Dreaming of a white Christmas Ch. 03

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I have always tried to do the Christmas decorations on December first and this year (2018) it fell on a Saturday, I spent the morning with my sister taking my niece, Sophie, and her children to their swimming lessons and after burgers at the pools café I dropped them at home then back to mine to spend four hours decorating to the sounds of several Christmas CD’s.

6pm and I felt great, really great as I planned dinner. I felt Christmassy as I made plans but suddenly I had this sudden feeling of loneliness when it dawned on me, it would be my first Christmas without a girlfriend since… since I was about fourteen.

“Time for a visit to Angie.” I said out loud to myself.

“Hiya.” I said in a very cheery voice into the phone.

“Hello Babe.” Came back the despondent reply.

“Is this a bad time?”

“Unbelievably bad.”

“OK, I’ll call back tomorrow.”

“I can talk but I may need to cut you short.”

“What’s the matter?”

I heard lots of background chatter and crying, through the tears: “There’s been a fire.”

I jumped to attention, “Where? Are you ok and Freddy?”

“Yeah we’re OK but I’m not allowed in the flat, I don’t know how bad it is. None of us do.”

“What happened?”

“I was out and when I got home…” The sniffles had turned into proper tears.”

“Where are you now?”

“Oh at the college.”


“Yes college. Hold on.” Angie spoke to someone for a few moments. “Still there?”


“They’ve put us up here for tonight, it looks like it’s going to be mattresses on the floor.”

“Can I do anything?”

Sigh, “No I don’t think so, hold on, I’ve got to go Babe, speak soon.”

The phone went dead.

I sat there across the room from a six feet tree and several sets of lights around the room with a silent phone held to my ear for a while in deep thought.

It occurred to me while driving to Newton Aycliffe that I don’t know where the college is but I guessed it couldn’t be too far from where Angie lives.

Sadly I could see the block of flats from the adjacent road and it looks like there is nothing of it left to salvage, all of the second and third floor windows were completely gone and a chunk of the roof had collapsed above Angies flat. I stopped the car and asked some onlookers for the location of the college…

It was heaving with people and I had a problem trying to locate Angie and Freddy as I had no idea of her surname, however we did eventually meet in a classroom containing twelve mattresses and 4 cardboard babies cots. The look of despair on her face was awful and it only half-heartedly altered when she saw me.

During the twenty minutes or so we chatted for she must have told me four or five times there was nothing I could do to help, but when I went to find a toilet I spoke to one of the emergency planning staff and found they would be very pleased if I could take Angie and Freddy away. I gave him my name, address, phone and email details then returned to the classroom to tell Angie I was taking her home with me. She protested mildly but didn’t put up any fight, it took only a few moments to collect her couple of bits together and we left, I gave her my address and she followed me towards home.

As we passed Northgate bedding centre it occurred to me we would need a cot for Freddy and stopped there. We purchased a cot, mattress and all the bedding before completing the drive home. I parked the car on the lawn to leave the drive clear for Angie and let the three of us into my home.

“Oh this is pretty,”

I put Freddy’s seat down on the floor and switched on the Christmas lights,

“Oh goodness, this makes my little tree look silly. Thank you for this Terry.” Angie snuggled into my chest, “You really didn’t have to you know.”

“I couldn’t leave you there when I’ve got space for you here. Make yourself at home. Have a look around while I bring the cot in.”


I dumped all of the boxes and bags in the hall, took the big box upstairs and built the cot in the room I call my office, actually it was only four bolts and it stood securely. The mattress was next after removing the polyethelene bag then followed with the rest of the bedding.

Just as I’d finished Angie came in the room carrying a fed, changed and sleepy Freddy and she placed him in the cot. We stood there with a hand on each others waist looking down as Freddy yawned and went straight off to sleep.

“Thanks Terry.”

“Stop saying thanks.” I pulled against and shook her waist, “You’re welcome Angie.”

“There’s coffee downstairs,” she shook my waist, “Hey your kitchen is OK.”


“You once said you ought to get me in to make your kitchen like mine.”

“Huh? Oh yeah,” I smiled as I thought back to that second visit, “I remember.”

“I’m going to have to go clothes shopping tomorrow if that’s OK.”


“But first I need the toilet.”

We met downstairs for the coffee.

“I think I need something stronger, how about you?” holding up a bottle of Irish whisky.

Her bahis firmaları sharp intake of breath was loud, “I’d better not,” she patted her breast, “no best not.”

“Why’s that?”

She laughed for the first time that day, “We don’t want to get poor Freddy drunk, do we?”

“Really, is that what happens?”

“Yeah, pretty much everything goes straight through to the milk.”

“I wouldn’t have thought of that… but I suppose it makes sense.”

I poured some whisky into my coffee.

“Come. Sit down. Make yourself at home.”

“I can’t thank…”

I stopped her. “Stop thanking me Angie. Seriously though this may be fairly long term while the flats are repaired and we need to sort arrangements.”

She patted the seat beside her, “I hope this is a sofa bed. I don’t see another bed.”

“It is but to be honest it’s not that comfy. You are very welcome to share my bed,” I kissed her hair, “I’d love that. And it’s next door to Freddy.”

Angie held my upper arm and rested her head on my shoulder. “I’ll go with the sofa if you don’t mind and go looking for somewhere on Monday.”

“Let’s talk about this later, next thing I need to do is make some dinner, I’m starving.” I checked the clock. “That’s not too bad it’s only just gone eight. Have you eaten?”

“I had a bit of cake at four. Have you got food in, I can phone out.”

“There’s loads in the freezer but suddenly take away sounds good, any preference?”

“I’d love a curry, is there a decent Indian?”

“We have all sorts nearby.” I got the pile of menus from the kitchen.

“Second thoughts I haven’t got any milk expressed. Chinese’ll be better…” She scoured the menu, “Set meal A for one looks good, and prawn crackers of course.”

“Meal A for two then.” I rang the order through and put some plates under a low grill to warm. “I’ll have to do some food shopping tomorrow too. We’ll have to do a list.”

I laid the table, including food warmers, we wrote a shopping list and right at the top was nappies, wet wipes cream etcetera for Freddy followed by the foodstuff. Then it was time to collect the dinner.

I sat across the table as we ate our food and all of a sudden I saw Angie in a different light, physically and mentally. Let’s be honest here Angie is beautiful with the classic high cheekbones that many coloured girls have, the lighting being less stark than everywhere else we’d been together added to the flickering of the four candles in the food warmers to make it feel like a date. A proper date.

I had only recently replaced the dated glass topped table with a solid oak table and one of the things that ran through my mind was the gratitude that my erection wasn’t visible to her.

I realised I had fallen in love with Angie and I didn’t know what to do about it for so many reasons.

Dinner and clearing away the debris finished about 9:30pm.

“Tomm… Terry?”


“Hold me please.”

“Come here.”

We met half way across the kitchen and her body moulded to mine in a tangle of arms and hands.

“You do know this won’t work?” She almost whispered.

I could feel my new erection so I knew Angie could too.

“What won’t?”


“I don’t have any real thoughts there,” I lied, “I love spending time with you but right here, right now I’m helping a damsel in distress. A pretty and gorgeous damsel but one in distress.”


“But nothing Angie. This wouldn’t be this without the fire, you have plenty to do with Freddy. Look after him and make ‘this’ work, whatever it needs to be. I know what I’d like ‘this’ to be but and it’s a big but don’t think you are… how shall I say this? Beholding? Liable? Let’s just get it to work for now and sort any details later.”

Angie touched the side of her fist on my chest a couple of times and stood away from me. There was a lot of confusion on her face. She turned and walked away to sit in the middle of the three seater sofa.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Yeah, of course, of course.” She absent mindedly patted the seat beside her.”

“Do you always do this much decorating for Christmas?”

“Erm yes and later I may be burning logs too, carrying on my parents traditions I’m afraid. I draw a line at real candles on the tree though.”

She moved to lay her head on my lap and I placed my hand on her waist.

“You do know this… us… nothings going to… you know…”

“That’s fine with me Angie, tonight relax and thank God you’re both safe.”

She squeezed my hand and gradually drifted off to sleep.

So much thundered through my head as I sat there in silence watching the reflections from the glittery decorations, I remembered in great detail the first time I visited her and how stupidly nervous I was, then the second time when I made us coffee in her immaculate kitchen and I was introduced to Freddy for the first time. The panic I felt tonight, heck that was only four hours before and so much had happened since, the sad look on her face when I found her in the college with the other evacuees. kaçak iddaa The first laugh when she told me about alcohol getting into her milk, the state of her block of flats.

I was roused from my thoughts by my phone buzzing in my pocket. I whispered: “Hello Danni.”

“Are you OK? You sound funny.”

“Yeah I’m fine, I have someone asleep here so don’t want to wake her.”

“Ohhh riiiiiiiight, come on spill the beans met someone have we?”

“Kind of Sis but I’ll tell you later if you don’t mind.”

“Just called to see if you’ve done the deccies.”

“Yeah, yeah inside. I was going to do outside tomorrow but may not get time now.”

“You sure you’re OK?”

“Yeah there’s a baby here too so she needs her rest.”

Danni laughed, “Wow quick worker. Any more I should you know.”

“Yeah her flat burnt down in Aycliffe.”

“Oh my God, is she, they alright?”

“They were out at the time but it looks like everything is lost.”

“Oh no.”

“Erm… are there any baby clothes still, he’s about six months?

“Yeah Terry of course. What do you need?”


“I know there’s a big bag that’s all ready to use, we were only sorting it a few days ago. Tell you what, I’ll pop round to Sophie to pick it up and get Dave to drop it round on his way to work in the morning… he’s on earlies so it’ll be five thirty, is that OK?”

“Oh that’s great. I’ll make sure the porch is left unlocked, he can leave it there. Thanks that’s perfect.”

“I’ll go over there now and have a good look at the rest.”

“Thanks Sis, mind if I hang up, I don’t want to wake her.”

“Yeah course Bruv, speak tomorrow.”

“Thanks, bye, love you.”

It occurred to me Angie was the first girl to fall asleep on this sofa, Angie is a fraction of my age and probably the prettiest I’ve been intimate with. I thought about all of my girlfriends and the more I thought about them I realised that most of them had been far from pretty, none were ugly but ‘girl next door’ is a fair description of all of them. Janice could be described as ugly I suppose but she was a dirty cow and thinking about her my willy started rising to attention especially those big tits of hers and the way she used to paint her nipples with bright coloured nail polish to make them stay hard when we went out.

Yeah my mind wandered alright for a couple of hours or so, round and round in circles, back and forth and… then the sound of crying.

Angie was up like a flash within a second of the first sound and stood confused.

“I’ll go Angie,” I was up the stairs two at a time and picked him up from the cot and he stopped crying immediately then she was right behind me.

“He seems to like you. Come on I’ll give him a feed, thanks.”

I left her to it and made up the sofa bed then had a quick shower.

“I’ve made the sofa up for you but I warn you it’s… well it’s a bit bumpy. And no silk sheets either.”

“Thanks, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Help yourself to anything,” I bent down to kiss the top of her head, “night night, sleep well. Leave the landing light on. Oh I’ve put out an old T-shirt for you, sorry I don’t have any female stuff here.”

I went to bed and after hearing Angie finish in the bathroom fell asleep.

About 3:00 am I felt the bed move.

“OK Angie?”

“You are right about the lumps, sorry do you mind sharing?”

“No worries get in.”

I felt her snuggle up to me and the breathing changed as she faded to sleep.

I woke just after 08:00am to an empty bed, that didn’t immediately resister with me as I didn’t really wake when Angie climbed in.

After a quick visit to the bathroom and grabbing my bath robe… where was my robe? I dressed quickly in yesterdays Polo shirt and joggers and made for the kitchen, I found Angie on the sofa dressed in my robe and playing with Freddy.

“Good morning, how did you sleep?”

“Morning Babe. You warned me, didn’t you?”


“This lumpy bed.”

“I said, you should have shared with me.”

“I did, about three, after I fed Freddy.”

“Oh yes… I remember now. Have you had any breakfast yet, or drink?”

“I’ve had some tea thanks.”

“What do you fancy? I have corn flakes, eggs, sausages, white and brown bread. I’m sure I used all the bacon up yesterday.”

“Just some white toast please.”

“Toast coming up. Butter and marmalade?”

She nodded, “Super.”

I returned with a pile of toast and mugs of tea.

“Sorry about the sofa-bed.”

“Perhaps I will have to share with you for now.”

“I really need to dump this awful thing and get a new one.”

“Talking of shopping, I need to get some clothes today. Oh and sorry I,” She tugged at the lapel of my robe.

“That’s good, we’ll get you one of those too”

“And loads of stuff for this little one.” She finished her tea. “Right now he’s falling asleep but I need to change him first.”

“Oh, oh I forgot.” I collected the three black bags of baby bits from the porch.” One was labelled ‘clean’, the kaçak bahis others ‘wash me’.

I opened the clean bag and right on top was a brand new sealed two pack of knickers and a note: ‘I hope these fit. Danni.’

“Are you a magician or something?”


“Incredible.” She shook her head slowly and looked at ten or so items of baby clothes. “Incredible…”

“At your service madam.”

“So… where… when… how is this here?”

“From my sister and niece. My brother in law dropped it off on his way to work this morning.”

“Priceless.” She shook her head again “Danni your sister?”

“Em, yeah.”

She selected a few items to put Freddy in today and smelled them. “Mmm nice. I have a job for you Babe.”

“Yeah sure, what’s that?”

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

I cleared away the breakfast things then Angie returned, undoing the robes belt.

“Normally I use a pump to make sure I’m empty when he’s finished feeding, I know you’d like to help.” She winked at me then sat at the end of the sofa, I laid my head in her lap and felt my heart skip a beat as her breast filled my mouth and instantly started filling my throat with that nutty sweet delicacy. The look on her face said it all but it was fairly short lived, I was used to feeding for ten to fifteen minutes on each breast but of course Freddy had already done his bit and the leftovers only lasted a minute or two.

The other side was about the same but I felt good, all warm and cosy inside and as always it felt just a little bit naughty. All through there was a hand gently stroking my head and a spare resting on my tummy and I felt at peace, oh so peaceful. When the milk finished Angie lifted my head to cuddle it to her breasts and placed a cushion for me to rest on. There is no feeling like being snuggled to soft warm breasts.

I could have stayed there all day and we did for a while but there were things to do and the time came to an end when Angie asked if she could have a bath. Afterwards I showered and found some T-shirts that had shrunk which nearly looked right on Angie.

Just as predicted Freddy woke about 10:00am and after washing and dressing him in the clean things from the bag we piled into my car to head for the shopping centre. I dropped Angie and Freddy in his buggy and drove round to the computer shop to collect my new printer which had been on order for a week, by the time I returned to find Angie she had a pile of clothes balanced on the buggy and was still looking, then with that paid for it was back to the car and to the supermarket for food shopping.

I was amazed how much bulk there was just for Freddy, the bag of nappies alone seemed to half fill the shopping trolley and all the wipes, creams etcetera seemed to go on forever, the food was more than double what I’d have got just for me but I have to admit my cooking skills are quite basic.

Back at home we found a place for everything, my office suddenly became a nursery and my desk the changing table. I started on lunch, quite basic grilled pork chops, mash and four vegetables. It was finished and I cleared away by 3:00pm while Angie sorted the bags of baby things, she selected some to wash and I made up the load from the washing basket.

“Ah Terry, can I use a computer or something?”

“I’ll get a lap top.”

“Thanks, I need to send a message to cancel… in fact two of them.”

“Oh, OK I see.” Reality hit me as this was the first time that others really are real people. “Yeah, I’ll just get it.”

I chose a laptop which doesn’t have much stored on it and no passwords, signed in and opened my browser.

“Thanks Babe.”

I made coffees and returned to the lounge.

“Hi Harry Sorry I can’t see you on Tuesday comma something has happened which means I’ll be out of action for the for…no that sounds wrong unavailable for the foreseeable future fullstop beebeedoubleyouangel Just check that… za za za I’ll be unavailable for the foreseeable future stop Yes.” Angie spoke aloud as she typed.

“Angel? I thought you go under Angie.”

“I do but he calls me Angel.” She shivered, “Actually he’s a bit of a creep but he pays for an hour, sucks on a boob for a few seconds, gets a hard on and tells me to toss him off which takes ten minutes for a tiny little dribble then watches me for half an hour as I do anything else. Then he asks for a cup of tea and sits there telling me what he’d like to do to me if he had the spare time. I won’t miss him.”

“Sounds like me.”

“Oh fuck no Babe, nothing like you. There is no way I would have gone home with him if he’d offered what you’re doing for me.”


“But Charley is a different matter… Hi Charley stop I’m so sorry I won’t be able to see you on Wednesdays or for a while comma something has cropped up. Oh I have a message come in. cropped up and I’ll be away until further notice stop I really hope it’s not too long before I see you stop love Angie stop…” she hesitated for a while in deep thought with her finger hovering over the ‘left’ button. “I’ll miss you Charley.” She clicked the button.

I sat down beside her to give her a hug. “What’s so special about him?”

“Charley? She’s well she’s special really. Remember that factory explosion about five years back?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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