that every other mall in America does. But because the building facades are all understated and uniform, people with money are actually willing to go there. And people without money wonder why the fuck anyone would want to walk from store to store outside when they could be in a single climate controlled interior. With leather, massage chairs too.

On the way over, Jessica filled Kate in on how she came to be living with Rick. Sort of. She’d glossed over all the juiciest details, of course. Beth had left to tend to her ailing mother. Their marriage had been moving towards divorce for years, and that was the final straw. Ben was just “studying” abroad. She tracked Rick down and moved in shortly after they’d left, about the time she’d found out she was pregnant. She certainly hadn’t deceived and manipulated Beth and Ben out of the picture so that she could seduce her own Daddy and get him to impregnate her. Not her. Never.

As they walked, Kate found a way to bring the conversation back to Jessica’s plans after the baby. Eventually, indignantly, “How will you support yourself? You don’t want to be dependent on Rick every time you need new underwear.”

Jessica just smiled. “Oh, Daddy likes us to treat ourselves! Trust me, you’ll get used to it. It’s fantastic!”

“Or maybe, he’s buying your affection.” Kate said out of the side of her mouth. And then, before Jessica could kaçak bahis object. “What do you really want to do? Where do you want to be in ten years?”

Jessica decided to turn the tables, “I’m kind of right where I want to be, I guess? How about you? What do you want to do after you get your gender studies degree?”

“Oh, I want it all. I want to help people. I want to change the world. I want to be an icon.” Kate paused. “First, I want to join Greenpeace after I graduate, then become a human rights lawyer — focusing on oppressed women around the world of course — then I want to write a book — an instruction manual — showing all females how to rebel against the patriarchy. Even the women who don’t realize how badly its needed. I want it to become a bestseller. I want it to start a revolution. And then I want to go reinvent myself and leave them all in awe when I walk the runway in my own show at New York Fashion Week. I want to show little girls they can be anything and everything they want. No matter what. I want to be me. It’s what I’ve always wanted. It’s what my parents always wanted for me too, and they’ve done everything to support me.”

A pause. That’s all?

“Well.” Jessica bit her lower lip. “I have ALWAYS wanted a Sister.” Looking up at Kate sweetly. “And me and Daddy are going to take such good care of you, you’re never going to want to leave!”

Kate shook her head, but couldn’t help but smile. Jessica couldn’t be serious. But she was certainly cute. And Kate admired her moxie.

Jessica decided to push on, “So you’re really a gold star lesbian?”

Kate nodded confidently, “Uh huh.”

“So you’ve never done anything with a man?”

“Never felt the need to.” Kate paused for a second. “Males, in general, are entitled brutes, concerned only with their own pleasure. Why would I want to put one in charge of mine?”

“I don’t know about that. But I always say, ‘Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.'” Jessica said slyly.

“I could say the same thing to you about having sex with a woman.” Kate retorted. She felt clever.

“Who says I haven’t?” Jessica replied. That minxy little grin returning.

Kate stopped in her tracks. Did she just say-? Who exactly was Kate dealing with? She hadn’t expected that. Kate realized she was now looking at Jessica’s butt sway back and forth as she’d just kept walking. What a fucking smoke show. Wait. That was her sister. But she could still appreciate a beautiful female’s body, couldn’t she? Was that empowering or objectifying?

Before Kate could answer, Jessica turned into a lingerie store, turning back to look at her, flashing a devious smile and quick wink. Kate found herself trailing behind in Jessica’s wake for the second time that day.

The moment Kate entered the store, she could tell, it wasn’t her kind of place. Everything was frilly and pink. Covered in glitter. Smelling artificially sweet. Complete with ditzy, scantily clad sales attendants walking around and extolling the virtues of crotchless panties.

Jessica on the other hand looked like a trained professional. Swiping through the rack with one hand, transferring potentials to hold in her other, and then flitting to the next station with an effortless efficiency. Kate had barely gotten her bearings when Jessica walked over, her arms filled with options.

“I’m going to the fitting room.” And then, just as quickly as that, she was gone.

Leaving Kate alone, trying not to look awkward. In the same position as the douchey bros — who’d initially been excited by the idea of their girlfriend buying sexy underwear, only to realize it meant standing there waiting for her to pick something out, that would inevitably be simultaneously unflattering and way too tame — while they tried not to get caught ogling the help. Picturing themselves dating the hot blonde with the big tits behind the register instead of their girlfriend. She did smile at them after all. Yeah, she totally wanted it.

Kate clearly did not fit in. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. An employee had noticed as much and was approaching to help her pick something “totes adorbs” out. Kate shot her a chilly look. The sales girl made a quick right turn instead, to help a forty year old woman who was browsing this store’s version of granny panties. They were silk.

Kate should have enjoyed the attention. The attendant was certainly hot after all. Not her type though. Not a single prospect among them in fact. Not even a slightly bi-curious one. She could tell.

And then it happened. Jessica strutted out from behind the thick, velvet curtain hanging over the entrance to the changing rooms. She’d tried on her first outfit and was nearly naked. The bra and panties she’d chosen weren’t the skimpiest ones she’d went in with, but there was a great deal of skin exposed. You’d never tell from the look on her face though. Not a shred of self-doubt or discomfort.

Kate took a closer look at her body and understood why. Jessica was six months pregnant, but she was in better shape than any of the other women in the store. Including the staff. Her thighs still had a gap at the top for Christ’s sake. Everything was firm, smooth, and taut. Her skin glowed and-

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