Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 04

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I watched that video repeatedly over the next week. I couldn’t get enough of it. Pete didn’t make love to her, he barely even touched her. He never kissed her or said anything to her. He just held the camera above her while he pounded away at her.

Sometimes the camera would zoom in on her face, and I could see her look of pure pleasure. She would look at him with lust in her eyes and moan, “Fuck me, Pete. Oh my god, give me that big dick. You’re so good, oh my god.” On and on she would go, encouraging him to fuck her harder, deeper, until she lost control and would just scream out in ecstasy.

Sometimes the camera would move to her tits, and I would watch as they thumped downward when he thrust into her, then upward when he pulled out. Her gorgeous mounds were heavy enough that they were bulging out to the side, but still firm enough that her pointed nipples were perking straight up in the air. I always thought Jess had movie-star-perfect boobs, and here they were on video, thumping up and down in rhythm to the fucking she was getting.

Sometimes the camera would move down to her pussy, and I could see how big Pete’s dick was. He would pull all the way out, her lips clinging to bahis firmaları him, then thrust all the way back in. He never came all the way out, but when most of his dick was visible I would pause the video and try to figure out just how big it was. I figured it was somewhere around 9 or 10 inches long, and thick. It was a very large piece of meat that he was giving her, and she was loving it. I would push play and he would shove it back into that trim blonde mound. On and on he went, pistoning into her for the whole length of the clip. It was really quite impressive.

Jess was very vocal throughout the clip. Sometimes she just moaned. When she got more excited, she egged him on, shouting things like “fuck me, Pete! Give me that big dick!” Three times she threw her head back and howled in ecstasy, grabbing at the bed sheets and thrashing around on his dick, her legs quivering.

It was incredible. I’d never seen anything like it. The best porno actress in the world couldn’t fake the pleasure she was experiencing. Finally I understood why she needed his dick so bad, why she kept going back to him even though she was with me. There’s no way I could hope to give her half what he was giving kaçak iddaa her. The thought made me sad and ashamed. But despite that, or maybe even because of it, I found the whole scenario thrilling. Pete was giving her a really good fucking, and I was loving it. I watched that video over and over throughout the week. I lost count of how many times I shot my load watching Pete fuck Jess.

The next weekend, Jess went out shopping and I stayed home. I tried to be good, tried not to even think of the video. But my mind kept going back to it, and after a couple hours I found myself in front of the computer, my pants around my ankles. Jess was writhing around on the screen and I was pounding my poor little pud when I heard a gasp behind me.

Surprised, I quickly tried to hide what I was doing. I covered my lap and turned off the screen, but it was too late.

“Oh. My. God.” said Jess. Her hand covered her mouth in shock, but she didn’t seem embarrassed at all. She seemed amused, even thrilled. “You pathetic fuck. What are you doing? Are you whacking off to me and Pete? I can’t believe you. Pete told me you paid him for it, but I had no idea you would whack off to it. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m kaçak bahis sorry, Jess”, I said, my face burning as I frantically grabbed at my pants and pulled them up.

“Does that shit turn you on? I can’t believe this. Holy fuck, you are such a freak. Why would you want to watch that?”

I couldn’t look her in the eye. I tried to find something to say that would explain all this, that wouldn’t make me seem so pathetic. “I—I like that you’re getting so much pleasure.” Which was true. It wasn’t the whole truth, but I figured it was the only answer she might like.

“Wow. I’m stunned. I can’t believe you would want to watch me getting fucked.” She came over to me, gave me a little hug, then ran out the door. I could hear her on the phone as I cleaned up. I figured she was telling one of her girlfriends about me. My heart sank. I felt miserable. Now the secret was out and she knew how pathetic I was. She was fucking another guy and not only was I not man enough to do anything about it, but she had caught me secretly whacking off while watching them.

She came into the bathroom while I was washing my hands. “Okay”, she said, “it’s all set up.”

Suddenly I was afraid. Very afraid. I had an inkling what she meant, but I was too afraid to speak. She took one look at my face and laughed.

“That’s right. Pete’s coming over tonight and he’s going to fuck the hell out of me while you watch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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