Friday Afternoon Playtime

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It’s a Friday afternoon and I arrive home to an empty house, just me and the dirty thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head all morning. I love Friday afternoons, finishing work early and a few hours to myself before the family return and routine takes over once more. I flick the kettle on, and pop upstairs to use the bathroom, entering my bedroom and pulling the curtains across in preparation then I head back down and make a coffee before firing the laptop up and settling down at the table.

I google my favourite porn site and scroll through the list of possible categories wondering what I should chose today, what will float my boat this afternoon. I opt for French, and begin to search through the 1000’s of videos available for my viewing pleasure. A screenshot of a couple pops up, her on all fours with his thick cock wedged in her mouth as he holds her hair firmly and fucks her mouth. Yes, that will do nicely and I click play and wait for my screen to fill with sex.

The video plays from the beginning, the couple speaking in French so I have no idea what they are talking about, not that it matters. They are outside of a wooded area with a shack and before long they are kissing, their hands exploring each other’s bodies as he removes her dress, her breasts small with nipples erect and he takes each one into his mouth in turn, sucking and tasting them whilst his hand moves lower to her knickers, slipping inside. Her head is thrown back, moans escaping her mouth as his fingers move under the cover of her knickers canlı bahis şirketleri before the scene changes and he is stripping off, revealing a long, thick cock which she drops to her knees to worship with her mouth. Her tongue flicks out to taste the pre cum visibly glistening on the head before she engulfs his length, sliding her lips down his length. He stands above her, watching himself sliding into her mouth again and again, to the back of her throat until her eyes well and she begins to gag.

He removes himself from her mouth and she lays on the floor, her legs wide as he splays her wet pussy open with his fingers, playing lightly over her clit before sliding a finger inside her, quickly joined by a second and then a third, he fills her pussy with each thrust, the lips parted and swollen with arousal as he slams his knuckles against her with each thrust. She toys with her own nipples as he fucks her with his fingers and then he lowers his mouth to her pussy, tasting her wetness with his tongue as he continues to finger her, he lashes at her clit over and over again until she is gasping.

I can feel my own pussy throbbing with need, can feel the wetness there as I move in my chair and I grab the laptop and take it up to the bedroom with me, I pause the video until I get to my bedroom. I set it down on the bed and stand and strip my clothes off, reaching into a drawer and selecting a pair of fishnet hold ups and a pair of patent black leather heels. I sit on the edge of the bed and slide the stockings canlı kaçak iddaa up my legs, ensuring they are secure around my thighs before slipping my feet into the shoes and reaching under my bed for the cardboard hat box that contains my selection of toys. I know which ones I will use today and select my favourite glass dildo and my wand, which I plug in before kneeling on the floor at the side of the bed, facing the laptop.

The couple are now fucking, she is on all fours whilst he slams his cock into her, his thumb is circling her ass and she is groaning loudly as he fills her with his cock. I use the mouse to scroll back through the video, to the part where he was fucking her with his fingers and let it commence playing again, sliding the cool glass of the dildo against my pussy. I gasp at the cold hardness against the hot wetness of my pussy and begin to move it in circles around my clit, watching the couple on the screen, his mouth now on her clit while his fingers fill her, knuckle deep.

I slide the dildo inside me, feeling the bulbous head opening me before sliding inside, cold and hard and oh so delicious. I slide it in and out a few times, loving the feeling of fullness and then I switch the wand onto its lowest setting, moving it onto my clit as I fuck myself with the dildo and watch the couple of the screen.

The vibrations feel amazing on my already sensitised clit and within seconds I have to move it away or I will cum instantly. I cease all movement, panting slightly as I fight off an orgasm, canlı kaçak bahis waiting for it to subside before I commence again, feeling the dildo sliding inside me as deeply as I can get it whilst the wand sends out the most amazing vibrating pulses against my clit and again I feel the building of an orgasm and move the wand away again, once again waiting for the feeling to ebb, only this time it is much harder and takes longer for the urge to subside enough for me to switch the wand back on. This time I part my thighs a little further, watching the man on the screen running his tongue over his lovers pussy, his fingers wet as he slides them in and out, his mouth glistening with her arousal.

I begin to slide the dildo inside me again and press the wand back against my clit, this time holding it in place, fucking myself harder as I feel my orgasm rapidly building, I can feel my internal muscles clutching at the glass inside me as it hits and I groan loudly ‘Fuck, oh fuck’ and I force the wand hard against my clit as my body bucks and trembles with the force of my orgasm, the glass dildo firmly inside me as I cum around it. My body starts to come down from its incredible rush but I continue to hold the wand hard against my throbbing clit, continue watching the scene unfold on the screen in front of me until I feel another orgasm building, bubbling under the surface before bursting forth and making me gasp out loud as the sensation makes every muscle in my body tense around the glass dildo still buried inside me.

Finally, when my body is sated I blindly reach for the laptop and stop the scene in front of me, allowing the glass dildo to slide out from inside me and I kneel in an exhausted heap with my head on the bed, naked but for my fishnet clad legs and fuck me shoes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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