Bisexual Domination

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Greetings, folks. My name is James Tomasi Bjorn. A tall, good-looking, golden brown-skinned and green-eyed man of African-American and Swedish descent. I’m currently touring North America, and like many young men, I’m looking for adventure. What kind of adventures? Well, that’s what this story is all about, folks. I lead the kind of life other people can only dream of. I can do whatever I want. Limits are for others. Not for me. Why is that? I’m filthy rich. A billionaire, actually. My parents are loaded and so am I. Dad is an oil tycoon from the Kingdom of Sweden. He’s also descended from Swedish Royalty. Which makes me a man of regal blood. Mom is a black female American Corporate Raider. Brains, beauty, wealth and power. We have it all. Any questions?

I spend my time between my mansion in Atlanta, Georgia and my ancestral castle in Stockholm, the capital city of the Kingdom of Sweden. I attend two schools, the University of Stockholm and the Atlanta Institute of Technology. It’s quite hectic, but whatever. My father wants me to get a good education. I do too. But I longer for adventure and glory a lot more. Plus, I’m kind of a hedonist at heart. I need to engage in risky and challenging pursuits otherwise I start to feel completely empty inside. I’ve always been that way. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a Man of Action. Or perhaps there’s a deeper issue at work. Oh, well. It’s something I shall ponder another day.

Currently, I’m in the city of Boston. I’m staying at the Marriott Hotel. It’s a really nice place. Not quite the Hilton, but who cares? Boston is a city with a lot to offer, if one is an intellectual or a homosexual. I’m neither. Not bashing, just being honest. I’m actually bisexual. I think homosexuals are boring. Why focus all of your energies on the same sex? That’s about as boring as heterosexuality. Why focus all of your energies on the opposite sex? Bisexuality is a happy medium and it’s where I reside. It’s where everyone should reside, if the world actually made sense.

I found myself very bored in my hotel room. I need to stay active and stimulated at all times, otherwise I get bored. bahis firmaları You don’t want to see when I’m bored. Some people are dangerous when they’re angry or upset. I become dangerous when I am bored. That’s when any idea, no matter how insane, becomes very attractive. So, to kill the boredom, I flirted with the Help. Maria Suarez, the tall and plump, big-bottomed, red-blooded Latina MILF who came in to clean my room was quite delectable. As was Hector Sanchez, the good-looking and obviously gay Latino guy who cleaned the Hotel floors. I invited them both to join me for some fun. They were both reluctant, until I told them that I’d pay them five grand each for their company. Let’s just say that they didn’t protest after that. They both had bills to pay and could certainly use the cash.

I lay on the bed, my sexy muscular body gloriously naked. Sucking on my twelve-inch-long, uncircumcised dick was the handsome Hector. The young Latino stud wrapped his sexy lips around my dick. He also stroked my balls. I gently caressed his head while he worked his magic. Meanwhile, Maria watched us. A lot of Latinos and yes, even Latinas, had a problem with homosexuality or bisexuality. But since I was paying the bitch for her company, I demanded that she act in a professional manner.

I ordered her to get her plump ass over there and give my cock a good sucking. She did as she was told. The plump Latina joined forces with the gay Latino guy and together, they sucked my cock. Yeah, they sucked my long and thick dick and licked my balls. It was fun. I had my fun, I should say. Then, I came all over their faces. Hector welcomed the splash of my cum on his face but Maria was surprised. She actually tried to dodge my cum. I wagged my little finger. No way am I allowing any cum-dodging in this sex session. I grabbed her head and held her face while I came all over her. Then, I told her to drink it. And she did, after a brief hesitation.

I watched as the feisty Latina obediently licked my cum. I do love to bring arrogant women to their knees. Since Hector was such a good lad, I kissed him. We both stood up and I stroked his cock. He kaçak iddaa smiled. I smiled too. Hector had a good-sized dick, eight inches long and uncut, like me. He was quite thick too. I told Maria to suck him off. Hector hesitated. He didn’t want a chick to suck his dick. For many reasons. He didn’t trust females with his manly tool. I smiled. That was perfectly understandable. So, I told Maria to lick Hector’s ass. The look of shock and disgust on the Latina’s face was priceless. I looked down at her. What are you looking at, bitch? Just shut up and do as you’re told. Hector laughed, and congratulated me being such a macho stud. I laughed. He had no idea!

Hector turned around and bent over. He spread his sexy Latino butt cheeks wide open. I grabbed hold of Maria’s long black hair and rubbed her face against Hector’s ass. I made sure she got a good whiff of his ass. She gave me a dirty look, then began to obediently lick Hector’s ass. I watched, pleased with my handiwork. A feisty and homophobic Latina was licking a gay Latino man’s ass while a bisexual biracial man watched. Now, that’s what I call some erotically charged entertainment. I asked Hector if he was having a good time. The sexy gay Latino stud told me he was having the time of his life. I smiled. Watching Maria’s tongue dart in and out of Hector’s ass was so fun. Especially since she seemed to hate every moment of it. Oh, well. That’s what she gets for being an arrogant and homophobic Latina witch. She needed an attitude adjustment and I was happy to oblige.

To spice things up, I decided to fuck her in the ass. The big Latina’s plump butt cheeks looked very tempting. I came up behind her and grasped one plump cheek in each hand. I rubbed my cock against Maria’s butt hole. The big Latina suddenly froze. She stopped munching on Hector’s asshole for a moment and turned around. I smiled, and casually told her that I was going to fuck that fat ass of hers. Then, with a swift thrust, I shoved my cock into her asshole. The shrill scream which escaped Maria’s exquisite lips as my cock filled her asshole was music to my ears. It’s always fun to hear a woman scream when I’ve kaçak bahis got my cock up her asshole. Oh, yeah. It’s addictive.

I placed my hands on Maria’s hips and pushed my cock deeper inside her. I pushed her mouth against Hector’s ass, and she resumed licking his ass. Hector turned around and winked at me. Clearly, the gay Latino stud was enjoying himself. I smiled at him. This is so much fun. I get to look at a hot Latino guy while fucking a plump Latin woman in the ass. Is there anything more fun than this in the Bisexual Man’s Universe? Maria’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my dick. I loved the feel of it. I guess you could say that I’m an anal sex addict. With males or females, it didn’t matter. Just give me a hot asshole to fuck! I continued fucking Maria, slamming my dick hard and fast into her poop chute, until I got my nut. I came, flooding the plump Latin woman’s asshole with my cum. Maria screamed like a woman possessed. And for some reason, Hector farted. All over her face. Oops. Let’s just say that I paid her quickly and she beat a hasty retreat.

Hector and I remained in the room after Maria left. I looked at the sexy Latino stud. I liked what I saw. I pulled him to me and kissed me. We headed into the showers, and there, he gave himself to me. I bent him over and entered him with a swift thrust. I pushed my cock into his ass. He grunted, and pushed back, driving my cock deeper into him. Hector was an energetic bottom. I liked that! We fucked passionately for what seemed like a short time, but was actually several hours. We crashed on the bed and fell asleep afterwards. When we woke up, I thanked Hector for a wonderful night and paid him ten grand instead of five. He was such a great lay. So much better, both in personality and sexual performance, than the irate and uptight Maria. We parted amicably.

And this, folks, is how I spent my vacation in Boston. I had tons of fun. When all was said and done, I returned to ATL to finish the semester, then returned to Stockholm. I couldn’t wait to tell the guys back home about my adventures in the United States of America. I can’t get enough of my life, and they can’t get enough of my stories. I am good-looking, intelligent, healthy and rich. I do things ordinary people can only dream of. The perks of being a demigod in this mundane world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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