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I’m a man about 35 years old, living in a small town in Finland. English is not my first language so please forgive if it seems as if I am writing with a foreign accent.


I have a habit to visit once in a while a tantric masseuse. In our own town there is only one person advertising in the newspaper that kind of services. I have met her twice.

One day I saw her ad again and decided to call her. We agreed to meet in two hours. I showered and then I drove to center. There I walked for a while to spend some time. I was little nervous although I have met her before and she was a very nice person. She is older than me, I think a little over 50 but in a nice shape. And all I need is a nice massage. It’s not that important that the masseuse is a dream girl. Good hands are.

The time is up. I walk to the apartment building door and push the doorbell. The electric lock opens and I step in the stairway. I take the elevator to the 5th floor and walk to her door and push the doorbell. The door opens, and I’m surprised.

The woman that opened the door isn’t the one I met earlier. She is also mature. A little bit amazon like. Short black hair with grey highlights. She looks into my eyes and asks me to come in. For a second I think I choose the wrong door. Inside the apartment I notice the familiar things. Also the lady doesn’t seem like she is wondering why I came. I think the lady I have met is in the apartment and the other one just opened the door.

“You can leave your clothes here”. She points a chair in living room. The apartment is small and I don’t see the other lady. I decide to take my clothes off as told. When I’m naked she walks round me like checking me. Then she tells me to lie down on my stomach and points to the massage table.

I lie down. She lifts my head up a little and puts eyepatches on my head. They are leather and they feel nice. I have a huge leather fetish and this is a bahis firmaları turn on to me. I think she must love leather too because is also wearing leather pants. I didn’t dare to check her out much earlier but she had quite nice ass and legs in those pants. She looked like a quite strict person so I didn’t want to irritate her by staring her. Then comes the headset. I don’t hear anything. Nothing like this has happened in my earlier meetings.

I feel the familiar warm oil in my skin when she starts the massage. The massage proceeds quite like before with the other lady. Nice soft hands take care of me from head to toe. I’m relaxing. Not seeing and hearing makes me very sensitive to the touch.

Little by little she is working downwards across my back and up from my toes to my ass. Her finger tips move up through my thighs touching a little perineum. Her fingers go over my cheeks very sensitively. It feels so nice that I’m lifting my ass a little in the air. Not much but so that she must have noticed it. She continues the massage for a while and then she lifts my hips and puts a pillow under my waist. This lifts my ass more up. It’s one of those massage table pillows that are quite stiff and made from leather.

The massage continues again. More and more it concentrates on my ass region, the muscles and now and then between the cheeks. It feels like heaven. She pushes a little with her fingers on my perineum and same time some point in my neck. This combination affects an odd but very nice feeling to my body. She does that few times between other caressing. I’m in some kind of trance. Next time she is pushing she pushes also a little my anus with her thumb. She puts some more warm oil between my cheeks and continues this, not going in with her thumb but almost. Then her hands disappear. I don’t hear or see anything. So I just have to wait.

Then the hands come back. She parts my cheeks with the other hand and kaçak iddaa the other hands fingers spreads some cream on my anus. The finger feels slick and different than before, almost like she has a latex surgical glove on it. The finger disappears few times and every time it spreads more cream. I’m guessing what’s going to happen. Nothing like this has happened before. I’m a little nervous but she has put me in that trance so I just wait what will happen.

And then it happens. The finger goes slowly in my ass. It pauses the movement when it’s all the way in. Then the fingertip starts to make little movement. The feeling is like I must urinate but soon it’s over and it starts feeling nice. She moves her finger very slowly and sensitively. I’m relaxing a bit. She senses it and starts to put another finger in me. It doesn’t hurt at all. With her other hand she is comforting me by massaging my lower back and buttocks.

I have two fingers in me and I feel that my penis starts to drip some fluid. She hasn’t touched my penis but it is certainly dripping. That feels so nice. I have had some experiments putting some finger and dildos in me but never I have been this relaxed. I don’t have any idea what the time is.

She withdraws her fingers. I must say I’m disappointed. But soon they are back. More lube and more fingers! She senses that I’m tightening myself so she stops pushing and pushes in with two fingers, a few times quickly in and out. Then I feel more fingers again, maybe three I think. She goes slowly and now my ass takes her in. When in she pauses again and then with her fingertips starts to massage my prostate. I notice I’m relaxing again with the wonderful feeling. A little after that the little finger joins also in. I have never been stretched like this. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable again at first but then I can relax again. I just lie there and let her do what she wants. I came here for a nice massage and kaçak bahis now I’m having four fingers in my ass. And the thumb is already joining in!

Like this she massages me for a while. Five fingers in me. She puts some more force but notices that my anus can’t take her whole fist. The fingers disappear again. I wait. This time longer.

Then I feel something between my legs. She has climbed on the table. She lifts my ass up and I feel something on my anal opening. She takes firm grip on my hips and pushes the thing in my ass all the way in. I feel her hips against mine. She pauses her movement and waits for a while. Then she starts little movement slowly. The movement is slow but longer and longer. A few times she takes it all the way out and puts it all the way in. Slowly. When she is all the way in she puts some more force to it and massages her hips towards my ass. Then she starts to put some more speed little by little. It starts to hurt. She stops and puts some more lube. Then she starts the pegging. I sense that now she is going to take my ass no matter what. I try to relax and let her fuck me. Then she stops when full inside. I feel her shake. Is she having orgasm?

She is lying on my back and resting. The dildo is inside of me. Then she slowly draws it out. She is going off the table and comes soon back. My ass is sore but I’m feeling very horny.

I feel something on my asshole again. Same kind of feeling that before but it’s bigger. Not much but enough that it doesn’t feel good at once. She senses that and stops pressing. She takes my penis in her hand and starts to massage it. I’m fully erect. Then she starts pushing again. It feels very big but I can take it all the way. She fucks slowly and massages same time my penis. I come with big jets. She stops and leaves the dildo inside me for a while and then takes it slowly out.

She goes away and comes back taking of the headset and eyepieces. Then she tells me to go shower. I wash myself and put my clothes back on. When I’m leaving she grabs my ass cheek and tells me, “You are mine!”

When I’m home I have text message: “tomorrow same time and whole night”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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