A Lust for Power

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Once upon a time… Isn’t that how all the best stories begin? Especially fantasy tales. And this might just qualify as fantasy, except that it really happened!

I will never forget the day I met him. I was just 18, but had definitely been kissed before. And a number of other things too! But I was still technically a virgin and, to be honest, though I’d done a lot of moaning and panting, I hadn’t actually experienced the wonders of orgasm.

I was at a party when I first saw him. He was not my type at all – dark haired, brooding dark eyes, a big guy but all muscle. I usually went for the slight blonde pretty boys. Possibly they were less threatening. But this guy – there was something about him. Something intriguing and just a little bit dangerous.

Out of the corner of my eye, I’d seen him looking at me. And the more he looked, the sexier I was feeling and acting. Stirring my drink with my finger, then sucking it slowly clean. Shifting slightly on my stool so that my cleavage was viewable in my skimpy low necked top. Throwing back my head and laughing at my friend’s comments, exposing the fine line of my neck down into that rather glorious cleavage.

I knew he was looking. I felt the heat of his gaze, the strength of his intent. I gave myself over to the heady feeling of danger, of being stalked, of being desirable, of being just a teeny bit drunk!

My friend and I leapt up as our favourite song started playing and headed for the dance floor where we proceeded to gyrate our hips and dance wildly laughing and singing along suggestively… Boom boom boom.

And then there he was, dancing right next to me. Turning toward me, asking me to dance with him. I glanced toward my friend only to find she’d subtly disappeared, great wingman that she is!

So I smiled up at him, nodded and danced slightly more chastely than before. After a moment, he leaned in and suggested we go and have a drink at the bar. As his face grazed my cheek and I felt his breath near my ear, his deep voice reverberating against it, a tingle ran down my spine and right into my panties. Mmmm, there was something about him…

As we chatted over our drinks, I learned that his name was Mark and he was 22, newly qualified and fast-tracking up the corporate ladder. This was new – an older guy! How very sexy!

He took my hand and suggested we take our conversation outside where it was a bit quieter. I nodded and allowed myself to be lead with that delightful tingle working it’s way deep inside me.

As we found a quiet spot in a dark corner, he turned to me, took my face between his (large) hands and brought his lips to mine. Tasting gently, softly. Teasing. A little gasp escaped me and his kisses deepened in response, his body moving closer, pushing me against the wall, his hands running down my back.

Damn! But this was some kiss!

His tongue was now roaming my mouth, much as his hands were roaming my body until he put both hands on my arse and pulled me tightly against him so I could feel the evidence of his arousal, pressing against my stomach. A rush of warmth shot straight through my pussy and my panties dampened. He was clearly really turned on, and clearly very well endowed!

I broke away, gasping – this was getting a bit too much for me, I wasn’t used to feeling this way and feared my own response to his passion. I was getting the distinct impression that I was in way too deep with this man.

He put his hands to my face again, and gentled me with soft kisses, from my lips across my cheek and down my neck. Chaste kisses, delicate and soft as a butterfly. And absolutely delicious.

Involuntarily I moved closer to him, raising my chin to allow him access to my neck. He increased the pressure of his lips until I could feel his teeth, with a little nip here and there raising my flesh in goose bumps and making my panties even wetter. My nipples were standing up like little pyramids. Almost painful against the lace of my bra.

His mouth moved up my neck again canlı bahis to my ear and warmth shot through me straight from the sensitive skin there right down to my pussy. I gasped and he pulled me closer until I could again feel his hardness against me. His mouth moved over mine and he nibbled and teased at my lips until I opened them of my own accord and allowed my tongue to explore his mouth. He tasted of whisky and honey. He moaned and I was again awash with desire. This big man, reduced to moaning just by my tongue in his mouth!

My confidence growing, I moved slightly against him, pressing myself tentatively onto his hardness. He groaned loudly, pulling me hard against him and enveloping my lips with his, his tongue battling against mine. Oh god, it felt so good.

Suddenly I felt his hand sliding under my top, caressing the soft sensitive skin just above my skirt’s waistband, sliding slowly around to my back – making me feel like there was an electric current running from his hand straight to my nipples and to my sodden pussy.

His hand slid up my back and then around to the front, cupping my boob, his thumb finding my hard nipple through the lace and flicking it ever so lightly. I spasmed both internally and externally, moaning against his lips, which now left mine and traveled oh so slowly back down my neck, this time not stopping but continuing down to where my top’s button began.

I was breathing heavily now, all fears cast aside, a slave to the need building in me. My nipples were straining painfully against the lace, my boob still cupped in his hand as his mouth moved the shirt fabric aside and made its way onto the soft yielding flesh. As his mouth closed around my nipple flicking his tongue against its hardness through the rough lace, I groaned out loud and my hips couldn’t help but grind against him. He responded by grazing my nipple with his teeth while his hands busily worked at undoing the constraint of my bra.

Then there was cool air flowing across me as my tits were freed, my nipples relieved of the chafing, his tongue now reaching for them without the barrier between us. I moaned again as he found one and closed his mouth around it while his other hand moved to my other breast, pushing them together so that he could lave them both with his tongue, nipping slightly with his teeth, first one then the other. My legs had turned into jelly, I was now leaning back against the wall, helpless, moaning, gasping and sighing. I’d never ever in my short life, felt anything like this.

Next thing I knew, his free hand was sliding up my thigh, under my short skirt, lifting it as it lightly skimmed over the soft flesh. Within seconds it was cupping my pussy and just as I was stiffening, ready to pull away, clamp my thighs shut – he let out a loud groan as his fingers felt my wetness and I could feel his cock jumping against my stomach.

I turned into molten lava, the heat rushing all through my body, my pussy wet through, nipples hard like pebbles – the sense of power was incredible. The deliciousness of knowing how much I was turning him on, how appreciative he was over every single bit of me, every movement I made.

I was overwhelmed by the feeling, which made me shift my thighs slightly apart so that his hand could freely slide over my mound, his fingers pressing slightly against the soft opening, then moving a bit higher to find my clit and flick it with a finger. I jerked against him and he moaned again, grinding his cock against my stomach as his fingers worked magic on the outside of my panties. I was panting now, his tongue still busy with my nipples, his fingers working magic, my hips bucking against him… aching, wanting… what?

I was mindless with lust, overwhelmed by these feelings I’d never experienced before. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Never had any of the boys I’d played with made me feel like this! I pushed my pussy hard against his hand, desperately seeking whatever he offered, gasping and panting, helpless in his hands. bahis siteleri

There was a feeling building in me, a pressure I’d never felt before. I widened my thighs pushing even harder against him wanting… wanting… more. His thumb was rubbing now, firmly, rhythmically, and my hips were starting to buck against him, my thighs shaking as the pressure built and built, while his mouth continued its assault on my nipples – the feeling seemingly connected directly to his thumb on my clit.

As I felt myself going over an edge I’d never suspected existed, he suddenly thrust a finger around the side of my panties, straight into my pussy and I nearly screamed as the release exploded through me. Spasming uncontrollably, thighs shaking, hips bucking as his finger thrust into me – I came and came and came!

His thumb gradually slowed it’s rubbing, gentling against my thrusting pussy. All I could do was clutch onto him, totally helpless, overwhelmed, tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe what I’d experienced. I was entranced. Still spasming as he slid his finger out of me, his hand cupping my whole pussy for a minute until I stilled, then sliding around to my arse and pulling me hard against him.

His mouth covered mine, stifling my gasps as I became aware of his hardness again, jerking against my belly – passion still coursing though him. And my pussy spasmed again, and again, feeling empty, bereft of his warm hand and clever fingers.

He shifted his position, moving his body slightly away from me, then taking my hand and placing it on his hardness. Through his pants I could feel him jerking and he moaned as my fingers clenched in response, pushing himself hard into my hand.

He grabbed his zipper and yanked it down, pushing his pants and jocks downwards in one swift move – his cock sprang free, huge, engorged and angry-looking. I quailed, I’d never seen anything like it. Those boys had not been this big or this threatening.

Suddenly, I was aware of being away from the world, where nobody could find me, nobody knew where I was. I was alone with this big man I’d only just met. And he’d just reduced me to a quivering pile of jelly, with his hand alone. What would he expect from me now? Was I to return the favour? Now I was frightened and I drew back slightly.

“It’s OK” he said, “I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. But please, touch me, I’m so hard with wanting you. You are so sexy, so gorgeous, you’re making me ache just looking at you… ” And with those sweet words muttered in my ear, against my lips, he gently took my hand and guided it back to his cock, wrapping it around the hard hot flesh.

He groaned out loud and continued begging me, telling me how beautiful I was, how much he wanted me, how gorgeous I was, how delicious my tits were…

I felt myself yielding, my hand starting to move of its own accord, sliding along the length of him – feeling the soft, silky skin, the ridges of veins and touching the very tip, wet with his pre-cum. Again, he groaned deep in his throat and I felt the power surge up in me, and down, into my pussy making it tingle and clench.

“Please” he begged, “let me show you” and he guided my hand up and down his cock in a rhythm that made him gasp and groan and arch backwards. Then his mouth was back on mine, hard and rough and deep, showing how carried away he was, how powerful my little hand was.

“Please” he muttered, “please, kiss it, put your lips around it, suck me, please.” All the while his hands, holding my head as he kissed me urgently, pushed gently downwards, subtly demanding that I put my mouth to his cock. I felt that tingle of power again. I wondered what it would taste like and in curiosity, I allowed him to push me down onto my knees.

I let the tip of my tongue touch the tip of his cock and he gasped and growled deep in his throat, and I smiled. I let my mouth slide over the tip, my tongue laving the sides and the top as I did so. My reward was more moaning and his hands on bahis şirketleri my head urging my mouth ever downward.

I allowed his cock to slide deeper into my mouth, following my hand as it traveled down in the rhythm he’d taught me, then up again. I could feel his legs shaking as I speeded up a bit and tightened my grip with both hand and mouth.

Then he grabbed my head, stilling my motion and almost yanked me up to him. “Oh God” he moaned against my lips,”I have to put it in you, I need to feel you around me, I want you so badly, please, please let me just put it in a little way, just to feel your wetness, you don’t know how good it feels, and I know you’re wet and ready, oh god, please let me, just a little bit…”

All the while his hands were busy, rubbing against my nipples, down to my pussy, sliding my panties to one side of my slit, fingers rubbing over my clit, between my lips, teasing, testing, reducing me to a mindless quivering mound of wetness and desire.

His fingers left me for a moment and I let out a whimper of protest, then they were back, rubbing against my clit, down to the lips and back up again, but something felt different, hotter, rounder, smoother and as he slid back down to my lips and pushed against them, between them, I suddenly realised that was his cock he was holding in his hand and now it was pushing deeper between my lips, going into me.

“No!” I whimpered, and tried to pull away, but it was too late, he was pushing harder into me – too far gone to hear me, grunting with the effort of pushing that big fat cock into my tight virginal pussy, wet as I was. He suddenly grabbed my arse in both hands and lifted me up against him, impaling me, pushing me down roughly onto his hard hot cock. I screamed and he quickly muffled my sounds with his mouth, plunging his tongue deep inside it just as he plunged his cock right through my virginal barriers.

It hurt! I felt like I’d had an ice cold bucket of water thrown over me – what the hell was I doing, what was he doing? He’d just taken my virginity, standing up in the middle of nowhere in the dark. And it was sore.

My body had stiffened enough, my hands uselessly pushing at his chest, that he realised all was not quite right. His body stilled, though I could feel his cock pulsing inside me. His hand slid between us and started to rub over my clit again, his other hand still clutching my arse holding me onto his cock. And again, despite my misgivings, I felt that molten lava flowing over my pussy, my muscles tightening around his hardness, the wetness lubricating the pain away.

Almost against my will, my hips began to move slightly, pushing his cock ever deeper, desperately trying to get that feeling… “Oh God!” he groaned, continuing his busy work with his hand as he started to move his cock slowly in then out again. It felt amazing, especially with the slight pain combined with the pleasure. And his groaning and muttered words “oh my God, it’s so good, you’re so wet, so soft, so tight…”

I was riding an edge again, about to fall over, my whole body arching and bucking against him, totally lost in feeling the intense pleasure rush over me, and he lost control completely, starting to plunge into me hard, and harder. His hand still busy on my clit, his hips pumping against me, and I was lost, completely oblivious to all around me, arching against him as waves and waves of pleasure crashed over me.

Then suddenly he was pulling it out, dropping me down onto my shaky feet, then my knees, taking his cock in his hand, pushing my head down onto it and holding it there as he pumped into my mouth brutally, the same way he’d done into my pussy. I was gagging as he pushed far back into my throat and that made him totally lose control, plunging deeper into my mouth and throat. I felt his cum spurting into me, deep into my throat, so that I had to swallow or drown. And again I felt the hot warmth of the power I held, literally, in my hand.

Then it was all over, his hands slackened, his cock pulled away from me and he gently lifted me up, wrapping his arms around me so that I could feel him trembling all over.

And I couldn’t help it, I felt smugly powerful – this big man reduced to trembling, by me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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