Inserting Them Deep

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This story is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading, stop now.

* * * * *

Ever since that first day in the office when I caught my secretary pleasuring herself, we’ve had quite an interesting relationship. Everyday she and I would wind up doing something very sexy and arousing. And each time it became more and more erotic. Several weeks had passed since that first day and our office relationship has changed allot. It’s hard to believe that in less than two months Christine became my steady girlfriend, or should I say girlfriend, sex partner and secretary. Many times I would just wonder how many other business owners were screwing their secretaries.

It was Friday night. We had the weekend off. I wanted this to be a special weekend, just the two of us. I thought for a long time what I wanted to do. Should we go away for the weekend, or perhaps go out for dinner and then see a movie. But that’s what most people do and I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted something different, something sexy, something really erotic. Christine would like that.

It was actually on my way back to the office that I thought of the idea. Would Christine like it? Would it arouse her and think it really erotic. My answer was most definitely, yes. I was certain she’d love it. In fact the more I thought about it, the more I knew it would drive her crazy. Christine is a very open minded young girl. She loves me doing sexy erotic things to her, even when we’re in the office together. She says doing it there is so nasty. And she likes doing the same back to me.

I was going to make this a surprise, a surprise that would make her nuts. I dialed the office on my cell phone and told her I’d be just a little later, but would be there to lock up. Then I suggested that we go out for dinner. She liked that idea. Christine loves going out and having a nice, quiet romantic dinner. I told her I would have a surprise for her too. That really peaked her curiosity. She tried getting it out me, but I wasn’t saying.

It took me about a half-hour to make the necessary stop and I was on my way. I was excited myself and could barely wait to get back to the office.

After arriving to pick up Christine, we drove to her apartment so she could change. I asked her to wear that sexy skirt she knows I like so much. When she walked out of her bedroom, Christine was a sight to behold. She was looking so beautiful. And she had on my favorite skirt just as I asked. I just loved the way it looked on her. She has a great body and that skirt makes her so sexy. She no sooner walked over to me and she was asking, “what’s the surprise?” But I still wasn’t ready yet to clue her in yet.

“Give me a few minutes, darling.” I told her knowing she was anxious.

I went to take a shower and get ready for dinner. I always keep a change of clothes at Christine’s. We’ve spent quite a few nights together and we figured both of us should have some clothes at each other’s apartments. A few minutes later I was dressed and ready to go.

Just as canlı bahis we were about ready to leave for the restaurant, Christine asked again. “So what’s the surprise darling?” We were right by the front door. I knew she would ask again. Then out of my jacket pocket I pulled a strand of beads. That stop I made on the way back to the office was at an adult boutique to buy a string of anal beads.

There were five purple colored beads on a black nylon string. Each bead was an inch and a half in diameter and there were a couple inches between each one on the strand. I held them up for Christine to see letting the beads dangle in front of her face. She stared at them smiling, “Oh my God,” she whispered out excited.

“Turn around sweetheart,” I playfully ordered.”

She obeyed instantly and I lifted her skirt. I pulled her silky panties down. “Step out of them.” She did and I threw them across the room. “You won’t be needing those tonight, sweetheart.” I made her bend over slightly. I had a tube of KY ready and squirted some on my fingers. I wiped it across her cute puckered asshole, then inserted, first one finger, then a second into her ass pushing the lube inside. Then I grabbed the beads.

“You’re going to love this Christine.”

I positioned the first bead on her tightly closed asshole. I started pushing, harder and harder. I watched the puckered flesh of her anal hole expanding and stretching. Then in an instant her anus swallowed it up. The bead disappeared inside her ass. The second one went in the same. I pressed it hard against her asshole until it just got sucked in. Christine let out a few deep breaths as she told me how it felt. “My God, what are doing to me.” “That feels so good.” Christine loves me doing anything to her ass. We’ve spent many nights anally playing with each other and ultimately winding up with my cock in her ass. Teasing her asshole like this I knew would make her nuts.

I had three beads to go. I used a little more lube and pushed the third one through her anal orifice. Then I inserted my index finger into her ass. I wiggled it through her tight anal hole and pushed the three beads as deep as I could into her rectum. My finger was forcing the beads far up inside her ass. I wanted them deep in her anal cavity. She didn’t expect me to do that. Upon feeling them getting buried so deep, she let out this long whimpering moan, “Ohhh… My…God…” Then I pushed the last two into her. Only the end ring on the strand remained hanging out of her ass. I let her skirt fall back down. When she stood up it was obvious she felt a little weak in the knees. Christine was already becoming quite turned on. I kissed her hard holding her steady.

“They stay in until I’m ready to take them out.” “Understood?” Then I opened the door. “Let’s go to dinner.”

“Oh please, don’t make me keep them in all night.” “I’ll never make it,” she pleaded. I just smiled and repeated, “let’s go.”

I knew she’d be going crazy all evening. I wanted her like that. The sexual tension inside her would be building all night. I knew that. Those beads would be moving around inside her ass and she would surely feel the thin string hanging from her bahis siteleri asshole.

We arrived at the restaurant and were promptly seated at our table. The location was perfect too. Even though there were other people dining, it was pretty much private. I seated myself next to Christine instead of across the table. Then I reached between her legs and made sure I could grab the ring at the end of the strand.

The waiter eventually came over to take our order. When he began talking with Christine, my hand went under the table and I grabbed the ring. I started tugging on it. I knew the beads were shifting and sliding through her anal channel towards her asshole. I had every intention of making her squirm. And it was working. When she was talking to waiter, I pulled harder. I felt the resistance of the beads making her asshole stretch, but I didn’t want to pull any of them out. At one point she stopped midstream in her sentence, took a deep breath, then finished giving her dinner order. When the waiter left she looked at me, sighed out of breath, “why…why are you doing this.” “Please take them out.” “You going to make me cum right now.”

I just ignored her request and let go of the ring. She finally relaxed a bit, although I know the beads were driving her crazy all through dinner. I didn’t touch the string again, but I did keep running my hand under her skirt and a few times touched her clit. God was she ever soaked.

After dinner we went for a walk outside. It was fairly dark as we strolled along a pathway towards a park behind the restaurant. We found this secluded spot near a stream. I could see that Christine was still fidgeting as we walked. I’m sure those beads were shifting inside her ass and making her nuts with excitement. I was actually surprised at how long she was able to keep her composure. There were a few times in the restaurant I almost made her lose it, but overall she was dealing pretty well.

We stopped and listened to the sounds of the stream. I put my lips to hers and we kissed. It was so romantic, yet I couldn’t resist. As much I as knew she was nearing a limit with the beads inside her, I reached under her skirt grabbing the ring and tugged it gently again. They were still firmly lodged deep in her ass. And standing there, of course, made her asshole clutch tight around the nylon string. I gave a few tugs letting her feel them move inside. “Oh, please pull them out,” she begged again. I knew what this was doing to her.

There was nothing more I would have liked than to pull them out and fuck her right then. I’m sure Christine felt the same way. But instead, I wanted her anal sensation to grow even more. I wanted to make her feel an insane lust for me and for what I was doing to her.

After one more kiss we headed back home. All the way in the car she was squirming and moaning in the seat.

When we got to her apartment I started kissing her right away. I didn’t even wait to go to the bedroom. I pushed her back against the wall and lifted her skirt up around her waist. I grabbed the ring and began pulling on it. The inch and a half beads were pretty large so they really created a tremendous resistance attempting bahis şirketleri to pass through her tight asshole. And once my tugging dislodged them from the depths of her body, I set off an unbelievable sensation within Christine.

“Oh God, I can feel them,” she trembled out. “I can feel them in me.” “Ohhhh…Ohhhhh…” She just moaned continually.

I knew I was driving her over the edge teasing her like that, but I kept pulling and tugging, making her asshole stretch without extracting them. I was kissing her deeply at the same time, devouring her and enjoying the cruel anal stimulation I was inflicting on her. I whispered to Christine, “do you want me to pull them out?” I tugged again on the ring. I was waiting to hear a desperate plea, a begging that she couldn’t take anymore. “Do you sweetheart?” “Do you want me to pull those beads out of your ass?” She sighed so deeply, “Oh God yesss… please.”

Still leaning against the wall she bent her knees a little, spreading her legs apart. I knelt down to watch what I was about to do. My one hand went to her cunt and I teased her swollen clit with my thumb. Then with the other I grabbed the ring firmly in my fingers and gave a slow even distinct pull. The beads began popping out of her ass. “Oh, Fuck!…” she cried out. I didn’t do one at a time and then stop. But instead, did it continuously, pulling the strand and making her anal hole keep stretching wide as the inch and a half beads were expelled from her. I could see after each bead that her asshole would quickly close up, but only for a moment, because the next bead stretched her anal hole open again. Within a few seconds all of the beads rippled through her tight anal ring, almost as though she were relieving herself and wasn’t in control of her bowels. I was making her ass feel like it had no control of what was coming out. It was a quick total overwhelming emptying.

“Ohhh, God.. Ohhh, God..”

“Ohhhhhhhh! God…please!…”

She let out a long continuous moan, a sound that was so lustful and deep from within her. It was a guttural sounding cry as if I had ripped every ounce of sexual passion out of her body.

Then finally the last bead slipped out. Christine fell into my arms as I knelt there. Her whole body convulsing and shuddering as I held her. The moaning kept on. She didn’t stop. She was having an orgasm, one like I’ve never seen her have before. She was crying, tears running down her cheeks from the sheer ecstasy of the overwhelming feeling inside her body. I knew I pleased her. And I wanted to enjoy the pleasure with her.

Watching Christine was so hot and arousing that my cock was straining in my pants. I eased her down on the floor and quickly unzipped pulling my cock out. It felt so good sliding deep into her dripping wet cunt. That prolonged her orgasm as she cried out. “Oh yes, fuck me.” “Fuck me.” In just a matter of moments I was throbbing and filling her cunt with cum.

Ten minutes later we were still on the floor. I was holding Christine close to me in my arms. Occasionally I’d feel a jolt within her body. Her orgasm had been so intense she was still having mini orgasms just thinking of what I did to her. She kissed me and kept telling me how much she loved me. “My God honey, what you do to me.” I looked down at her and thought. “I just hired this sweet young girl only weeks ago.” “How lucky I am.”

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