Practice Makes Perfect

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“Have you been practicing lately?” you asked me.

“No, not really, it’s been a while,” I reply. You encouraged me to practice, to prepare myself for you to fuck my ass. I’ve admitted to being a little scared, a little apprehensive of the prospect, but, you promise you’ll make me enjoy it, so I practiced. I had gotten in the habit of this practice nearly every morning in the shower, and then, I found myself more interested, and I took the practicing to new levels.

I began experimenting with my purple vibrator. I learned what I liked, and how I liked it. I learned how to control my muscles, to squeeze them tight, imagining that it was your dick that I held so tightly in my ass. I imagined that your body was behind me, pushing harder and faster into my tight ass. I felt your arm around my waist, your breath on my neck, and I found I was enjoying this practice in spite of my earlier reservations.

But, I guess I’d felt a little neglected for a month or so, you hadn’t even asked me if I’d practiced for you in as many weeks. Even though I was beginning to enjoy the practice sessions, I was doing them for you, and if you weren’t going to fuck my ass, why did I need to continue to prepare my body for something that wasn’t going to materialize? The only thing it seemed to do was frustrate me more than I was already frustrated. Every time I touched bahis firmaları the crease between my ass and thigh, I could feel you there, licking your way closer and closer. My body heats up, my nerve endings are on fire. I want so desperately to feel you there, but, I find new levels of frustration.

“Why not lately?” you ask.

“Guess I just got frustrated, you hadn’t mentioned it in a while, just didn’t see the need to keep it up,” I shrugged.

“Hmm, you thought I wasn’t interested in fucking that ass of yours anymore?”

“Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure you were interested in much at all anymore. Maybe I was wrong?”

“Maybe,” you say as you slide your hand over my ass, smiling when you see the jeans I’m wearing. “I always liked these jeans,” you say as you touch skin through the worn holes along the back pockets.

“Yeah, I know you used to like them, I took a chance.”

“So, what if I’m not interested anymore? What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you keep practicing? Would you keep writing?”

“Mmm, yeah, I probably would. I enjoy them both, so, I imagine I’ll do both, as I get inspired to, and enjoy them for my own pleasure, not yours.” I shrugged. “I do this as much for me, for the excitement of it, as I do for you anyway.”

“What would you do for inspiration?”

“Hmm, kaçak iddaa I have a very active imagination, I am sure I could think of something. Plus, I’ve got a good memory too, you’ve given me plenty of inspiration to go on. I can think of plenty I haven’t written down yet.”


I laugh now, as I use a mix of memories, and that active imagination to arouse myself, to heighten my senses. I remember the way you touched me last, and I fantasize about being touched now, I feel my own hand trace the path I want to feel. I’m still panting from my last orgasm. I can still feel the blood pumping through my body, and the fine layer of sweat on my body is testament to the fun I’ve been having. I have nearly exhausted myself, and I laugh and wonder if I’m close to exhausting my battery supply for my purple friend. So far, so good, he’s working just fine, still rotating against my G-spot as I feel the momentum of another orgasm building before the other subsided. I reach, and turn on the vibration as well, letting it move against my clit, but I can’t take it very long, it is still very sensitive, so I turn it back off, and enjoy the rotation deep inside me.

I turn that off as well, and replace it with my fingers, slowly rubbing my thumb over my clit every now and again to keep that electric current flowing. I push the head of the kaçak bahis vibrator to the tight opening of my ass, and relax my muscles enough to let just an inch pop inside. I turn it, letting the ridges of the shaft caress my ass. I squeeze the muscles now, holding it tight there, as well as my fingers still inside my dripping pussy. I push against the thin barrier between my fingers and the vibrator, and, enjoying that sensation, I push more of my purple friend inside of me. I keep pushing ’till I have the entire length inside of me, and turn the vibration on again and my body jerks in response. The sensation rocks my body, and I move my hand to again focus on my clit, I need release fast. I know this feeling, it feels like I’m ready to explode, my legs tense, my head is thrown back, my back arched. I feel like I might pass out if I can’t cum right away. I furiously run circles around my clit with two fingers of my right hand while my left holds the vibrator in place in my ass.

I scream as I feel the release finally shatter my existence. I’m breathing hard, my body riding the spasms that still rock my body. I seem to learn on a daily basis how to make myself cum harder and harder, how to enjoy all of my body, and what I know will make my body buck right off the bed in pleasure. I ease the vibrator out of my ass with my left hand, while I bring the dripping fingers of my right to my mouth to lick them clean. Now, totally relaxed, and more sated than I could have imagined, I roll over, curl into my pillow and go to sleep. I think I’m practicing almost enough to be perfect now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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