Charmed By Innocence

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For(give me) Laura Lyn

My daughter has a new boyfriend. He seems to be a good kid, stays out of trouble and he’s cute, in a pound puppy kinda way. He has a breathy voice uncommon to teenage boys, it’s sort of sexy, and lickable teeth – a little fetish of mine so I always notice. He has a fun loving sense of humor and the seemingly requisite dirty mind of young human males that makes him fun to bait.

Natalie really enjoys being with him. Even though they attend different schools, they spend a lot of time together, mostly here at our home. They rent movies and play games as do most kids their age. They would often invite me to watch TV and play with them.

I watched them closely. I watched them sneaking little “accidental” touches. It seems that as their relationship matured so did the touching. Once in a while, I’d catch a hand under clothing. Knowing they are both virgins-and therefore merely fumbling around- gives me tingles underneath my panties. They have no idea of the feelings that await them. I moisten my underwear just being in the same room with them.

Lars does not yet own a car but has a close friend that does and a job to pay for all the gas he burns chauffeuring the young couple around. I finally had the pleasure to meet the young man. One evening he came to pick Natalie up to go meet Lars, oh, somewhere. They informed me of their plans but I was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation while wondering what those ruby red lips might taste like on this just barely eighteen year old Adonis. He wasn’t exactly “drop dead gorgeous.” He just had this charming aura about him that I can’t explained. He stopped talking at some point and left me gaping as he helped Natalie into his black ’92 Mustang, it’s windows heavily tinted. Later I wondered if I had exercised poor judgement, as a mother, letting my young daughter leave with him.

Later I would find myself spending some serious time fantasizing about him. His name was Chandler and his skin was chardonnay. Those thrilling full lips pouting beneath dizzying dark eyes. Dark brown hair barely covering soft creamy ears . . . “Stop, stop, stop!” I admonished myself. “What was I thinking? I am old enough to be his mother!”

The threesome became inseparable. They also started spending more and more time at our house. They’d fix a snack and come in the den and sit with me, watch television, and chat a bit. My pulse would quicken as the room seemed to grow warm and a faint throbbing began between my thighs. I was sitting on my hands trying to resist the impulse to reach over and touch him. I wanted badly to see if his skin was as baby soft as it looked. I knew I needed to leave güvenilir bahis the room right then!

One night, while sitting at the kitchen table writing a letter, the kids engaged me in a game of Mind Trap. I learned that Chandler was quite smart. I wondered if he knew why the seats in his ‘Stang laid all the way back. My nipples perked and a shiver shot up my spine at the capricious thought. I wondered if he knew a few alternative uses for the kitchen table. My abdomen fluttered and I changed positions in my seat. I am shameless.

Natalie offered the guys Coke and brownies. “They’re not my usual best,” I apologized, “Probably because I used an electric mixer instead of beating the batter by hand.”

To this Chandler could not resist, “I always beat mine by hand, it’s the only way civilized!”

“Well who said anything about civilized?” immediately spewed from my mouth. “That’s it, Carol, too much wine. Time to say goodnight,” my brain managed in a fleeting moment of rational thinking.

I retired to my room but did not go to bed right away. Our home is a small and the inside walls are not very sound proof. As I was undressing, I could still hear them talking, continuing the game, there would be some shuffling around, then quiet. I knew at this moment Lars was probably kissing Natalie. I guessed that Chandler might want to kiss her too. Or maybe not. The amount of time the trio spends together caused me to wonder about Chandler. Either he really liked Natalie and respected his friendship with Lars enough to not admit it, or he really liked Lars. Chandler never dated and seldom talked about girls. Natalie tried several times to hook him up with some of her friends but he would inevitably decline.

My favorite well-worn nightshirt was under my pillows where I usually keep it. I pulled it out and began to put it over my head. I changed my mind. I opened my sock drawer and removed my corded-so-you-don’t-loose-it-anywhere-embarrassing remote-controlled silver bullet. I checked to make sure the batteries were still in good shape. They were. It’s my favorite toy. The adjustable speed control, when turned on high and placed over my clitoris, can rattle my teeth like nothing else. I also found my special clear jelly “Romeo.” A nine 1/2 inches by one 3/4 inch dildo, detailed to be as realistic as possible only bigger. Don’t let anybody kid you, when it comes to dildos, size is everything. I took one last item from the drawer, My Cleopatra’s Secret Cream. Creme de menthe flavored, it’s edible though not an easy trick to do while going solo.

I reached for the ceiling fan’s remote control and placed it with my collection on the bed. I lit türkçe bahis a few candles around the room and turned off the lamp. The glimmer of the flickering flames was hypnotic and erotic. The room, covered in tropical plants of all varieties and sizes with a six-foot palm waving over the head of the bed, always gives me the feeling of being out doors.

After fluffing my pillows, I sat down at the foot of the bed and slid all the way up to my tall stack of pillows. I positioned extra pillows beneath my knees with my legs spread and relaxed. I could hear the TV. They must be watching a movie. Cabinet doors opened and shut. Teenagers are ever hungry, constantly eating, beings.

“Ahhh,” I sighed as I opened my Cleopatra cream. It was almost gone but still had a few good uses left. This was truly a good example of “a little dab’ll do ya.” Just a smidgen placed directly on my clit and massaged around my fancy was enough to cause me to come in an instant but I did not want that to happen. I dipped my index finger in the green gel-which is the more or less equivalent of Icy Hot, a medicated balm for pain-and dabbed a little on my nipples. They started to grow warm. I reveled in the feeling for a few seconds before returning my finger to the jar and dipping again.

There was laughter in the other room and I heard Chandler’s voice, “Yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t ya, Natalie?” His voice echoed in my mind as I touched my clit with more cream. As the sensitive area began to react, I fantasized that I was teaching Chandler a few things he would be sure to like. Suddenly I was on fire, not sure whether it was entirely from the cream or perhaps the thoughts running through my mind.

The ceiling fan started to twirl at the command of a button. Leaves began to dance around me. I stroked my clit with my finger then brought it to my mouth and sucked it clean. I envisioned sucking Chandler’s lower lip, hard. My tongue explored his lucius mouth gliding across the back of his teeth and finally engaging his tongue in a game of tag. I returned my finger to my clit and kneaded it briefly while I thought about how I might get him to lie back on the kitchen table.

I’d take his white T-shirt off and buff his chest, baby smooth as expected, with my Kama Sutra massage oil. I wanted to take his rigid nipples in my mouth and tease them ever so gently. He’d squeal. Then I would trace the path from the center of his chest down to his belly button. I glanced up to see the expression on his face. No, he had no clue what was coming next. My mouth covered his navel and my tongue drilled deep. He tried to sit up and protest by taking my head in his hands but I would not be diverted. güvenilir bahis siteleri His yet inexperienced maleness stood up ready to frolic. Finally I relented and my tongue, once again on its journey, made its way to his narrow patch of wool. Chandler was shaking.

It was quiet again in the other room. I think I heard them go outside. In my room the musk and vanilla scents of the burning candles further intoxicated me. I reached for Romeo. Romeo consented. I held Romeo in both hands rubbing up and down, tracing the lines of Its veins. I imagined my mouth all over Chad’s virgin flesh, never before touched by anyone but himself. He writhed with delight. He held my head in his callow hands clearly undecided if he wanted to pull me closer or push me away. My tongue played with his satiny sex, ever so softly, afraid of hurting or overwhelming him on his first trip out. I flicked my tongue just over the helmet area at first, then I lapped up and down the length.

Romeo caressed my fancy. My fantasy still held Chandler captive and my mouth fully consumed his attention. Propped up on his elbows with his head held back, he groaned and panted. I think he was doing some heavy praying, he chanted, “Ohgodohgodohgod . . . ” I had to wrap my arms around his thighs to keep him in place. Then Chandler was trembling. I clamped down and sucked hard using my teeth. Chandler shuddered and yelled as hot lava spewed into my mouth. He collapsed and I thought he had stopped breathing until he grasped my hair and let out a shrill yell tha I think I remember hearing on a Xena movie. He lay on the table completely spent. I held his buns while I tidied him up with my mouth and tongue. He tasted like honey. My mouth stayed in place a tad longer than it needed, I was having difficulty letting go. I let my pinky wander the length of his crack. He jumped when I crossed over that sensitive spot. I would save that for another fantasy.

My fancy was wet with anticipation. “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” “Ahhhhh, yes, there. I slid him in and out, out and in. It was time to employ a little metal magic. How I wished Chandler would knock on my bedroom door right now. I would want to invite him in and ask if he would just suckle a bit on my nipples and caress my breasts while my silver bullet did its thing. Too bad, that wasn’t a very likely scenario.

My labia were swollen and engulfed the powerful vibrator I placed between them. I turned it on low and it lulled me. I laid there relaxed, thinking of nothing. Eventually, I increased speed and my body tensed and then orgasm overtook me. Shock waves rocked my body. I tried to muffle my exhilaration but I’m afraid it seeped out anyway. I lay deflated against the pillows, covered in sweat, trying to regain my breath. The sandman promptly whisked me off to dreamland. I vaguely remember. Once her company had gone, Natalie knocked on my door and whisper goodnight.

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