Dr Love’s Baby Factory

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“Fuck me, fuck me with that huge cock, you old bastard. Take my little girl cunny. Fill me with your seed, plant a baby up in my belly, you perverted old fart. FUCKKKKKK MMMMEEEE!”

“Not bad, Kayla, not bad at all. Nice touch with the ‘perverted old fart’ part. He’ll really love that. Dr. Love gets into nasty mouthed little bitches when you talk like that. I think you’re enough of a slut to make it here.”

So went the audition of the day at Dr. Love’s Home for Wayward Girls. Nurse Wilma, with all two hundred pounds of her naked jiggling female flesh, was rubbing and fingering a potential resident into orgasmic bliss, to see if she would qualify for the all expense paid stay at this Western ranch. Young girls are sent here, mostly by their exasperated parents, for discipline and training to become more acceptable young ladies. These girls were from the streets of cities as well as farms in the country. All were perceived to be out-of-control little sluts back home, and their families had given up on them. Not a virgin in sight around here but lots of budding horny female flesh to behold. Clothing was relatively optional, and frankly not much appreciated by the all female staff who themselves wore very little in the warm desert sun.

Dr. Love had convinced the young sluts’ parents that he would send them back ready to settle down, find a hubby, and raise nice grandchildren for them. In reality he simply turned them into full-fledged whores, after getting them pregnant and selling the human beings so produced by the vigorous fucking in this baby factory to pay for the whole operation, as well as his elaborate lifestyle. As the girls all came from either inner city poor neighborhoods, or backwoods rural areas, and the families already had more kids than they could handle, no one much missed them for a couple of years. They just disappear.

Some will stay at the Ranch, as the Home is called by the girls, for quite some time producing more and more baby products for Dr. Love. After a few years they moved up and became part of the staff. Others left and went into the legalized whore houses of the area, or if not that good or that attractive, they hit the streets in some large city.

Kayla was a plump little twenty year old black girl from LA, with nice big tits and a cute bubble-butt. She lost her virginity to her mother’s boyfriend a couple of years ago and had been banging every cock she could get ever since. Dr. Love usually preferred young white girls, as the products of their wombs were more saleable to eager young couples seeking a child to call their own, but Kayla was very light skinned and was deemed to be a ripe candidate for his virile seed, for Dr. Love did all of the impregnating around here. There were no other cocks on The Ranch. A handsome man in his mid-forties, with good genes, or so he thought, the babies produced here seemed to be cute and lovely and well worth the under-the-counter $50,000 he changed suburban couples who wanted a nice little baby and couldn’t produce their own. Kayla’s womb product would go to a wealthy black couple or maybe even a white couple if the brat was light enough. Dr. Love’s good white genes seemed to tone down the color as long as the slut bitch was a nice light brown.

“Now, just how many cocks have slid up into this horny cunt of yours, girl?” Wilma asked as she continued to pump her fingers into Kayla’s sloppy fuck hole. “Don’t know…” the orgasm induced girl panted, “I don’t kept trakt. I just fuck. Boy want my puss, he got my puss. OoooHHHH, I do like what you do to my cunny, ma’am. OOOHHH, it feel good!”

“Well you’ll feel lots more like this, if you be a good girl. Dr. Love is a wonderful lover, and he will treat you right, as long as you behave. But you just remember, if you DON’T behave,” and here the chubby mature nurse grabbed the little girl’s whole sex mound in her big hand, and pinched it hard, “you’ll feel pain you never felt before!”

“OOOOWWWEEEE…stop that, let my pussy go!!!!” Kayla screamed. “I’ll be a good girl, don’t hurt me, I not dun nuttin baaaaaddddd!”

“You just remember that, bitch. Dr. Love will treat you nice, but if you cause trouble or try to run away, or start fights, or break any of the rules of the ranch, then Nurse Wilma gets to have you. And you won’t like that one bit! I like little girls, but I like to make pain for little girls, too!”

“Now,” as Wilma got back to the intake interview, “just you guess at how many different dicks have unloaded their spunk into your horny little cunt.”

“Oh, I guessin ’bout twenty or so difernt ones…but each one dun do me lots of times, mostly. I e’nen got money onest from a honky boy in a big car. He dun give me twenty dollars to shove his little white dick in my juicy black cunny. He dun like it, too! I kinda like it, too. He smelled nice, not all sweaty like the hood niggers, even if he did have a little tiny prick.”

“OK, so you did a little prostitution as well as give it canlı bahis şirketleri away free to your boyfriends.”

“I AIN’T NOT PROS’TOOT,” Kayla protested, “I just took a little tip from that white boy. I just the neighborhood slut, like my mama say. She quit buying me panties ’cause I loose so many around the hood. They just gotched in the way, any-who. I like my pussy to be free in the air under my skirt, and free to the boys!”

“Well, that’s all fine, dear. We think you’ll be fine here, Kayla. Now, you just remember that Dr. Love wants you to be very horny when you go to his sex room, what we call The Love Nest, later on today. You play with that cute puss of yours if you need to. In your room there are some sex toys, if you like that, but be sure to be ready for him and not all wore out! And he likes you to talk dirty and nasty when he is loving you up. Don’t you dare try to keep his hands or his cock away from any part of your body. As long as you are here, Dr. Love owns you. He’s going to put a nice white baby in your belly. It may take several sessions, and even after that Dr. Love likes to bang up some of the pregnant girls, too. Keeps you in practice. You’re in the baby business now, Kayla. You’ll be treated right fine here, as long as you behave, better than ever before in your life. And if you and another girl want to play like you and I did here today, that’s fine, but don’t get to be liking pussy more than Dr. Love’s cock. You are a sex babe; a slutty cum bucket; a baby making whore for Dr. Love, or whoever he may chooses later on. You got all that you black nigger bitch?” Wilma was a bit of a racist, and not at all sure she liked a black girl joining the stable. But Dr. Love recruited her, and must have a market for the brown babies that will pop out from this bitch’s belly. These little black cunts seem to produces babies by the truckload in the big cities, so maybe she’ll be a big producing baby machine for The Ranch.

“Yes’m, I do. I’ll be a right nice little whore. I like to have my puss played with, and I’ll fuck that ole man till he don’t want no more if’n he wants me! I just don’t want no more beatings, like my mama and that bastard Billy of hers gave me.”

“Now you go with Nurse Sally here, and she’ll take you to your room. You can wear clothes later on once you been here awhile if you like, but you’ll find most of the girls all naked like yourself. You just show off your tits and cunt. Gets you used to spreading your legs whenever we need you to. We’ll come get you for a session with Dr. Love later today.”

Dr. Love was lounging in his sex room later that evening. He had just come from delivering a new born at the ranch’s obstetrics suite a little earlier, and was relaxing with a drink after a shower, dressed in his satin love robe. He knew that a new resident had been processed today, and he always wanted to get the girls started off right here at The Ranch. He would spend the better part of the evening getting to know the girl, and enjoying her womanly treasures. He heard that this was the young black girl he was getting from LA, a rarity among the blonde, blue-eyed young things he preferred. As long as she was light skinned, all would be OK. There was more opportunity for marketing baby products to wealthy African-American professionals lately, anyway.

This life sure beat the old ob-gyn work he used to do; probing around pussies, young but mostly old, and catching babies from the cunts of overly emotional young mothers. He made more bucks now in the baby making business, and he got to knock-up all these cute little bitches. Nurse Wilma kept the brats in line, and that fat-old lesbian loves to play with their firm young tits and sloppy pussies, besides being a good nurse with the infants. A couple of other lezzies were on the staff, mostly to keep Wilma happy, but they also were good disciplinarians.

And several former residents had joined the staff because of their faithful service to baby-seeking humanity with the fruit of their wombs, and besides they were fantastic fucks for the good doctor! They like the atmosphere of the ranch, the camaraderie of the ‘girl sex corps’, and Dr. Love’s attentive love making. They didn’t make babies anymore, though they physically could. After having about one each year for five or six years, they find it just too difficult to keep their tits from sagging and their bellies from dragging. Dr. Love only requires one production cycle, and then the girl gets to decide her future. Some would just as soon stay and keep at it, in a pleasantly quiet and secure life, but most take their financial “gift” from the doctor, and head to the streets. They’ve learned how to be good money making whores, able to please any man’s cock at any time in any place. So, off they go.

Nurse Joyce, however, is the local legend, having produced fifteen progeny in ten years. She is the mistress of multiple births, with one triplet bunch. “A real good baby machine,” Dr. Love canlı kaçak iddaa always said, “She is happiest either on her back getting laid, or on her back pushing a kid out her cunt.” Joyce knew as much about being pregnant as any midwife, and was the resident advisor to the getting-fatter-with-child residents.

Nurse Sally, a big-titted redhead from the East, brought Kayla into Dr. Love’s love nest. A round king-sized bed was in the center of the dimly light room, and was covered with dark colored satin sheets. A round mirror attached to the ceiling above the bed was as big as the bed itself. A ‘conversation’ nook was off to the side, with a pillow covered sofa and a large reclining chair. Sometimes residents would talk to the doctor there, and sometimes their mouths would get to ‘talk’ to the doctor’s cock there. A revolving wall revealed a well stocked bar, for the doctor and certain staff, but when the residents were in the room there was no booze. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs don’t mix with healthy baby making, and all were strictly forbidden for the girls.

“Good evening, my dear,” Dr. Love said, greeting the somewhat fearful young black girl, “I trust you have been treated well and are comfortable with us?”

“I’m fine, sir,” Kayla quietly replied. Sally led her over to the sofa to sit next to the doctor. Sally sat on the other side of Kayla, and would stay throughout the session to help calm this fuckee of the day. Kayla was dressed, or undressed if you prefer, in a thigh length see-through silk nighty with no panties, which was the standard uniform for any resident who would be visiting the sex room that day. All the other girls knew where she would be headed later on, and joined in encouragement, whispered advice, and general girlish chatter about the joys of getting laid by the doctor.

“You know why you’re here, is that right Kayla? I’m sure you do. Now just relax and join me in the pleasures of the flesh. I know you’ve had many young cocks in you pussy, my dear, but now you will learn to make love. Babies are best made in a loving passionate atmosphere. It is as if you were on your honeymoon with me, your new husband. I will take care of you and bless your womb with my seed. I’m sure there are several eager little eggs inside of you just waiting to grow into the miracle of life. We will lovingly create life inside of your body here in this warm and inviting nest.”

As the doctor slowly and quietly spoke, he began to lightly caress Kayla’s arm, and then her knee. Sally leaned back and watched the master at work, remembering her own first fuck session with him. She had been a scared and resentful nineteen year old divorcee. She had rid herself of an older abusive husband after just six terrible months of marriage, but was abandoned by her family who wouldn’t believe the stories of his nightly beatings. She got herself to the Love Ranch, after a few frightening homeless months, on the chance suggestion of a former resident she met on the street. Shapely of body but emotionally hurt and lost, Dr. Love took her in, loved her into a new life, and she produced five strong male babies for the doctor in five years. She evolved into the resident sexual advisor, having a delightfully tight cunt even after those babies, and was a frequent ‘playmate’ companion for the doctor here in the love nest. They experimented sexually with everything together in recent years, and she was as close as any staff to the boss, while Wilma still ruled the roost among the women.

Now they would together bring in a new resident, as they did every two or three months as someone moved on. The Ranch could welcome only a dozen or so residents with current facilities. But then, the good doctor could only service that many pussies and wombs adequately. So, the numbers stayed pretty much the same.

As Dr. Love continued to coo and fuss over the new young thing, telling her how beautiful she was, and complimenting her fine, firm, large, black tipped boobs, and gently rubbing her glisteningly hairless pussy mound. His loosely wrapped robe fell open to reveal the manly chest and further on down his rapidly rising baby maker. Kayla couldn’t resist gazing down between the doctor’s thighs. “Go ahead, Kayla, reach out and take his cock in your hand,” Sally whispered into her ear, “Just gently rub it up and down. The Doctor will like that.”

The plump little hands rubbed the hardening tool up and down as it reached its full ten inch extension. Dr. Love’s massive rod was well known around The Ranch, and the girls were all mystified by its length, girth, and lively motion. “It’s so BIGGGG!” the surprised girl exclaimed. “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to handle it well,” Sally assured her, “You have a nice flexible cunny there, and this will give you so much pleasure. I know!”

Dr. Love slipped the flimsy lingerie off of the luscious brown body, and stood up leading the evening’s plaything toward the bed, letting his robe just fall away. Sally, scantily canlı kaçak bahis clad herself in a bright red nighty, sans panties of course, followed the pair to the bed, stretching herself across the lower side, leaving plenty of room for the lovers to play, and prepared to just watch the show. She only got involved if the girl misbehaved or otherwise was unruly or afraid. The Doctor never punished or admonished, except for the occasional loving ass swat in the heat of passion. The nurses took care of miscreants.

As the doctor settled into a suck-session on those tasty chocolate titties, Kayla remembered Nurse Wilma’s admonishment that the doctor liked his girls to be vocal during sex. “Oh, sir, your month is so nice on my boobies,” she tentatively whispered.

“Speak up, Kayla, get right into this wonderful experience,” Sally advised.

“You are a tasty more-than-a-handful babe,” Dr. Love mumbled, wandering from one fleshy brown breast to the other. Her dark nipples were nicely hardening half-inch buttons which he gently nibbled and lick and sucked. “Your hard little nips are so good!” he praised.

“Oh, doctor sir, OOOHHH, that feels so good. It makes my pussy so wet when you suck my titties. You so gentle and nice, I like this, Oh, thank you sir, Oh, Oh.”

The doctor’s cock was well into form, and his nuts began to throb in anticipation of that wet and sloppy cunt. He moved over on top of the young but substantially plump brown body. “Now take the doctor’s big cock in your hand, Kayla, and rub it up and down your wet cunny. You want to have lots of slimy cunt juice on that monster before he drives on into your pussy,” Sally further advised. Kayla did as she was told, and loved to rub her engorged pink clit with that manhandle.

As the doctor began to thrust and grunt, Kayla slipped his rock hard cock into her anxiously waiting honeybox. “Oh, you’re so tight, you lovely little bitch. Oh, I love your wet pussy, you horny babe. It is so good to have you, I want you, I want to give you my baby seed,” he moaned and groaned even more.

“YOU’LL SPILT ME!!!…OOOWWWEE. You so big in my CCCUUUNNTT!” the impaled slut yelled. “You’re OK, OK” Sally assured the girl, moving up to her side to calm her. “Just relax you’re cunny and it will feel so good very quickly.”

“I want you now, nigger bitch; I want your black cunt. Beg me to take you, you fucking gutter slut; give it to me, you nigger whore. You want by big white cock, don’t you? This is better than any nigger boy you’ve had before, isn’t it?” the now passionately aggressive doctor demanded.

“Say it, Kayla, tell him to fuck you. He really wants you to want this. Tell him, quick and loud, baby!” Sally pleaded.

“OOOHHH, FUCK MMMMEEE! Fuck me with you big ole pecker, you old man. Take my cunny, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good with that huge pole. I do want it, give my your sticky slim in my cunt, you fucking bastard. Oh, this lots better than those nigger boys. Fuck me, white man, fuck me, fuck me good and DDDDEEEEEPPPP!”

“Oh, that’s it you horny little cum bucket. Take me, take me up your womb. I’ll fill your needy twat with my special man juice. Oh it is so wonderful to be balls-deep in your tight little pussy!”

Kayla kept on yelling and grunting, really getting into the fuck session, as Sally was feeling the need of her own horny clit. She reached down to fondle her rapidly dampening pussy lips, seeking to meet the desire of her loins. She loved to watch sex as much as get sex. This is just a terrific place, she thought to herself!

Dr. Love could not hold out the contents of his balls any longer. “I’MMMM CCCCUUUMMMIIINNNIIINNNNGGG,” he growled as his spunk splattered the insides of this black girl’s love tunnel, the millions of swimming sperm rushing toward her very fertile pre-baby eggs. “MMMMEEEEE TTOOOO,” Kayla joined in with her own orgasmic rush, grabbing the big white man around his pistoning hips with her fleshy little legs, and even Sally entered the spree, gasping and writhing through a nice little cum!

After pumping Kayla’s vaginal canal full of his jism, Dr. Love rose up on his hands, admiring his work below him, the sweating, post-orgasmic young baby machine, which he knew would give him many hours of sexual pleasure as well as the product he needed to keep the business growing. As his dick became limp in her seamen-drenched cunt, Kayla herself thought how different this was from being quickly banged in a back seat of a car, or bent over against a back wall of some dingy dive leaving her with a horny cunt. She now knew what it was to be loved and cared for because someone really enjoyed her body. She thought she would like it here. “I hope I get preggy fast!” she said to the crowd in the bed.

“You just wait and see, little one,” the doctor gasped. “I think we’ll have lots of good sessions getting my seed into your belly before it begins to grow. You are a real fine fuck, my dear. I think you’ll like our times together.”

“I will, sir, I’m sure I will. Your big cock is really fine! It fills me up so good.”

And all Nurse Sally could wonder was whether she could get to have that wonderful pecker in her hungry mouth and pussy yet later in the evening!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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