A Hero’s Task Pt. 02

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Jenna entered, nervousness and excitement fighting over her heavenly face, biting her lip as she saw Mya sitting on the bed.

“Come sit next to me, beautiful. This is where you stay for the time being.” She obeyed, keen to be told what to do, to learn.

In the candlelight, she was otherworldly in her beauty, Mya taken aback at her luck. Jenna was fidgeting, twitching her dress with what could be anxiety, at this whole new and taboo experience, or could be impatient anticipation. She could remember her nerves when she had her first time, shared with an equally guileless friend, neither knowing what they were doing but sure after months of confusion that it was what they wanted to do. It had been magical despite their cluelessness, the joy of getting and giving pleasure inherent and beyond their limitations. For Jenna, this would be religious.

She had intentionally been crude and explicit with her parting words downstairs, for two reasons. To make sure her prospective lover knew what she was getting into, and because she was sure the graphic description, the fact that this would be her outcoming and change her standing here forever, was something she wanted. No ongoing fear of being discovered, judged later. Change everything in one night of sheer pleasure.

As Jenna sat, Mya stood up, and wordlessly stripped for her. She knew the effect it would have. There were two situations that she had observed made her lovers most hot and hungry for her. One was when she was clean, trimmed in barely concealing lace, smelling of perfume with hair glossy and the image of a perfect lady, sophisticated. The image of the goddess of beauty, Xiphne. The other was as she was now.

Sweaty, sheen emphasising her strong thighs. Hair simple and martial on her head, unshaven under her arms (some of her more refined partners, in higher circles, liked her shaven there and shaved themselves, to be more separate and above nature, more sweet smelling they said. Some even shaved everything below. She didn’t understand, loved the natural look of hair on a woman, the musk it added to their aroma, acknowledging that they were both animals in heat, that they were going to fuck), and trimmed into a widespread but neat and short crown over her Mons. She loved to look natural, but also had licked enough clefts to know that this was more appealing without a mess of hair below, and with being eaten out her favourite pleasure, tried to make things as sweet as possible for her lovers. Breasts freed from leather strapping, bigger than her hands but not by much, pert and firm with hard, long nipples and teak areolas, they glimmered in the low light. She knew now she looked like Kara, goddess of the hunt. Untamed, powerful. Strong.

Jenna couldn’t keep her wide eyes off of her, staring at each bit in turn, salivating. She knew she had this effect, bypassing their minds and speaking straight to the hormones and instincts of women who liked women. Jenna would no longer be in any doubt that she was utterly gay, and neither was Mya. She could start to smell the other girl, a headier scent than her own which she knew would be earthy and raw, built up in her leather clothes and damp underwear to a pungeunt perfume. Slowly she turned, letting Jenna’s eyes linger on her sculpted gluteals, the arse she knew was her best asset, amongst a strong collection, and the powerful back muscles that helped stabilise her, giving her the foundation to beat any man in combat as she darted with perfect balance and technique, giving the foundation to pick a girl up and hold her, legs around her waist, as she finger-fucked her against a wall.

“What do you want, Jenna? You have to say it, in as much detail as you can. Whatever you tell me, I’ll give you.”

The words came flying out of her, loosened by inflamed, repressed lust.

“Oh, I want to taste you, I want you to fuck me, make me yours, feel your body, touch me. I want to do anything you want me to…”

“What if I want to show you that with a women’s touch, even the most brutal sex can be delicate and sweet? What if I want you to eat the arse you can’t stop staring at, taste that bit of me as well, then fuck it with my fingers so hard that you want to live with a stopper in it, to remember how I made you feel every day?”

“Oh, gods. Yes, please, I want that. I can’t believe that I’m saying it, but I do!”

She stood just out of Jenna’s reach now. “First, I’m going to be so gentle with you. I guarantee that by the time you fall asleep, I’ll have made you explode over me, that you’ll be screaming my name as I take you tenderly and then hard, and that you’ll have tasted and be addicted to the taste of my nectar and my bum. I know it. But if I’m wrong, at any time, if you say stop, I’ll stop. If you want to walk out, you can, and if you want to come back to things later or never flirt with me again, I’ll respect either decision. If it’s the latter, I’ll still protect bets10 you when I’m here, and still be a friend if you want. It’s important you know that. I’m in charge, but you do have final say.”

She nodded her understanding, her consent to what would happen next.

“Good girl. Now, sharing is caring. I want to see what you’ve been hiding from all those nasty boys under your clothes.”

The redhead acquiescing to her every motion, she started to undress her as well, peeling each layer off, giving her a long eyeful of her trimmed lap, knowing, and sensing as she gasped, that she would be getting a noseful as well, that with her current state she’d be able to see the beginnings of her natal cleft, of her lips beginning to part. Jenna’s stare flickered between Mya’s own commanding eyes and the crotch that she kept carefully a neck-bend away from her mouth, desperate curiosity building behind her irises.

At one point, Jenna couldn’t stay quiet and asked in cute curiosity about the symbol painted on Mya’s pubis, upper thigh and left hip.

“What’s this?”

A complicated question, though a true but incomplete answer was easy enough.

“It’s a tattoo, a tribal practice of dyeing skin from a place I visited once, made with the assistance of several unrelated lovers over a long period of time. It’s a lot of things, but mostly a failsafe. Let’s say that nobody who I don’t want to can take a certain thing from me no matter what.”

That had been one perk of loving a sorceress like Cassidy. Luckily for Jenna, Mya very much wanted her to come closer to her sacred, protected altar.

“Now be quiet, and help me get these off you.”

Quickly Mya had her willing quarry wearing only her lower undergarment, her breathing catching at the magnificent sight. Jenna’s breasts were large and perky, swinging slightly with every movement, teats treacherously erect. She had full hips, a little tummy fat on a fit figure, and strong looking thighs that with their relative length made her legs seem like vast endless roads leading her to the treasure, still covered, where they met, the crux of Jenna’s being. Angelic face utterly guileless, accepting of everything and eager to begin their journey together, she was completely irresistible. It was important that she knew this, aside from any lust between them, that she was a breathtaking, enchanting creature.

“Oh, Jenna. You are perfect, beautiful and brave, with a beautiful, woman’s body. Are you ready for me to show it what pleasure is, what reverence is, to consecrate the temple of your body?”

Giddy and frantic, her hot breath setting Mya’s skin alight, seemingly barely holding her face away from the slick grove that had been getting wetter and wetter for her all evening, she could only nod, wordless with anticipation.

So Mya laid her down, completely compliant, and explored her undiscovered terrain with her mouth. First kissing her lips, the first flavour of a woman that mattered, feeling her yield beneath Mya’s soft and delicate ministrations, mapping out her teeth with her tongue and sucking lightly on Jenna’s own tongue, feeling her entire body squirm. She floated over her cheek, neck, collar, ears with her searching muzzle, nuzzling at her nape, kissing, nibbling and biting and seeing which spots created the most fervent moans, storing the information for later, literally making a map of Jenna’s body and its pleasure in her mind.

Soon it was mountaineering, joined by her deft fingers and gentle hands as she familiarised herself with two sites she was very interested in – the pliable dough of her bosum, each caress and gentle squeeze evoking mewls, the teasing trace of a feathering digit or flirting lip evoking groans. Finally she stopped teasing, latching onto one and sucking lightly, rubbing the other as Jenna’s breathing hastened, then switched, licking and nipping the second as she pinched, moderately, the first.

Jenna’s legs had splayed entirely of their own accord now, heating radiating from twixt them, grinding her pelvis towards the the source of such gratification, beginning to plead for more. Mya left her breasts for now, with a casual command for her disciple to take over and continue the stimulation of her own nipples, a command that Jenna followed without question or delay. The survey of this sumptuous landscape continuing, breathing sweet holy fire over patches of sensitive, yearning skin, tasting the sweat forming on her soft, slight belly, her hips and thighs. She let her head rest in the valley between those spread legs, the exotic aroma of Jenna’s excitement and submission filling the air now, pouring forth from the hidden jungle beneath this cloud of linen, a dank cloud now clearly lined with precipitation, the sweet tang imbuing it, the colour changed in a widening patch in the middle.

With a definite action, she tore that last shield away, revealing the lush forest beneath, bets10 giriş sopping wet and fragrant, wild autumnal bush shamelessly thrust towards the tongue that had already brought Jenna to the fringe of ecstasy. It was glorious, the hair obviously a slight deterrent to the cunt-licking Mya intended to start soon in earnest, but more than making up for it in vivid technicolour, the colours as ablaze as the core of it felt, the air sticky and humid, the folds around its very centre completely open like a tropical flower of incredible beauty, glistening with honey, prominent bud half-concealed in the undergrowth, calling to her. She knew as soon as she started plying her attention there she would undo Jenna in moments, so stashed its location aside and drew the education out. The vulva with its hot, slippery ready hole was gorgeous, pink petals fluttering with her teasing breath. The other pink rosebud, further back, that she had promised to make her own earlier, also sat appealing, almost begging for attention.


After more teasing kisses up the inside of one thigh, the fucking began passionately. One finger, an experienced adventurer, crept inside her most intimate crevice, her needy vagina, tenderly at first, feeling it out, making the sweet girl who was still obediently kneading her own breasts grunt and whine.

“Beg for it. Tell me exactly how much you want it, and what you want.”

The dam of Jenna’s barely holding restraint shattered, words flowing out as her juices flowed freely from her quim. “Oh, oh, please! Please touch me, put it in me, fuck me! I need it! I’ll be yours forever, I’ll worship you like a goddess, just make me come!”

As soon as she pleaded for it, Mya fully inserted her finger, feeling no “maidenhood” as so many simple-minded folk called it. In a place like this, she had probably lost it to her saddle, a land where most people common or rich would ride from youth. Or maybe she had touched herself with a lot of vigor? It didn’t matter. Happy that she was unlikely to hurt this innocent nymph, she worked with more energy, using one finger deeper and faster and then a second, feeling the give of this wonderful tunnel, its warmth and welcome.

“Oh gods!” Jenna was close, Mya cooking her finger and tickling a spot where the walls of her vagina felt different, knowing this was a secret point of pleasure for most women, feeling the tension build and build, the legs drawn together despite their act and Jenna’s strong, covered abs tensing up. She kissed and nipped at the rest of the gorgeous grove before her, saving tasting her properly and delving into her delicious cunt until her second climax, and used her second hand, until now stroking her leg and hand soothingly, to touch her clitoris for the first time,

That was all it took, Jenna’s existence imploding as she came, moaning long and loudly, as Mya had said she would, inhuman noises and then prayers, to the gods and to her new goddess, Mya, then screaming her name so that every person in the inn knew that the maid had become hers, the orgasm intense and drawn out as Mya expertly tapped and rubbed out a rhythm on the slicked up nub whilst pumping in and out with the full length of her fingers, telling Jenna every dirty thing she was going to do to her before daybreak, how amazing she looked orgasming for her, what a good girl she was. Finally, Jenna went limp, and Mya decided to give no quarter. Immediately she targeted the second crescendo, burying her face in the delectable steaming marsh before her, savouring its slightly citric tang on a creamy subtle background, lapping up copious fluids, invading her with her tongue, slathering over her clitoris with it, and using her teeth and lips to suck on that swollen little organ. She inhaled and breathed Jenna, ate her out as literally as was possible, swallowing the wonderful ambrosia within, and then brought her other hole into play, slippery finger pushing on and threatening to poke into her back passage with light pressure before the hungry assault on Jenna’s centre drove her to a rapid second ecstasy, the relaxation easing Mya’s lubricated finger deep into her arsehole, which she then dominated, made her own as well.

This time she let Jenna rest for a minute, the other girl stunned at the rapture of her entire body and mind to Mya’s. Then she proferred her finger, the one that had been inside Jenna’s vagina not her anus, and ordered her to suck it. “Do you like the taste of that, my darling?”

“Yes, I do, it’s good!”

She started to whisper to her completely converted lover now, escalating the intimacy between them even further. “You’ve played with yourself before?” Some girls in more urban areas or areas focussed on the more propriety obsessed priesthoods, gods like Diyo or Thabos, probably wouldn’t have, self-exploration not banned but taboo. She suspected in a place like this the denizens were a little less bets10 güvenilir mi repressed though. “Y…yes. Quite often, but it was nothing compared to you. You changed my world!”

“I know sweetie, and I’ll make it even better. Have you tasted yourself before now?” Head-shaking. “You are going to taste me in a minute, Jenna, taste me first and then get to know my whole body, feel my inside like I felt yours, make me come, feel my pretty little breasts and the muscular buttocks you can’t get out of your mind, feel my strong back as I pick you up and make you moan against the wall, feel my strong legs as I wrap around you, and yes, taste my backside as well and learn how much you love the flavour of a woman all over. Do you want that, my precious?” Ardent nodding.

“Good. I’m going to guide you, and protect you, make this night last forever for you, and then you can work out what your kinks are, if you want me to be rougher, a bit painful, tender, filthy, even even you want to try taking charge, and when I come back from my duty in a few days, you tell me what you think, we’ll take this all up again, and you’ll learn exactly who you are in bed. I’ll have to go away, but you’ll find another woman and know exactly what you want, and any time I come back this way, I’ll happily oblige you.”

She stroked her otherworldly red hair, the younger girl’s eyes closed and face at total peace.

“But first, before you taste me, you are going to smell me. Smell me and you’ll worship me forever. My scent has been building for you.”

She rolled to be beside her. “First, smell my armpits.”

Every girl she had been with had fallen for the animal scent, the untamed, dominating smell of her arms. Some didn’t think they would be, felt disgusted at the concept, but even haughty ladies somehow felt the power of her warrior spirit, the hunter in her, the knowledge of how adept she was, once they inhaled her scent. They either relished that they were commanding someone so naturally powerful, or seen as an equal, or if she was dominant they felt safe and inherently drawn to her strength.

Jenna breathed in her musk and gave a low moan. That was step one of three.

“Now grab my bottom cheeks, feel how firm they are. Part them and sniff between.” She was clean in terms of toiletry there – she was meticulous and always was, loving to make new lovers taste her there, feel utterly freed from convention by something so naughty, and having shit even deep within tended to put people off. The scent would still be earthy and a touch bitter, but again remind her of the natural beauty of the forest, life beneath trees.

Again she obeyed and groaned in frustration, probably unable to understand how just smelling was making her so aroused again.

“Now between my legs, in the sopping wet mess you’ve made of me there. Breathe in and let go of any inhibitions.”

She was sticky between her thighs and soaking wet, knowing that once Jenna caved and started to lick her she wouldn’t last long after a stretch of long abstinence. She also knew that her rich, raw scent had been fermenting for hours in her drawers as she had been turned on by talking with Jenna, imprinted with the leather and sweat from earlier, and topped up with fresh nectar as she’d leaked whilst pleasuring Jenna, loving making her partners come. It would smell like sex distilled, and Jenna almost fainted from intense reaction to it, swooning and licking her lips, before unable to hold back, she dove in.

She tried to copy what Mya had done, but quickly became carried away, driven by passion and eagerness. Mya didn’t care. She would eat her again and soon, and her hot tongue still made Mya cry out with delight, frantically getting to know her delicious stew, her own beautiful garden, the inexperienced vigour deeply attractive in its own way. Mya quickly came, loudly and deliberately letting Jenna know she had done a great job, and the tavern know that Jenna licked labias now, and then forcefully held Jenna’s face there, urging her to lap more until she came again, rubbing her crotch over Jenna’s face, smearing herself over it.

Their sex lasted an aeon, a full exploration of both of their bodies, endless pleasure for them both, until Jenna collapsed naked entwined with her, full breasts pressing into her back. She knew she had addicted Jenna to her now, and suspected that the other girl would be keen to investigate a number of dirty new ideas when Mya returned from purging the monstrous army nearby.

She could hardly wait, but her own happiness was secondary. In this cruel world where they were open to the wills of savage men, she had made another gentle soul safe and happy, and would help her to remain so. Everyone would know Jenna was marked by her, and that she was coming back, and might always come back again, and would, literally, castrate any man who touched her lovers.

Keeping them safe and teaching them joy. My own satisfaction is a happy by-product.

And with that, more ready for war after that glorious celebration of life than any sleep could make her, she nevertheless drifted off, pale beauty of her new lass contrasting in her dark arms.

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