The Big Butt White Girl Files Ch. 01

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After college I worked retail with this woman who was about 10 years older than me. We worked together in close quarters behind a public counter for over a year, but for some reason we never had any physical attraction. In retrospect this is remarkable because her breasts were really large and pendulous, which is the way I like them, and she wore low-cut tank tops nearly every day of the year. She had an hourglass figure with a big fat lumpy butt, wispy blond hair, and a cute face with blue eyes and a button nose. Looking back I should have been fantasizing about her non-stop, but for some reason I never did.

A couple of years later, when I was traveling abroad, somehow we started writing letters back and forth, just keeping in touch. I guess it started when I sent a postcard to the staff at the place we worked together, where she was still working. Eventually the letters between us started focusing more and more on relationships, then on more sexual stuff. I remembered that she had long ago worked at the front counter of a porn shop, so this was an extremely sexually-liberated person, and she was a marvelous writer whose house was full of personal journals she’d written over the years.

Over many months, the stuff we wrote about started getting pretty explicit, including graphic descriptions of blowjobs and masturbation, anal sex and role-playing. It was a real thrill to receive one of her letters; I’d often read one and start jacking off immediately, and I imagined she was doing the same with mine.

After a year or more, I knew I was going to be in her town; my parents actually lived there, and I was moving there internet casino for a couple of months en route to another foreign trip. I wrote to tell her I was coming, and she said she was looking forward to seeing me.

I went to her house for a drink one night. We sat on the couch drinking red wine, making small talk, barely ignoring the elephant in the room. She had candles burning, jazz playing on the stereo, and was wearing one of her trademark low-cut tank-tops with about a kilometer of milky white cleavage showing. Needless to say I wanted to fuck her silly.

She told me that she had just finished writing a reply to my last letter, but that since I was there now, she could just give it to me. I unfolded it and read the first half of the first sentence, which was all about titty fucking, the topic we’d been discussing in a previous letter. After more than a year of sexy buildup, I couldn’t take it any more. I immediately folded the letter back up, turned to her and pounced.

What proceeded was one of the craziest sex sessions I’ve ever had. For starters, she was one of those lovers who gets so excited that she can’t control the noises she makes, and can’t stay still to save her life. She was squeaking like a monkey and bucking like a bronco from the moment our lips met. Being that she had these major-league, saggy round titties, all this wild movement meant that her tits were flopping around wildly, almost comically. I could barely manage to suck her nipples because she wouldn’t stop moving long enough.

We moved into the bedroom and stripped, jumping into oral sex almost immediately after we landed canlı poker oyna on her beat-up old mattress. We went through every position we could think of over the course of about an hour: ass in the air, legs folded over, 69ing, the whole bit. All the while she wouldn’t stop moaning, squeaking, giggling, and wiggling around. But the whole thing was really comfortable, being naked with her, talking during fucking, laughing and having fun.

While we were fucking I put my finger in her ass, and to my surprise it was really relaxed, almost loose. Not that I’m some kind of anal expert, but this seemed pretty unusual. Usually butt-holes are really tight, aren’t they? I still wonder if she hadn’t been loosening herself up somehow before I came over. Like what if she had been dildoing her ass ahead of time in anticipation of getting butt fucked? What I didn’t know yet was that she was really enthusiastic about anal sex.

During a break in the action in this first physical encounter, she looked up and said point-blank, “You can fuck me in the ass if you want.” I flipped her over immediately. She lay down flat on her stomach, turned her head to the right and spread her big white ass with both hands. “Go slow,” she said. I did. She took deep breaths and concentrated on letting me in.

When the head of my cock was about halfway inside of her, she just switched completely. Suddenly she goes, “OK fuck me!” She started gritting her teeth and barking “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” repeatedly in a really serious voice. Naturally I couldn’t help but to blow a hot load up her ass about two seconds later.

What began poker oyna after that night was a pretty torrid affair that mainly involved me periodically showing up at her house unannounced, her getting insanely turned on by the spontaneity of it, and us fucking like crazy. Or sometimes I would just whip out my cock, and she’d drop to her knees and swallow a load. Then I would leave. It wasn’t really sustainable, but it was fun while it lasted.

One occasion is particularly memorable. I accidentally ran into her at a bar in her neighborhood, and she was alone watching a rock band that she liked. (She worked in the entertainment industry.) We drank a couple of beers and I offered to drive her home at around midnight. She asked me in, and while she was opening her front door I reached around to grab her pudgy little twat through her tight faded jeans. She melted completely, and we started making out on the stairway leading up to her apartment.

As soon as I closed the door to her flat, I turned to see her standing in the hallway with her back to me, her jeans and white panties down around her knees, and her fat white ass spread open with both hands. That image is permanently burned on my brain.

I got down on my knees and started studying that ass and pussy up close. I put a couple of fingers into her wetness, then inserted my thumb to get it wet, too. She leaned forward some more, bent herself over suspended, without holding onto a wall or anything, still spreading herself wide open with both hands. Using her juices for lube I squeezed my thumb up her ass, putting two or three fingers in her vagina at the same time. She gasped a little at first, and then started bucking with the motion. If you asked her about it today, I think she’d agree that I went to town on her two little holes that night. I butt-fucked her standing in that hallway and left a load on her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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