A Carol for Rev. Ebenezer Ch. 02

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The churchman slept fitfully in the cold night. But he was vaguely conscious enough to hear the old church clock strike 1. Sure enough, a vivid light at the side of the bed shone, embracing a smiling sort of androgynous creature in a charming old fashioned robe of shimmering damask and lined with white fur. It seemed to have a great burning lamp on its head. The apparition smiled at him with radiance and enthusiasm.

“Well you seem to me almost a well-costumed child. You must be the first spirit the ghost of Jacob Moorfield spoke of. Tell me, who are you?”

“I am the ghost of winter solstices past.”

“Long past?”

“Well for the purposes of tonight, just your past.”.

Ebenezer felt the chill of the room on his bare skin and quickly grasped the end of the bed sheet to cover himself. He spoke sheepishly. “Many pardons, spirit. In the unexpected commotion of coping with my dead partner’s ghost, it seems I have forgotten to cover myself in my night shirt. Now, I am just naked.”

The apparition laughed in sort of a pleasing quiet high pitch, but not precisely as if female. “Scribner Ebenezer, you have cared for your mortal countenance very well. You are not just naked, but splendid in your nudity. In the solstices of long past, some cultures would celebrate and dance nude ~ well, once the bonfire had been blazing for a while, at any rate. It would be a privilege and a tribute to old times if you would accompany me just your natural self.”

“But spirit, there are no bonfires in recent ages. I would surely expire very quickly in the deathly cold of the night. If not dead yet, I would expire from embarrassment when others would encounter us, me in my indecency.”

“When you clasp your hand on my robe at my heart, we will be able to travel effortlessly through the night sky. The wind will be like the brush of a soothing warm blanket to you. You will be protected from all the natural elements. The flow of your night shirt would just be a nuisance. What indecency? The past was better than our current times. Mortal people enjoyed encountering and frolicking together unclothed and natural. Maybe in future times, they will return to such sociability. But no reason to be concerned all the same, for no one will see or hear us despite being in their presence.”

Ebenezer sheepishly climbed out of bed. The ghost beamed its smile as it ogled his naked form. “As I say, everything splendid. Now place your hand over my heart.’

Doing as it instructed, he was enveloped with warmth. The window flew open instantly and the strange pair floated out the window up into the moonlit sky. They traveled 100s of feet up over the small houses in a way that was strangely liberating to a naked churchman who under other circumstances, would be vulnerable to most dangerous and compromising calamities. Like magic, they approached their first destination in broad but frosty daylight.

The naked man recognized the campus buildings of what had been the first college he had attended before transferring to the seminary. He saw students he knew and had been friendly with each other. They were greeting each other “Merry Christmas” as they were climbing into vintage period autos. He beamed and tried to wave at them. But remembering his nudity, he quickly scooted behind the spirit when he realized some female students were among them.

“Silly mortal. I told you they cannot see our presence. But come with me, I have something else to show you.” They approached a dormitory building that the naked man recognized as his campus residence. The lobby seemed deserted. But they took the elevator to a deserted floor all the same. It was as if they drifted through a closed room door to witness a naked youth lying on the bed with many open magazines of apparently varied erotic content. Ebenezer in his own nudity was horrified to recognize the naked student as himself years earlier.

The younger version in present company had his fist wrapped around his hard throbbing cock and stroking it with grunting conviction in a brazen semblance of hot masturbatory pleasures. The magazine he focused on in the other hand was opened to a glossy photograph of young naked youths wrapped into themselves in the variety of orgiastic gay group sex on an otherwise barren beach.

“I like that. I call that some skillful handiwork.” The ghost looked on with grinning approval.

“Really spirit! What purpose does it serve that I should be reminded of such things?”

It was as if it ignored him. “Look at the way he grasps his cock with such confidence. Pleasuring oneself well is truly an art. Look how he retains the same quick rhythm about his meaty cock. Those glazed eyes set on the exciting picture and the way his tongue tip sticks out just beyond his lower set of teeth demonstrates a total commitment to ecstatic feelings in the body.”

The ghost’s naked accompanist protested. “Spirit haven’t we seen quite enough?”

“Wait! He will be interrupted before canlı bahis he brings himself to climax. You will see.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Who is it? Give me a minute and I will be right there.” The naked youth scurried to shuffle the magazines into an obscure pile.

“Scribner, it ‘s me, Fannie.”

“Fannie, I am just getting ready to use the showers. I will be right with you.” He next wrapped himself in his over-sized robe.

“Oh Scrib sweetheart, I have so much to tell you. You are coming home for the holidays this year, anyway. Let’s go into the boys room and I will tell you about it in the shower. We are the only ones here.” The acoustics were such that he could not hear her through the rushing water. So they waited for him to step out and towel off before she spoke up.

The older Ebenezer looked at the spirit. “You don’t have to say anything to me. She was the older sister who doted on you even in your bath time. You were both very close. That was a nice thing in your life Scribner Ebenezer.”

Tears welled up in the eyes of the older naked man. “It was a very nice thing. I loved her so. She died too young.”

They both listened intently to the older but still young woman, now deceased. “Dad is so much nicer now. He rented a car that I could drive out here and fetch you to bring home for Christmas after all. I think now it does not matter to him if he thinks you are gay, Scrib.”

“Oh Fannie, after all the denial, I think now maybe Dad is right after all. I think I am gay.”

His sister shot him a funny cross-eyed expression. “You big cutie. Do you really think that makes any difference to me? I almost hope you are right. It would be so super cool to fix you up with cute guys. . . . Anyway, if you recall, our family tradition was to always decorate the tree on the winter solstice. I put my foot down and told him I wanted Scribner home and I would do nothing with the tree until after Scribner got here. I was so surprised when he agreed with me right away.”

The whole setting started to fade and the ghost spoke, now. “In your brief stay home that holiday season, you two almost became remarkably closer.”

In reply, Ebenezer tried to avert his gaze from looking the phantom directly in the eye. “Spirit, you confront me with scenarios of my past I have tried to forget. She noticed the magazines on my bed were pornographic and that intrigued her. At home, she dared me to masturbate in her presence. She said she always had imagined me doing that since I grew hair, . . well, . . you know. I declined right away of course. . . . But, . . .”

“Over the years, sometimes you regret not complying with her most intimate requests.”

“Well, it was completely innocent, really. The more personal things I would reveal to her about myself the more endeared she would be to me ~ the closer we would become. She was probably my most loving friend. She was scrupulously discreet about all my confidences, as I was of hers.”

“But you two were not able to enjoy your home stay for very long.”

“It was shorter than I had expected. My father was seldom direct with me, as if he did not trust me. I did not know until two days before New Years that I was to be transferred to the seminary. There the semester started only a day or so into the year. I did not believe him at first. Who would admit a student only on a parent’s recognizance? My alma mater did.

“At first, I dreaded it. But the faculty and school staff were very tolerant and patient with me. Asking other students questions about their beliefs and understanding of religion and all its associated cultures, I found their enthusiasm infectious. Within weeks, I was caught up in the spiritual mysteries of faith in things unseen and the attendant inspiration of joy in possibilities of love and fellowship.”

The ghost had taken Ebenezer’s hand and applied it to its robe. The naked accompanist again marveled at the sensation of dizzy flight in warm embraces.


“Why, I recognize this place, spirit. It is the home of Dean Fundywhistle. And there I am with books in my arms with Jacob Moorfield. Spirit, they say religious people are stern and boring, but the Dean’s whole family was the most outrageous assortment of cut ups on God’s green earth. Look! There is Mrs. Fundywhistle in that silly Mrs. Claus outfit with her two daughters. All 3 of them were overt and unembarrassed total flirts. I think the fact they knew we two were gay only made them more attentive toward us. We loved them.”

The situated but not really visible naked man’s broad grin quickly turned to a frown. “Oh spirit, praise God that this fine assembly of the past cannot catch sight of us. My state of complete undress would be completely inappropriate on this festive occasion even in the presence of broad-minded informal people such as these.”

The ghost responded with a mirthful soft titter. “I think the young ladies would be very bahis siteleri pleasingly surprised, but not in the least bit offended. They would be very curious if it was your birthday. If not, why intend to enjoy present company in only your birthday suit? This reminds me of a familiar nightmare you mortals always speak of.”

They listened to the Dean scold the young Ebenezer. “Tsk, tsk, Scribner. Ever the student. Your exams are over and now it is time to be merry on the eve of this winter solstice.”

The older Ebenezer was beaming again. “Spirit, there was wonderful food on these occasions, but terrible music ~ all Christmas oldies from the radio.” The naked man grew more reflective. “Fundywhistle was a kind and almost indulgent old soul, but somehow not as diligent on behalf of the school’s interests as a more serious man could have. It could have earned the reputation it has now as one of the outstanding schools of Christian theology, small as it is.”


The image of the room changed and suddenly they were in a room that apparently was in the same house but just where, the older Ebenezer could not quite recollect. The younger Ebenezer was there and an old flame of his was taking off his goose down parka and other winter effects.

“Beau, the party is just breaking up. Why don’t you come back and join us. You have been introduced to most of the people here.”

“Scrib, it is just you I have come to see. We are both going home to our families tomorrow and when I return, I am going to have a ball buster of a semester next year. Most of the weekends will be filled up with lab work. I don’t know how much time we are going to be able to spend with each other for several months.”

“Those science departments at your prestigious school down the road are really swamping you, aren’t they?”

“With my major, that’s inevitable, Scrib.”

“You could consider transferring here.”

The taller handsome youth started to grow agitated. “Jeez, I am not going to argue with you about that tonight. I just want this last night to be special for us.”

“Would you like to go out somewhere?”

“Fuck no! I would like to be alone with you. I would like us to do some things queer boys do when they are in love. It ‘s about time” “Shshshsh! They’ve stopped the music in the parlor.” Now it was the younger Ebenezer who was averting gazes. “Oh Beau, you dreamboat of cute dude in my life, I should have said something earlier. You know how much I love the idea of having a future in the church. Being gay, I think the best thing is that all my pursuits in love and devotion be celibate.”

The other youth assumed an incredulous expression mixed with shock and some disdain. “By God, this place with all its mumbo-jumbo has really gotten to you. Apparently, I know you better than you do yourself. You could never make it as some sort of cloistered monk, Ebenezer. Remember I have kissed you many times, and I remember how you have always kissed back with plenty of passion ~ lots of hot desire there. How many times have I held you in my arms and your hot blood rushes to the surface? I can feel it right through your clothes with a cock pressed against my leg, stomach, or my own that would be the dream of any partner in the least bit disposed to be homo.”

“Oh Beau! I am sorry I hurt you. Please don’t retaliate and try to hurt me back. No matter what, I love you more than I thought possible, and I will need your friendship and affection more than ever.”

“Get your love from the queer boys here, then. You don’t even have to seek out the many closet cases. What about that Jacob who is always hanging with you? At least he is queer straight up.”

“Jacob Moorfield is my best friend here, but we don’t have any feelings for each other romantically.” The taller youth’s expression remained stolid, but his sad eyes widened. “Get real, fella! I have seen the way he looks at you. . . Look, I know the showers in your dorm bathrooms are not stalled off, but open in the old fashioned way. I would be willing to wager that the majority of times that you shower, he is under one of the shower heads in there with you.”

The other youth was silent for a minute. “That ‘s probably an odd coincidence.”

“I don’t think so, bucko. Think about the dudes who most happen to be using the showers the same time you are, and there is your little queer boy fan club. . . . Speaking of showers, I have made it to both the volley ball and tennis teams, but have had to quit because school work load takes so much of my time. But they still make us take fucking gym for a few semesters to earn our credits. Every time in that stinky locker room between the showers and my locker, I have been reminded that we have never even seen each other naked. Now in the straight world, that is not exceptional, but for steady boys in the queer boy club, that is just fucking weird.”

The taller youth now approached the younger Ebenezer with his face bahis şirketleri up close as if he was about to make a pass. He lowered the tone of his voice to almost a whisper and seductively spoke with warm exhalations that smashed into the cheek of his listener. “Scrib, I am doing my best to try and understand you. You keep speaking of ‘false idols’ that corrupt our popular culture. Don’t twist the church to be a false idol that steals your heart. If you don’t want me to stop loving you, for Christ’s sake, everyone else has gone home for the holiday break, let’s go to your dorm right now and take off our clothes and take a long hot shower together. I mean that doesn’t consummate anything, man. It is just what the queer boys do when they want to separate from the rest of the crowd and have their own party.”

The young Ebenezer set his eyes to the floor and ever so subtly shook his head back and forth. “Oh my hot and gorgeous Beau, I think not.”

The taller youth turned red in the face as he gathered up all his clothes for winter outdoors. “Well Merry fucking Christmas! You can just fuck off for the holidays.” He stomped out of that front room and out to the front landing, slamming both doors behind him.


“I regret breaking that fine boy’s heart, but what else could I do? Spirit, I have seen enough. Please take me back to my bed.”

“Just a couple more scenes. We do not even have to fly to another locale.”

A room in what Ebenezer recognized was the dormitory he resided in at the seminary visualized and sharpened before the invisible twosome, but the middle aged naked man realized it was not his own. Another student was looking out the frosted window. It was his classmate and future co-pastor, Jacob Moorfield. The intruders moved in to see that he was watching the younger Ebenezer pack his luggage into Fannie’s car. It would be the partner, this time, who was left to spend the holidays on campus. There were tears in the youth’s eyes and he sobbed softly.

“Oh Sbrib, I can hardly stand for you to be away.” The two intruders thought there was a pathetic but poignant sadness about the young resident as he watched the car drive off. He then abruptly stood up and started to stomp out of the dorm room with still a hurt expression, but also red-faced anger. He snatched items of clothes off and tossed them every which way as he marched down the dorm hall. He shoved open the bathroom door with some impact and was stark naked seconds later. His penis was erect at flinching full mast and its stature was surprisingly notable in the impression of the older Ebenezer.

They followed the comely nude youth into the shower room, his muscles bristling with taut emotions. He stood directly under a shower head and turned the hot water spigot on at full blast. Ebenezer marveled that his partner so vulnerable in his young visage was not instantly scalded. Even before reaching for the bar of soap, the showering man commenced to getting a firm grip on his erection and stroking it with quick steady rhythm and an evident state of conviction that he was intent and focused on profound self-pleasures for pent up release. The invisible audience of two could feel the hot wet spray after the ghost insisted that its naked accompanist step right up for close inspection. “I love you so much, Scrib.”

“Spirit, this is positively indecent”. The older naked man growled at it.

“Again, since Victorian times and before, you mortals hold peculiar notions about ‘indecency’. Look at the obvious depth of feeling this poor boy has for you. Shame on you. Have you no pity for those who loved you so fiercely? . . Don’t worry, it won’t take him long.”

Almost instantly, they heard the glassy-eyed showering youth groan, his stroking stopped but grip still so firm. Richly aromatic streaks of climactic male saucy fluid shot from his snake-eyed piss slit centered in a very exercised purple nub, all the liquid bullets somehow evading the rushing hot droplets cascading from the shower head.


The older Ebenezer sounded pleading and conciliatory. “Back to my rectory house now spirit, oh please.” But the scenery changed to just a very short distance in the same locale. The dusk sky was all a blazing red sunset. The dark buildings of the seminary campus were hundreds of yards away from an acutely novel small social assemblage across snow covered athletic fields at the edge of a great expanse of dark woods.

There was a bonfire ablaze surrounded by what looked like a small ring of 7 or 8 older boys and young men. They were all naked and totally aroused. Little piles of their clothes were set to one side. Their left hands were clasping the right ass cheek of the boy next to them. With their right hands, they were frantically manipulating their rigid erections in masturbation. Two or three boys were also dancing sort of joyous jigs. The younger Ebenezer was fondling and clasping the right buttock of young Jacob Moorfield next to him. Jacob was one of the boys dancing a jig.

Very quickly, one male after another stopped as they reached climax and spewed out their ample increments of semen in warm fits of spasmodic throbbing.

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