Bigger Down There Ch. 08

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To recap where I left off, I was getting over having been pretty much face fucked by Sam. Helen, had assisted by giving Sam’s boyish, but very sensitive tits a thorough mauling with her hands, in an effort to get Sam to give me what I craved which was several mouthfuls of her delightfully viscose grool.

Sam could produce exceptional amounts of cunt juice, and it turned me on no end to watch it pooling around her slit and the spilling out of her. It tasted like it should – creamy, sexy and forbidden nectar.

Helen hadn’t cum, but obviously had plans to address that with her no clothes rule for the rest of the day.

I don’t know why I did it, but to aid the cooling down process, I had flopped on the sofa, and was lying supine, but with one knee bent up against the back of the sofa, and my other leg languoriously hanging off the sofa with my foot on the floor.

Sam placed herself at the other end of the sofa and after at least five or ten minutes of looking, started to lazily finger around my sloppy lips and hole.

“You’re getting quite the cunt on you Andrea,” she said teasingly. “Soon you’ll be as loose as Mum. Is that what you want?”

“You know it is my naughty friend,” I replied. I thought for a minute or two.

“Actually, I want to be bigger than your Mum,” I continued. “I want to make her envious of me.”

“Fuck, I’d love to see that,” Sam said, by way of a follow-up.

“I’d like to be so loose that I would struggle to hold my piss in,” I responded. I’m not even sure why I said it (although the idea was more than appealing to me).

“Oh, you dirty girl,” Sam carried on. “You mean like the piss could just drop out of you as you walked along?”

“Something like that,” I said.

“How do you think she’s doing darling,” I heard from Helen.

“She’s certainly developing a slutty cunt on her Mum. Do you think she’ll be like you in a couple of years?”

“That’s what she wants, isn’t it dear?”

By now, Helen was kneeling against my open leg, and I was treated to the fingers of four hands just probing and manipulating my distended cunt for a good half an hour or so. This was accompanied by some very graphic descriptions as they went along.”

“Her lips are getting bigger,” one would say. “She’s getting a nice gape, almost obscene, don’t you think?” I was hearing from the other.

“God Andrea, you’re going to be huge by the time you get to Mum’s age.”

“I seriously hope so,” I muttered.

That session was a beautiful, and very erotic experience. I just lay there, letting Sam and Helen feel me all over with their wandering hands, and I was loving being talked about, almost as if I wasn’t there. It was like eavesdropping on somebody else’s conversation, and I found the whole thing overwhelmingly sexy.

I wanted to ask Sam something, and although I hadn’t quite figured out the wording, I was feeling that it might be a good time to ask something that had been on my mind for a while.

“What about your girl hole Sam. You’re nothing like your Mum. Wouldn’t you like to be a little bit bigger?”

Sam’s cunt had quite fleshy lips, and quite a good sized clit, but compared to her Mum, her hole was no more than average in size.

“Actually, I quite like my girly cunt,” Sam returned, but I love fantasising about and looking at you two and your well stretched holes. I really get off on you two and the fisting and huge toys you use on each other. You know . . . ., well . . . , you know how wet it makes me.”

“I . . , I wank furiously, every night at Uni thinking about your cunt holes. When you used to come here after we played hockey, and we, you know, perved on each other, as soon as you’d gone, or as soon as you’d gone to sleep if you were staying here, I’d have the biggest orgasms. You’ve no idea how hard it was to keep quiet!”

“I can certainly remember how messy your sheets were though,” said Helen with a lewd grin.

“Yeah, but although you used to let me watch you bring yourself off when I was at home, you’ve no idea how many times I would engineer a way to get a look at your beautiful Mummy hole, and then go back to my room and jill off. Actually, I’m surprised that I’m not a bit bigger because I finger myself practically every night, and sometimes during the day as well.”

“The trouble is, I haven’t found anybody at Uni to watch me yet, and that’s what I’d really like.”

“And, u’mm, I’ll tell you what else I’d really like.”

I assumed that Sam was just going to say what it was, but she hesitated. She wasn’t forthcoming, so Helen sort of dragged it out of her.

What Sam wanted was some videos of us. I tried to get out of her if it was just of Helen and me, but it became clear, that she wanted more. “Anything with one of us, two of us, or all three of us in it,” she eventually admitted.

“What sort of things would we be doing,” Helen wanted to know.

“Anything really,” was her reply. “You could even surprise me sometimes,” you know, just send me something when I’m away and surprise canlı bahis me. I’d like that.”

This could certainly add a new dimension to things, and I sensed that Helen was up for it as well.

My cunt was still being very gently toyed with by Sam and Helen, and I knew that I was very, very, wet.

“I’d quite like to do that again, what we did when we were in your room,” I said. “The same setting, but this time we wouldn’t have to hold back, and your Mum can watch.”

I think that Sam would have yanked me off the sofa if she could have done. As it was, somehow within a few minutes, we were in Sam’s room, with me sitting on my ‘old’ bed, back to the wall, just like I used to be, and Sam sitting on the edge of her bed. The door was closed, and Helen sat on the floor with her back against it.

It didn’t take long to think back to re-enact those thrilling afternoons and evenings.

“You quite like exposing yourself, don’t you Sam.”

“Fuck yes.” I like looking at other girls cunts, and showing them mine.”

Sam was rubbing her fingers through her lippy slit, I in turn, began to lean back and open my thighs, very slowly.

“You’ve got quite a big twat Andrea, do you know that?”

“M’mm, yeah, I suppose I am a bit bigger down there than average girl.” I parted my lips a little, and pulled myself open slightly.

As before, Sam eased herself off the bed and moved closer, standing a little way away, but directly in front of me, her girly cunt more or less at eye level to me.

Sam was thrusting her hips forward and by now had her feet well parted, using her hands to squeeze her nipples, but the biggest rush for me was to see her creaming up.

Using both hands, I gave my engorged slit a good stretch. “Do you really think I’ve got a sizeable girl-hole,” I asked quietly.

“Well, I mean, look at mine – you can see how much bigger you are than me. Your slit’s quite long and fairly loose compared to me.”

I was so into it, thinking back to those earlier days, and I was super aroused again already.

“But you should see my Mum’s. Compared to her, you’re not massive.”

I turned to look down at Helen, but she had stood up, leaning back against the door with her thighs spread, her yawning cunt fully on display. This was better than before. It lacked the build-up, but having Helen there in the room with us added an extra dimension to the scene.

“Fuck, she has got quite a hole hasn’t she,” I blurted out. “What a huge slot. She’s fucking massive.”

“I know. You wouldn’t believe the size of some of the things she can put in herself.”

“Come here and get a good look at my Mummy cunt,” I heard from Helen.

“No, move over here and stand next to Sam so that I can compare you with each other.”

Helen took a couple of steps forward and to her right, and leaned against Sam to give me a proper look. I could never get enough of Helen’s magnificent specimen of a cunt. An abnormally long slot, with a substantial gaping entry, surrounded by excessively floppy and fleshy lips, drooping down and well separated from each other, and a clit hood that was hiding what looked like a miniature cock.

“Get closer, so you can see what a real woman has between her thighs.”

I moved off the bed and across the floor, kneeling in front of the quite exceptional gash that was now right in front of my eyes. Helen grasped her slippery labia and pulled herself open.

I, I think I could get my hand in there,” I teased.

“Why don’t you try,” Helen said through heavy breaths.

It was so easy. I didn’t even need to bunch my fingers up. The widest part of my hand slipped comfortably the very elastic collar of her fuck hole, and I was in. That easily.

If you’ve never experienced it, take it from me – having your hand embedded wrist deep in a vast, silky, slick and slippery cunt is a sublime experience, and especially when the lips are acting like a little sleeve around your wrist.

Sam was also kneeling by now, and offering words of encouragement. “Can you move it around inside her?” Can you feel her hand filling you up Mum?”

“Rub her clit for me Sam,” I requested.

“Get on Sam’s bed for us,” I directed towards Helen.

It wasn’t too difficult as she was already leaning heavily against the bed. All she really had to do was lower her ass so that she was sitting on, rather than propping herself up against, the bed.

“Give your Mum a good lick Sam,” I softly instructed. I wanted to see Sam lick her Mum as it would be an exquisite bit of intimacy, and as well, I wanted to get Helen very well lubed up for what I had in mind.

Sam took a long look at her Mums messy cunt neatly enclosed around my wrist, and after thinking about it for a few long seconds, leaned in and started lapping at Helens bulbous clit, flicking her tongue over it to start with, but quickly progressing to immersing her lips round it.

The effect was instantaneous. I could quickly sense the presence of more pussy drool around my wrist, and I bahis siteleri started to work the sides and back of my free hand around the gooey wetness. With one hand in Helen, and Sam worshipping her clit, it was uncommonly tricky, but I was managing to get some of Helens natural juices around my fingers in readiness for the next step.

I was about to start phase two, when Sam asked me to move so that Helen could lie down. With me determined not to let my hand slip out, this was a far from easy manoeuvre, but after a few awkward seconds, we achieved it, and now had Helen lying on the bed, with me kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed which was giving me much more comfortable access to Helens cunty passage.

Sam suddenly surprised me by kneeling over Helen, and although I probably shouldn’t have been shocked given some of the things that we had done together, I was bounced into to a different universe as Sam lowered her crotch over her Mum’s face. I nearly came there and then myself, but it was Helen’s turn to be pleasured, so as much as I was tempted to use my free hand to finger myself off, I prepared to work my other hand into Helen’s accommodating fist box.

Mind you, I was conscious that I some of my wetness was manifesting itself by periodically making little tiny drips onto the carpet, but actually, that added to the frisson of the moment.

I was resolute that I was going to give Helen a serious stretching, and that she was going to take both my hands in her dripping, roomy snatch.

To achieve this, I partially withdrew my hand, and re-entered Helen with just my four fingers. I then began to introduce a finger at a time from my other hand over a five to ten minute period. I could feel Helen bucking around, and I wasn’t quite sure whether this was from being made to face-fuck Sam’s jizzed up cunt, or the anticipation of being double fisted.

I was absolutely enthralled by the earthiness of what we were doing and the deviant pleasure that we were collectively deriving from it, that despite having had two big climaxes already this afternoon, I felt that I was on the verge of cumming again, despite the fact that I couldn’t reach myself to do the job properly, and seeing Sam’s messiness dripping from Helens chin was only adding to the state that I was in.

If I would have had a third hand I would have introduced it to Helen’s ass, and I was torn between double fisting her well spread cunt, or doing both holes. There were massively satisfying whimpers coming from Helen as I gave her meaty orifice a good work out. Both my hands were neatly encased by Helen’s obscenely opened up slop pit and when Sam and I eventually got her off, it was a big one!

There was a constant stream of ‘fuck, fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking hell, fucking, fucking hell coming from Helen’s cunt smothered mouth. Helen was shaking and almost going into spasm. As I carefully withdrew my hands from her very messed up gash, the view that awaited me was something to behold. Helen was gaping pornographically with a milky coloured froth collecting at her disgracefully swollen lips.

As Helen came. Sam raised herself to a squatting position and brought herself off above Helens face. Actually some of her juice splashed onto Helen’s hair because Sam was thrashing around a little bit and didn’t seem able to keep herself still.

Watching Sam was a very provocative sight and enough to bring out an exciting little orgasm for me that was achieved without actually touching myself which was quite thrilling.

I think that we were in a state of sexual exhaustion for much of the rest of the day, although when we went to bed, Sam spooned herself against me and fingered me to another naughty cum.

Come the Monday, Helen had to go to work, but Sam wasn’t going back to Uni until Tuesday, and I only had one lecture which I decided to bunk off. That left Sam and I to our own devices for a day, and that conspired to make it a most interesting day.

Sam was tormenting me with her exhibitionism for the early part of the morning, and after breakfast, we had got to chatting.

I decided to raise the boyfriend/girlfriend topic, and Sam assured me that there was no-one. I asked her what she did for pleasure, and she told me that she jilled herself off at least once a day, and sometimes twice depending on how busy she was. At one point, she looked me right in the eyes and said “I’m a compulsive masturbator.” I asked her to tell me more, and she spent a good half hour or more elaborating on what she did, how often she did it, and how much she came. “Honestly Andrea,” she said, I have some really huge cums.”

“All I have to think about is cunts. I love the sheer sexiness of a cunt. I fantasise about them, and I picture them in my mind as I’m doing it, and it never fails to get me off, especially when I think about yours and Mum’s.”

With only minor trepidation, I asked her if I could watch her, and she nodded and we trotted back up to her room. She instructed me to just watch, to not speak or join in, and it was a powerfully bahis şirketleri erotic thing. I was amazed at how long she took, but what really did it for me was the extent to which she exposed herself. Not to me per-se, but how far she opened her legs to display her cunt to herself. She played with her little tits and nipples, but most of her activity was cunt centred, and that’s where she focused most of her attention. She loved working her feminine goo around her fingers, and very occasionally she would wipe the filmy liquid around her pointed nipples or suck her girl sperm off her fingers. It was a mesmerising experience, and I felt very special being able to observe her wonderfully personal moments.

When she had finished, she sat in what seemed to be her preferred position, back to the wall, knees up, and lippy slit fully exhibited.

I think I made a comment along the lines of “wow, I can see why you don’t need a partner,” and after something of a pause, and a little hesitation, she said, “well, I will admit to having had a couple of one night stands”

I wasn’t going to let that go, so I gently pressed her for more information.

She let it be known that both times had been with girls, or more specifically, a girl of our age, and some months later a woman who in her words was old enough to be her Mum.

I thought that this had the potential to be interesting, so I carried on probing. It turns out that she had picked them both up at the swimming pool, and both incidents had been intentional. She explained that on both occasions she had felt in need of being touched by fingers other than her own, and used the same tactic both times.

I was getting very aroused, and I am certain that Sam knew it. There followed another locking of her eyes on mine, and she asked very softly if I would like to see how she did it.

All it needed was a nod.

“OK, we need to get dressed. You’ll need your cossy and a towel. As I got dressed and gathered up my things, Sam did the same, except that instead of getting a costume out of her drawer, she went and found a bikini in her Mum’s room.

We had to get the bus (two buses actually) and after a journey that seemed to take longer than it should of done, we ended up at our local swimming pool. We got changed together, and it was immediately apparent that Helen’s bikini bottoms which were mismatched with Sam’s own top, were at least a size too big for her. I commented on this, and it was met with a response of “that’s the point.”

We went through the foot wash and into the pool. Sam dived into the water and did a few lengths whilst dodging around the other users of the pool. I was in the water myself by then, and Sam drew up alongside me. There were a number of swimmers of all ages and sexes dotted about in the water, and I was aware that Sam was about to haul herself out of the water. As she did so, the crotch of the bikini bottoms, weighed down by their wetness dropped away from her fanny, momentarily exposing her slot and lips. She took a second or two to pull them back in place and sat down on the side of the pool with her feet in the water.

Even with the bikini bottoms pulled up, there was a fair amount of ‘sag’ and to anybody on the lookout, her labia lips were fairly visible through the loose gusset. Sam dropped herself back into the water and had a swim around for a few more minutes before executing the same manoeuvre and pulling herself out of the pool.

I swear that this time she had purposely pulled the bottoms down her hips a bit, and this time anybody looking would have got a good eyeful. This time I got out and sat alongside her. She whispered that her Mum’s bottoms were especially good as they had a bit more ‘give’ than the ones she had at Uni.

“Time to move on a bit,” Sam announced. You stay around here and see if you spot anyone paying particular attention.

Sam wandered around the pool a little, re-launched herself into the water, and this time emerged using the ladder halfway along the length of the pool. Getting out via the ladder would have given anyone looking closely a much more lurid view of Sam’s lippy cleft.

After re-entering the water, this time Sam did a few widths, before getting out more slowly, which seemed to involve more leg stretching than the previous times. I couldn’t be certain, but I was sure that she had attracted the attention of a cheeky looking female with short, spikey blond hair who was perhaps in her mid to late 20’s.

As Sam walked along the edge of the, I was aware that this lady was following Sam with her eyes, and my instinct was telling me that Sam had picked up on it.

Back in the water, Sam swam along the wall before coming to a rest with her arms supporting her on the floor tiles. The lady swam over and hovered in the vicinity, before eventually edging very close to where Sam was resting.

There appeared to be an exchange which probably only amounted to a ‘Hi,’ and after a small pause, Sam reached up to pull out of the water.

This time there was no mistaking it, and Sam’s new friend stared avidly as she climbed out onto the side. If I knew Sam at all, I would be willing to bet that there would be a string of goo between her fanny flaps and the crotch of the bottoms.

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