A Delightful Inexperience

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A prequel to “A Pleasant Surprise”.

Janice stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. What a day it had been. Her car had broken down 200 miles from home. She had been miles from the nearest town and had walked for an hour in pouring rain before she caught a ride. She had been soaked to the skin. So much for taking the scenic route. Then her luck had started to change. She realized she knew some people in the first little town they came to. Not friends really, just acquaintances that had moved away from her home town a couple of years ago. She had called Ron and Laura and they were glad to help. Laura had seemed so pleased to hear from her that Janice felt guilty for not keeping in touch with them. Ron had her car towed in to his repair shop and diagnosed a bad water pump. He didn’t have one, but he was driving into the city that night and could pick one up. He would be back the next day and thought Janice could continue on home that evening. Laura had taken Janice home with her and invited her to stay the night. Janice agreed readily, as there were no motels in town. Laura threw Janice’s wet clothes into the wash, poured her a glass of wine, pointed her toward the shower, and went to get a pizza for them.

Janice took a drink of wine and slipped into the robe Laura had laid out for her. It was thick and soft. Her nipples swelled at the touch of the fabric. Janice seldom drank, and the wine was canlı bahis beginning to relax her. She enjoyed the feeling in her sensitive nipples. Her fingers reached up and rubbed them gently. She thought of making love to her husband. She had married him right out of high school. He was 7 years older than she was. Both of them virgins. Now 15 years and 5 children later, they still enjoyed an active sex life. Janice wondered if there was more to it than she knew. She very rarely had an orgasm. Always missionary position. They were both so inexperienced that they really didn’t know what else to try. She enjoyed it, but she still wondered if there was something more, something better. She heard Laura come into the house. She realized she was starving.

As they ate their pizza, Laura poured more wine. Janice was feeling pretty good by now. The food was good, and the wine was starting to take effect.

Laura got up and stretched.

“My back is killing me” she said. “It’s a big load to pack around all day. I’ve got to get out of this bra.” She slipped out of her blouse and removed her bra. Laura had large breasts and Janice imagined the weight of them did hurt her back.

“How about rubbing my neck?” Laura asked.

“Sure” Janice replied.

“Let’s go soak in the hot tub.” said Laura.

They went through Laura’s bedroom, through a door and out to a secluded area of their yard. bahis siteleri There sat the hot tub. Janice noticed that it would be unseen from the neighboring yards.

She realized she did not have a bathing suit, but Laura had stripped and was climbing in.

“C’mon,” she called. “It’s just us girls.”

It must have been the wine, because Janice dropped her robe and climbed in also. The brisk evening air caused her nipples to stiffen. Laura didn’t seem to notice. Hers were stiff also.

The warm water felt great. Relaxing and soothing. Laura turned around and Janice began to rub her back. She massaged her shoulders and neck softly, gently. For 15 minutes they relaxed in silence. Janice’s hands moved down Laura’s back, working the tense muscles.

Suddenly Laura turned around. Janice’s hands moved across Laura’s full breasts.

Surprised, Janice started to apologize, but all Laura said was “Turn around, it’s your turn now.” Janice obeyed, and felt Laura’s hands moving her over close to one side of the tub. Janice relaxed as Laura massaged her tired muscles. She felt so calm, so relaxed. She closed her eyes, she thought she could drift off to sleep. She became aware of Laura’s arm reaching around her, feeling for something on the edge of the tub. Laura’s large breasts pushed into her back. Laura flipped a switch and Janice felt a jet spray start. Laura remained pressed against Janice bahis şirketleri for what seemed like longer than was necessary.

Then she leaned back and continued rubbing Janice’s back. Janice felt the jet spray hit her crotch. She couldn’t move back, because Laura was there. Her front was up against the side of the hot tub. She spread her legs slightly, trying to get more comfortable. The spray was right on her pussy now. It was actually starting to feel real good. Her body was starting to get excited. She was oblivious to anything else as she moved a little so the spray was directed onto her clit. She forgot about Laura as she felt the ecstasy build up in her body. The orgasm was building up now. She had never felt anything like this before. She realized Laura’s hands were now cupping her small breasts, rubbing her nipples. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. She felt Laura spin her around. Laura’s lips met hers in a passionate embrace. Janice felt her body explode in orgasm…

Laura looked at Janice and wondered what her reaction would be.

“I hope you enjoyed that” she smiled.

Janice was confused. It had felt really good. In fact it had been the best orgasm of her life. Did that mean she was a lesbian?

Laura seemed to read her thoughts. “It can be good with a girl” she said. “In addition to a man, not instead of. I can show you more, if you like, or we can call it an evening. It’s up to you.”

With that, she got out of the tub, grabbed a towel and walked into the bedroom.

Janice hesitated, deep in thought. She got out of the hot tub and dried off. Slowly, she walked toward the bedroom…

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