Double Booking

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All characters involved in the following story are over eighteen. Please note that this is a work of fiction, not based on any real persons or places, and certainly not intended to excuse acts of non-consensual sex under any circumstances. Do not read on if you are likely to be offended by explicit material. Copyright© 2016 ArbagastLives.

* * * *

How Neil had managed to get to eighteen without losing his virginity he couldn’t understand. But, after a run of spectacular fails and near-misses, he’d finally decided to bite the bullet and sneak along to the seedy cathouse everyone knew about downtown. Over the years, he’d heard the guys at school brag about the ‘Pleasure Centre’. But it all sounded like bluster, he doubted any of them had ever actually been near the place; in which case, would he actually be the first kid in his year to try it out for real…?

That thought makes Neil feel a little superior and a little less anxious as, well after sundown, he ducks into the innocuous-looking doorway, hoping to God he’s got the right building. Mercifully the woman at the desk is very friendly and tactful. As she checks his booking and hands him a room number, his confidence creeps up another notch.

Soon Neil stands on the threshold of a private room on the second floor, knowing it could also be the threshold of a new life for him. Nervously he knocks on the door.

“ENTER!” a woman’s voice trills.

Taking a deep breath, Neil turns the handle and walks in… and freezes. Not one, but two women face him, neither of them what he’d expected. One is a shapely lady in her early forties, wearing just a brassiere a towering dark-haired momma pushing fifty, her vast bosoms barely contained by a red lacy basque. As she sizes up his scrawny body, Neil can feel his clothes being stripped away by her hot, lusty gaze.

“Hmmmm… and who might you be, young fellow?” she enquires in a matronly tone, her brows arching.

“Err… I must’ve got the wrong room, sorry!” Neil stammers, and moves to leave- only to run smack into the third member of their party, a rotund blonde who has interposed herself between the youth and the doorway.

“Wow, he’s keen, isn’t he, Pam?” she chortles as Neil practically rebounds off her pneumatic curves. He can only gawp at her fantastic beer-barrel of a body, clad in just a pair of XXL white panties and still wobbling from their abrupt physical contact.

“Well he probably just wants to give us our money’s worth, Ros,” the shapely lady ventures, “After all, we’ve only got an hour…” Her accent is distinctly more sophisticated than the others, and her worldly blue eyes are making Neil feel decidedly uneasy.

Suddenly a pair of hands squeeze his shoulders experimentally; Neil jumps and whirls round to find himself eyeball to eyeball with the dark-haired lady. Then he jumps again at the sound of her blonde friend slamming the door behind her.

A mischievous smile plays around the dark woman’s lips. “Ooh, doesn’t he have a lovely face,” she twinkles, “Just perfect for sitting on…!”

Neil stares back in horror; surely she can’t be serious? Five seconds under that body would crush any man to death! Observing Neil’s alarm, her blonde companion can’t resist a taunt:

“Ever tried that, luv? Ooh yeah I forgot, you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?

The young man gasps at the accusation but he doesn’t have a ready answer, and the women seize on his uncertainty as confirmation.

“Well,” the dark-haired lady coos, with an exaggerated wink to her friends, “This’ll be a day of firsts for you then!”

Before Neil can protest, her left hand slips down to pat his crotch, making him jump back. Once again he collides with her blonde accomplice, who embraces him protectively with her podgy arms: “Hey! Hands off the merchandise, Brenda!” she squeaks, “I’m supposed get first bite of the cherry, remember?”

Neil’s still trying to figure out how he’s stumbled into this circus (and how on earth they’ve all guessed he’s a virgin?) but he realises his urgent priority is to get out.

“Look – uh – there must be a mistake, I was only supposed to meet one woman, seriously!” he blurts, looking appealingly at each of the ladies in turn.

“Well then, you’re onto a very good deal aren’t you?” Ros giggles, squeezing him tighter; “Mmmm, he feels ripe and ready for plucking, girls!”

“N-No, wait – ,” Neil begins, his voice suddenly panicky as he finds himself unable to escape Ros’s surprisingly strong embrace, “I’m – I’m just a customer – my name’s Neil – this isn’t what I asked for…”

“Gosh, really?” replies the blonde woman, “Because you’re EXACTLY what we asked for! Now then – Neil is it? Let’s stop messing around and start… messing around!”

With that Ros begins physically hauling him in the direction of the king-sized bed that dominates the room. She pays no heed at all to his continuing protests; in spite of his terror, Neil’s dick is stirring in the presence of all these rampant bahis firmaları female hormones. As the blonde’s near-naked body squashes up against his own he can sense her arousal too, in the shape of a pair of hard nipples pressing into his back.

“No wait, I – oh my God!!”

Neil’s outburst is prompted by Brenda who has just unclipped her bra to liberate a pair of world-beating breasts. Neil is so mesmerized by the sight of those jaw-dropping jugs that he’s caught off-guard when Ros suddenly trips over the edge of the bed, causing them both to tumble onto the mattress together. His blonde captor laughs merrily, rolling over until she comes to rest on top; for the first time Neil gets to appreciate Ros’s incredible weight, like somebody’s thrown a sack of coal on top of him, and he’s rendered completely helpless, even before Brenda lunges forward and seizes his wrists.

“Come on girls, get his togs off, get his dick out!” the dark woman urges. Her two friends respond, tearing at Neil’s clothing, buttons pinging everywhere as his shirt is comprehensively trashed. Faced with the three women’s combined strength, there’s little Neil can do to resist.

Neil is soon stripped to the waist, and Ros moves back, straddling his legs. The blonde’s bared, cushiony breasts cannot compete with Brenda’s, but they’re more than an eyeful for this uninitiated young lad, and his eyes go even wider as Ros starts wriggling out of her knicks, the elastic stretching further than it was ever intended to around those vast curves. Once fully naked, she sets about removing Neil’s belt, hauling down his trousers and boxer shorts. Three pairs of eyes fix on the youth’s exposed member.

“Well, well! You’ve been holding out on us girls, haven’t you Neil?” purrs the shapely woman, swapping glances with her companions in an unspoken understanding. All of them realise that, although Neil is still only partly erect, his dick is already impressively long and thick – in no small part thanks to their own dirty talk!

“That’s quite a cock,” Pam breathes, holding his gaze.

Neil is gobsmacked – these women are discussing him like a piece of meat! Then her blonde friend rudely interrupts: “You wait your turn, Pam, this is my divorce party!” Ros huffs indignantly, “Anyway, you’re not allowed to get friendly with that thing, you said so yourself!”

“Ros!” the shapely woman scolds, before turning back to the youth: “Don’t you pay any attention to her, Neil, there’s plenty we can do together!” And she smirks, simultaneously brandishing her wedding ring and winking with the promise of unspecified naughty fun yet to come.

Ros meanwhile is shuffling forwards astride Neil’s thighs, eyes sparkling with malicious desire as she contemplates her handsome captive, impatient to stake her claim to his manhood. Neil stares straight at her frothy blonde pubes – his first ever glimpse of a woman’s sex – but then his view is suddenly obscured as a leg the size of a side of ham heaves menacingly across his vision.

It’s Brenda, straddling his upper body before sitting down heavily on his chest. The bedsprings groan under their combined weight – and so does Neil; her huge, spreading bottom is an irresistible force, the heat of her hungry pussy a raging furnace against his skin. But both are overshadowed, literally, by the breathtaking vastness of Brenda’s bust: Neil cannot tear his eyes away as it sways and wobbles above him. Taking his hands Brenda interlaces her fingers with his to spread his arms wide apart, then leans over him. Her mind-blowing mammaries dangle menacingly just above the youth’s awestruck face; it’s a truly intimidating sight, and Neil finally understands that there’s absolutely no hope of escape from these wanton women.

While Neil is gawping, Pam and Ros are acting. Pam is busy removing his shoes and socks, and Ros isn’t wasting time either: Neil suddenly feels a hand wrap around his still-hardening stem, something wet and warm brushing his cockhead; then he groans as Ros’s juicy pussy swallows his erection in one gulp. Instantly the blonde’s beaming face appears over Brenda’s left shoulder:

“Mmmm… isn’t that sweet?” she coos.

Neil can’t even reply, overawed by the sweet sensations enveloping his fully erect manhood. Ros’s smile soon fades as she embarks on a steady rocking motion with her hips; like a powerful locomotive slowly stirring into life, her whole body begins shunting back and forth, repeatedly devouring his virgin prick with easy, measured strokes.

As fucking noises begin to echo around the room, Neil makes one last desperate bid to break free of this nightmare:

“Please, this is all a mistake, I’m not who you think!” he blurts. But only Brenda pays him any mind.

“It’s ok babe, no need to keep up the act!” she whispers, running her fingers idly through his hair as she smiles wickedly down at him. Then she shuffles forwards, her vast, rosy thighs parting wider astride Neil’s flushed face. “Right then, my lovely lad, are we ready for kaçak iddaa our first lesson?”

Suddenly Neil sees the gates of paradise spread wide open above him, and he realises to his horror that Brenda wasn’t joking about her plans for him. But there’s barely time to appreciate this vision of wonder before those powerful pins slam shut around his head like the doors of a penal institution, smothering his appeals for clemency between those immense, immovable thighs. Soon Neil is struggling even to breathe as Brenda’s ample flab envelops his whole head, imprisoning him in her warm, womanly custody. Her prolific pubic bush crunches up against his face, leaving only a narrow gap through which his desperate eyes are begging for mercy. But there’s precious little sympathy in the woman’s hungry gaze, and certainly no mistaking the single command that her wide, smirking lips now deliver:


Brenda is demanding he pay proper tribute to her womanhood, and Neil is in no position to refuse. Under her disciplined stare, he ventures forth with his tongue and cautiously enters the slippery playground of her slavering sex. With a not-so-subtle grind of her hips she nudges his jaws further apart, opening his mouth in an involuntary yawn that encompasses the whole of her plump pudenda.

“Mmmmm yes, that’s the way!” Brenda growls, demonstrating for the first time the astonishing baritone she’s capable of producing in moments of extreme pleasure; it’s a sound her lover will be hearing plenty of before the night is out.

Neil still can’t believe what’s happening. Until ten minutes ago, he’d never even seen a woman naked: now there’s one grinding her pussy into his face while another is doing her best to strangle the life out of his dick! Meanwhile, their accomplice Pamela surveys the scene and smiles. She knows that pretty soon her two friends will be riding high on their shared lover, racing neck-and-neck (or possibly rump and rump) towards the finishing line.

So far it’s Brenda who’s winning the battle for Neil’s attention. Her hot, hungry loins progressively overwhelm all his senses: all he can hear is the quickening pulse of her blood; all he can smell is the heady fragrance of her sex; all he can taste is her potent nectar spilling over his tongue. His vision is filled with her wonderful, pink, wobbly curves, and all he can feel is the coarse rasp of her pussy hair and the unbreakable grip of her smooth, cushiony thighs around his head. He knows of course that their softness is deceptive; those thighs are backed up by powerful leg muscles that could crush him in a second, should Brenda have a mind to. In this moment, however, the dark, scary, forty-something has become his entire world.

And then the world explodes around him.

It’s startlingly violent as for the first time in his life Neil comes face to face with the full fury of a female orgasm. Neil had always imagined man to be the dominant partner in the bedroom but now, with Brenda gripping onto his tousled hair and roaring in triumph, he’s forced to concede that this insatiable woman is very much in command. Even once Brenda has finished getting her rocks off big-time, Neil is not out of danger; his relief as she relaxes her grip is short-lived when suddenly her full weight bears down upon his face, practically smothering him. He’s near to blacking out before Brenda finally lifts herself off, leaving him gasping for air like a stranded fish, before sitting back down on his chest, her great weight practically forcing the air from his lungs; but even under these circumstances, Neil finds himself unable to wrench his gaze away from Brenda’s great legs splayed wide apart in front of him, and that glorious, victorious gash at their juncture.

Ros won’t be outdone either. The hefty lady is riding him ever more vigorously, really showing him what sex is all about: Neil doesn’t want to lose his virginity this way, but the harder he resists, the harder Ros humps. In the midst of her thrashings, with tears in her eyes, she looks across at her elegant friend Pamela:

“Oh CHRIST!” she groans, practically begging; “Oh Pam, you’ve GOT to try this!!”

“Ros! You know I can’t,” retorts the seemingly unshockable Pamela, self-consciously fingering her wedding ring again; “Anyway he’s your treat, remember?”

There’s no answer back from Ros; she’s bouncing really wildly now, with little apparent concern for the damage she might do to this young lad. On every upstroke, waves of contraction assault Neil’s captive dick; on every downstroke, she impales herself wholeheartedly on his tortured tadger. Never in his wildest dreams had Neil imagined such mind-blowing sensation, least of all from a woman more than twice his own age.

Brenda can’t help laughing at the youth’s rapt expression, and she shuffles forwards to drown him once more in her damp forest. To his alarm Neil realises he’s only whetted the dark woman’s appetite; she expects a lot more for her money, and he must once again consign his weary kaçak bahis tongue to the tender mercies of her muscular vaginal walls. Pamela chuckles as two immense white arses open the second movement in their obscene duet.

It’s obvious the finish can’t be far off. Neil’s resistance is crumbling fast, and Ros mercilessly drives him on, her tireless pussy yanking on his dick like a giant, slippery fist. Her friend meanwhile is on the cusp of her second coming, desperately grinding atop his elusive tongue. It’s more than mortal man can stand and finally, with nearly forty stone of female flesh shuddering to a climax on top of him, Neil can hold back no longer. His muffled groans of surrender echo around Brenda’s nether regions as he gives up his precious payload to Ros’s all-conquering cunt. The dark-haired woman sniggers, gripping his head tighter between her thighs, smothering his gasps without even realising their true significance. Pamela, watching the orgy from the sidelines, is also unsuspecting. Only Ros knows the truth: this boy is now a man, his virginity finally wrenched from his grasp, only to be pitilessly sacrificed on the altar of these middle-aged hussies’ uncompromising lust.

It takes a moment for both women to recover from their exertions. As soon as she’s got her breath back, Ros gasps the news:

“Christ, Brenda, he came in me, he just came in me!” she wails.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Brenda shouts, rudely snapped out of her pleasant afterglow, “We’re supposed to have forty bloody minutes left!!” Her expression is furious as she glares down between her thighs at Neil’s peaky face, freshly smeared with her juices; he looks more terrified than ever. But before he can stammer an apology, Pam comes to his rescue:

“Well, he must be a quick recoverer then; didn’t they tell us all their chaps could keep it up for hours, no problem?”

“He’d fucking well better be!” Brenda growls, “‘Cos I’m not leaving this room until I’ve had that thing up to the hilt!”

Both ladies mutter discontentedly as they clamber off the embarrassed, spent youth, curves wobbling all over the place. For an instant, Neil is free. He considers making a break for it, but he’s so drained from his exertions with these gargantuan floozies that he can barely stand.

And then the opportunity passes as Brenda grabs hold of his arms, pulling them up above his head. Using strips of his own shredded shirt she lashes his wrists to the bedposts; useless or not, she doesn’t intend to let him escape!

All three women stare at the young man, wondering what to do with him next. It’s Pam who comes up with a solution:

“Look, Ros, why don’t you go get cleaned up while I try to bring him back to life?” she suggests, “He just needs is the right sort of encouragement, I reckon…”

Whatever Pam means, her dark-haired friend doesn’t share her confidence.

“Well, if it doesn’t work we’re going straight downstairs to have it out with them,” Brenda huffs, “And they’d better find us a decent replacement. Dammit, I’m really horny now!”

“Don’t fret, Brenda, leave him to me,” Pam waves her two friends away. Then she starts wriggling out of her tights as, grudgingly, the others head for the bathroom, content for the moment to let Pam make her play.

Climbing onto the bed and kneeling alongside the tethered youth, the shapely woman gazes down sympathetically at his naked, used body. “OK, let’s get you nice and rock-hard again,” she whispers.

Neil can’t believe what she’s saying; this woman looks like she could be a sales rep, or a dispensing chemist – some kind of respectable professional for sure. But here she is, butt naked, a force of nature preparing to unleash her sexual fury on her captive male. A fierce but restrained passion simmers in her eyes as she stares directly into his. Neil can’t help wondering if he’ll ever bump into this woman again in normal life; if so, how would they both react?

Pam opens the bedside table, producing a box of tissues which she uses to wipe down Neil’s shrivelled dick. She completes the job thoroughly before wrapping one hand around his wilted manhood, cradling him gently but firmly, a smile lurking around her lips. Then, to Neil’s surprise, she turns and flips one smooth leg across his head so she’s straddling him, poised on her knees and elbows with her hips hovering directly above his face.

It’s Neil’s second decent view of the female sex organ; quite different from Brenda’s, her hair is shaved save for a lone triangular patch crowning her glory. Her pubic area is fully exposed for his viewing pleasure: the outer lips gape wide already, with the loose, fleshy inner flaps pushing out from the centre, glistening with moisture already. Her pussy seems to be calling out to Neil, summoning him home to its warm, comforting embrace.

He’s brought back to reality by Pam’s tightening grip on his flaccid dick. Weary though Neil may be, her slender fingers still get a response as they work up and down, casually tugging at his most personal part as if she’s known him for years. Long locks of hair tickle against his thighs, and Neil can feel her gentle breathing against his crotch; then he gasps as those wide, sensuous lips envelop his cock!

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